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Infiniti QX4



  • The main difference is the Pathfinder LE's handling, acceleration/low-end torque, engine noise and is so smooth and quite. The Grand Cherokee although an ok SUV felt almost crude in comparison to the PF, it just does't seem as refinded in build quality. I also had to many repair problems for only 44,000. The Jeep was in the shop a total of 21 full days of ownership for repairs or diagnoises. Compressor for the A/C was replaced, water pump, seals replaced on the transfer case (3 times) and was still was leaking at time of trade in. Thank heavens I purchased a extended warranty on the Jeep. The warranty paid for it self in repairs that more than exceeded what I paid for the extended warranty. In addition, the Pathfinder has confident handling characteristics, even in long sustained corners. Body lean is modest. The Jeep had significant body lean and rough riding over the smallest of bumps and dips. To sum it up, the Pathfinder has a more advanced construction, more advanced powerful 6 cylinder engine, more advanced front suspenion and steering. I'm very happy with the Pathfinder and would never ever buy another domestic product again.
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    If you are considering both a new PF LE and a new JGC Limited (a fairer) comparison, you have to remember that the JGC was redesigned in '99 and is a totally different vehicle compared to the '98.

    I did extensive reasearch/driving in both before I decided on the RX300. I was ready to buy the JGCL until the safety record of the vehicle reared it's ugly head.

    I can sum up the difference quickly: The PF LE handles like a sports car, smooth responsive acceleration, precise steering, with little body roll when taking curves. The ride is harsher because of this. Seats are firm and supportive in a good way.

    The JGCL has a springier ride, probably due to the lack of independant suspension. Steering was floaty, I did not feel "connected" to the road. The leather seats are very soft. While comfortable for short rides, I think one will suffer on long ones due to lack of support. But if you do true off-roading, or have to tow, nothing beats a JGCL with the V8.

    Hope this helps.
  • I beg to differ on your opionion on the 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 99 JGC. Here's why: There may have been many improvements and design over the 98 vs the all new 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee, however that doesn't change the fact that the 99-2001's are still riddled with quality issues. Chrysler builds good looking automibiles with poor quality issues...poor workmenship in a nut shell. Pathfinder and QX4 are superior to the Jeep Grand Cherokee period. The RX300, very nice vehicle. To me it's to car like in looks, sort of girlish and is why I chose the Pathfinder...more SUV,boxy traditional look, somewhat more masculine. I know I'll catch heat for that statement, but that's the way I feel.
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    You totally misunderstood my post. Let me explain.

    The '99 JGC shared exactly 9 components out of hundreds from the old '98 design (this info is straight from DC). So yes, it was in fact a totally different vehicle. So if someone was to compare two new vehicles today for possible purchase, why would they compare a said vehicle to a design they can't even buy new anymore?

    But I agree with you totally on the reliability of the '99s and up, it's a horror story and a main reason (besides safety) that I didn't purchase one.

    And, I'm very expeienced with the PF since I owned a '97 PF for 4 years. The PF doesn't do well on the IIHS offset crash tests, and safety and top-of-line luxury/comfort were my two priorites on my recent purchase. I didn't want the PF "truck ride" anymore. And the RX300 is one of the top three SUV's in safety and has safety features the PF or JGCL just don't have.

    I think the PF LE is a much better choice than the JGCL, just not my choice this time. Everybody has different priorities.
  • Just purchased 2001 QX4 with sunroof, premium pkg., sports package for 33,500 with 3.9% financing. What do you think? Was it a good deal?
  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    Great deal--where????
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    Did you get your problem resolved? Are you under a gag order now?

    Just curious.
  • I just went to finalize my new QX4. I bought the car for 33,400 with premium, sport, sunroof which is 100 less than the original posted 33,500. The car was purchased in Greenwich,Conn. I am happy to see you thought it was a good deal. Thanks
  • I had a 2000 Jeep grand Cherokee limited and absolutely loved it, but was in an accident and it was totaled. I am now looking at the Qx4 and the Acura MDX, both very nice to drive, but very different, the QX4 is eye candy both inside and out while the MDX is really quite an eyesore on the outside. There's more room in the MDX and many nice features, but there's something about the QX4 that has really stolen my heart. The leg pace in the back of the QX4 seems to be smaller and I felt where the tire well meets the back door made it difficult for passengers too get in and out. Any thoughts on these two choices?
  • warhawkwarhawk Posts: 3
    For me the choice was the exact same two you mentioned: QX-4 vs. MDX. I went with the QX-4. The MDX, being very popular, would have priced out probably $3-4000 higher than a comparably equipped QX-4, if not more. Then there is the wait. Is the waiting period for the MDX still 6-9 mo.??
    QX-4 is a good looking vehicle, has a very quiet, smooth ride with adequate acceleration from the 240 HP engine. Mine is tu-tone, ivory white with silver sage cladding.
    The Lexus RX-300 - ruled it out due to lack of cargo space. We haul our dog around quite a bit, the QX-4 has space, RX-300 does not.

    The MDX, you can visit Those people love their MDX's

  • nwcrfvrnwcrfvr Posts: 2
    Did your base price of $33400 include freight,
    taxes, tags, clear bra, undercoat package, or any other accessories or fees?
  • endophilendophil Posts: 16
    The price of 33400 was without taxes. It did include freight and undercoating. There were no other dealer installed accessories. Motor vehicle fee of $85 is also extra.
  • keogh1keogh1 Posts: 7
    Just about to take delivery of a new 2001 2WD, 2-tone, premium package,rear deflector for a little under 32K plus TTL. Good deal? Comments please. Also where can I buy discount aftermarket accessories (cargo area mat/orgnizer etc)? Thanks
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    "The Lexus RX-300 - ruled it out due to lack of cargo space. We haul our dog around quite a bit, the QX-4 has space, RX-300 does not."

    Not quite a true statement, the RX300 has different space. The Qx4 is 3 inches longer than the RX300, yet the RX300 beats the QX4 in every passenger area space measurement. If you want cargo space than the QX4 wins. You want passenger space, RX300 wins.
  • nwcrfvrnwcrfvr Posts: 2
    Your QX4 - 4wd or 2wd. Do you have name of
    dealer? Do you get loaner cars when its in for service? Thanks for your help.
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    I can't resist mentioning it again. Go up to Canada to get a deal - the dollar is very strong right now. I saw again yesterday where a person was quoted an equivalent of $30,900 for a QX4 with AWD, sport, premium, and sunroof (even including the duty). We've been able to establish a good network of dealers that will sell like this. Note this for for 4wd; 2wd is not available in Canada.

    I'll keep this short - see my post at #330 for some more info. Email me and I'll be glad to help out. It's easy and the savings are big.

  • endophilendophil Posts: 16
    The QX4 I purchased was 4x4. It was purchased at New Country Infiniti of Greenwich,Connectcut. They do offer loaner cars.
  • keogh1keogh1 Posts: 7
    Sorry guys forgot to add that it also has the sunroof
  • Would appreciate hearing from owners of QX4's about maintenance and service issues.

    Just bought a used '97 QX4, 4x4, tu-tone ivory white with silver sage cladding and 91,000 km. I'm from Canada, so the vehicle comes fully loaded when it's sold new (sunroof, sport package, etc.) Paid $24K CDN, which is about $14.5K US.

    Vehicle's are less expensive in Canada since our dollar is valued so low. lofquist is right. Many US dealers come to the used auto auctions here to export back into the United States for re-sale.

    Unfortunately, my QX4 has just come off warranty, and I would like to know if anyone has had service issues they would like to share. I managed to squeeze in one final repair under the basic 48 month or 97,000 km warranty coverage. The radio antenna would not raise and ended up being replaced. A new muffler also looks like its needed, however the extended warranty will take care of that. Other than that, the QX4 looks great. I'm very pleased with my purchase and am a proud owner.
  • jeffqx4jeffqx4 Posts: 3
    Welcome to the club! I, as well, have a 1997 QX4, with over 56K miles. Maintenance; look at post #46; you can get a free rear suspension upgrade (shocks,springs)if you tell your dealer the rear bottoms out with a full load or five people aboard. Bulletin #ITB97-026.
    Muffler- A service bulletin will replace it free if rust appears on it.
    Door Sills- After my invited test drive in the new 2001, I ordered for my '97 the nice door sills with the name "Infiniti" embossed in them. Looks and fits great!
  • liemnliemn Posts: 8
    Do I really need the Sport Package? This is $900.00 option. I am in GA and I don't think I would need heated-seats, how about Limited-slip (rear) differential?

    Or should I get the 4x2 instead of 4x4 and forget about the heated-seats?
    I am getting close to a deal. Thanks,
  • peaches5peaches5 Posts: 91
    I have the PF LE with heated seats and I'm also in GA. I thought they were the worst use of money I could possibly think of. I won't own another car without them! There's just no explaining the joys of a warm behind in the cold weather :) I don't have LSD on mine but the offroading I do is on the beach and on back gravel roads, so I didn't really see a need for it (I have the shift 4X4, not the AWD).
  • I bought a 2001 QX4 six months ago when it first came out. I absolutely loved it.

    A month ago, I was driving at ABOVE-limit speed on a highway, then a jerk pulled right in front of me,I was trying to avoid a crash and made a SHARP turn, the QX4 started to roll over, at the moment I thought my two kids in the back seat and I were all going to see God. Kids were screaming...

    We landed off the highway after flipping 3 times down a small hill and landed on wheels, three tires were busted, my side air-bag went off. I opened the door and got out with minor scratches on my hand, the kids on the back raw had only minor bumps. We were all taken to the ER and were released in less than 20 min.

    The QX4 was a totalled loss.

    I was thinking about buying a BMW 5 series but was afraid of having a head-on collision with a SUV someday and get killed, so I bought another 2001 QX4, knowing that I will be OK if it ever roll over again.

    At that high-speed I was driving, and with a 90 degree sharp turn, any SUVs on earth would roll over just as my former QX4 did, but I guarantee that not many will protect its passengers and driver as well as the my QX4 did.

    Here are my advises:

    Drive slow, drive defensive, wear seat belt and drive QX4 !
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    First let me say I am absolutely so glad that you and your kids are ok. One of my worst fears is that my family would be injured or killed in a car crash. That influenced our latest vehicle purchase greatly.

    Id like to offer some advice on some of your statements:

    I was thinking about buying a BMW 5 series but was afraid of having a head-on collision with a SUV someday and get killed, so I bought another 2001 QX4, knowing that I will be OK if it ever roll over again.

    First this statement doesnt make sense because a head on collision is different than a rollover event. Second, the BMW X5 has the highest rating on the IIHS off-set crash tests. The QX4 only got a marginal rating and is fourth from the bottom of the list.

    "At that high-speed I was driving, and with a 90 degree sharp turn, any SUVs on earth would roll over just as my former QX4 did"

    This is not true. What you experienced is a classic case of an emergency manuever and one or more tires "breaking free" from the pavement. VSC (vehicle stability/skid control) systems are designed exactly for situations like this. Currently the only luxury class SUVs to use these systems are the MB ML-series, the X-series, and the Lexus RX300.

    For all the reasons above is why we went with the RX300 instead of the PF/QX4.

    Again, I'm really glad that you and the kids are ok, and I hope that they aren't shaken up too much. As a parent, I hate when this stuff happens.
  • joeliarjoeliar Posts: 3
    I've just given a $1000 CDN deposit for a QX4 sight unseen (its still on the boat). I'm in the Seattle area, but travel to Vancouver on a weekly basis. My lease on my 4Runner came up when I discovered it's blue book was less than its residual. Was going to re-lease but got some fancy ideas about modifying the car and decided to buy instead. Did the autobytel route and sent emails to all the dealers in the Seattle area. Best deal was a LE for 31,667 at 3.9% financing. Got turned down for the
    financing because I have no debt (;-[

    Work was shut down because of the quake, so I decided to go shopping in Van. Got a good price ($42,000 CDN or $27,000 USD). The dealer (Nissan/Infiniti Richmond) had a tricked out QX4 on the floor so while he was dealing with details and some phone calls, I took some deciding-do-i-really-want-to-do-this time and checked it out. Went back, settled the price for the LE, said 'Now sell me a QX4'. Really, people, I was putty in his hands. For $46,800 CDN ($30,275 USD) (thats right folks, LESS than the LE in the States). Titanium with bug, sunroof, and rear deflectors. Nothing else was optional. Plus lifetime oilchange with loaner. Now, every three months when I go to Vancouver, I can be driving a Q45 :-). Theres a brokerage service provided 3rd party that will walk it across customs and deliver it to my door in Seattle(The BCM Auto Group 604-525-1744. Tell 'em Joe sent ya). Cost of the service is $280 USD. No GST (like a VAT. Its a national sales tax) or PST (Provincial Sales Tax). Customs will cost $842 USD. Registration and sales tax in Washington will be about $3,000 USD. Grand total (30,275 + 280 + 842 + 3000) = $34,997 USD. In comparison the LE in the States would have totaled about the same. I'll buy a certified check in Canadian funds at my bank and will courier it up to the dealer. Altho I might go up myself. Next week I'm drivin' in style.

    Finally, the Canadian cars have more standard whatsies and fewer options. Power antenna and block heater are standard for example.
  • al63017al63017 Posts: 149
    How did you figure the 842.00 I thought the duty was 2.5% of 30275.00. Sounds great. Did that include dealer freight and all that stuff they add on in the United States??I think all Canada QX4 come with premium and sports packages and are 4x4. A Jon from this site has been really helpful and giving me ideas on how to do this also.
  • The suspension upgrade is unknown to me.

    I'm trying to find the Service bulliten ITB97-026 you mentioned. Is it posted on the web somewhere?

    Would this be too late for me to have done, considering I'm the second owner and the age of the QX4 (1997) ? Also, it sounds like this would stiffen the suspension resulting in a rougher ride on the street. Is it just recommended for QX4's carrying heavy loads or off-road use it ?

    Thanks in advance to all responses.
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    Joe is probably technically correct on the duty charge. The reason is that officially the first $1000 that you import is subject to a full 10%. Then everything after is 2.5%. So the net is that you pay 2.5% of the vehicle cost + $75. But each customs point seems to interpret this differently (trust me - I've heard lots of stories). But one thing that is consistant is that Customs gives you a fabulous exchange rate ( like the rate Joe used of 1.546). That alone usually makes up for the $75 itself.

    You do realize that you can do the importing yourself and save the $280. The trade-off is that you have to pay the GST at delivery and then mail in for the refund.

  • endophilendophil Posts: 16
    If you read the data on rollover crash test there really isn't an accurate way to test it. Also, the QX4 had better frontal crash test ratings than the RX300 from the NHTSA. I feel more comfortable with a true to life success story than I do with inaccurate testing data. The BMW did terrible in crash test. We should try to keep the data accurate.
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