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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz C-Class Lease Questions



  • The reason I was asking was because two other dealers told me that it was not possible to get that rate and that the dealership that offered it was likely either misquoting it or blowing smoke. And surely enough, when I called the finance manager at the dealership, I was told that the salesmen was incorrect about the rate. C'est la vie. I got a decent deal anyhow (posted full experience in the buying experience forum), with .00166 MF and $5k below MSRP.
  • Car_Man: Can you please post the money factors and residuals for a 36 month 12k & 15k lease?

    Looking to get an '09 AWD with P1 and leather package. MSRP $40,795ish

    Also any advice about a discount from MSRP would be great.

  • Hi Car_man!
    I'll be in the market for a new car in the next month or so. Are there any incentives/trunk money on the C and E series going on now?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Luk.
  • mbcosmbcos Posts: 19
    I live in Norther NJ. I talked to MB dealers all over the state though and even 2 in NY. I live closest to the MB dealer in Morristown and thats where I thought I was getting my car from today. It went horribly. I negotiated the following deal:

    C300 Luxury 4-Matic, P1, Navigation, black ext with MB Tex. 39 months, $1300 out of pocket for 1st month payment, registration, and whatever was left for their inflated bank fee. **I would not pay their BS "doc fee."** $499 a month including NJ sales tax 7%. Great deal, right?!! Well I got there to sign the deal and hopefully pick up the car and my salesman was no where in sight. I called him all morning too and the receptionist kept telling me he was busy, he was at lunch, and he was delivered a car, blah blah blah. When I got there, I waited 20 minutes and then this guy Richard came and he was just stupid and ignorant. I had also negotiated to have the chrome door inserts put on the car for free with my saleman. Richard had no idea about that so he told me it would cost me $110 to have them installed and it couldn't be done until next week. I also asked Richard if he could disable the beeping alarm when you are not wearing your seatbelt (I know, not good of me) and he we will not because it is a liability. He was very adamant about how he "would not." He didn't even bother to explain that disabling the alarm for the seat belts disables the airbags which I would never want to do. I ended up just walking out. This guy was stupid and obnoxious. I really wanted to get the car from Erik Laberge at Prestige Mercedes in Paramus, NJ. He was great. Class act guy with a great deal. Same deal as above, but it for a Sport model instead of Luxury and my wife wanted the Sport, so it was hard to not get it from Erik, but he really was great. He would have been my top choice. Instead, we picked up the car today from this obnoxious guy named Victor Dillon at Flemington Mercedes. It was a far trip for us, but worth. We ended up getting the car from him for $489 a month including NJ sales tax and got an added Panorama Sunroof and Ipod connector in the glove compartment. It was perfectly smooth and everything was great, except this guy had the personality of roadkill oppossum and he was way too opinionated telling my wife that he didn't like the chrome door inserts. He should have just kept his mouth shut. But still, I got a great car for $489 a month including tax with only $1300 out of pocket including my first month's payment. The MSRP on the car is over $43K. I guess I shouldn't complain.

    If anyone wants a black on black Sport model with 4-Matic, P1, and Navigation for under $500 a month including NJ sales tax and only $1300 due at signing for 39 months, go see Erik Laberge at Prestige Mercedes in Paramus and make up for the stringing along I did to him. I actually do feel bad about it. I backed out of the deal an hour before I should have arrived.

    Keep working on the deals. Maybe you'll do better than me. Who cares about residuals and money factors when you can put less than $1500 down and pay less that $500 a month on a $42,000+ car.
  • indus2indus2 Posts: 20
    how many miles/year was the deal for?
  • mbcosmbcos Posts: 19
    39 months with 15,000 miles a year.
  • indus2indus2 Posts: 20
    thx mbcos... one more question, the navi you got is the UMI option, not the multimedia package, right?
  • mbcos..I live in New Jersey as well,,,you got a fantastic deal..thanks for sharing the info..I have some questions..what is the buy out amount on the car at lease end..did you try Ray Catena dealership?? and how did you negotiate such a great deal from several MB dealers..all of them wanted close to 600 for same car when I inquired..
  • mbcos..another question..can you please itemize the options you got in the car..for example which navigation pkg did you get..
  • mbcos,,something seems wrong with the prices you quoted...with an MSRP of $43,000 and a lease factor of .00166 or 4% and no cap cost reduction payment, then the only way for the payments to be under $500 per month is for the residual value to be 69% after 39months and 45K mileage..which does not seem plausable Am I missing something?
  • mbcosmbcos Posts: 19
    Hi, sorry for the delay. It was the multimedia package with the radio and bluetooth and all.
  • mbcosmbcos Posts: 19
    mbshopper, you are not missing anything. I don't know about the residual or money factor. I concentrated on that for 2 months and was getting prices of $580 - $620 with $1900 - $2200 due for inception fees. I was there for the bottom line and told the dealers what I wanted to pay. That is the deal I got. How much money they made off the deal is not my concern. I hope it goes well for you.
  • mbcosmbcos Posts: 19
    frank, I don't prefer to negotiate in person anymore. I just basically configure the car that I want on-line through the website and then e-mail the dealerships the car that I want and its MSRP and the amount that I will pay for the car. Of course, I start drastically low and then they come up with a figure, and then I say $XXX is my only offer. I e-mail a dozen dealers and I let them all know that and I tell them the deals I am offered so they can beat it. Then I go in and sign the deal and thats it.

    Ray Catena was an ok dealership. I really like Prestige in Paramus the best because of the salesman Erik. But I took the car from Flemington because they had exactly what I wanted. Although, the Flemington dealership is a joke and so are the sales people, like in Morristown MB.

    Honestly, I am not sure of the buy amount at the end of the lease because I have 0 intention on buying out the car. I would expect it to be high since I am paying so low a month. Good luck and don't be shy with these people. I noticed that most people sign a deal on a car after they have been "negotiating" at a dealership for 2 hours+.
  • thanks for the info..I will try both Paramus and Flemington..i may have to do this in March..but I think you got the deal of a life time
    Trust you are enjoying the new car..and thanks again
  • mbcosmbcos Posts: 19

    I got a 2009 C300 Luxury 4-Matic Sedan with P1, Multimedia Package, Panorama Sunroof, and Ipod Integration Kit. No extra charges for the paint or interior as I just got a basic black exterior with black MB Tex interior.

    When I e-mailed all the dealers, I just specified P1 and Multimedia Package. I had no idea I was getting the Panorama Sunroof or Ipod Integration Kit until I saw the car to sign the deal. Therefore, I feel like I got two options that I didn't even pay for.... in my head.

    Be firm and have a top dollar in your head or else you will get taken advantage of. The C300 leases for $600 a month if thats what everyone else pays. Take advantage of our slow economy and the need to sell cars for quotas and some profit. Some profit is better than none. Residuals and money factors are important, but not when you can really push for better deals. I am not playing with residuals and money factor anymore. I am looking at the bottom line. All of course via e-mail and then phone if its a good deal.

    The next thing that people need to start refusing is the disposition fee. You know that I am not paying MB $695 to take the car back at the end of the lease. What a bunch of BS. Just like the "doc fee" and the inflated $995 MB "bank fee." I left them with about $400 to cover my "doc fee" and "bank fee" by only putting out of pocket $1300. One MB dealership even worked in a $405 fee for "advertising." Why should I have to pay for advertising to sell you product? Why should I have to pay a "destination fee" when the car has to come to the dealership anyway or else the dealer would have no cars on the lot and no customers.

    I went through all of this with Lexus 3 years ago and the game never changes.
  • mbcosmbcos Posts: 19
    frank, good luck with whatever you do. I hope that whatever I managed to take advantage of in February is still around in March. I recommend that you call Erik Laberge at Paramus MB and tell him what you want to pay and he will take care of you really well. I don't even want to mention my salesman's name at Flemington because he was just a jerk.

    If you do shop for the C Class and the car has an MSRP around $42K, then don't go to Paramus or any other MB dealer without knowing that you will get that car for under $500 a month including NJ sales tax and less than $1500 inception fees. I had tier 1 credit, but even if some people have tier 2, I bet they will still be right around the $500 mark a month. Maybe even less if they want less than 15,000 miles a year. Good luck.
  • Thanks again for the more you lose anything by taking the car for service to a different dealer than the one where you bought the car..I live in Short Hills and Morristown or Catena would be where I would go for service..and if I buy in Paramus then I was wondering if you knew if Catena or Morristown would deny me a loaner car or something else since i did not buy/lease it from them...
  • mbcosmbcos Posts: 19
    Do any current owners happen to know if the audio can completely be shut off? I don't know how to turn the radio/cd off. I push the big on button in the middle everything powers down and the navigation folds away. How do I just shut off the radio and leave the navigation on? Is muting it the only way? I had a CD playing and then I just muted it to shut it off when I didn't want to hear it anymore because I don't know how to shut off the audio. When I went back to the CD, it was 2 tracks a head because it in fact was only muted. Same goes for the radio. I don't think it ever shuts off.

    If anyone knows, please let me know.
  • mbcosmbcos Posts: 19
    frank, the first night that I had the car, my tire pressure monitor let me know that something was wrong. I brought the car to Morristown for service and they said that they needed the car for 3 - 4 hours since it was busy that day. They gave me a loaner. They didn't even blink an eye to it. I wouldn't expect them to. I have never encountered a problem with that no matter where I got the car from and where I had it serviced. Why should they care? All dealerships have a service center to service Mercedes-Benz cars, not Morristown MB cars or Flemington MB cars or Paramus MB cars. Don't take that crap if they ever pull that on you. Just remind them that you never had a problem at Lexus or BMW if they do.
  • Thanks again for all your info..I will take your advice and try Erik in paramus and give him the first shot..
    enjoy your car
  • Live in Southern CA.

    I have been told that MB is offering to let you turn in your lease 5 months early for clients in good standing to move into a new MB.

    I currently have a 2006 C230 that expires in Sept 2009. My current payment is $471 per month for 39 months (15k miles per year). I put zero down.

    Here is the deal I was offered:

    2009 C300
    Options - P1, iPod, 18" AMG wheels, wood trim
    Res - 53%
    MF- .00195
    MSRP - $39,490
    Cap - $36,950
    Adj Cap - $39,100
    ZERO cash down
    15k miles per year
    $562.97 plus tax

    This is same dealership I leased my C230 from. I know this is not a good deal at all and am working on lowering the Cap and \or MF with the same sales guy I used 3 years ago (he is actually very nice) but they are not budging at the moment. I assume the "Adj Cap" the dealer quoted is rolling drive offs back in to the deal so I do not have to put anything down.

    Any thoughts and\or opinions?

  • the price seems very high....look at posts from "mbcos" in this forum. a 43K MSRP C300 for less than $500 and the price includes 7% state tax...his out of pocket costs was $1300
  • mbcosmbcos Posts: 19
    boltsfan, go and get other quotes from dealers in your area and tell them the quotes you are getting. Even if you do get a good price, they will say that the other dealership is lying to you and something is wrong. Tell them what you want to pay. DO NOT pay over $500 a month, especially on a car that has an MSRP under 40K. Even if you put nothing out of pocket and have it all wrapped into your lease payments, I would still think your payment should about $500 given that your MSRP was $3,000 less than mine. Send e-mails to dealers telling them that you do not want to pay more than $500.

    IE: Send e-mails detailing the car you want including color and equipment. Tell them you want to put out only minimal inception fees or nothing at all, whichever you prefer. Then tell them that you would like to lease this car for 39 months (best program wright now) with 15K a year for $xxx including CA sales tax. If I were you, I would start by saying $480 a month. Give them your phone number and e-mail when you contact them. That is exactly how I got the best deal. Or, you can just call the dealerships yourself and ask for any salesman and tell them the exact same thing. Don't get impatient. Someone will give you a great deal in these hard economic times.
  • Thanks for the info guys!

    I was trying to be cool by going back to same salesman but guess I need to start sending emails out to other dealerships. I only deal by email until a price and monthly payment are in writing (will rarely give out my phone #). This is how I got my last MB and '08 Yukon. I actually had to print emails at the dealership when we leased our Yukon to prove things in writing (switching 20" wheels over, etc...)

    I realize you were concentrating on the bottom line (like I usually do) but did you actually get quoted a residual and MF?

    Is the 5 month turn in early deal legit?

    With those options what should I be looking at for a Cap Cost?

    The old way to lease was to negotiate the price of the car then deal with monthly payment. I think it has turned the other way around.
  • After reading a lot of the lease deals on this forum, can anyone tell me if this is a good deal?
    lease on a 2009 C300 4matic Sport 39 mo, 12k/yr.
    pkg 2, multimedia, ipod integration, walnut trim, mb tex
    $539/month with $3000 down (fees plus add’l down).
  • mbcosmbcos Posts: 19
    boltsfan, I never did get quoted the residual or money factor because I didn't care. I was simply uninterested because I know I got a good car at a great price.

    The 5 month thing is legit. If you get a C300, you can turn it in 5 months early and avoid their "disposition" or "return fee" which is so totally BS.

    I would never put any Cap Cost reduction down on a lease. Why prepay your lease. If they ask you for $3,000 cap cost reduction, just divide that by the number of months in your lease and that is the added cost. $3,000 divided by 39 months (the term of your lease) is $77. So when you get quoed $500 a month, you need to add $77 to that, so your monthly payment was $577, but you just prepaid the $77 portion.

    Don't do any cap costs reductions. You don't have to.

    Forget residuals and money factor. They are probably lies anyway. I don't know how mathematically my lease worked, but it did according to several dealers who were all within $12 of each other in terms of monthly payments.

    Just get a good bottom line at the end. Thats all your should care about. Don't worry about how much money they are going to make on the deal.
  • mbcosmbcos Posts: 19
    Mandy, don't do it.

    Do NOT give $3,000 down. Don't prepay your lease. Take that $539 payment (does that included sales tax) and add $77 a month since you are prepaying $77 a month with your cap cost reduction. Does $616 a month sound like a good deal to you? I don't think so. And don't forget, you are still putting down inception fees which I bet they told you are about $2100 on top of that.

    $439 a month is an actual offer if you pay the $3,000 because that would make your monthly payment $516 (439+77). You should be getting that car around $500 - $510 including sales tax without paying anymore than $1,500 down for your inception fees and that is it. I repeat; NO CAP COST REDUCTION.

    Spam out some e-mails and let them know that you did. Play the dealers against eachother. You aren't doing anything bad or lying. You are merely shopping for the best deal in the most famous competitve markek in the world.

    Forget that deal above and go back to the drawing board. Someone will sell you that car for around $500 a month with no cap cost reduction at all and only minimal inception fees. I have some recommendations for you in the NJ area if you live around here.

    And for God's sake, don't even pay that inflated bank fee or the "doc fee." They will ask for $1900 - $2200 for inception fees. You don't even have to go that high. Good luck and don't sign a deal out of frustration.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi Luk. Mercedes was providing dealer cash on leftover 2008 C-Class models, but it does not have any cash on 2009 models right now. Mercedes is currently providing 2.9% to 3.9% financing or a special lease program on the '09 C-Class.

    It does have some cash on the 2009 E-Class though. It is currently providing 2.9% to 3..9% financing plus a whopping $6,000 dealer cash or special lease money factors plus $4,000 on most '09 E-Class models.

    The above programs are only scheduled to run through March 2nd. Mercedes will introduced its new March programs this week. Please feel free to check back with me in a couple of days and I should be able to give you an idea of what the new program is like.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • mandy11mandy11 Posts: 2
    thanks mbcos.
    the $539/month included taxes. The incep fee is $1500, and I was mistaken about the $3,000 down - it's actually a total of $2500 down so that's an add'l $1,000 to the inception fees.
    I negotiated invoice and was told that I could only get $539/month with $ down, no more wiggle room. I live in NJ and would love your recommendations. Thanks for the tips! I will report back to let you know how I did.
  • frankb036frankb036 Posts: 22
    Mandy I live in NJ as well...and mbcos has some really good info on deal and dealers on this is the Flemington MB dealership gave him the best deal though he would have preferred to get the car from paramus MB since that salesman treated him better..anyway start with mbcos message number 403 on this forum for some really great info about the NJ dealerships..and since I live in NJ as well let me know what deal you finally get
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