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    Does anyone have any information regarding the 2002 Navigator? If I understand correctly, Lincoln will be "refreshing" both the Expedition and the Navigator in that model year.
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    Purchased a used '99 Lincoln Navigator with 23k miles. Notice that the SUV had a vibration at idle problem (stopped, gear in drive, Problem exactly as #68 shake, rattle, and roll) soon after I purchased it. After taking the SUV back to the dealership twice for service and personally suggesting a "relative compression test" they decided to replace the engine which had low compression (same as #85). It's funny that the low compression was not detected by the diagnostic computer. After replacing the engine, the SUV continued shaking at idle. I asked the service tech how does one identify the engine and it's origin, thinking that the engine they put in could also have a problem. He told me that there should be a serial number with a bar code that he could not find because there was not one. Suggested that a field service rep come in to trouble shoot the shaking problem. Two weeks later when this field rep came in. I also asked him where the engine came from. He told me that the engine was a "factory reconditioned engine". But when I also asked him how does one track these engines without a serial number he could not answer my question and tried to avoided the question. One thing he did tell me is that it is against the law to replace an engine under warranty with a rebuilt one. They are going to replace the two engine mounts and one transmission mounts to try and solve the shaking at idle problem but, still very concerned over the origin of the replacement engine since, the engine is still vibrating badly at idle. Looking into arbitration.
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    Has anyone gone to arbitration?

    What was it for?

    Was it successful?
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    Was at the LA auto show this week to get specific info on next years Navigator. According to a Lincoln re,the 2001.5 Navigator change is a huge rumor.
    There are no major expected changes for the 2002 Nevi. Lincoln may ad an Ebony interior color (a a the Black wood) to the Navies options list. the only other notable change may be the introduction of a sat. radio system.

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    That's B-U-T-T-A!
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    I am considering purchasing a Navigator, and also recently heard of a phone number that you can call to find out information about the NEW 2001.5 Lincoln Navigator. If know of this phone number I would appreciate it if you would foward this number to me or if you have any info on the 2001.5 Lincoln Navigator that you would like to share with me please respond to this letter.
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    I am very close to making my final decision on a new Lux SUV. I am trying to decide between the Navi 2001 and the Yukon Denali. I am curious if "SSADLEK" could give me any further info.(when would it be available, specific changes) on the Navi 2001.5. The dealerships I have spoken with act stupid when I ask about a 2001.5. Also would be interested in anyone elses opinion on the comparison between the Yukon Denali and the Navigator.
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    dealer got it back the third time, still no fix.
    they ordered a new drive shaft and will be calling me soon.
    first they said i needed 40 psi tire pressure, second visit they replaced some bushings or bearings and last visit they replaced engine mounts.
    i suggested to each visit that from this forum others are having similar problems and vibrations went away after replacing the tires with michelins. i have 265/70/17 continentals (not part of recall).
    what steps do i do, to possibly pursue a lemon act suit.

    the upside...drove to sf and got 16.8 mpg, never thought i'd get that high
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    I bought a 00 Nov in Ben ton A for 500 over invoice and am happy so far. I have run a few tanks of 89 octane in it with no apparent problems, really can't tell the difference. Used Texaco Fuel. I asked the dealer about using 89 and they said it was designed to run on 91 or better. Said maybe wouldn't run as good. Can you damage this engine by using 89?
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    I tried the same thing and actually got better mileage, but I heard the engine making ticking noises upon acceleration especially at freeway speeds. I went back to 92 octane and it runs quieter and better acceleration response
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    It isn't "a lemon act suit", you would be pursuing the lemon law arbitration process. Nobody is getting sued. There are certain requirements you need to meet, which vary from state to state. Contact the department of consumer protection to get the appropriate steps needed, and forms. Here in CT it is available in pdf format on line. You will most likely have to contact I/ML by using the customer assistance information in your owners manual as part of this process, so you might want to do that as a start. They will reply to you with some meaningless fibber jabber, most of which says contact your dealer. It says it in such a way as to lead you to believe that they have contacted the dealer and investigated the problem. That won't be the case, the dealer will just act as if you have two heads, but you need to do it to satisfy the requirements for the process.
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    Replaced the two engine mounts and one tranny mount and the vibration is gone. After six months of back and forth this problem, it's gone. The SUV feels like a Lincoln again. Now I've been keeping track of the gas mileage. Been getting about 13mpg combined city/hyway. Can anyone comment on this if this gas mileage is normal or a little on the low side.
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    Land Cruiser vs. Lincoln Navigator vs. Minivan

    I'm a longtime Volvo driver trying to decide on a new SUV or Minivan to tote my kids and pals (Soccer Mom) I have looked at Landcruiser which I like, but have reservations about price and stereo problem I keep reading about. I also like the Lincoln Navigator- mostly the 300 HP and bells and whistles at a lower price. Service package is appealing, etc. Cons for the Lincoln Nav are size and steering column gear shift as well as brake pedal placement. 3rd seat seems a bit clunky to take in and out, but love 2nd row captains chairs and we would have an entertainment/TV system put in.
    I haven't driven a minivan yet, but like the third seat availability better - just don't like V6 as much as V8 and safety records on some are not impressive.
    Does anyone have any wisdom to share before I take the plunge? Looking for someone who loves their Lincoln Nav and why.
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    I have a 1998 Nav. I personally like SUVs over minivans. The Nav has lots of room, plenty of head room, is a "Tank" in the snow, rides nice (quiet ride) and has a V8. If your going to tow anything, you cannot beat the power of the Navs V8! We pull an 8000 pound boat and the Nav does it flawlessly (never overheats, plenty of torque and is large enough to handle the size of the boat). If your going to pull something with the vehicle, I would purchase an SUV (size, V8, 4x4, low range capbabilities). Just an fyi.. I average 13.5 mpg (combined highway/city) with my Nav (may be a deciding factor). Hope this helps!
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    Motor Trend's future car section states that there will be changes to the Navigator to "further seperate it from the expediton." That could mean anything. I don't think the exterior will change much since they are releasing the Blackwood, but I do expect an engine power increase to compete with GM ('02 Escalade 345hp and Denali 320 hp). I also expect more interior upgrades.
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    I'm the owner of a 1997 Land Cruiser and would like to share my experience. You couldn't give me a 2001 Navigator for my 1997 Land Cruiser. I have nothing against the Nov, but given the choice between the 2, go to the forum's, compare the problems from owners of both vehicles and your choice should be quite clear, unless you're like one of my co-workers that's like, "I'm not supporting those foriegnors". He'd rather continue to pay his dealership frequent visits for one problem or the other and look forward to the next recall. Good luck with whatever vehicle you choose.
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    <<we would have an entertainment/TV system put in.>>
    An entertainment system is available on the Navigator as a factory installed option. The screen comes down from overhead. Another option is a navigation system in the floor console.
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    This message is for the owner of the 1997 Land Cruiser - Lets take your Land Cruiser and my Nav and hook up an 8000lb boat and see which one will pull the load better... ooppss I forgot, your Land Cruiser only pull 5000lbs! I have owned Toyotas in the past.. prior to my Nav I owned three. I had my share of problems with my Toyota 4-runner, motor went at 80000, trans went at 65000 and I could never tow anything more than 1000lbs, if I did the trans would overheat. Also, you could have saved 10k if you purchased a Nav.. if you did, you could have given that money to the people at LTV Steel that will be loosing their jobs!
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    I have a 2001 Nav. Does anyone know if the car is equipped w/ day time running light? And if so, how do I activate it?
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Member Posts: 210
    Not unless you are in Canada.
  • landarchtlandarcht Member Posts: 9
    Is there a difference in using the 89 and the 91? Although they recommend using the 91, does it really make that much difference?
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    Regarding 89 Octane.. personally, I believe the gas is the cheap part of the investment. Your Nov is designed to run 91+ octane, I would stick with the recommendation. If you don't, it will ping and eventually I believe it will burn the valves... not worth the few dollars you save.

    Regarding the Day Time Running lights - they are a dealer-installed option. The unit costs around 60 dollars + labor. I put them on my 1998 Nov, they work well.. one issue.. the headlights are on during the day and all lights come on at night. If your parked at night with the car running, you cannot turn off the lights... the only way is to turn off the car.
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    Just turned 1900 miles on my 4 week old Navigator...Drove from Woodbridge, NJ to Media, Pa today... On the way down the NJ Turnpike, I drove 65+ mph, tach showed about 2000 rpms, digital gas mileage read "16.4". Return trip, drove 60-61 mph. Tach dropped about 350 rpms. Digital gas mileage read "18.6". Best vehicle I ever owned.
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    I need your help, guys. I have a 1995 Range Rover 4.0, and I'm thinking of trading it in for a 1998 Navigator 2WD. Basically, what are your opinions of this vehicle? Should I buy one or not? Are you generally happy with this vehicle?
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    Im waiting to see if lincoln will roll out with a new 2001.5 Navigator and see if the roomers are true. i currently own a 1997 Range Rover 4.7HSE and am willing to part from it.Im also checking out the 2001 range rover, 2002 Escalade, and 2001 Lexus LX470. i was also checking to see if you Navigator owners are really happy with the overall performance of the car.

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    All tire manufacturers are required by law to stamp on the outside sidewall of their tires recommended tires pressures. I have new Micheline 265x70x17 on my vehicle and the recommended tire pressure is Fill when tire is cold front and rear 35 psi. I follow the tire mfgrs recommended pressure not the car mfgs recommended pressure. Yes the ride may be a little firmer, but the handling and saftey factor is much better. Re: vibrations in 97-98-99-2000 Expeditions and Navigators. I had a 98 Expedition back to my dealer six times and finally wound up with a new 99 that runs great. But, they (the mfgr rep and the mechanics) replaced the harmonic balancer, rebuilt the transmission, replaced the drive shaft, and replaced the fly wheel and pully belt. Besides rotating and balancing the wheels 3-4 times. I will admit they had it running pretty smooth, but I didn't want it. They gave me the 99 when I threatend to go lemon law on them. The guy that bought my 98 loves it, guess he's not as fussy as I am. Steve.
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    High tire pressure does not necessarily mean that the safety factor is increased. Remember how the Ford engineers lowered the tire pressures (albeit to too low pressures) because the Explorer mule kept threatening to roll over? I'd raise it a couple of psi above the recommended normal cold tire pressure though. This will give you less sidewall flex (hence less body roll). Of course, when carrying a full load, one should follow the "heavy load" cold tire pressure recommendations.

    Good luck!

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    If you read the sidewall carefully, the tire pressure there is the "maximum" pressure, not the recommended pressure. The tire manufacturer only knows how much pressure his tire will take before suffering damage. He does not know what is best for the vehicle. A few extra psi gives you some margin for leakage, a firmer ride, better fuel economy, and different tire wear patterns but you shouldn't go much over the recommended pressure. I normally go 2 over on summer tires and 4 over on my snow tires (on a car, not a Navigator).
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    what do I do now?

    the dealer had a ford factory engineer look a my 2001 nav yesterday and concluded that everything is within specifications. my nav leans driver rear side 1/2' to 3/4' from floor to fender and from the bottom of the rim 1/4' to 1/2', it varies from day to day. they said the factory specifications is up to 3/4' from the bottom of the rim to the fender. I followed my wife from my car and it noticeably leans. no attempts was made to fix.

    in regards to the vibration, they replaced the drive shaft,bushings, dampners and engine mounts. it stills has vibration on freeway speeds and the ford rep engineer said everything is normal and it's just road feel.I had the foreman show me all the navigators on their lot and none of them leans.

    I called the ford customer assistance 800-9973725 and she said they cannot escalate any higher and they have to agree with the dealership. my request to speak to the ford engineer was denied by the ford rep and the dealer mananger.
    where do I go from here? please help.
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    I had the same thing happen with the vibration on my Expy. The help line was just as helpful for me - basically they said contact the dealer. My dealer said contact the helpline. Same story with asking to speak to a rep - I got the "they don't really call people, they are here for the dealers to use" line. My only choice was to bring it in the required number of times and go to arbitration. i should have the result of the hearing in two weeks. Ford was really poor in handling my complaints. Still love the Expy, and will replace it with another.
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    drove the MY2000 (correction from post#130) navigator this evening and the steering wheel vibrates slightly upon acceleration and it gets worse on 50 mph and up. it stops vibrating when you let up on the pedal. is this normal? never noticed it this bad before. they said it's within tolerances.
    in regards to the leaning the invoice stated the rear leans 1/2" side to side and 3/8" in the front and all are within factory specifications per ford motor co. engineer and ford service rep.


    did you try taking it to a different dealer? I'm thinking of doing that. are your problems worse than mine? I mentioned to the manager about taking it to arbitration but it did not help the situation. will arbitration work for me even if ford rep said everything is within specifications. is he right?

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    I did use two dealers - 2 visits to one, and then 5 to another. I have done more to try and fix the problem than they have. I changed dealers on my own, offered to take a technician out for a ride (and he confirmed that it was indeed vibrating). Unfortunately for you, it sounds like you are being treated the same way I am. Nobody can get anywhere with helping me. As soon as I filed for arbitration, I got a "we are soooooo sorry" letter from Ford, saying contact the dealer and they would have be more than willing to help. I called the service manager and he said he knew of nothing different, and was not sure why they had me call him. I would get the lemon law package from your state (where are you?) and make sure you are following the guidelines. Each state is slightly different.
    In retrospect, the first warning sign should have been the repair report from the first trip in - it said "if reprogramming the GEM module doesn't help we will need to wait for a service procedure from Ford Engineering" - couldn't be that they have seen this before?
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    I'm in socal. I spoke to the owner of the dealership to see if he could help but according to him, he has to stick with the ford rep decision since they pay the bill. I insisted for them to at least balance the wheels since it has not been done and it could just be that causing the vibration but he couldn't do anything. I told him I would take it to another dealer to get it fix and he said it would not be a good idea since a ford rep has seen it.
    I'll do it anyways. I'll call that ford arbitration number next to see if they can help.

  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Member Posts: 210
    The Ford phone number won't help with the arbitration - they will just tell you to call the dealer. It is a very strange system they have. They go to all the trouble of setting up a hel[ line, with the only purpose being to tell you to see the dealer. They too ignored all of my requests to have a Ford rep call me. The arbitration process is part of the lemon law procedure. You should get a premeptive copy of the cal procedure so you can be sure you are hitting all the bases.
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    I dont know which gas you decided to stick with but make sure that you refuel with the same type at the pump. I live in Florida and have an Expedition. I started filling up with 93. As gas prices rose I took it down to 89 but varied it weekly. After a month there was a vibration everytime I started the car and on acceleration. I did not know what was wrong. Took it to the Ford Dealership but they were no help. Appearently the computer in your car gets used to only one type. After filling up with 93for a while, the noise had went away. Dont make the same mistake.
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    In response to your post, I agree with you, my Land Cruiser can't pull no 8000lb boat. Can't help that your experience with Toyota's wasn't great. I suggest the person compare the forums to assist in his decision and I was just being one voice. That's all, nothing more, nothing less.
    With problems like vibration,engines failures, leaning,recalls, depreciations,etc., given the choice between the two vehicles, I stand firm saying that you couldn't give me a 2001 NAV for my little 1997 Land Cruiser. If the person that started this subject will be towing an 8000lb boat and don't mind a recall every now and then, maybe a little vibration, major depreciation as soon as he drives off the lot. That's his choice!
    We can only offer our opinions. All of the information I'm offering comes off these 2 vehicle forums. The 1998 Land Cruiser,the problem with the radio, major issue and Toyota I think has a fix for that.
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    Our 2000 Navigator with 11,000 pamperd miles continues to vibrate at highway speed.After the fourth repair attempt we filed for arbitration with the state of Florida and have a lemon law arbitration hearing date set for March 6th. We will be represented by an attorney.We have already been offered a replacement 2001 Nav. from Ford but we refused and are seeking a refund for we belive this is a defect that can not, and has not been yet resolved in the 2001 model. We have collected many other complaints from this site and from people (affidavits) whom have ridden in the Nav. and experienced the vibration (most noticable from 69 to 75mph(seat and feet area shake). Please pay attention and see if your truck has similar problem for most Nav. owners we ask say " Yea you are right my truck does that too ". Our concern is in the resale value of the Nav. for most savy buyers will surf this site and read the many complaints ranging from engine replacement to the vibration, which seems to be related. From other posts regarding the depreciation of the vehicle it is my opinion that it is because the demand is down and supply is up perhaps because of negative publicity it has received. If your truck does not have any problems we consider you very lucky for it is truly a beautiful looking SUV . We look forward to your comments.
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    i had similar problems but haven't pursued arbitration. i don't know if i would get offered a replacement since a Ford engineer and rep had said the vibration is within tolerances. can you share the process that you went through? did you have more than 1 dealer try to fix it? did any Ford engineer and rep look at your vehicle?

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    I have a 98 Navigator, still with Contitrac 17" tires - 26500 miles. Recently I noticed that at higher speeds (over 50 mph) and especially with cross winds the vehicle behaves very unstable. This requires very frequent steering corrections to stay in lane. I did not notice this problem so strong in the first year I owned the Navigator. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does this point to a mechanical problem? Any ideas are highly appreciated!
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    Thr lemon law process is very simple, three repair attempts for the same problem ( it does not matter if they say it is within tolerance, they are banking on that you will accept their theory )and one final final repair attempt. Read your lemon law pamplet and you should hire an attorney to represent you.

    Good Luck
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    In case anyone is interested... I just went in for service on my 2000 nav (purchased August last year, 5000 miles/1st service). Everything went smooth. It took about a half hour, they changed my oil and filter and rotated the tires. To my surprise, it was all "complimentary"! I assume this is just for the first service appointment (either that or they mistook mine for a 2001 with the free service plan-- either way I'm not complaining). So far my nav has performed flawlessly (i'm sorry some of you folks are having trouble with yours). So far my lincoln experience has been great and I do not regret choosing the nav over the lexus lx 470... 5000 great miles and counting....
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    I am interested in leasing a 2001 Nav 4x4. I would like to put down as little as possible for a 36 months 15K miles yr. My question is, can anyone tell me if they are happy with their Nav? I heard a lot of problems with earlier model years and would like to know if they have been corrected, or should I stay away!
    Also, What is a resonable monthly lease price for 36 months.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Matt, check out the site below. It has a calculator from ford motor credit (the company you'll likely use to lease or finance your NAv at a dealer). This calculator gives you BOTH finance and lease payment estimates.. just plug in how much you want to give down and it does the rest. Keep in mind though, I plugged in my lease numbers and the lease payment it estimated was around $50 MORE per month than what I acctually got at my local dealer.. so it isn't perfect. By the way, I have a 2000 NAv that's running great. You can't beat the room or the luxuries at that price range. With a 4 year 50,000 bumper to bumper warranty you're covered if anything goes wrong (plus you get free maintenance for 3 years/36000 miles).

    There seems to be a nagging problem with some nav's and steering wheel vibrations. In fact, the first nav I test drove rode great on a side street but going 65 in an expressway the wheel shook horribly. I test drove another nav that was smooth as silk all around (of course, that's the one I bought!). In any case, demand a test drive on an expressway going over 60mph for a few miles.. if anything doesn't feel right, test another one 'till you get a good one.

    I was torn orginally between the NAV and the Lexus LX 470. THe 470 is as sweet as can be... BUT it feels cramped to me (i'm a very big guy) and the extra $20,000 seemed a bit much to swallow. My wife owns a lexus ES300 and the lexus experience while good, isn't worth $20,000 (or around $200-300 extra per month on a lease payment!)

    Anyhow, happy shopping and check out the site below!

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    I have located a fully loaded 1998 Navigator but the one problem with it is the mileage. The vehicle has 110,000 miles on it, although they are almost exclusively road miles. Does anyone have any information on how durable the engine is on the 1998 and whether or not I will be getting in over my head with this purchase?
  • gasguzzler007gasguzzler007 Member Posts: 70
    I have a Ford Expedition. It has nearly 85,000 miles and is doing pretty well. 110,000 seems like a lot of miles. I dont think that this vehicle would live past 150,000. If it does it will probably go through some expensive repairs. How much are they asking for the car? If it is over $14K they are crazy!
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    We are in the process of purchasing a '98 Navigator but it has alot of miles. The total mileage is 77,541 miles. It's a fully loaded NAV 4x4 and all other features etc. I checked the car's history on carfax and it has a clean title. It was a commercial lease so that basically explains the miles. Can anyone tell me if the mileage is something that I should be concerned about?
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    does anyone have an extra copy of the navigation CD-ROM for northern California specifically (or California)? This is for an '01 Navigator.

    I noticed that the default CD-ROM is specifically regionally targeted with a general countrywide outlook...

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    Not since a kid in high school, arguing with Chevy freaks that my dad's 56 Studebaker Golden Hawk was a very fast car, have I seen such hate and anger directed towards a car.

    Tomorrow we pick up our new 2001 Navigator, and in the past few days have been reading everything I can about them on the web.

    Forgetting all the positive things that are said, and some negatives which might be deserved, the hate, and rudeness directed towards Navigators is alarming. I forget which car magazine had a site where folks could rate the cars, but one guy, who said he doesn't own one, but enjoys going to dealers to test drive cars, rated the Navigator........ and it was obscene.
    The Edmunds reviewer reminded me of some college kid who just found out what an adjective and metaphor were.It was a poor imitation of Dennis Miller on STP. His review was down right hateful, but he put the 'gator in 3rd place behind the Lexus and Mercedes, all nice cars, and behind that stable, 3rd is not bad for a car that is $15,000 - $20,000 less.

    My question, forgetting issues of poor dealer relations with some customers, why does the Navigator deserve or bring with it such anger, and especially from those who don't even own them?

    I am not discussing angry letters or rants from folks who have had their problems/issues with the vehicle, but addressing why this SUV brings such hate and anger and mis-information to the table?

    I still own a 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk ... don't send hate mail

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