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2007 Nissan Altima



  • HI-I'm new here. I own an 07 Altima 2.5 S, I bought it in Nov.06. I have 8300 miles on it. I live in Upstate Ny where there has been significant snowfall.
    My car is GREAT in the snow, its not the car, its the tires.
    Once I put Blizzak snow tires on, no problems, goes through anything. This is my 3rd Altima, the snow tires make all the difference in the world.
    I'm finding the driver's seat very uncomfortable though, and have had some prettty bad lower back pain, wondering if my seat is the cause. Anyone else own one that finds the seat uncomfortable? I wish I had my '03 Altimas seat back. Thinking of looking for a Maxima seat to put in, anyone have advice?
  • have you addressed this seat problem with Nissan? and did you get anywhere with it?
    I too am having back pain, and drive a lot. Ive had my Altima since Nov. and have 8300 miles on it. Was thinking
    of putting an old Maxima seat in it from a salvage yard.
    But not sure what to do. Would love my '03 seat back.
    As far as gas mileage I get between 29 and 32 mpg. I do
    a lot of highway driving as well.
    i love the car too.
  • dk4dk4 Posts: 4
    I'm considering buying an 07 Altima 2.5S with Convenience Package. ANY THOUGTS(comfort,driveability,headlight performance at night)?? How reliable is the CVT trans? Is the 2.5 just not good compared to the 3.5(any reliabilty issues between the two)?
  • I bought one a couple of weeks ago.
    -Comfort has been fine for me. My seat is reclined back somewhat, so the headrest problem is not an issue for me.
    -Driveability has been fun and smooth. I'm still breaking her in so right now I just cruise.
    -Headlights are pretty good - in very dark areas there is a noticeable cutoff, but the high beams are great.
    -CVT has been fine so far.

    2.5 has been enough power for me and all that I could afford really, haha.
  • gasmizrgasmizr Posts: 40
    I would say it shifts fairly smooth and precise as you can miss 3rd and end up in 5th if your are not careful. I am still in the "break in" period and have to keep it below 4K RPM. The RPMs drop of a little slowly but enough that you have to give it gas for the next gear to kick in. I have pushed it a little. If you have driven a Honda 5/6 speed I would say they are a little smoother and the throw is a little shorter. I drove my friends civic SI for comparison. To me it is not enough to make a difference but that is personal preference. One thing about the SI though is that it revs much higher, closer to 8K of I remember correctly.

    I am pretty tall 6' 3" and the seat is pretty comfortable. It is a little on the firm side but my guess is that over time it will break in and be very comfortable. With the headrest up to max it is perfect for me. I would rather start of with a firm seat then a very cushy one that got to soft over time since I keep cars a long time, 10+ years usually and pushing 200K when I sell them to a kid.

    I have the standard conti's and the car has been fine in the snow. I am sure it would do better with snow tires. We had about 6" of snow last week and the car did fine, better then my '96 civic used to.
  • dk4dk4 Posts: 4
    How's the lumbar support. I'm 5'9" and I have a lot of non-highway miles I drive to and from work and the roads can get bumpy. Anyone in Chicagoland knows this :)
  • I'm 6' and I'm satisfied - although I haven't had the car too long. I also drive a lot of non-highway miles; I'm in central Jersey and try to avoid the traffic as much as possible. Have you gone for a test-drive yet? Scope it out.
  • dk4dk4 Posts: 4
    I plan to start my test drives this Spring. My company is getting rid of the company car program after 25 years(it kills me!!) It is what it is though. I don't have to turn in my company vehicle until September, so I have some time yet, but I have been actively searching since December to see what's out their to meet my needs. I recently hit the Chicago Auto Show which was a great help(kind of like one stop shopping). I'm currenlty considering the Sonata, Camry, and Altima.
  • car111car111 Posts: 24
    Altima 3.5 SL with traction control and skid package vehicle dynamic control) seems to have loaded safety features. But the crash test scores from IIHS don't seem to have all come out yet.

    How do I compare safety of this car (eg 3.5 SL) with other cars such as Camry 2007. Also Camry has knee airbag for driver that Altima 2007 does not - how much of that is an issue? Anyone know when Nissan will put that ?

    How important is knee airbag ?

  • car111car111 Posts: 24
    Hello all,
    I am in market for new sedan that is comfortable but still sporty to drive, and should have soft gas pedals (for my hurt knee). Does anyone has recommendation for these requirements ?

    After several months / weekends, we found Altima has softest pedals (for my injured knee) compared to even the soft pedal Camry. Anyone agree ? Without this pedal requirement, I would have got the BMW 330 or 335.

  • lili1lili1 Posts: 44
    Swapping for my 07 3.5SE trunk lid with spolier, any one?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!! Spolier is not my love.

    Anyone has a Dark Slate color trunk lid with NO spoiler to swap for one w/ a spoiler from a Brand New Dark Slate 07 3.5 SE? Prefer someone in any state bordering Iowa/Illinois becasue anything beyond driving distance is prohibiting.

    Even a 2.5 model will work but each of us will have to cover ourselves for the model number logo. I will keep my chrome piece above license plate.

    In all cases, I will take your third brake light if removable and the spoiler itself has that fancy brake light built in.
  • vmokhutovvmokhutov Posts: 23
    Hello owners of 2007 altima. I have x-trail with 2.5 engine and in winter when you start it it sound coarse and rattling until it warms up. I read about new altima that there 20% new parts in this engine. How it behaves at cold?
  • gasmizrgasmizr Posts: 40
    Well all i can say is that it was out all day in near zero degrees while i was inside at work. came out after dark hit the start button and it started right up and ran smooth. I let it warm up for about a minute and then took off. No noticeable difference then when it has been warm, 50+. My care has about 1500 miles on it. I can hardly tell it is running even at startup. Though every once in a while it runs rougher but still not nearly as rough as my 96 civic which is still smooth. So whatever they did it must have made a difference. I drive about 50/50 and have been getting 31-33mpg combined, very good i believe. This is what my civic was getting for the same basic driving. I am very happy with the gas mileage. :) My friend with a 06 civic si can not believe how good the gas mileage is for the size of the car. Plus even with the 4 the pickup is good now that i am through the break in period. Power really kicks in at between 4k and 5.5k. :P

    The comfort is good and the seat seems to be breaking in. It was a little firm to start but now is very nice. Good back and lumbar support for me. If you really need extra lumbar support you will have to go past the convenience package and get the SL which as adjustable lumbar support.
  • vmokhutovvmokhutov Posts: 23
    What transmission do you drive? How do you like it?
  • I have a 2.5s - Dark Slate. I would like a spoiler, but I'm over in Jersey. Might be difficult to coordinate. The model number logo is easy to switch up.
  • Bought the '07 Altima 2 days ago and am awaiting my color choice to arrive at the dealer. During the test drive, I was too busy concentrating on the engine, visibility, and seats, and neglected to fully examine the base (non-Bose) stereo included on the 3.5SE.

    From the 3 seconds that I played with it, it was not impressive.

    What are your thoughts on the stereo that is standard on the 3.5SE?

    Has anyone upgraded to an aftermarket sound system?
  • vikariousvikarious Posts: 15
    I have a 2.5, but I actually thought the system was really pretty good!

    Has anyone found/had any problems with their cars yet? Sometimes when starting mine, it kinda sounds like it's grinding. Don't like that!

    Otherwise I think we're doing ok - I still haven't had the first oil change done, but I think that'll happen this week.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    Not a problem with mine yet. In fact, I'm a little surprised. This will be the first new car I've bought that hasn't had to go back to the dealership in the first couple weeks. Never been any serious problems, but something little always came up. A radiator cap with my last nissan, and a check engine light for my honda civic.

    as for the stereo, it nice, but a little lacking. no eq, just the bass and treble to set. not too terrible as far as stock stereos go, but I'll probably replace it in the next month or two.
  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    I get a new car every year and have had many nice systems. I think the Bose is fine, I do miss the mid range adjusting. the bass is nice and deep, and the highs are sometimes tinty. By and large it is a good system stock for a car. The best system I had was in my '05 Avalon...the JBL Synthesis with sub-woofer. Always clear and never distorted. At the upper limit the Bose will lose clarity. The base system blows! Enjoy your new ride!
  • I'd like to replace the factory stereo in my 2007 Altima 3.5 SE (non-Bose). I'd like to stay under $700 total, (including 6 to 8 speakers). I'm not concerned with mega-wattage, and I have no brand preferences.

    My main wants are:

    1-Excellent clarity (even with the windows down)
    2-Versatility (ability to accurately reproduce a wide range (highs and lows) of music, from classical symphony to heavy metal)
    3-HD FM-Ready/CD/MP-3 capable and i-pod ready.
    4-Built-in equalizer
    5-Removeable faceplate

    I'm not as 'picky' as I may seem. My old car ('94 Taurus SHO) had a great (non-branded) factory stereo with 4 speakers, no external amp and no equalizer, but it sounded great.

    I'm not well-versed in audio lingo, but does such an animal exist (in my price range)? And can anyone suggest a set-up/configuration (or good website with comprehensive info). (I want to be able to just walk into a store and say, "Set me up with the following."
  • Hello everyone.
    This is my first post.

    I am shopping for a 3.5 SL and have gotten what I feel to be some decent quotes right around $26,000.
    These dealers are outside Chicago.

    Any thoughts on whether these are good prices for the Chicagoland area?
    I am going to visit one dealer this weekend and would like to know something before I go. The price includes Splash Guards, Floor Mats and Aluminum Kick Plate.
    Not sure about delivery charge yet.

    Quick question, Silver or Dark Slate?
    Which do you feel looks better on the Altima?
    I know thats a loaded question but look forward to the results.

    Thanks to everyone for your help.
  • b777girlb777girl Posts: 7
    I just bought the 2.5s with the convenience package about 2 weeks ago and I noticed that grinding sound as well upon starting. I called the dealership and they said no one had ever mentioned it before. Do you have any idea what is making that sound? I noticed it does it when it's been sitting for a while. It's not easy to "recreate" at the dealership,so I anticipate they won't be able to help. It's unnerving, for sure. Sounds like it's trying to turn over again or something.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    the dealership should be able to figure it out. they'll just hook it up to the computer and see what codes come up. If your ambitious, the car has a diagnostic mode. if you search the internet, you'll find steps on how to put the car into diagnostic mode and you can find out whats wrong yourself. You'll probably have to look up any codes it gives you online though.
  • chiefloadchiefload Posts: 31
    Triple-Seven-Girl... If memory serves me right (and some people say that went a long time ago...), AutoZone will get the codes out of your car for you, if the problem causes an OBD code (not sure if you need to have the Check Engine Light come on first though). There might also be a way to display the code in one of your display windows on the dash. It MIGHT be explained in the owners/operators manual (for my Intrepid, I have to turn the key a few times without starting the engine and it displays in the odometer field).

    (B777 nice aircraft by the way... I work Ops Control for a DC10/MD11 operator... sigh...)
  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    I picked the dark slate as it has a richer more refined look to it. I also darkened the windows and it really made it look sharp. I'm in michigan and I couldn't touch an SL with what you said it had for the price you quoted.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    link title

    that will tell you how to put your car into diagnostic mode, and what the codes mean.
  • chiefloadchiefload Posts: 31
    Good stuff. Thanks JD. Hope that our Triple-Seven Girl reads it....
  • 90subbie90subbie Posts: 6
    I bought my 2007 SE last month. I don't know how, but this evening I was driving home and my lights came on automatically, but so did my front passenger map light. I flipped every switch inside my car to try and turn it off. Finally, I went ahead and locked the car and the light went off after 30 minutes like it said in the manual.

    Any ideas of what's happening?

    Thank you for your assistance.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    Did you push the map lights on or off ? I would try pusshing the map light itself to see if it turns off. If they are pushed in it won't matter what the switch is on off/door/on. And yes the battery saver will still work like it says in the manual.

  • plus1plus1 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2007 Altima SE and I was wondering what kind of speakers are in it. I see that the deck in the back has two 6x9's. Are the door speakers 6x9 also? Because the system sounds pretty good. And does anybody know what kind of speakers they are.. ( they are not Bose)
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