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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    $4400 below MSRP and $2000 under invoice with 0% for this early in 2011 seems to be a pretty darn fair price. True Car great price for this spec vehicle is $30900.
  • Thanks for the reply. I am taking your advice this morning.

    The local dealer called last night and told me that he has access to 2 2010s but both are pretty loaded up - much more than I am interested in.

    I have checked the MazdaUSA site for all of CA and there are about 14 vehicles available if I am willing to travel further than 250 miles.

    Coincidently, I will be in Southern CA next weekend and there is a dealer very close to where I will be that appears to have exactly what I am looking for. It would be no big deal to me to drive the car home from their location. I contacted them by email and they are supposed to get back to me this morning with confirmation of what is on their lot.
    I will get back here as soon as I receive a confirmation of inventory and a price.
  • I bought it for $34,659 (destination included) plus TTL. Got a decent price for trade in. In Texas, DFW area. Thank you all for the information on the Forum.

    I got an offer for $2,100 for extended warranty for 100k and 3 more years. Any advice?
  • After some research, I'm answering my own question. Decided to postpone the decision to purchase any extended warranty until the current 3-year one is about to expire. Not planning to sell the car before 3 years, or have it totalled in an accident. But if either one of these things happen, the EW is pure loss.

    On the other hand, I think I will buy Lojack for $590. Even though my insurance will kick in if the vehicle is stolen, I believe there is value in having the vehicle found as quickly as possible (one neighbor had to wait for weeks until his car was found to be able to proceed with insurance paper work-a major hassle). Other than that Lojack provides no tangible benefit, but given this is a one time fee and that my insurance may give me some discount, not too bad after all.

    Thank you all for the information shared on this Forum.

  • Well, I am not having a lot of luck with this. I emailed a couple of dealers that are out of the area and can barely get any type of information from them. There have been several emails about color, first exterior then interior. I keep asking for availablity GT with moonroof/bose and pwr liftgate and price and I get no response. I have looked at their inventory so I have an idea what is on their lot. Most have a lot more options installed.

    Have decided to try for a Touring. Might have better luck finding what I want. Even with a Touring there is not much choice in color and options in CA. I know there are 2 Touring in color and options I want in the N. CA area. I am thinking I will go to the local dealer today - he is having a President's Day sale - $4000 off MSRP for a Touring. That should put it down to about the same range as the Truecar price. I want to see if he is willing to get one of the vehicles for me.

    This is very frustrating. :( Starting to feel like this is not meant to be.
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    Sorry to hear its been such a headache. Have you included the VIN # of the GT your wanting info on when you e-mail the dealel who has it on their lot? This should help eliminate a lot of the questions like color etc... With customer no service like that, no wonder they still have 2010's on their lots! Hear in FL, every dealer that I've e-mailed has been responsive and persistent until I've told them no deal or I purchased elsewhere.

    If your in no hurry for a vehicle, take your time, work a good deal, and get what you really want and can afford. Let us know how this workout for you.
  • A dealer is quoting me $32300 for white 2011 CX9 touring with AWD, moonroof+bose+power-liftgate (MSRP is $36312. Should I take it? Would appreciate if anyone has recently bought a similar spec and share their experience and price. Thanks!
  • List= $40,835.00

    Your Price = $34,299.00
    + 399.00 Title/Doc/Reg fee
    $34,698.00 + Sales Tax

    What do you foks think? :confuse:
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    Is that with or without the Mazda 0/60 financing?
  • I am looking at purchasing a CX-9. I am curious what is driving pricing $2000 below invoice for GT AWD w/ Bose and Nav? I can't seem to find any incentives that would justify this pricing on the internet anywhere.

    Would like any info you have as I am looking to start negotiating with dealers. I am based in Minneapolis.
  • pcannonpcannon Posts: 7
    Sounds good almost 5k off including destination charge.
    Im in Atlanta and have spoken to 6 Mazda delaerships

    I have phone quotes all right around $33,00 not including destination and ttl
    2011 GT with Moonroof and auto lift gate packages
    The MSRP from these dealers is also right around $36,700

    So it appears in Atlanta most dealers are coming off $3700 on the phone
    I will be visiting at least 2 dealerships to see how low I can get them.

    Im hoping for around $30,500 cash price.

    This would be about $6000 off not including dest ttl.

    I think this seems good right?
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    Possibly. Mazda just started offering 0/60 financing on the 2011's today. Since you are looking for a cash deal, I would guess that you might be able to get it close to 6K off of MSRP. I know dealers in my area were knocking an additional 2K off in Oct and Nov, then 3K in Dec for 2010's with cash deal. This was a manufacturer to dealer incentive that most dealers were passing on to customers doing a cash deal to move 2010's. I don't know if it's available to dealers this month on 2011's. You should be able to do better than 3700 off MSRP since you're paying cash. Let us know how things go.
  • glockfanglockfan Posts: 30

    I am in the Atlanta area and also interested in the 2011 GT CX-9.
    Please let us know what you find out with the surrounding Atlanta dealers.
  • pcannonpcannon Posts: 7
    I visited Hennessey Mazda in Morrow, Ga today and after 2 hours test driving and negotiating I walked out at a price of $30,999.00 and OTD price of $33,800.00
    MSRP was 36,795.00 for 2011 GT FWD with all packages but the NAV package.

    I told the Rep I wanted to talk to another dealer before making my decision as I had already made plans tomorrow to visit Roswell Mazda. I do believe they would have come down at least another $500.00 possibly more if I told them I would buy today. I'm shooting for $30,000 plus TTL.

    This was a cash offer. The 0% financing at 60mos was on the table at $32,000.00 but off the table at $30,999.00

    It will be interesting to see what Roswell Mazda says with my experience with Hennessey.
  • pcannonpcannon Posts: 7
    Roswell of Mazda couldn't beat Hennessey.
    Their best offer was $31788.00 not including $795 and processing fee was $100 more.
    Jim Ellis also couldn't beat it. They stayed at $33,100.00 not sure about processing fees or destination. They did say this was with 0%/60mos

    I wonder if visiting the dealerships at the end of the month would be better.....this is what Ive heard anyway.

    Im starting to think Hennessey is the best at least on the day I went. No one wants to give you a copy of their offer.
  • glockfanglockfan Posts: 30

    Did you get the Mazda?
    Sounds like Hennessy is the cheapest.
    We are looking t purchase a GT AWD.
    I wonder if the pricing they gave you would be similar to the AWD?
    Also, I would like to get the 0% APR too.
  • pcannonpcannon Posts: 7
    So far No.
    Hennessey appears to be the cheapest but all other dealers suggest there is something they're not telling me with their offering. There's no telling if that offer is still available as it was only "for that day".

    Im not in any rush and will wait a few weeks closer to then end of the month before i purchase.

    There isnt many AWD at the Atlanta dealerships. There wasnt any at Hennessey. I think your going to pay about $1500 more for it.

    Also you wont get the 0/60 finance with the offers I recieved as they were cash prices. Mazda isn't going to loan free money unless they are getting more for the vehicle.
  • lukes6lukes6 Posts: 35
    Take a look at the customer reviews at for Hennessy Mazda. Their average score is 1.8 which pretty low. Not saying that I certainly wouldn't try to deal with them but would be very cautious. Read and check everything you sign.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • schnu44schnu44 Posts: 4
    I am looking at the 2011 CX9 AWD Touring edition, with moonroof. 42 month lease, 1k miles/month.

    The dealer told me MSRP 36,312, Adj Cap cost 33,416 (includes 1,200 reduction in lease incentives), residual 52%, lease factor .000121. Live in Nassau Cty in NY, so sales tax is at 8.625%

    For zero down (including throwing the sales tax into the financing), total would be 469/month, so about 425/month on a pretax basis. Naturally, he said that he could "work" to bring down that number further.

    He told me for the 0% for 60 months, I'd lose the 1,200 discount for lease incentives, so his first offer for purchase would be 34,600.

    The price seems like a decent first offer, but I feel like I'm missing something
  • raksgalraksgal Posts: 18
    can you let me know your deal and the dealer name ?

    I am from DFW area also.

    Appreciate your input. Thanks
  • kubutekkubutek Posts: 15
    Hi everyone. I am getting ready to byu cx9 in the near future. Started my research so far. This forum is great! I would like to find out how amex zag works. Are there any special conditions to be met? Will dealer respect the price quoted online by amex? Can you still bargain with them? Also will the amex price work with financing? The price i see on amex is about 4k lower than msrp on the car I am interested in. Please advise. Thanks a lot and lets keep a good work of sharing the news!!
  • I found the Mazda CX-9 with the color & configuration that I am looking for. However, dealer is located at 200+ miles. What if, I buy the car from that remote dealer and after few days I find some problems? Where should I go? to the same dealer or any local dealer can help as well? Any suggestions would help make up my mind.

    Thank you!
  • joeforjobjoeforjob Posts: 37

    For my experience, any Mazda dealer will fix any problem under warranty because Mazda will pay the dealer money for any repair of your new car.
  • buckle1buckle1 Posts: 5
    Hi - I'm in Atlanta as well and about to buy the GT myself. Did you make your purchase yet? If so, tell us about it. I'm heading to the dealer in the morning to see what they have to say. Looks like I should look for at least $4000 off or so. I'm paying cash, so I do not want the finance deal.

  • kubutekkubutek Posts: 15
    As i look at the forum if you pay cash you could look at even 6 k discount. Others with experience, please correct if I am wrong.
  • 2010 Mazda CX-9 GT AWD with MOONROOF/BOSE and NAVIGATION SYSTEM, List price is $ 39,485, Dealer quot is $32,655 + TTL. It is the first to buy a new car, do you think it is a good deal?

  • buckle1buckle1 Posts: 5
    Does the quote include destination and DOC fee? Some dealers are quoting lower prices because they are not including the above mentioned. These fees can add $1000++ to the price.
  • It's OK if you understand the depreciation as it IS last year's model.
  • gabswissgabswiss Posts: 2
    edited March 2011
    Just bought a 2011 Black GT. Options are: Moonroof Bose Audio package,Towing prep,Navigation system and power lift gate (MSRP $38360).

    I think I did ok especially since I traded-in my 2007 CX-7.

    After all fees/taxes/registration etc.. the real cost of the car end up to be around $36500.

    But with the trade-in (they gave me what I was wanted for it even though car had rear bumper damage and 1 small accident reported in carfax) I ended up paying $34500 ($32000 financed with Mazda at 0% interest)

    So overall I'm pretty happy. Loain is going to cost me $80 more a month than what I was paying for the CX-7 but it is a 5 years loan (instead of 6 with the cx-7) :shades:

    BTW this car is amazing!
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