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Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel Problems



  • Check inside the fuel filter bowl, there is a heating element that most likely has failed. Replace it this should solve your problem.
  • tweistweis Posts: 1
    I have a 97 7.3. It has almost 289,000 miles on it. For the most part it works fine but when it is cold, 30 or below, it will surge up and down about a mile or two per hour until the engine heats up. It runs normal for about three seconds then slows down like the turbo is off for two seconds. It will repeat this until the engine gets hot which some days does not happen.
    That is the second thing. How warm should it run? I changed thermostats some time back and it would run mid range on the gauge. This lasted for about a year then it started only going to the n on the gauge sometimes, mostly lower. I put a new thermostat in and it did exactly the same as the old one.
    The surging does not happen when it is plugged in.
    Also when I first got it, had about 135,000 on it, I could start it in the cold and run it without the surging happening. This started about 220,000 miles or so.
    When I first got it the turbo seemed to kick in almost right away and now it takes about four minutes even in warm weather at a idle for it to engage. Is this normal?
  • mine did the same thing.... there is a valve in the exhaust that opens and closes to maintain heat in engine i ended up just unpluging it my problem started when i put in oversize exhaust and better flow air filter probably made sensor not read properly.
  • My 2001 f 250 7.3 liter diesel engine started smoking badly and making lots of noise I pulled overand kill the engine and let it sit for a few minutes. I try to start in again it bellowed out a lot of white smoke. It took off at a high rpm I'd turn the key off it bid not die right awoay I have not tried restarting again. Does anyone know what is wrong with it or how much it might cost to have it repaired
  • I have a'96 7.3. Recently when I start it and put it in gear, the engine pulls down and acts like it is in drive and reverse at the same time. If I don't do anything the engine dies. If I get on it pretty hard it will take off and drive ok until I stop, at which point the engine wants to die. Don't know if it is related as I had a bad connector on one of my batteries, but I can't keep the batteries charged now. Put the charger on for several hours, disconnect, crank engine no problem. Next day, batteries dead. Thanks for any suggestions. :confuse:
  • Off the top of my head I would say that the Fuel injection regulator is not functioning,/ stuck closed. It is located in the center valley of the engine. To Test You need to borrow or buy a "Diesel Mechanical" fuel pressure pressure gauge set, or sometimes have them at Harbor freight that can handle minimum 5K. to test for excess pressure. BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!!
  • I replaced my engine in my 1999 with a 2000 engine and it would stall out then start up when it rained and snowed. I put electric greese on the camshaft plug and the problems went away. Moisture is getting into the electrical conection shorting out the relay.
  • I had the same problem with mine. I replaced the water seperator valve then the leak stoped. the leaking fuel runs across the top of the engine then drains out the back running down between the engine and bell housing making it look as if the transmision is leaking.
  • The oil presure gage does not move up after I start it. If I turn the engine off then restart it the guage works, any ideas????
  • Hi sounds to me like it could be turbo bearings worn for the following reasons.
    1 engine noise and smoke,lack of oil because it's going into the engine via the turbo.
    2 white smoke could be engine oil burning
    3 took of at high rpm,engine is running on hot engine oil which will burn like diesel and will normally keep going until it use's all your engine oil (if the engine does not explode before that)
    4engine does not stop right away, this is because it is burning your engine oil not the diesel which you stop when you turn of your key.

    Please check your engine oil level and then your turbo for wear
  • I would still say you have an injector stuck in the open position
  • Do I have a water separator on my 1995 7.3?

    I changed my fuel filter and still get a hesitation once in a while.

    Thank you Jim
  • how did you know that was the problem ?
  • I replaced the wiring harness under both rocker covers, replaced the fuel Pressure regulator, it ran better, but one day just stopped running. Sent it to a great diesel repair shop in Stanhope NJ "American Coachwerks" Sorry I Cheated"
  • ray154ray154 Posts: 1
    hola tengo una ford 350 de el 1999 el unico problema es que en la cabina suena una pequeña alarma como cuando uno no se abrocha el cinturon pero con los cinturones abrochados la alrma continua suena y deja de sonar por un largo periodo y buelve no se que sea no se enciende ninguna luz en el tablero gracias por su ayuda
  • I have been looking at 2008 - 2009 F-450. while I was looking I noticed several attorneys advertisements about helping people sue for these. has the problem been fixed or should I look at different trucks like gmc or dodge. I do not know how to work on them like all you guys out there. but they sure are my favorite as far as the looks and I heard the are the best to tow. which is what i need.
  • I have worked on many diesel and have owned 4 ford diesels... but depending on how many miles your truck has it will always smoke it will just smoke more the more miles there are.
  • You may try your dads computer in your truck. If symptom is fixed you know what to do. If problem is still there then check circuits for open or shorts.
  • Does a rering job on injectors work if injector tests good? Is it worth the time or should i redo injectors?
  • I realize this is a few yrs old but, have you checked your fuel pressure regulator? That was our problem 25 bucks and 1 hr total time.
  • redstar2redstar2 Posts: 7
    It was corrosion under the fuse box. But thank you for your response
  • rob277rob277 Posts: 1
    I have an o4 f350 6.0 diesel . Been nothing but problems since brand new. Ford did heads at 80,000 miles Replaced egr cooler last yr with new one seams to have gone again . or maybe head gaskets Did test at Ford for 200 dollars and they say the heads are bad. I dont trust them tho. . They want 7000 dollars to fix. I tested it again my self measuring the air bubbles with and without turbo hooked up and that test suggests that the egr cooler is gone again.. Got test on you tube. Now Iam not sure as I am not a diesel mechanic.
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