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Lincoln Navigator



  • I was trying to buy a 2001 Navigator through a Ford on line BUYER CONSULTANT. I asked if he had any info on a new Gator. He said he could not answer that question on line, but gave me a "confidential" FORD number to call. I found out on the phone that YES there will be a NEW 2001 1/2 Navigator with new sheet metal, an upgrade on the engine and some interior refinements. I was going to order a new Escalade but now I am going to wait. Steve
  • Our 2000 Navigator continues to have vibration problems at speeds from 69mph and up. The dealer must have no idea on what is causing the vibration for they have replaced the tires twice, once with Goodyear(275/60/17) and the second time with Michelins(265/75/17 because the original size tire is not available from Michelin). We asked several of our friends if they are having the same problem and they are, we would like to know if any of you are experiencing the same defect
  • Steve, Hi, I am ready to buy a Navigator, tomorrow actually, and saw your msg.
    Can you verify the 2001.5 model, and allow me that have that phone number??
    Big tia, Bob, [email protected]
  • i have the same problem, but only the steering wheel vibrates slightly. i took it to the dealer twice and i wanted the 17" continetal replaced but to no avail. they replaced a bushing on the steering column pn the 2nd visit and blamed it on tire pressure the 1st visit. i still have the same trouble.
    i got used to it now and decided that it is because it's a truck. i have a 2000 nav 2wd with 5k miles.

    does anyone know what is the right tire pressure front and rear. the sticker on the driver door says 26 front 32 rear but the dealer said 28 on all four, it rides rough when it hits uneven pavement

    thanks for replying
  • A friend bought the 2000 Expedition XLT.

    He now wants to put on the wheel flares and bodymoldings that come with the Navigator or Eddie Bauer Expedition. Any ideas where he can lay his hands on this? And for how much?
    He also wants to put in an upgraded exhaust and en engine chip. Any suggestions?
  • gsnavgsnav Posts: 7
    I have a 1998 Nav. and the tires are about shot. The OEM tires are a special size (17") that only Continental makes (I am not very fond of these tires). I want to find out what other brands/sizes of tires people are replacing the Cont. with. I live in the snowbelt and need a tire that is good in snow but does not produce allot of road noise. Any suggestions?
  • thirdsuvthirdsuv Posts: 209
    Good 17" rubber isn't cheap.

    I bought the best Michelin LTX MS for
    approx $150 each
  • gsnavgsnav Posts: 7
    Regarding the Michelin LTX MS - How do they ride? Are they quiet? How do they handle (better than OEM)? What size did you go with? Are they good in snow?
  • thirdsuvthirdsuv Posts: 209
    After a year or more on a variety of car
    newsgroups and other forums, I would say that it
    is a general net agreement that the LTX MS are a
    premium tires at a high-to-premium price. The ride was amazingly better then Firestones even to the point that my wife (and other self-admitted
    novices on the net) could tell the diffrence in
    noise and handling.

    About a year ago I got wise and decided that
    mediocre tires was a very poor investment
    for my expensive cars and priceless human cargo.

    I had the upgraded 17" tires for my 4x4 Expedition. My wife and kids were invoved in a 32 car pileup on a ice covered bridge. She was able to come to a straight stop without hitting anybody while many other cars were doing doughnuts. Unfortunately 30 seconds after she stopped, she got rearended by a 10+ ton gravel dump truck going about 30-40MPH. Totalled the Expy but wife and kids walked. I believe the tires helped significantly and they paid back in spades due to the fact that she was about the only one that had a 0% "at fault" out of all the cars.

    You can also goto one of the biggest online tire dealers and the ratings are real high.

    You can also goto , go to bottom
    of first page and enter and do a search on
    LTX or michelin. There obvioulsy has been a LOT of talk about tires. also alot of of discussion between the LT and MS version of the LTX tires.
    I was able to use MS version for a quieter ride.
  • thirdsuvthirdsuv Posts: 209
    I also have a 160K 1992 explorer that I changed
    to the LTX and a variety of handling oddities were
    greatly improved.

    Lastly, Even though the explorer was relatively trouble free and the 99 Expy at 38K had zero
    problems, I found myself purchasing a foreign car for the first time for the Expy replacement. Toyota Sequoia which is same size as Expy/Navi. Went and looked at newestTahoe/suburban/Expy first and then heard about Toyota, went and saw it, and it was embarrasingly better then the Ford/GM. Oh well. If your Navi croaks or you get tired of it, you owe yourself a visit to Toyota.

  • kemokemo Posts: 7
    Does anyone have any information regarding the 2002 Navigator? If I understand correctly, Lincoln will be "refreshing" both the Expedition and the Navigator in that model year.
  • Purchased a used '99 Lincoln Navigator with 23k miles. Notice that the SUV had a vibration at idle problem (stopped, gear in drive, Problem exactly as #68 shake, rattle, and roll) soon after I purchased it. After taking the SUV back to the dealership twice for service and personally suggesting a "relative compression test" they decided to replace the engine which had low compression (same as #85). It's funny that the low compression was not detected by the diagnostic computer. After replacing the engine, the SUV continued shaking at idle. I asked the service tech how does one identify the engine and it's origin, thinking that the engine they put in could also have a problem. He told me that there should be a serial number with a bar code that he could not find because there was not one. Suggested that a field service rep come in to trouble shoot the shaking problem. Two weeks later when this field rep came in. I also asked him where the engine came from. He told me that the engine was a "factory reconditioned engine". But when I also asked him how does one track these engines without a serial number he could not answer my question and tried to avoided the question. One thing he did tell me is that it is against the law to replace an engine under warranty with a rebuilt one. They are going to replace the two engine mounts and one transmission mounts to try and solve the shaking at idle problem but, still very concerned over the origin of the replacement engine since, the engine is still vibrating badly at idle. Looking into arbitration.
  • Has anyone gone to arbitration?

    What was it for?

    Was it successful?
  • buttabutta Posts: 44
    Was at the LA auto show this week to get specific info on next years Navigator. According to a Lincoln re,the 2001.5 Navigator change is a huge rumor.
    There are no major expected changes for the 2002 Nevi. Lincoln may ad an Ebony interior color (a a the Black wood) to the Navies options list. the only other notable change may be the introduction of a sat. radio system.

  • buttabutta Posts: 44
    That's B-U-T-T-A!
  • I am considering purchasing a Navigator, and also recently heard of a phone number that you can call to find out information about the NEW 2001.5 Lincoln Navigator. If know of this phone number I would appreciate it if you would foward this number to me or if you have any info on the 2001.5 Lincoln Navigator that you would like to share with me please respond to this letter.
  • scocroscocro Posts: 1
    I am very close to making my final decision on a new Lux SUV. I am trying to decide between the Navi 2001 and the Yukon Denali. I am curious if "SSADLEK" could give me any further info.(when would it be available, specific changes) on the Navi 2001.5. The dealerships I have spoken with act stupid when I ask about a 2001.5. Also would be interested in anyone elses opinion on the comparison between the Yukon Denali and the Navigator.
  • ric1035ric1035 Posts: 32
    dealer got it back the third time, still no fix.
    they ordered a new drive shaft and will be calling me soon.
    first they said i needed 40 psi tire pressure, second visit they replaced some bushings or bearings and last visit they replaced engine mounts.
    i suggested to each visit that from this forum others are having similar problems and vibrations went away after replacing the tires with michelins. i have 265/70/17 continentals (not part of recall).
    what steps do i do, to possibly pursue a lemon act suit.

    the upside...drove to sf and got 16.8 mpg, never thought i'd get that high
  • I bought a 00 Nov in Ben ton A for 500 over invoice and am happy so far. I have run a few tanks of 89 octane in it with no apparent problems, really can't tell the difference. Used Texaco Fuel. I asked the dealer about using 89 and they said it was designed to run on 91 or better. Said maybe wouldn't run as good. Can you damage this engine by using 89?
  • ric1035ric1035 Posts: 32
    I tried the same thing and actually got better mileage, but I heard the engine making ticking noises upon acceleration especially at freeway speeds. I went back to 92 octane and it runs quieter and better acceleration response
  • It isn't "a lemon act suit", you would be pursuing the lemon law arbitration process. Nobody is getting sued. There are certain requirements you need to meet, which vary from state to state. Contact the department of consumer protection to get the appropriate steps needed, and forms. Here in CT it is available in pdf format on line. You will most likely have to contact I/ML by using the customer assistance information in your owners manual as part of this process, so you might want to do that as a start. They will reply to you with some meaningless fibber jabber, most of which says contact your dealer. It says it in such a way as to lead you to believe that they have contacted the dealer and investigated the problem. That won't be the case, the dealer will just act as if you have two heads, but you need to do it to satisfy the requirements for the process.
  • #103
    Replaced the two engine mounts and one tranny mount and the vibration is gone. After six months of back and forth this problem, it's gone. The SUV feels like a Lincoln again. Now I've been keeping track of the gas mileage. Been getting about 13mpg combined city/hyway. Can anyone comment on this if this gas mileage is normal or a little on the low side.
  • Land Cruiser vs. Lincoln Navigator vs. Minivan

    I'm a longtime Volvo driver trying to decide on a new SUV or Minivan to tote my kids and pals (Soccer Mom) I have looked at Landcruiser which I like, but have reservations about price and stereo problem I keep reading about. I also like the Lincoln Navigator- mostly the 300 HP and bells and whistles at a lower price. Service package is appealing, etc. Cons for the Lincoln Nav are size and steering column gear shift as well as brake pedal placement. 3rd seat seems a bit clunky to take in and out, but love 2nd row captains chairs and we would have an entertainment/TV system put in.
    I haven't driven a minivan yet, but like the third seat availability better - just don't like V6 as much as V8 and safety records on some are not impressive.
    Does anyone have any wisdom to share before I take the plunge? Looking for someone who loves their Lincoln Nav and why.
  • gsnavgsnav Posts: 7
    I have a 1998 Nav. I personally like SUVs over minivans. The Nav has lots of room, plenty of head room, is a "Tank" in the snow, rides nice (quiet ride) and has a V8. If your going to tow anything, you cannot beat the power of the Navs V8! We pull an 8000 pound boat and the Nav does it flawlessly (never overheats, plenty of torque and is large enough to handle the size of the boat). If your going to pull something with the vehicle, I would purchase an SUV (size, V8, 4x4, low range capbabilities). Just an fyi.. I average 13.5 mpg (combined highway/city) with my Nav (may be a deciding factor). Hope this helps!
  • Motor Trend's future car section states that there will be changes to the Navigator to "further seperate it from the expediton." That could mean anything. I don't think the exterior will change much since they are releasing the Blackwood, but I do expect an engine power increase to compete with GM ('02 Escalade 345hp and Denali 320 hp). I also expect more interior upgrades.
  • dwrichadwricha Posts: 24
    I'm the owner of a 1997 Land Cruiser and would like to share my experience. You couldn't give me a 2001 Navigator for my 1997 Land Cruiser. I have nothing against the Nov, but given the choice between the 2, go to the forum's, compare the problems from owners of both vehicles and your choice should be quite clear, unless you're like one of my co-workers that's like, "I'm not supporting those foriegnors". He'd rather continue to pay his dealership frequent visits for one problem or the other and look forward to the next recall. Good luck with whatever vehicle you choose.
  • <<we would have an entertainment/TV system put in.>>
    An entertainment system is available on the Navigator as a factory installed option. The screen comes down from overhead. Another option is a navigation system in the floor console.
  • gsnavgsnav Posts: 7
    This message is for the owner of the 1997 Land Cruiser - Lets take your Land Cruiser and my Nav and hook up an 8000lb boat and see which one will pull the load better... ooppss I forgot, your Land Cruiser only pull 5000lbs! I have owned Toyotas in the past.. prior to my Nav I owned three. I had my share of problems with my Toyota 4-runner, motor went at 80000, trans went at 65000 and I could never tow anything more than 1000lbs, if I did the trans would overheat. Also, you could have saved 10k if you purchased a Nav.. if you did, you could have given that money to the people at LTV Steel that will be loosing their jobs!
  • I have a 2001 Nav. Does anyone know if the car is equipped w/ day time running light? And if so, how do I activate it?
  • Not unless you are in Canada.
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