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  • We were at the right place at the right time.

    Several months ago my wife and I decided that we were going to buy the Escape Hybrid. We were waiting though until she returns from her deployment some time in January. About a month ago I started the process fully aware that I would be ordering the car and probably would not take delivery until January to take advantage of the federal tax break. As I was calling around to find the best price, I eventually called the dealership in Santa Fe, NM.

    The dealer there had recently received a USED 2006 Escape Hybrid on the lot. The guy who originally bought it apparently had a lot of money because he decided after only two months that he did not like the seat. So he brought the car back, took the loss on the trade in and walked back out with an Explorer. The net result for me is that I picked up his Hybrid at 3000 under MSRP with all of the extras that we wanted save one, which was the safety package. But it also had the navigation system and 6 disk changer that we did not plan on ordering due to the expense. I also sacrificed 5000 miles, but rationalized it by concluding they must have been mostly highway to have been put on in just two months.

    The savings realized from buying used was excellent, but I have forgone any tax incentives for both this year and next since I am not the original owner. Still, when I consider that I walked away with essentially a brand new 2006 vehicle for 3000 under MSRP for that package, it far outweighs any tax break that I could have achieved for next year or this year. I still have the rest of the warranty too and the car was spotless inside and out. Needless to say our buying experience was quite nice, but highly unusual given the demand for Hybrids these days.
  • i ordered my 2006 escape the last week in june, and it showed up early (even surprised the salesman) at the end of august. i wasn't expecting it until early-mid october. i was of course ecstatic to have it. the only downside of my purchase is that no matter how hard i pressed, i couldn't get the x-plan or any other ford discounts off the msrp. i was told that order was direct from ford and the owner of the dealership couldn't do anything to assist. that x-plan would have saved me nearly $2200, and being in metro-detroit i know *plenty* of people who work for ford (my husband is even contract with ford!). my other surprise, was being offered a much lower then expected price on my trade in, 2001 4WD escape. this caused a last minute scramble borrowing over $3000 from family members to close the deal. i really didn't want to walk away from the car, knowing it could be months to place another order...but i think i got screwed at the closing table.

    the car has been great so far, but the buying experience was a bit bumpy.
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    Went to test drive an Escape Hybrid today. 2005, FWD, red 2 tone with leather seats and NAV option. Lists at about 31255, or so, it was in the paper for 26,825. It has about 400 miles on it from test drives, never titled and not really a demo. Dealer let me bring it home tonight to show the family, need to go out for dinner and drive it around some more. So far I like the way it drives.

    We're still not right with the value of my trade, so its unlikely I will buy it, but it is nice to be able to give it a good, long test drive without the pressure of the sales person sitting there. Just wondering if anybody has bought one lately for that much under the sticker, or if I can hold out a bit more since its been sitting on their lot for almost a year now.

    Guess we'll see in the morning.
  • stevewastevewa Posts: 203
    That's a very good price.
  • dw438dw438 Posts: 41
    Since it's an '05, it's been hanging around the dealer for a while.
    Try and hondle him down to 26K. If you can't, the price you were given is below invoice anyhow!
    Go for it. :)
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    Yes, the vehicle was manufactured in Jan 05 according to the plate on the door jam. It was filthy and sitting out in front of the dealer (fairly rural area) with green HYBRID stickers all over it. The sales lady and I got in, started it up and drove around to the front of the dealership to pick up a dealer tag for the test drive, and as we stopped a black cat ran out of nowhere like its tail was on fire. It ran around in circles for a few seconds and then disappeared.

    Another salesman told us that the cat came out from under the vehicle when we pulled up. We lifted the hood and you could see where the cat had made its home on top of the engine. I imagine it used up one of its lives getting out of there without getting chopped up. So the car had been sitting for awhile and looked it. I actually washed and vacumed it when I got home before showing it to the family because it was so dirty.

    Anyway, the price is very good, and I enjoyed the test ride, but I don't think the vehicle meets my needs right now and we couldn't agree on the trade value. If its still sitting around after I sell my car on my own I might give it another look.

    The price was in the Memphis Commercial Appeal at least two different days, and the dealer is in Millington, TN (Price Ford) if anyone is looking for one and wants to go get it. It is red with the silver two tone, and has the leather and nav options, as well as the safety and audiophile packages. Sticker is 31,255 and they are asking 26,825. A good deal if you are sure you want a Hybrid.
  • We took ownership of our 06 FEH on the 10th of October from
    Fairway Ford in Evans, GA. We originally had went to another local
    Ford dealer who had advertised one on the lot with everything we wanted.
    When we arrived for our scheduled test drive it had been sold. But to
    make matters worse they acted like they didn't really want to sell us a
    car. That dealer was Bobby Jones Ford. So we left BJ Ford and went to
    Fairway.. they had a white 06 on the lot.. we were able to look around
    and play inside before a salesperson came and spoke with us.. We took it
    for a test drive and both loved it. Since we have an 05 Prius we pretty
    much knew what to expect.. but the FEH went beyond that. Our salesman
    was fairly knowledgable and willing to work with us. BUT,
    we did not buy the white FEH... we just do not like white vehicles due
    to the red GA clay dust. He then asked what it would take to get us
    into a FEH.. we told him one in the color we wanted with the options we
    wanted. Our salesman came back with he could have one for us in 2 days..would
    that be soon enough? True to his word he found a Silver 06 with all the
    option xcept the safety pkg and we purchased it.. Took delivery 2 days
    later... best part is they gave me $500 above book on my 03 GT Cruiser
    and it was $500 under MSRP. I can not say enough good things about
    Fairway Ford and their staff. Sticker was $31,620 and we paid $30,500.

    Oh. this is my first Ford since owning a 69 Mustang Mach1 with the
    Shebly Cobra package.(429, shaker scoop, BW T10, 411 positrack) now that
    was a muscle car.
  • jeff_hjeff_h Posts: 20
    I just bought a 2006 FEH and paid $300 over invoice. Here's how I did it, which is the same way I've bought the last 3 cars thanks to internet research (this took a few hours of research but I think it saved me a lot of money):

    1) Went and took a test drive at my local dealer's and loved the car, asked the dealer how firm they were on the MSRP and he said they don't come down at all because hybrids are so in-demand. I said thanks, but you don't have exactly the options I want, I'll keep looking.

    2) Now that I knew I wanted the car and knew exactly which colors/options were suitable for me based on seeing and driving, I went online to and checked the online inventory of every dealer I could think of within 200-250 miles... I live in VA and wanted to check anything within reasonable driving distance so I input the zip codes for Norfolk VA, Roanoke VA, Richmond VA, Alexandria VA, Winchester VA... you get the picture. Then I also did the same for every city in Maryland and Delaware to cover those states (I must compliment that Ford website, they have a great search tool which helps you find the specific colors and 2WD/4WD, made it much easier). So after 3-4 hours of surfing probably 100-200 dealerships I came up with 7 vehicles that exactly fit what I was looking for.

    3) I took each of those 7 hits and did the "price quote request" on the Ford website which went straight to that dealer, put in the remarks that "I have done much searching and you have 1 of 7 cars that I like, and that I WILL buy one of those in the next week, so please give me your best price quote." Now the tables are turned and it's not one dealer saying "hey if you don't pay my price some other customer will" it's one customer saying "hey if you don't give me your absolute best price, some other dealer will"... turns our they really wanted my business as the phone calls and emails started coming in immediately.

    4) I had 2 of the 7 dealers that came back with the standard "come on down we have a great selection and we'll see what we can do". I didn't ask for a sales pitch, I asked for a price quote, so those guys were history. I had 1 dealer that had 2 of the 7 vehicles on his lot, he said he'd give a flat $1,000 off MSRP on either of them. I was OK with that response but I got a better price elsewhere. I had a couple that simply did not respond, but that's OK as the ones that did knew they were competing with others. The one dealer I went with was the first to respond (in about 30 minutes), and gave me a real number price quote that was $300 over invoice... so I wrote back and asked about "processing charges" or other fees that dealers throw in at the last minute to jack up the price, and there was nothing out of the ordinary there so I was happy and worked the deal with him. I have since written to the other dealers either saying that they a) were beat out because their price quote was beat or b) that they failed to even give a quote and were automatically disqualified.

    5) This might seem like an unorthodox way to buy a car, but I saved $1,685 off of MSRP on my 2006 4WD FEH. On my last car I did the same online search thing, and found my car and best deal a few states away, spent $200 for a one-way airline ticket on hotwire and the dealer met me at the airport, only too happy to pick me up to make the deal and I was too happy to save an extra $800! So if you find that you can't get a good deal where you are, I suggest putting the net to work for you and see exactly what's out there and make it work for you. To me it's worth it to save more money, and if it's a long distance sure you have to pay the gas to drive home but you're doing it in a brand new car that was exactly what you were looking for.

    6) Yes you can also get a good deal and have your dream car "DX'd" to you from another dealer, but only if your local dealer is a good one and willing to sell you the car for $300 once he gets it. My local dealer was not interested in coming down on the price since it was a hybrid, so I just did the "self-serve DX" and saved a lot of money by doing it myself.

    Good luck!
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    Excellent post. If more people will follow your plan of attack, the gouging dealers will be out in the cold.

    Welcome to the forum, keep us posted on your new hybrid.
  • Jeff,
    I live in the same general area as you--which dealership did you ultimately purchase from?
  • jeff_hjeff_h Posts: 20

    I took the test drive at the dealer in Fredericksburg VA and that's where I was told that the sticker price is THE price, and when I asked him where our chosen vehicle was located (we told him what we wanted and he went and did a search and printed out one that fit) and he said "oh I don't know I didn't look that far", so I went home and DID look that far (turns out that vehicle was one of two matches just 20 miles up the road in Woodbridge VA and that dealer actually had 25 FEHs on the lot and likely still has quite a large selection), and looked much farther as well. For my particular search, there were specific colors/options that my wife definitely DID and DID NOT want, so I did the search and (for my criteria)there were matches at:

    - Cowles Ford, Woodbridge VA: Told me $1,000 off MSRP, I then wrote back that I was already in the process of going with someone else, he then came back and said make me an offer, but it was too late... guy seemed OK and I was satisfied that he actually came back with a number (or amount off of sticker, in this case) I could work with; I would have gone with him if it weren't for the dealer to which I'd already given the OK. And it's pretty central to anyone in Northern VA so if you just want something close maybe this will work for you.

    - Koons Ford, Falls Church VA: Had 2 different guys from this same dealership respond on both my email and cell phone, and neither gave a "price" for a price quote, just rang my cell phone off the hook with the "come on down let's make a great deal". I was frustrated that I when I asked for a PRICE QUOTE that all I got was a SALES PITCH and I wrote back to the more persistent one and told him so... so then he comes back with a price quote of $18,995 on an FEH with an MSRP of $31,205.. so unless he was trying to be "worst profit margin salesman ever" I believe this would have turned out to be a bait and switch deal just to get me in the door and then tell me that oh sorry that price was for a stripped Non-hybrid Escape but they wanted to give me the absolute lowest price on the planet etc etc, neither of which I was interested in. So based on this experience I don't think I would deal with these guys, but that's just me personally and there are probably others who think they're great but I definitely didn't have the warm and fuzzy about them.

    - Sheehy Ford, Gaithersburg MD: No written reply, but several phone calls from that area code so it must have been them, but I wasn't answering the phone because I requested E-MAILS... and BTW through my searching and requesting of price quotes I didn't talk to ANYONE on the phone until after I agreed upon the deal and then worked with the dealer I went with a couple times on the phone, but it was still mostly all email back and forth. The reason for this was that I noted on my PRICE QUOTE request that my preference was E-MAIL REPLY and that's what I meant, so for those that couldn't understand the concept of the customer's preference of an E-MAIL REPLY over several phone calls, well I didn't care to deal with them because they either didn't understand that I preferred email or didn't care.

    - Apple Ford, Columbia MD: They responded within 30 minutes with a WRITTEN PRICE QUOTE on my specific VIN, and the price quote was $300 over invoice (which equated to $1,700 under MSRP) and I certainly have no qualms about the salesman making a few bucks and the dealer making the holdback of a few more bucks, so this was fine with me... we did the deal with no hassle and picked up the car and everything was great. I HIGHLY recommend them and you can send an email or price quote request to them through the website or directly to them at They were very professional and didn't try to rip me off or add unnecessary aftermarket stuff at all, just the standard offering of the extended warranty once you hit the finance guy and I've always been offered that no matter where I've bought my cars. I was just happy that as soon as I was sold on how GREAT the paint job and rustproofing and interior was on the vehicle, that they didn't then switch modes and tell me how NOT SO GREAT that all these were and hey now you gotta buy the undercoating and paint sealant and scotchgard and anything else... I've been through that extra 30 minute sales pitch before when buying other cars, thankfully didn't get it here.

    - Lastly, some other Ford dealer in Tysons or Fairfax, I forget which one, but this pitch was "we will NOT be undersold by ANYONE, yada yada yada", which to me means "go do your best search out there and then see us and we'll screw the other dealer by undercutting him by 50 bucks"... to this I replied that sorry I went with another dealer that gave me what I wanted, which was an actual number for a price quote, and didn't hear back from them.

    I know there are those that aren't sure what vehicle and options they want, and are OK with taking whatever is on the dealer's lot because they want something NOW, and for them there's plenty of cars on lots and that's fine, happy trails to them. However I (and my wife) on the other hand want just the right vehicle because to us this is what we will be getting into and driving every day for the next several years, so to us it's worth the effort to search around. I've had my current car (not the Hybrid, that's my wife's car, but she logs plenty of miles too) for 14 months and this week the odometer will turn 38,000 miles so I want to get just the right combo as I have to live with it (some might say live IN it) every single day for plenty of miles, so getting just the right stuff is important to us.

    So again I suggest using the website to see what's out there, it's handy and a GREAT search tool. And then use the price quote request tool to keep the ball in your court, as once you walk in the door of a dealer, they are definitely the home team. However if you have the price already worked out before you walk in the door or even talk on the phone, it takes away the hassle and uncertainty.

    Good luck with your purchase, let us all know how it goes!

  • jeff h - thanks for useful tips. i'd been looking at the escape hybrid for a while and finally made the decision to buy. as luck would have it, just as i was contacting dealers this week, ford matched the gm price cuts by announcing the "simple plan" pricing (which is x-plan+$100). importantly, ford included the feh in the simple plan program. i bought the awd version fully loaded. i contacted about fifteen dealerships in the bay area and central valley by email and got a number of quotes. once the simple plan hit, the quotes were very uniform. but one dealer undercut them by almost $1000. i went to the dealer who had the exact car i wanted and that dealer matched the lower offer (which was under the supposedly non-negotiable simple plan price). so i'm pleased to get the car i wanted and at a price well below the msrp from a few weeks ago and even under the simple plan price. it seems that this is the time of year the dealerships have a sales trough so they seemed willing to deal a little more to move the merchandise. again, thanks for the tips.
  • mcdgimcdgi Posts: 1
    First dealer I went to had a 2006 with 4WD, sunroof and Nav system, price was $36K firm. No come down off of MSRP. Then went to Autoway, they had a left over new 2005 on the website with nav system and 2WD for $28K, according to website. Went to go buy it, but on arrival at dealer was told interent price was wrong, car was really $30K. Started to leave, sales manager said they could get me a 2006 similarly equipped for $29K. I said fine, they ran a listing, I picked out the one I wanted, they said they could have it day after, and did a finance app. Days go by, no news from dealer, so I called dealer. Dealer says , uh, well, uh, we can't actually get any of these cars but still has that swell deal on the 2005 for $30K.

    Gave up, went to Autobytel and Cars, within a day had a few quotes on a 2006 from $29 to $32K.

    But then, just for the heck of it, went to CarMax. They had listed a 2006 with Nav system for $28100. The car had been titled, had just 1800 miles on it. It was out of state though,atleast 1o hour drive to get to it, but I agreed to pay CarMax $200 to have them bring it here. Week later test drove it, everything was as advertised, fell in love with it. Bought it.

    On other options, I elected not to buy either the Ford or CarMax extended warranty, found on a 5 year, 125,000 mile warranty (not a misprint, that is 125,000 files) , $100 deductible for $1600. Checked with local Ford dealer, they accept this warranty if warranty provider pays with credit card, which they do, and provider has a good record at BBB.

    Am also a lover of Satellite radio, checked with local dealer and their radio man and they can either put in Sirius (the 2006 FEH with Nav system is Sirius ready) or XM radio, which just came out with an adaptor for this radio and which will work through the dash radio and is about $100 cheaper to install.

    Summary: just about new 2006 with 1800 miles on it for $28,100 (plus tax). I think the only way to shop for these is let your fingers do the shopping on the internet and be very careful with traditional dealers
  • wmacwmac Posts: 3
    I looking at 389 for a doc fee..are these negotiable??
  • Has anyone looked into leasing an FEH? If so did you lease and why or why not? The FEH has made my list and so I'm just poking around for information as thoughts pop up in my head. THanks in advance!

  • I have to say I had a wonderful experience purchasing my Escape hybrid. I did the internet search and emailed two Dealerships. One in Northern Mass the other in Southern NH. The northern mass one was not polite and was a bit pushing to get into the dealership. Best Ford in Nashua NH was very good. The salesman was very polite, and wasn't pushy. Even when the deal didn't work the first time he wasn't pushy. I finally got the deal that I wanted and we went with it. I would recommend this dealership to anyone in the area.
  • Technically you are not allowed to take the tax credit if you lease it. It must be purchased.
  • I am looking at a 4wd FEH w/ premium package. It's been on the dealer's lot for at least 6 weeks. These cars don't seem to be flying off the lots, even after the very expensive Super Bowl advertising. Is it realistic to offer invoice price? Am I just engaged in wishful thinking?

    I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "These cars don't seem to be flying off the lots, even after the very expensive Super Bowl advertising. Is it realistic to offer invoice price? Am I just engaged in wishful thinking?"

    Wouldn't hurt to try. I was shopping last week and the local dealer supposedly had 31 of them, though I only saw about a dozen when I went to the lot. I started to buy one, but went with a Freestyle instead.
  • I decided straight invoice was a bit extreme, so I offered invoice plus $200. Dealer made a mild attempt to get more. I remained firm on my price, and they accepted. Paid substantially less than the Edmunds TMV price.
  • Wow Jeff, I really appreciate all the information on buying my FEH online. I've been really interested in buying one of these and you've shown me a great way to save a couple...hundred dollars!! Once again thanks, the info was great.

    Ford Hybrid
  • testestestes Posts: 13
    This has been a great forum. I took the advice of others and made a great deal on my Mercury "little green sprout" (LGS). I started my research on Found the price for all the options I wanted and determined color. This lead to the option of requesting quotes from multiple dealers in my area.

    First email came from Leominster, MA. A simple request for a quote over the internet lead to 4 phone calls from them, 4 emails (from 2 different people) and never a price. It didn't take long to just say no.

    Second email came from the dealer in Shrewsbury, MA. This was the closest dealership to my home. However, their idea of a good price was MSRP of 34,220 (4WD, Premium, Moon Roof). Their story was, "... we cannot find a red one for you locally...blah, blah, blah... we can order it..." The sales people were very nice. Went for an informative ride with the family. Chatted us up, then the manager dropped the full price bomb. I left without a car, and began to doubt the process.

    Third email came from a dealership in Framingham, MA that had just closed as a Mercury dealership and reopened as a Nissan. They said I needed an Xterra. Didn't bother with them at all.

    Forth email came from Acton Lincoln Mercury. Not only did I get an immediate response, but I also got a very good price. The email contained a copy of the sticker and their discounted offer. No haggling, no pressure, no phone calls. After much thought (and a lengthy business trip), I finally drove the 30 min to see if they actually had the car on the lot. I was afraid they would be a "bait and switch" operation. A pleasant surprise ! Turns out they did indeed have my choice in options and color on the lot. The sales people were very knowledgeable. They were honest when they didn't know the answer to all my questions, and found out the correct answers. Not only did they honor the internet quote, but came off an additional $500 on the spot. Bottom line is: $250 over invoice and almost $1700 under the TMV price. Did not try to sell any undercoating, sealants, or other snake oils. Just the car.

    The price given on my trade in was $1000 more than the trade in value as listed on the Edmunds Used Car Appraiser and only $300 below the Private Party value. Considering the tax advantage, this was a good deal (yes, the value of the trade in was subtracted from the selling price of the LGS to determine total tax liability, therefore a better deal than a private party sale). Only a $95 processing fee on top of normal state taxes. made my research and acquisition very easy. I recommend both Acton Lincoln Mercury and Both are professionals ! I'll keep the forums posted with my satisfaction levels in the future. :D
  • vws1vws1 Posts: 1
    Thanks to Jeff I was able to save a great deal in purchasing a new Ford Escape hybrid '06. I live in DC and found a reasonable price by getting quotes from several dealers. Some dealers offered no come-down off the MSRP and a couple offered a somewhat lower price. One in particular offered a very low price saving me a bundle (Darcars, Lanham, MD). There are also certain perks I wasn't aware of:

    MSRP for the options I chose: $30,610
    Price I got at the dealer: $28,760 (saved $1850)
    Interest on 60 month loan: 0% (saved about $1400)
    DC sales tax on hybrids: 0% (saved about $2000)
    Federal income tax credit on hybrids: $1965 (I'll get back $1965)

    This means that I saved about $7250 compared to the cost of a non-hybrid car with a 5% loan going for $30,610 with no price decrease from the dealer.

    I can't wait to see how much I save on gas!

    Thanks again Jeff.
  • newbridnewbrid Posts: 4
    Used the ford website to locate inventory, very easy indeed. Each of the three dealers in my area had exactly one loaded FEH. Two in silver, one in Red. Dealers contacted me with form "we'll get back to you" emails and thought I'd never hear from them again.
    One guy at Suddard (SE Mass.) actually contacted me! We went up there and test drove the car and were impressed. I asked if there was any room on price and he said "well, I'll see what I can do, but hybrids are rather desirable"...not encouraging!
    MSRP was 34,315
    My wife told him we'd walk if it was over $32k. The sales manager pleaded with us for $32.1 with 0% for 60mos. The financing really put us over the edge...if Ford's giving us free money for five years, I'll take it!

    My one concern is the Dealer did NOT know the Hybrid warranty! Stating several times that Hybrid components were warranteed for 10 years. It isn't really clear on the website either, but in the manual it does state 8yrs.
  • sharminsharmin Posts: 2
    Purchased from Pearson ford in san diego.
    MSRP: $29,300
    Price Paid: $27,725
    Interest rate: 1.9% for 72 months (I needed the smaller payment)
    Rebate: $500 for recent college grad (which so far, I haven't showed proof of because I forgot!)
    Final price: $27,225 plus taxes, lic, fees. which came to $29697.
    Drive off payment: $0 down (used the rebate), first payment due June 11.
    Hope this helps anyone looking to buy.
  • raysrays Posts: 1
    Purchased a 4WD FEH from a dealer in CT for a great deal. Over the past 6 years we had leased 2 Ford Explorers and bought one (the most recent) so we had some purchasing history with the dealership. Also, the past 2 Ford Explorers we had purchased using Ford's X-Plan.
    We first drove the vehicle on 2/22, they had only one on the lot. When we went back in early April, the same vehicle was still there along with another FEH. The vehicle was a different color than what we preferred and it also had the Appearance option that we were not interested in. After we talked about trying to locate another vehicle that better matched our preferences, the sales manager offered to sell us the vehicle at the X-Plan price minus the cost of the Appearance option. My guess is that since it had been on the lot for at least a couple of months and that they had an additional FEH in stock, the dealership was interested in moving this vehicle. We decided to buy it at the below X-Plan price. The timing of the deal was fabulous for us.
    Given that the price of gas has jumped over the past few weeks and our need for another economical car, we are happy with the purchase.
    Had the full fillup after a week and a half of driving. 1st fillup over 29MPG!!!
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    Pearson Ford is a leader in alternate vehicles & fuel also. They own the only gas station in CA that sells E85, along with several other alternatives like biodiesel.
  • sharminsharmin Posts: 2
    Yeah, they have a fancy building just off of the 15 freeway. My son actually toured it on a field trip with his classmates awhile ago. When I brought home the escape, he got really excited and told me all he knew about it. He's eleven and thinks the hybrid thing is so cool!
    I feel like I was treated pretty well there. I got a price quote with incentives, payments, etc. through email before I ever went in, which I loved, no other ford dealer did that. I hate talking on the phone or going in to the dealer, being a young blond female I feel like prey walking in the door. and they would be right!
  • cars4240cars4240 Posts: 1
    Jeff -

    Is there some way you can trick the Ford web site to give you a list of all dealers in a 50 or 100 mile radius. Right now it asks for a zip code or a city and then you get a group of dealers. I am looking for a 2006 FEH

  • Purchased from Beverly Hills Ford (LA)
    MSRP:27,795 (asking price, $30,285)
    Price Paid: $26,000
    Financing: 0%/60 Months
    Had to put $300 down but they added the 72 mo/75,000 mile warranty and Vehicle Recovery Plan at no cost to me! Didn't realize it at the time of purchase but noticed on the way home that the vehicle has a 6 disk changer (was never listed on the sticker so I consider it a bonus :) )

    Final price: $29128.00 including taxes, lic, fees

    Hope this helps anyone looking to buy.
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