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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The extended warranty is just an insurance policy. The provider must collect more than he pays out or it he will not make money on the transaction. Why would Lexus offer a product like insurance if they knew they would loos money?

    That is the reasoning that led me to decline the offer. If I was purchasing a used vehicle whose previous care I knew little, then I might take such an offer if available.
  • I too am holding out for the redesign. I think the interior and dash are dated (2006) and need to be refreshed. Does anybody know if the 2013 model will come out early in the Spring of 2012 or in the traditional time of Sept. 2012? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's sooner than later because the Camry just came out and the ES should follow and also the current model is showing its age.
  • Just bought a 2011 ES350, MSRP of $43,503. Gave me $22,000 trade in on my '07 ES350 Ultra with 54,900 miles. Got the $1,000 Lexus Loyalty Rebate, additional rebate of $750 plus dealer discount of $1,753 off the car along with 2.9% financing. Got the 72 month / 70,000 mile Platinum Extended Warranty for $753 (MSRP of $1,400) too. The dealer, at first, wanted $24,000 plus my car for this ES350. After getting up and ready to leave, they came down to $18,000 plus my car. That would have been a lot of $ to leave on the table. But we were ready to go to another Lexus dealer 70 miles away versus the local one that is only four miles away.
  • gizmo2gizmo2 Posts: 8
    Hi, I'm helping my parents shop for a ES350 with Nav, Parking assist, Ultra package (HID lights, heated seats, rear shade, wooden steering wheel). Anyone purchase one recently or is shopping for one? I've made initial contact with several dealers around me, quotes I received are for approximately $39,000 just for the car (incl dest charge). They all seem skittish to commit to a number as they know I'm going to take it to another dealer.
    Also, is October a good month to buy? I know they always advertise a December to remember sale, but not sure if that's just marketing Bs or the deals are really better than.
    Any help is appreciated.
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    I'm shopping around for a ES350 w/o Nav. I got $2500 below invoice plus additional $1000 loyalty rebate. FYI.
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    dude. my local lexus dealer offers $3500 under invoice plus $1000 royalty rebate now. Which is essentially $7500 under MSRP. Huge deal.
  • boytboyt Posts: 6
    What is your MSRP and where is the dealership located.

  • raj02raj02 Posts: 1
    Thank you so much for this tip. Based on your experience we just point blank asked for $2000/- below invoice. And was surprised to get it too. MSRP was 43,061/- Invoice was 39,400/- we got it for 37,500/- and opted for they dent protection for five years $799/- and also any dents or dings will be fixed for the next five years. It was also for another $700/- but ygthen got a $1000/- discount as on Nov 5th is official opening of Dec 2011 for Gwinnett Lexus in GA. Our walkout price with tag, tax and title was 41,539/-. I jsut saw another post for someone getting almost $7000/- below invoice but don't regret it atall. I think the sales person too deserves a good Christmas. :-)
  • We just purchased a Lexus ES350 from Bernadette at Lexus Santa Monica. She was great...professional, responsive, and a woman of her word. She's the internet sales manager and she gave us a great price on the car and made the entire process as painless as she possibly could. When you're shopping around for your next Lexus, I strongly suggest you give her a call before you make any final decisions. She could not have taken better care of us and I will be going back to her for our next Lexus!
  • could you kindly send me more information on how to get this deal?
  • jjjzzzjjjzzz Posts: 13
    Can you shae how much you paid for it?
  • $32,700 for the 2011 base with heated/ventilated seats, the accessory package including rear bumper applique. I think they threw something else in but I don't recall what it was. San Francisco was asking more for same car and Seattle was outrageous for the vehicle.

    At this point you may get better price but you are more limited in color selection. We only wanted either deep sea mica or smokey granite with grey interior and there were not many available. Good luck.
  • Lexus of Pleasanton offered me a 2011 ES350 Loaded to $42,000 MSRP for $35,700.

    Good Deal? Should I take it?

    What colors do you guys recommend?
  • A month ago that was a quote I received and was a good deal. Not sure today as dealers are trying to get rid of all their 2011's. Too bad you're not closer to Santa Monica because I think it would be worth your time to contact Bernadette to see if she would beat the price. The good thing about Bernadette is she doesn't beat around the bush...she tells you either she will or she will not. But due to distance, whatever you save with her you would lose in time and gas. It may still make sense to call her for affirmation of whether or not you're getting a good price.

    Smokey granite is my favorite color.
  • I got an offer for 35,200.

    The main point now is it color you want ? if so, go for it.
  • We purchased one over the weekend
    2011 Base
    with following

    Heated/ventilated seats
    Full size spare
    Wood steering wheel

    Paid 32550 + TTL = 35478
    Includes 1000.00 layalty rebate.

    In San Diego, California
    Used with delivery from Lexus of El Cajon

    Extremely good buying experience.
    Everyone (Sales consultant, Manager, and Finance) in the team was excellent.
  • catinsccatinsc Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    Help! Female buying her first new car in SC. Looking at a loaded 2011 Lexus ES 350 w/ a MSRP of $43,579.

    So far, negotiated price - out the door - of $38,000. I feel this is a good deal but can I get better? (I think this dealer has quite a few 2011 ES 350's in stock). Can I get a better deal if I wait until "December To Remember". Thanks for any help
  • I think I can do better - thoughts for Q5. Thanks in advance.

    Selling Price........................$41,916.00
    15k miles per year
    Down Payment....................$0
    Base payment......................$675.05
    Monthly Payment.................$676.05

    Out of pocket at signing........$827.30

    Money Factor........................00195
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    is $35478 before or after $1000 loyalty rebate? I got $3547xx price at the end of Oct for base in San Diego also, but I see the price got another 1K drop in Nov.
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    check to get best price in your local. For my area, I see $6500 under MSRP now.
  • mdavis7mdavis7 Posts: 2
    edited December 2011
    Purchased the same car (MSRP $39,071) for $32,500 from Newport Lexus
    Beautiful dealership & excellant buying experience
    See John C. internet sales - straight forward knowledgable
    Not the closest dealership but definitely worth the drive
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    edited December 2011
    Cong. Just curious, $32,500 w/ or w/o $1000 loyalty rebate? I got this price w/ royalty rebate one month ago in Southern CA.
  • First time Lexus buyer so without the $1,000 loyalty rebate
    Love the ride in this car
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    YOu don't need to own a lexus car before. They offer such rebate if you own other luxury brand car also.
  • mrd,

    2011 Base with following
    Heated/Ventilated seats
    Wood steering
    full size spare
    Rear Parking Sensors
    Sell price ~ 33K +TTL -1000 rebate =35xxx

    The rebate comes after you pay taxes and is available to any luxury owner.
    I might have saved few hundred bucks by shopping around I guess...but decided not too

    Bought from Lexus of El Cajon through ZAG/American Express buying service.
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    good deal. I think my base model is w/o rear parking sensors. Jumped a little bit early, anyway they are good deal for both of us :-)
  • rear parking sensors were dealer installed options I believe $500.00 for 4 sensors in the rear.

  • totowatotowa Posts: 14
    I am in middle of Job Relocation from NJ to Austin, TX.
    I've been considering ES350 because current vehicle ( IS250 AWD )
    will be no useful in Texas weather.
    I've been search both locations under Truecar, but surprisingly,
    there is no discount in Texas region.
    Texan price was closed to MSRP Price while NJ price was -$2000 below Invoice.
    It's no brainer to purchase one from NJ, and drive down there since I was going to drive IS250 down to Texas anyway.

    First, what makes it huge difference in regions?
    Even Lexus website shows different Lease price in two region.
    What else should I consider besides Time and Gas?

    - Tax: NJ (7%) vs TX (8.25%)
    - Title / Registration: I will loose 4 Yrs of NJ Registration which is prepaid during purchase
  • mrd4mrd4 Posts: 27
    It looks we are lucky in Southern CA, $6500 under MSRP for ES350. Is that because we are close to the long beach port?
  • jjjzzzjjjzzz Posts: 13
    Is it for 2011 or 2012? Could you let me know where you get it, and the model and price details? Thanks.
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