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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I don't know, but if your G dealer gave you the buy rate then ask that same dealer for the EX rates. I know for Feb they were pretty cheap.

    The $2k shows as "Retail or Non-IFS Lease Incentive" and there is no incentive for IFS leases.

    The Pilot had some super cheap lease/buy deals the last two months. The buy incentives are still high and they still have cheap leases in some states. Might be worth a look, we got a new Pilot for my wife in Jan for 0.3% effective financing and the price was down into the hold back.

  • This is a really informative thread. I've learned a lot... and the most interesting thing to me is the idea of not putting any money down. I have a trade that is worth about $6k that I'd planned on using to reduce the tax (MN taxes sale price minus trade), and use the extra money to pay down the payments. You say that's a bad idea? Can you explain what you mean about the residual and how I lose the money if it's totaled?

    Also, the lease rates quoted here are well over $400 per month, some over $500. I've seen offers on the Infiniti web site offering an 08 g35x with premium for $359. Is that just an outstanding deal? Or, does it really not work out that you get that deal? Any advice on that one?

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    If your car is totalled or stolen your insurance company's only obligation is to pay off the lease bank, which leaves your money possibly lost.

    Most of the specials you see listed require quite a good amount of money to be paid at signing and they never include tax. So a deal that is $359 with thousands down without tax may be a lot worse of a deal that is $450 a month with tax and nothing paid at signing.

    As far as the taxes go, I think MN taxes the payment so your trade in would have zero effect directly on the taxes. Putting the equity in the car into the lease would reduce the payment so less tax would be collected on the payment. It does not work like a car SALE - where tax is due on the full price of the car and your trade directly reduces the tax.

    Check to be sure, but if MN does tax on the payment then I would sell your car yourself or get the dealer to give you a check for it and put the minimum amount into the new lease.

  • I gotta say, between Dennis and Car Man, they really give some terrific advice. I don't know how you guys have the time to answer so many inquiries, but you always do.

    Thanks guys.

  • hellye1hellye1 Posts: 22
    I was offered
    $450 a month
    12k a year
    TOTAL out of pocket $1500
    MSRP 40375
    invoice 37000

    And they will make my last payment of $450 for my 06 coupe.

    What do you think about this deal?
  • jebelljebell Posts: 54
    I definitly agree and hope those guys are well paid for what they do. They have helped me so much and I believe have saved me a lot of money!
    Thanks guys!!
  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 124
    +1 re Dennis and Car Man
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    hope those guys are well paid

    In the words of Ralph Cramden, "Hardy Har Har" :D . Some of these folks may make the big bucks posting on the forum (but I doubt it), but not me - I get the old goose egg, zilch, zero, nada.

  • Yet another lease review pls :shades:

    G37 journey Nav/Prem/Sports package/ spoiler 24mth 12k

    Invoice 39,882
    Purchase price 40,487
    NYS tax 1208.00
    72% Res 12k MF .00195

    First payment 585.47
    wheel locks 69.95
    DMV 55.95
    Tire fee 12.50
    Drive off 728.95

    Monthly payment 585.47

    What do you think ? Should i expect them to eat the bank fee of 595.00 and wheel locks? then i can pay the tax up front instead of having it rolled into the montly payment?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,564
    Gratitude... that has to be worth something, right? ;)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Does anybody see any angles to lower the monthly payment on this G37 or is this reasonable for this car and options?
  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 124
    Is the residual calculated off of the MSRP, or the sale price (cap cost)?
  • mkadams9mkadams9 Posts: 25
    I haven't seen too many recent prices so I will post the question. I am look at a G35 AWD with premium package and wood trim. The sticker is 38005 and the sell price is 35900. For a 36 month/15K lease I was offered $409+tax ($447) with 2000 down plus inception fees. Is this a good deal?
  • oz44oz44 Posts: 15
    Ok I had my credit ran and here's what they came back with
    08 G35X with Prem, Nav & Tech Package. 36mth/15K mi term

    MSRP $40,825
    Invoice $ 37,245
    Sale Price $37,000
    Dealer Cash $500
    MF .00160
    RD 60%
    Aquisition Fee $595

    Total price of $37,095 plus upfront tax and tag for MD.

    What should my payments be? I come up with $432/month. They told me $449. Compared to other deals I've seen on the forum this is a great deal!!!

    Thanks again,
  • G37 journey Nav/Prem/Sports 39mth 12k Black/graphite carbon fiber trim

    Got an updated offer from another dealship near by .

    MSRP : 43,215
    Invoice : 39,376
    Purchase : 39,376
    Cap Cost: 39,971
    NYS Tax 1860.00
    MF .00200

    No money down

    Drive off is : 590.00

    535.00 first months
    55.00 DMV

    How does this look so far as far as a good lease? I left a few figures at home so some of the numbers may be off by a few bucks. The monthly payment is in the 530.00 range.
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 271
    Their number ($449) is correct if Aq. Fee is included in lease payments.
  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 124
    Hey Dennis, because you don't watch the EX35 forum, I thought I'd ask you here, since you're so helpful.

    Infiniti is supposedly offering good lease deals on the EX35's with their March numbers (below for the RWD and AWD Journey's). How do you interpret the numbers? Anything jump out at you? Where is the best deal to be found (months and model - RWD or AWD)?


    Here are the EX35 lease numbers for March:

    2008 Infiniti EX35 Journey 2WD – 3/7/08
    24 Month – Residual 63% of MSRP – .00025 Base Rate
    36 Month – Residual 52% of MSRP – .00064 Base Rate
    48 Month – Residual 43% of MSRP – .00156 Base Rate
    60 Month – Residual 32% of MSRP – .00214 Base Rate

    2008 Infiniti EX35 Journey AWD – 3/7/08
    24 Month – Residual 64% of MSRP – .00049 Base Rate
    36 Month – Residual 54% of MSRP – .00101 Base Rate
    48 Month – Residual 44% of MSRP – .00171 Base Rate
    60 Month – Residual 33% of MSRP – .00213 Base Rate
  • oz44oz44 Posts: 15
    Thanks! The Aq. Fee is included in price. Now I just have to wait and see if the deal holds up when I go in to pick it up at the end of the month. Hopefully the MF and RD won't change by then to cause my payments to go up I'll post an update once I take delivery.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    You are paying $600 over invoice plus maybe a dealer fee? You could negotiate a lower price to get a lower payment. Also, run the numbers for 36 month and 39 month terms and see if the payments are not lower for those. Finally, leave off some of the options to get a lower price.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Residual is always calculated off of MSRP including destination. That said, some lease banks (Toyota, for example) will not let you "residulize" all the options - so you end up paying full price for some things you can add to the car. Dealer installed options are almost never included and some 3rd party lease banks have a maximum residualized MSRP - go over that amount on a particular car and you pay for 100% of the rest.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Just plug them into a lease calc and see what you get. 4WD costs more and carries a higher MF, but also a slightly higher residual. Also burns more gas then the 2WD vehicle. If you don't need 4WD then the numbers for the 2WD will come out OK. Looks like they are doing a 24 month special so that may end up costing the same or less than the 36. The idea is that you have to come back in a lot less time so they can (hopefully) put you in another Infiniti.

  • Thank you for the reply dennis. Got him 100 bucks below invoice so now with bank fee its only 495 over invoice. Didnt see any dealer fee in numbers he ran for me yesterday. The CC only showed the bank fee added unless Im missunderstanding where they could stick in a dealer fee.

    As far as the numbers went between 36mth and the 39mth turns out the 39 month is cheaper and If i have to replace the tires atleast I'll get some use out of them before i return the car.

    Im pretty set on the nav/prem/sport i just hope he didnt use an invoice with the other options like illuminated kick plates,cargo net , trunk mat etc and not tell me.

    On a side note they didnt have the black with the nav/sport/prem at the dealer so they have to get it from another location.

    Have you heard of G37's going for under invoice bank fee included?
  • cxs410cxs410 Posts: 5
    G37 - Loaded, Sport, Nav, Premium
    $1000.00 Down
    $596.00 Monthly
    39th Months

    Takin over my 06, A4 2.0T (three months left)
  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 124
    Dennis (or anybody) - Can you tell me how IFS will account for 18K miles per year? Will they:
    - Reduce the residual by 2% (the mirror of raising it by 2% going from 15K to 12K miles), or
    - Charge $.10/mile off the residual amount (e.g. for a 24-month lease, 3000 miles/year "extra" x 2 years x $.10/mile = $600 off the 15K calculated residual amount.


  • I think you can do better. I just priced mine at 500 over invoice dealer is eating bank fee. no money down 39month 12k Same options as you and drive off is just first months payment and DMV fee of 55.00 My monthly is 530.00.
  • max8085max8085 Posts: 13
    I had the same problem, if your willing to put up 1st mo and Dmv you can get a great deal out of them. I know I did on a more expensive car. I'll email you my buyers order if you want. my email is and just print it out and use it to negotiate
  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 124
    Also, is it recommended to roll the lease acquisition and dealer doc fees into the lease, or pay them separate up front? Thoughts, pros/cons? I am strongly inclined to pay those fees up front, rather then increase the monthly payments by including them. Of course, I would put nothing else down as a cap cost reduction.
  • aescottaescott Posts: 16
    Dennis, This should be my last post, and thanks again for dealing with me. I believe I am going to go with Clear lake Infinti. The car in question is a 6spd manual g35 sedan, with prem, nav, tech, splash, spoiler, mat and net. Essentially I don't think I am going to get ANY better than this, so please let me know otherwise, because I'm ready to sign.

    Total Cap Cost == 36500.......msrp==399775...pretty much 40k
    15k mile / 36 months
    58 % residual
    total drive off == 700.00
    Documentation Fee: $50.00
    License Fee: $125.05

    Payments come in at 525 a month, with no money down other than first months payment and lic and doc fee.

    Let me know what you think, as it also come with free tint, and wheel locks

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    What is the invoice on this car with these options? Remember there is a $500 rebate due you - so you want to be around invoice or less for the car, destination, and dealer fees after the rebate is subtracted. Then plug the buy rate for your term into a lease calc to be sure you are getting the buy rate on your lease (the actual MF never appears on the lease contract). If you get the car at/under invoice with fees and get the buy rate on the lease, then you have a nice deal.

  • aescottaescott Posts: 16
    Dennis, the invoice is 36410. With that said, the total cap cost should be right around that if I understand you correctly? Or am I retarded and it should be 36410 - 500?

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