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Chevy Tracker



  • Im considering buying a Tracker 4dr LT that comes with running boards. Im a little concerned that these will hamper the off-road capabilty of the vehicle because they will reduce the ground clearance. However, I do like their looks while just tooling around. Does anyone know if they can easily be removed. If so, what's involved.Thanks
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  • vanrvanr Posts: 1
    Man, you guys need to think about what you are doing before you spend 23+ grand on a veh that is not worth it. If you want a ZR2 (real deal) by the ZR2 S-series Blazer/Pu or GMC highrider. You will pay about 2 grand more for it, but it is the most assume veh out there..Dont be fooled by the very cheaply made inport (sis-su-kee), by american made S-series ZR2 Blazer/Pu or GMC highrider and get your moneys worth
  • njtednjted Posts: 3
    I took advice from others & took a 2nd 2001 LT out for test drive. There was no noticeable noise other then wind. It was a very windy day. In the passenger compartment it was pretty quiet. I think the value for the $ is excellent. Does anyone know if the LT is American made? How well does it hold its resale value? The most recent Consumer report (March 2001) rates the Tracker pretty far down the list. REV 4, then Forester, Escape, Tribute, CRV & then Tracker. The Tracker was not recommended by Consumer Reports. Have there been any recalls on the 2001 LT model?

    All the help & input has been great. Thanks.

  • Cami Automotive is a GM/Suzuki joint auto assembly plant in Ingersol, Ontario, Canada. All Suzuki 4 cyl. are assembled there while their 6 cyl are assembled in Japan. With the Tracker line the 4 cyl also are assembled in Canada. I'm not sure on the 6 cyl models, I believe they are also Canadian. See comment #241 for email to Cami to answer your question.
  • Resale value has been low, but past factors have to be accounted for. CR uses past values to predict future values.

    This Tracker is a better design than the old one which CU used for reporting resale values. Also, both GM and Suzuki are actively promoting the vehicle, which had not been done in the past.

    Years ago, no one had heard of Toyota or Nissan, but they are standards, now. And why? They made a quality product and offered it at a good price. The Tracker is smaller than the RAV-4 and CRV, but you get so much more value with the Tracker.
  • njtednjted Posts: 3
    Does anyone know what the crash test results were for 2001 Tracker? Believe they are reported as potential of serious head injury to driver, passenger, etc.

  • I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get information concerning the probelms with the transmissions in the 1999 Trackers, Tech bulletins, stats on how many Trackers have had transmission problems etc...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    You can E-Mail me -
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I guess you know about Alldata? You only get summary headings there for most cars, but you can pay for extra info, or take the tsb info to the dealer and ask them to pull it for you (some dealers will, some won't...).

    Anyone else?

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  • I have a 1999Tracker which I have had many problems with, most noteably the transmission.
    I have about 30,000 Km's and have had the transmission re-built 2 times and it is now in the shop to have the complete transmission replaced.

    I live in Canada and we unfortunately do not have a Lemon Law however we do have the Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan ( CAMVAP ).

    I am preparing for arbitration and I was wondering if anyone who has problems with their 1999 Tracker, specifically with the transmission, would be willing to fax me a copy of their service/work orders so that at the arbitration hearing I can show that there are others are having problems with the transmissions in these trucks.

    If you would be willing to do so please E-Mail me ( ) and I will provide you with my fax number.


  • Finally received the GM accessories skid plate package for my '01 4 dr. Tracker that I ordered when I purchased the vehicle in mid Dec. It is quality made and fits great. The front plate is large, heavy steel bolted to the frame with four bolts. The transfer case plate is long and narrow, giving plenty protection, also heavy steel. It looks like this package covers from '99, both 2 dr, and 4 dr., 2wd and 4wd. It's a much better design than the Suzuki accessories skid plate.
  • goslinggosling Posts: 3
    Is anyone here from Canada?
  • goslinggosling Posts: 3
    Does anyone have a 1991 Tracker?
  • I am in Canada and I used to own a 1991 Tracker, I now unfortunately own a 1999 Tracker.

    I sold my 1991 Tracker to a friend of mine and now wish I had not, it was more reliable than my 1999 Tracker.
  • You have to remove the snowshoes from the wheels in order to drive it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Spin Around Town: 2001 Chevrolet Tracker LT 4WD

    Chevy's mini-ute possesses surprisingly good road feel and cornering ability. But its uncomfortable seating, sluggish engine and high price keep it from being a good choice over competitors like the RAV4:

    Just Another Mini-Ute

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  • ranger47ranger47 Posts: 32
    I'm looking at a '92 Geo (chevy) tracker. Automatic, A/C, hardtop. Says it has just over 30K miles and looks like it is straight without much wear. Question is if this will be worth checking out farther. Are these year trackers reliable. Just want something to beat around in and make the short trip to work. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated...
  • bibi2bibi2 Posts: 1
    I. serious about purchasing a new 2001 4 ad , 4 door Tracker. I have heard that the Trackers rust pretty early and also they are hard to re-sell, or have low resale value? Any information, my fellow readers can tell me about the new models and how they like them etc, would be greatly appreciated. This is a great way to learn the real facts about a car, and not just a salesman pitch. Thanks to all.
  • I am days away from making the decision on a 2001 Tracker. I have noticed the messages have gotten progressively better since the 99 model. I am not worried about superior engine performance, nor corner hugging stability. My main decision maker is price and more cargo space than a sedan. I am looking for more comments on the standard transmission and overall performance.
  • We purchased a 2001 LT 2WD Automatic. I just changed the oil at 6,300 miles ( second oil change). We have had the tracker up to 90-95 MPH for 10-15 minute periods and it has been rock steady smooth ride, and no noticeable road noise. My girl friend complained about clunk between the 3-4 shift. She says this has only happened twice in the 6 months we have owned it; she can't remember the exact details. Thus, I don't know if it is a fluke or what.

    The only reason we purchased the tracker was price. Nothing comes close to it for value i.e. V-6, auto-trans, power door locks, windows, cruiz control, luggage rack, running boards, full body cladding, 5 mag wheels, spare tire cover, and RWD (no CV joints to replace at 60,000 miles) and built on a truck frame. So far we are happy with the chosie. If you want a 2 door for off roading, I would look at a Jeep or an Isuzu. Both are a bit bigger than the tracker, seem more rugged, but both cost thousands more.
  • anyone else notice the door hitting their arm/shoulder when closing the door?

    I am not (overly) fat. I am about 230#, 6'1".

    I liked it otherwise, but would not tolerate that for 5 seconds in the showroom, and I can only imagine it being VERY irratating on the road.
  • gene58gene58 Posts: 8
    Still very happy with my 2000 2WD, 4-door, auto-trans hardtop which I purchased new almost a year ago. Nothing has fallen off, and no service work has been necessary, other than three oil changes, one new air-cleaner element, one tire rotation and my "Symphony of Squeaks" problem which I wrote about earlier.

    If any of you 2000 owners have squeaking sounds which sound like they are coming from just in front of the instrument panel-- they probably are not. Turns out, mine were coming from the hood latch/striker mechanism way up front. The non-sound-insulated hood acts as sort of an amplification system to "throw" the sound back toward the passenger compartment!

    Solution: Spray all of the latch/striker parts with white lithium grease, using a towel to keep it from hitting the radiator and other engine parts. You may also want to try adjusting the little rubber "posts" which regulate the hood height when closed.

    Hey, everyone and his grandmother has a Ford Explorer or a Jeep-- I like being different, and saving money at the same time!

    Back at 12,000-- or sooner if my fun little driving machine develops a problem.

    Gene in Amarillo
  • tuffy76tuffy76 Posts: 2
    I'm seriously considering a 2001 Tracker ZR2. I live in Wisconsin and we get a variety of winter weather - heavy snow, freezing rain, sleet, etc. For those of you in a similar climate, how does the Tracker handle? Thanks!
  • tjeep27tjeep27 Posts: 17
    If you (tuffy76) are experiencing the weather conditions you have decribed regularly, then I advise you to scrap the Tracker idea. This vehicle is simply a pathetic attempt by Chevy to imitate the Jeep Wrangler. Geo tried to do it, and they failed miserably. Go out and buy a hard top Jeep Wrangler. You can find a used Sport for far less then a brand new Tracker. A new one would also cost less. It won't let you down. Jeeps Rule.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    GM was never trying to imitate the Jeep. GM is competing with other small spot utilities. While not as refined as a RAV4, it certainly is a good value. Unfortunately (for some unknown reason) the V6 version is not available in Canada (even though it's made here). If you want the V6, you have to get the Suzuki.
  • woody72woody72 Posts: 73
    Have had no problems with my '01 4 dr/2.0L/5 sp with 5K miles. I've done oil changes (the oil filter is tiny!), tire rotation, added Suzuki accessories mud flaps and GM accessories skid plate package. Getting 24 mpg in mixed driving. The engine noise is greater above 3k rpm and the clutch engages high on the pedal, both minor irritants and easy to get used to. All in all pleased with this vehicle especially for the type of driving I do which includes commuting mountain roads, freeways, town roads and 4wd driveway.
  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    Hi all....this is my first post. Just bought a 01 LT black with a silver bottom. Traded in the 99 4dr we had for 2 yrs. The 99 never give me a minutes trouble while I had it. The 6 cyl is much better but I'll not give any mustangs or cameros any trouble. And if you have to go a 1000 miles to grandmas house and back...take the buick(or the other car). But they do what they are designed to do and do it well. I love it.
  • gene58gene58 Posts: 8
    Since no one else has commented on these two points, I will.

    I am 6'1", 300 pounds, and yes, the left "side room" IS snug, although I have plenty of headroom. It has just never bothered me, for two reasons: (1)
    I owned two Yugos, so I am used to "snug" :-)
    And (2) Hey, you gotta give up something for
    those thousands of dollars you save over a Blazer
    or a Cherokee!

    And on winter driving, my 2 WD is no muy bueno
    in snow-- there is just no traction there because
    it is so light. I did not risk it in our ice
    storms-- so donno about ice traction-- but I
    suspect both would be better with a 4 WD model.

    Gene (2000 4-DR, Auto Trans)
  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    what happened to all the posters for the Tracker. Must be a Tracker spring break :*)
  • emmett1emmett1 Posts: 20
    Hi all....I have owned both a 1990 and a 1993 4x4 Tracker convertible, auto, air. I put a combined 100,000 miles on them and never had any trouble. Regular oil changes are all that my toys required. I used them both in the snow and the 93 in the Storm of the Century that hit the east coast in 94 I think it was. 2 feet of snow and not a single traction issue. Overall, I would recommend the vehicle, but again the last one I owned was 8 model years ago. The flip side of that is they are more refined now. I always enjoyed the open air in the summer also, which might explain my 2001 Camaro now :) Anyway, the two I owned were trouble free.
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