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Hyundai Sonata Audio Questions



  • vaterpvaterp Posts: 29
    I was going to buy the cable also but tested it and it didnt work with my ipod, which is probably ~5 years old. Anyway i figured i'd use a usb stick too but then i noticed it stays on when i shut the car off so i was worried it would drain the battery.

    Ive only had the car 4 days and I haven't read the manuals yet so I might not know what i'm talking about.

    Either way, i know my ipod didnt work.
  • Works perfectly with my 4th gen 20 gig and 5th gen 30... I will let you know about my 2nd gen 32 gig touch on christmas morning.
  • The memory stick will go off. Maybe you have to open the door for it to go off. I have never noticed mine staying on. It will not drain the battery no matter what. It draws very little power. I would say less then the clock.
  • vaterpvaterp Posts: 29
    Thanks for the reply, that makes me feel better.

    To whoemever posted above, I also think the XM volume is rather crappy. I typically have to push it up quite a few notches to hear it and sometimes at that volume it can sound rather distorted. I wish there was a fix for this, but i still love it so much, i'm just gonna deal with it.
  • Volume with ipod and usb stick is fine. XM volume level is terrible. Normal levels are 20 for me. 20 with ipod or usb is very loud. There must be a way to boost the input level on the xm module.
  • Just got an 09 Sonata today. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the ipod cable from hyundai allows for full control of the ipod (i.e. shuffle, etc..) and do you have to use mp3's with the ipod or will m4a's work also? Thanks.
  • You just plug the IPOD in and you are ready to go. The files are fine as they are. You do not have "Full" control but there are play lists and that sort of things available.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    I know why they make you buy their cable. It all boils down to them not wanting to add in that authentication chip made by Apple. The authentication chip only works with 5th gen iPod's and up. There is one advantage of the Authentication chip is that you can just simply plugin your iPod's USB sync cable and you're good to go. A slight inconvenience to buy the cable but they just didn't want to limit compatibility and add in extra royalties.
  • Just picked up a 09 SE Sonata tonight. When using the USB stick with the radio, it defaults to displaying the file name. I would have to press Info for it to display title, artist, etc... Is there a way to force it to display Title or Artist by default instead of filename?
  • I think if you place each artist in their own directory you will see the name above the song title. My display says "Root" which is the directory my songs are in. Therefore I would expect to see the directory of the songs if you use sub-directories.

    I would try a sample of 3 or 4 directories and a couple songs in each to see if this works before I go hog wild.
  • dave868dave868 Posts: 64
    I have used the following with no issue.

    3rd gen 8 gig nano
    4th gen 20 gig
    2nd gen 32 gig touch

    All worked with all features. Any format the ipod will play will play with the genuine cable.
  • i tried to plug my ipod into the aux usb port but said usb read error. do you HAVE to buy the hyundai cable? can you not use the one that came with the ipod?
  • You need the Hyundai cable. The only problem I have had was the IPOD does not always turn of when the car is turned off. I have been told if you switch the radio to radio (AM/FM) it will go off. I just use a memory stick now but you loose many of the IPOD functions with a memory stick
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Yes you do have to buy the Hyundai cable. It's not that expensive. Part number is 08620-2L000 and you can get it at the dealers parts department. Just ask for that part number or mention Hyundai iPod cable and they should get you one. It's about $30 though I have seen it for slightly less. You get full iPod integration which is nice. It's worth the $30.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076


    Here is a picture of the Hyundai iPod cable as courtesy of hyundaiaccessorystore.com which has them in stock for slightly less than the dealer.
  • dave868dave868 Posts: 64
    I have a spare one, still sealed from the dealer. I was going to put it up on eBay. Let me know if you are interested.
  • Did you get a response that showed you how to force the display to artist or song? I have the same issue, and don't like it! (Hyundai Sonata SE iPOD USB connection displys filename...want to display artist or song )
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    You could just get the Hyundai cable. That solves the problem.
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    That is what the problem is. You need the cable to see and get full functionality from the iPod.

    - Merg
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Okay... Noticed some interesting things with the iPod connection. As someone else suggested, it seems that my iPod actually turned off when I swtiched to AM/FM prior to turning off my car. At least the next morning, the battery still seemed to be charged as if it had turned off instead of running dry.

    Also, I realized that when you unlock the car doors, the iPod outlet starts to receive power. This is even before the vehicle is turned on. It also maintains power when the vehicle is turned off until the doors are opened. Would be nice if it just always supplied power so that my iPod wouldn't die everynight I forget to turn it off.

    - Merg
    at first - I didn't get it, it's just a cable.
    Then I saw the other posts, and got it. (thanks for the posts telling me to read-again-slowwly rv65 and themerg!!)
    So today, I actually got it - at the Hyundai parts counter for $30
    It works - it's cool - it's flippin sweet. I can scroll through artists,playlists, songs, albums right from the Sonata in-dash screen. Brilliant. I know, I should get out more often - this is 'old' technology. But I found it to be very slick. Made me smile.
    My 2002 Tahoe has a cassette tape player - help us all.
  • Why no buy a new car DVD GPS player for your Sonata?
  • nstuffnstuff Posts: 25
    I have the 2009 Limited Sonata with the premium sound package (with Navi). I really love music, especially while driving, and I've been enjoying playing music from my ipod in the car for the last 5,000 miles. However, I've been noticing some increasingly annoying vibrations, mostly from the back. The subwoofer is mounted in the back window area (where other cars normally have their rear speakers). The rear speakers are mounted in the rear doors.

    The vibration only appears to happen during "bassy" notes and its bad enough that i've started to turn down the Bass setting to try to minimize the noise.

    It's getting noticeable enough that I'm about to take it to the dealer to take a look.

    Has anyone noticed anything similar (with or without the subwoofer package and please state if you do have the subwoofer if you notice similar issues).
  • ian3kian3k Posts: 1
    I have the exact same issue. 2009 Limited with Nav. At first I thought it was coming from the front, then I realized that it was being projected from the back. I figured that one of these days I'd pull the bracket off and try to stabilize it.
  • nstuffnstuff Posts: 25
    Well, after my post, I went out to the car to try to investigate where the sound is coming from. Seems to only happen during certain tones, such as when a note hits the frequency of resonance of a certain material causing it to vibrate. I no longer think it's the subwoofer housing, but rather the subwoofer causing something else to vibrate in the rear "deck" or whatever you want to call it (the same sheet of metal the subwoofer is mounted on, there are lots of other things mounted to the same deck).

    When i found a song that caused lots of vibrations, I went outside, and I could actually clearly hear the vibrations from outside the rear window. I opened up the trunk and started putting pressure on different places (pushing up against the desk from underneath, trying to find a place that would stop the vibration. I found one area that seemed to help with some pressure, though I'm still not sure what exactly is causing it.
  • jodigjodig Posts: 7
    2009 Hyundai Sonata Ltd.
    iPod Fifth Generation.
    Hyundai iPod cable

    I am having trouble trying to understand how to use a Playlist on the iPod. I didn't see the answer to my question so far in this thread, so I'm hoping you can help me, as you have the 5th gen iPod too..

    I set up a Playlist on the computer and then sync'd my iPod. My goal is to have podcast episodes play one after the other continuously until it gets to the last podcast in the Playlist. I was so excited to be able to do this so I don't have to change anything while I am driving. The first podcast played, which was great. Then it stopped at the end. So I started fiddling around with the radio controls and every time I tried something, it didn't work. The only thing I could do was go back to the beginning of the same podcast I'd already heard and play it again. That got old right awat!

    I am SO frustrated! I had to pull over to the side of the road, get out the manual and still didn't understand how to do it, so I unplugged iPod. Changed to the next podcast and then plugged it back in. I would really appreciate step by step instructions how to accomplish what seems like it should be a simple task. I am not an 'ultra-tech' person, but I am quite savvy on the computer. With the Infinity car radio, I am a total failure! I can't make heads or tails out of the Owner's Manual!

    Thank you so much! I hope I can get this figured out before I drive to my grandkids again for Mother's Day! :-)
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    The first thing to do is to set up the Playlist on the iPod using iTunes. In iTunes, create a Playlist for a particular group of Podcasts and then drag each of those Podcasts into the Playlist. Once you have done that, play the Playlist in iTunes just to verify that you got it set up right. If it works there, then you are on your way.

    Next, when you plug in the iPod to the Sonata, pull up the Menu. You should see a button on the screen that says "Playlist". Touch that button and then it should list all of the playlists on your iPod. Touch the playlist for your Podcasts. Then, touch the first Podcast on the list. It should start playing that Podcast and when it is finished it will go onto the following Podcasts in that playlist.

  • jodigjodig Posts: 7
    Merg, that is EXCELLENT advice! I just tried 2 Playlists on my iPod and it doesn't work! I never would have thought to check that. Now I have to find out why the Playlist doesn't work. Thank you SO much for your quick reply. When I figure it out, then I'll use your directions to try it in the car.

    Thank you again!
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Anytime. Let me know if you need anything else.

    - Merg
  • jodigjodig Posts: 7
    So far I can't find out why my Playlist isn't working. If I play it in iTunes on the PC, it works. Any suggestions? I haven't been able to find anything on iPod support or forums.

    Thank you!
  • I have an iPhone 3G and I bought a 2009 Sonata 4 months ago. I read in the manual that the iPod adaptor cable would work with a large list of iPod models, but they did not list any iPhones. I went to HyundaiAccessoryStore.com and it says that "Testing with the new Apple iPhone is not completed". The iPhone is not new and has been aroud for a couple of years now.

    Anyway, I have been hesitant to order this cable to work with my iPhone, but I finally broke down and took a gamble and ordered from the site above. I received the cable in 3 days and it works GREAT! This is so cool! :shades: I have been using a USB drive with MP3s, but the iPod interface is much better and supports playlists. My only complaint is that the cable could be a little longer.

    If you have an iPhone, order this cable. BTW, it also charges your phone while connected!
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    My issue with the cable is that it is not very flexible. I would like to keep my iPod in the center console compartment and in order to do that it lays on an odd angle. I wish they compartment had been designed a little better to accomodate holding the iPod or a MP3 player.

    - Merg
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Check the Playlist on the iPod to make sure that all of your songs are in the Playlist. If your Playlist on the iPod only has one song, that's all it is going to play. Then compare what is there to what you have in iTunes. Also, in iTunes, make sure that you are playing the Playlist and not just the songs from your Library.

    - Merg
  • altaylor5altaylor5 Posts: 1
    I too had trouble with the regular usb port cable from apple for my iphone. Went and purchased the hyundai cable (looks a little different) and it works like a champ. There is a message on my iphone asking if I want to put it into the airplane mode, which I answer "no" and it works great.
  • bulldog44bulldog44 Posts: 3
    I get the "airplane" message also but I found that I can just ignore it and it works fine. The message stays on the screen but I don't look at the screen while driving. When I disconnect the iPhone, the message disappears.
  • trout1982trout1982 Posts: 1
    i put an after market radio in a 2005 sonata and when i was done the remote key less entry would not work why..
  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    Did you unhook the battery when you replaced the radio?
  • luke81luke81 Posts: 1
    I have a 09 Sonata as well.
    When I connect my ipod using the apple usb cable, it's recognized as a usb storage and it makes it very hard to navigate.
    From your post (and others), if I get the hyundai cable I can access through the build-in audio like I do on my ipod?
    Will I be able to also control ipod while it's connected? (as opposed to only by the audio controls?)
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    If you use the Hyundai iPod cable, you will have full control of your iPod via the steering wheel controls and radio controls. You can pick Playlists, set it to play Random or to pick a Random Album for play.

    When the iPod is connected, you cannot control the iPod from the iPod itself. You need to use the audio controls via the Sonata.

    - Merg
  • billchang2billchang2 Posts: 11
    I loaded all my mp3 musinc onto a 32 GB USB(it's about 20 GB worth). It tries to read but gets error. Now it wont even read the 2GB USB I used to use. Anyone else tried? Any ideas on how to reset? Where to get tedh support? No support at Infinity factory site.
  • I have the BB Curve 8330tried to plug it in using the usb that came w/ the phone to play my mp3's. It says reading usb on the radio but when I try to play it says there is nothing there. When I go into my music on the phone it says that I have no songs. As soon as I unplug the phone from the car-all my songs pop back up. Is there a way for me to play the songs that are on my phone? I dont know what format they are in. I download them from tuneroom.com I know that windows media wont play them when I plug my phone into the computer. I then tried to take the songs and transfer them from my phone to a usb stick and it still wouldnt read them, but it would read the ones I put on the stick from my windows media player. Does anybody know how to fix this? I dont know how to convert them if they need that.
  • i360i360 Posts: 74
    The BB Curve uses a different operating system then Windows, your car has no idea what your plugging in. You'll need to add MP3s directly to a USB stick for it to work on your car system. Or purchase an ipod......
  • bulldog44bulldog44 Posts: 3
    The sound system only knows how to talk to iPod and iPhone devices through the USB port. You can load up a USB stick with songs and play them through the sound system or you can do what I used to do with my iPhone before I purchased the Hyundai iPod cable: connect the headphone jack on your BB (I'm assuming it has one) to the AUX input of the sound system. The down-side is that you will still need to navigate your playlists and song selections on your BB. The sound system screen will just show "Aux Input", no song information. BTW, this approach will work with any MP3 player or device that has a headphone jack.
  • lemur21lemur21 Posts: 3
    Hi Merg,

    Quick question for you -- I know you say you have 'full control of your iPod' with the Hyundai cable.

    I have the cable - and the thing I can't seem to make happen, is "stopping" the iPod. For example - I listen to a bunch of podcasts. If I turn on the radio, and listen to a podcast, let's say I want to stop listening halfway through (maybe I get a phonecall). I'll turn off the radio at the 32 minute mark. If I talk on the phone for 6-8 minutes, I'll turn the radio back on - but the iPod has continued playing...I've now played PAST 6-8 minutes...Is there any way to "stop" the iPod from playing (or, pause it...which is a control on the iPod...)

  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    There is no way to manually pause the iPod when it is connected to the audio system. As for it continuing to play, I haven't seen that issue before. When I turn "off" the radio or switch to a different mode, the iPod automatically pauses itself. When I turn the radio back "on" or switch back to the iPod mode, it continues playing.

    What type of iPod do you have? I have seen some differences in how the system works depending on the version iPod. For instance, I have a 30GB Video iPod and it will not turn off automatically when the car is turned off. I need to manually turn it off after the vehicle is turned off. My wife though has a 60GB iPod and it will turn itself off on its own.

    As for the display within the Nav System what I do wish is that they would remove the Repeat button and replace that with a Pause button. The Repeat button only causes the current song to repeatedly play over and over. I don't know the last time I ever listened to the same song over and over and over again. If you select a Playlist, it will automatically repeat itself when it is done. A Pause button would be great as you wouldn't need to leave the iPod mode in order to "stop" playback.

    - Merg
  • lemur21lemur21 Posts: 3
    I have a 120gb classic. I turn "off" the radio, and - if the car is still running - the ipod continues to run.

    Then again, I also turn the ipod 'off' or to "hold" - but I wonder if that's causing the problem...I should check that out.

    DEFINITELY a pause button would be helpful - that's the main functionality you don't have on the steering wheel (or, anywhere, for that matter).

  • nstuffnstuff Posts: 25
    To randomize ALL the songs on the ipod, I'll hit the artist button, then the all albums button, then the all songs, then randomly hit any song there. At that point, (with the newest firmware from map&soft), hit the random button twice. It will then do a great job of random play everything on the ipod. If you hit the NEXT button, it will keep randomly bringing up the next song, regardless of artist or album.

    I have both a 4gb 'squatty' nano, and the older 8gb tall nano and this works fine for both.

    When you play a normal song, does it pause when you turn the audio off? Holding down the MODE button on the steering wheel turns the audio off too. For me, this basically pauses whatever is playing, podcast or song.

    As for the ipod staying on, or turning off after i turn off the car, this seems to be very random after I upgraded with the Map&Soft firmware. I've gone weeks by turning off the car at the end of the day, and the song is waiting for me in the morning. And then, randomly, i'll get in the car, and it's obvious that the ipod's battery went dead over the evening, and it's playing the first song on the ipod. Previous to the updated firmware, the ipod's battery was dead way more often.
  • lemur21lemur21 Posts: 3
    Where are you getting this new firmware?

    I checked today - my problem ONLY happens with podcasts. I listened to a song last nite - stopped it halfway through. Turned off my car. Got in this morning, turned on the car, hit the "on" button on the radio - song picked up right where I left it.

    Then, I turned the radio off for 10 minutes while I drove. Turned it back on - same thing, it picked right up. However, if I do either that with a podcast, it will keep playing, for some reason......(although, I believe turning off the car DOES pause the podcast...it only happens while the car is still running and the radio is turned off).
  • billchang2billchang2 Posts: 11
    The Radio may talk to other USB players depending on the mode in which the device is set. I use both and USB stick with all the mp3's in a music folder and a Sansa Sandisk e260 player running either the original OS or the public domain OS Rockbox. (yes it can double boot into either). Google Rockbox if you're interested.

    Regarding whether or not the radio will recognize other players, I use the Sansa USB cable. For other players and phones (e.g. Blackberry) it's a question of whether the device is set to MSC (Mass Storage Class) where it's just a storage device or MTP (Media Transfer Protocol- Used by Windows Media Player 10 and higher) where it's generally recognized as an audio device. I'm not sure of the details on all devices but but both the Sansa and the Blackberry have settings menus where you can set these things. Sometimes there's a n auto setting which can either support or defeat your efforts to control ther device through the radio.

    In the meantime, I still have issues because my system still won't recognize the USB stick since I hooked up my 32GB stick with 20 GB off mp3 music on it. Anyone know how to reset the radio so I don't get a USB Error eerytime I connect?

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