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Hyundai Sonata Audio Questions



  • If you use an IPOD you should turn it off when you are done with it. The car will not always turn it off. This will shorten the life of the battery. I went with the flash drive now it it works but you loose a lot of the IPOD features
  • dave868dave868 Posts: 64
    I did buy the cable. I was just wondering since the ipod usb is just that... usb...

    Works great. I am going to try the standard ipod usb cable just for SAG's.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Actually it does work but you have no real integration. It thinks it's some kind of flash drive. Some cars actually can use the transfer cable but require a 5th generation and up iPod with the latest firmware.
  • I saw some replies to another question but would like to know how you wrote the mp3 files to the stick to make tham visible.

    Please tell me what folder you put the music in on the device for the player to find them. Is it OK to put them in a Music Folder?

    Is it OK to nest them further? two levels? three?

    I have an 09 Sonata Limited with Infinity Sound system.

  • I believe you can nest them. Music/Christmas/Bing. I think that if you are in the "Bing" directory then "Random" will only play the "Bing" directory but if you hold the "Random" turn for 6 second it will play all songs.
    How I got them onto the 'Stick" was I just copied them over from MP3 directory on my computer.
    I converted my whole ITUNE library to MP3 which made duplicates for almost all songs(Some are protected from conversion). I then sorted by "TYPE" which grouped them together. Cut and pasted them into a directory on my C: drive and called it "MY MP3 Songs. I then made sub-directories from the "MY MP3"files. Example: Christmas, Easy listening, Country, Rock. I then may only place the Christmas on the "Stick" for December then copy the Rock back in January. I could place them all on the stick at once in sub-directories but I used a 4 gig stick so they would not all fit at once. It takes the car about 15 seconds the first time you read the "Stick" each time you start the car. The "Stick" has not been damage yet ( >30 days) by not removing it when starting and stopping the car. The reason I did all this instead of just using the IPOD was the IPOD would not always go off when the car was turned off.
  • I have the 07 limited sonata. as you know it has the infinity sound system but i decided to put a bigger sub in the trunk. recently i was trying to install tweeters in the back of the car but accidently mixed the tweeter wire with the sub wire. so basically i put 1000w into the stock sub which overpowered it and made it smell burned so i turned the car off immediately, when i turned it on again, the radio turned on but there was no sound coming from the speakers. :sick:

    i had a friend who works at circuit city check it out and he said it was weird cuz the head unit worked fine, then he checked all the speakers and none of them were blown. later he found out that the internal amp wasn't turning on but when he hot wired it to turn on it still wasn't powering the speakers although the amp became hot pretty quickly.

    im taking it in next week to the dealer for them to run diagnostic but the guy there said the warranty might be voided because the wiring harness had been spiced from when i had a harmon/kardon ipod unit installed.

    does anybody know what i can do to fix it if the warranty is voided or where i could find another stock amp?

    does anyone know what happened to it?
  • I do not know why you are worried about the splice for the Harmon/Kardon. You should worry about that you blow-up the internal amplifier. Is you theory that you can make the car look like you never touched it other that the Harmon.Kardon IPOD unit being installed. You could take it to a "Real" stereo shop and have them trouble shoot it for you.

    If you are not going to be honest and hide all of the evidence I would argue that they show you how the Harmon/Kardon unit could have damaged the amplifier.

    I may not have understood your story.
  • vaterpvaterp Posts: 29
    Hi all,

    I went and test drove the sonata and the accord yesterday, I have some questions about the ipod hookup. I wanted to play with the interface and plugged in my ipod with a salesman cable. I could peruse my playlists and when i plugged it in i got the first track to play --- whenever i tried to select a different track i just kept getting 'connection error' and then it wouldn't do anything. If i unplugged it and tried again - same thing - it would just tstart playing the first track.

    Any idea what that means? Was that sonata broken or is my ipod broken?

    On a similiar note, what do you all think about the nav integration. I like the big screen vs the 2 line smaller one, but I am dissapointed that you lose all actual buttons to control the stereo. Seems to me like its more dangerous as without tactile feedback you have to take your eyes off the road in order to 'see' the button to push and are more likely to be distracted while driving... any thoughts on this point too?

    Thanks all,
  • What style IPOD do you have? My 4Gig Nano works fine other than the car will not always turn it off when the car is shut down. You were using the official Hyundai cable?
  • I have a Sansa 4 GB player; system recognizes it fine with the generic Sansa USB cable. Also tried a Sandisk 4GB stick which returns an error because of the U3 software that won'r let the radio access my music (but also password protects the files I have on the stick).

    Didn't opt for the Nav on my Limited as the technology is changing so rapidly .
  • vaterpvaterp Posts: 29
    I did use the official hyundai cable.

    I dont know what gen ipod i have, its probably a couple years old in the system screen i see the following:

    Capacity: 37.1 GB
    Version : 3.1.1
    Model: M9268LL

    Does that help?

    Also, I did directly plug in a USB stick with a couple songs on it and it loaded and played fine.

    thanks -brian
  • My 2009 sonata has an XM radio in it. I don't like it, and would like to know how to hook my sirius up to it. Does anyone know the procedure on how to remove the radio from the dash?
  • Is there something in particular you are looking for from Sirius?

    Sirius bought XM a few months back and soon will be all one... offering all the same channels.

    In the mean time you can get the best of Sirius on XM for $4 more.
  • Why don't you just use the "Aux" input with your current radio?
  • Thanks so they can be in any folder and the player will find all the mp3's, but if you put them in one directory your random will stay in that directory unless you hold the random down for over 6 seconds, right?

    One thing I have noticed using my Sansa is the need to go back and get the data right on some of the songs I brought over from audio streams via software.
  • Thanks so they can be in any folder and the player will find all the mp3's, but if you put them in one directory your random will stay in that directory unless you hold the random down for over 6 seconds, right? Yes you should try it to be sure.
  • Sirius and XM have merged their offerings. You now get the same stations on both.
  • That is not exactly true. While they have "merged", Sirius really took over XM. What's more the programming is merging, but far from identical. You can add the best of the others for an additional $4/month. Given time it will all bnecome one, but for now they are still very much two services.
  • Has anyone been successful hooking up an ipod touch ? I am going to buy the Hyundai cable but no one can tell me it works with the ipod touch. I heard it only works with older ipods. Looking for anyone that has done this. Thanks.
  • If the dealer does not know then they will possibly let you try it in the lot to find out. I have an older model (2 years) and it works will except for the IPOD not shutting off when the car is shut down. I have gone to a USB memory stick since I did not want to have to remember to shut it off each time the car was shut down.
  • vaterpvaterp Posts: 29
    I was going to buy the cable also but tested it and it didnt work with my ipod, which is probably ~5 years old. Anyway i figured i'd use a usb stick too but then i noticed it stays on when i shut the car off so i was worried it would drain the battery.

    Ive only had the car 4 days and I haven't read the manuals yet so I might not know what i'm talking about.

    Either way, i know my ipod didnt work.
  • Works perfectly with my 4th gen 20 gig and 5th gen 30... I will let you know about my 2nd gen 32 gig touch on christmas morning.
  • The memory stick will go off. Maybe you have to open the door for it to go off. I have never noticed mine staying on. It will not drain the battery no matter what. It draws very little power. I would say less then the clock.
  • vaterpvaterp Posts: 29
    Thanks for the reply, that makes me feel better.

    To whoemever posted above, I also think the XM volume is rather crappy. I typically have to push it up quite a few notches to hear it and sometimes at that volume it can sound rather distorted. I wish there was a fix for this, but i still love it so much, i'm just gonna deal with it.
  • Volume with ipod and usb stick is fine. XM volume level is terrible. Normal levels are 20 for me. 20 with ipod or usb is very loud. There must be a way to boost the input level on the xm module.
  • Just got an 09 Sonata today. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the ipod cable from hyundai allows for full control of the ipod (i.e. shuffle, etc..) and do you have to use mp3's with the ipod or will m4a's work also? Thanks.
  • You just plug the IPOD in and you are ready to go. The files are fine as they are. You do not have "Full" control but there are play lists and that sort of things available.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    I know why they make you buy their cable. It all boils down to them not wanting to add in that authentication chip made by Apple. The authentication chip only works with 5th gen iPod's and up. There is one advantage of the Authentication chip is that you can just simply plugin your iPod's USB sync cable and you're good to go. A slight inconvenience to buy the cable but they just didn't want to limit compatibility and add in extra royalties.
  • Just picked up a 09 SE Sonata tonight. When using the USB stick with the radio, it defaults to displaying the file name. I would have to press Info for it to display title, artist, etc... Is there a way to force it to display Title or Artist by default instead of filename?
  • I think if you place each artist in their own directory you will see the name above the song title. My display says "Root" which is the directory my songs are in. Therefore I would expect to see the directory of the songs if you use sub-directories.

    I would try a sample of 3 or 4 directories and a couple songs in each to see if this works before I go hog wild.
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