GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



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    I have had 3 updates, the last was on 5-21-08 and it drove ok for about a day, and went right back to slipping and being sluggish. It could me something else that the update did not cover. Never the less the dealer says nothing is wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • stuckonmestuckonme Member Posts: 9
    I have had to put the legal wheel in motion too !!! I have had enough of the lies and
    GM customer service making it out to be like it's my fault. I am done talking to them cause they are not doing anything to solve my problem. :lemon: :sick:
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    Did they give you a copy of the document which lists all of the shift points? My dealer gave it to me. Can you drive at 40-42 mph and stay in 3rd gear? If it shifts to 4th before 43mph, the newest flash did not take. I'd check the TSB# to see that it matches. The early shift before 43 mph would prove that the flash didn't take. It's possible that the tech isn't following the correct procedures. If it continues to not "take", then you deserve a different vehicle. Good luck.
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    Sorry, but in the above post I said it should stay in 3rd at 40-42 mph, but I should have said 4th. It should not shift into 5th until 43 mph. If it does, then your flash for TSB 08-07-30-022 did not get downloaded. I could cruise between 31-42 mph all day long and it will stay in 4th gear. It won't shift to 5th until it hits the magic 43 mph-not even using the manual shifting in "L". Go ahead and print my message and take it to the service manager so he can hear from someone with the update and how it should operate. It should not shift into 6th until 56 mph.
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    did you ever get the radio issue solved?
    I just got my Acadia in March 2008 and I've been having problems with the radio. It pops, cackles and then the volume goes way down. The sunroof "grinds" when it closes and I lost all my phone minutes. Onstar said I used them, but I didn't. They then said maybe it is a hardware issue and gave me back all of my minutes and then some. The favorites for the radio also went from 6 "sets" to 3.
    I took it into the dealership and explained about the problems. When I picked it up, they explained that they downloaded/updated some newer software for both the radio and OnStar and that they moved the deflector for the sunroof..."all fixed" they said. Nope!
    Four days later, I smell electrical wires burning while I'm backing out of my drive way. Can't figure out what was "wrong" but the radio still pops, sunroof still grinds, and for a short time, it seemed like the rear assist thingy wasn't beeping.
    Took it back in the next business day, and of course they can't find anything wrong with it. The service guy even tells me that "theorically they shouldn't be doing anything since they can't find anything wrong with it, but we will replace your radio." How nice of them! Ha, I dont think the radio is the problem and I didn't care for the "theorically" like I'm making this up!
    My husband was just out with it and said that he braked, hit a bump, and the radio did its popping thing again! So ticked, anyone else have these issues?
  • stuckonmestuckonme Member Posts: 9
    Thanks, I will check with the dealer to see what was the number of the last download hopefully it matches what you have , if not then they lied again !!!!!
    But what if it does match and my Acadia is still driving the same way, then to me that means there is still problem .... :cry:
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    My 2008 Acadia is about 1 year old with 22,000. From the beginning the battery dies when listening to the radio for 30 minutes. This is really odd because it has a tailgating packing. Radio controls in the lift gate. I took it back to the dealer once and they replace the battery to no avail. Have you had any luck correcting the battery problem.

    Otherwise, I love the vehicle.
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    We've been happy with our early '07 Acadia with 14k miles and have had no major problems. We had the driver seat rocking problem, had the 300 lb person ride the seat back and forth, over many visits, to short term success. Eventually the dealer convinced GM to authorize replacing the entire hardware system connecting the seat to the floor (the dealer offered they were quizzed whether the movement constituted a "serious" issue). This has solved the problem. We have the squeaky brake pedal, and had the service bulletin repair to no success (this is minor at most). Lastly, we have a stubborn rattle in the driver-side front door. The door panel has been off and a missing retaining clip installed, to no success. The rattle is slight and intermittent, depending upon temperature (heat) and road conditions (light, sharp bumps) -- minor, too, but oh so annoying. Other than this, we've been very pleased.
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    I had this problem shortly after buying my Acadia. Took it in where I was told there was a drain from the sunroof that had not been attached. They repaired it and in a few weeks had the same problem. Took it back again, where they say they had received a memo on how to properly install the drain. Then had to have carpet replaced due to all the water. Now I have what they are calling body seam cracks where water is leaking in. I'm trying for a buyback due to all the problems.
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    I have been reading everyone's posts and have come to the conclusion that we are mostly in the same boat. I am also having the shifting issues with the Acadia. I have owned mine since April of 08 and I am not happy at all with it. It is in the shop right now as we speak getting a reprogram to the chip for the transmission issues. Three weeks after buying the transmission sensor went out completely and stranded me and me kids, having to be towed in to the shop-pittyful. I have also had some issues with the rear lift gate making some squeaking noise, the inside molding on the rear doors scrubbing together, a rattle in the left dash, a paint defect, and lastly the plate around the gearshipt bubbling. I am trying fighting to get a replacement Acadia because I just think maybe this one is just a lemon. Gmc is giving me the run around as well as the dealer. Any comments or suggestions-im at a loss (literally).
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    Well after getting the run around from GMC and 3 dealers I had enough, I have seeked legal action unfortunately it led to that. Every dealer I went to covered up the fact that there is a problem. No matter what they tell you remember they work together and will tell you anything they think you will accept. Keep pushing them
    and if they try and back you in to a fence seek yourself a lemon law lawyer.
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    My 2008 SLT has been in for roof leaks for the 5th time. The first four times they fixed the drain tubes and changed out the head liner. This week they had a regional engineer come out and said it needed a sunroof module. They will have it for at least a week, last time it was 21 days because of ordering the head liner. If it's not fixed this time I want a buy back. What did you do to initiate the buy back? I have been dealing with a GMC rep that calls me twice a week to check on the situation and they have promised me at least 2 months of payments back.
  • stuckonmestuckonme Member Posts: 9
    You need to seek a lemon law lawyer, technically after a vehicle has been in the shop 3 times for the same thing, they will review your case. I think that is the only way to get them to buy back vehicle. GM will call and call just to check in with you, but they have no answers to your problem. :lemon:
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    GMC will not be eager to do a buy back. They will offer you incentives at first. We were well within the guidelines of the NY Lemon Law so we threatened to take the matter to arbitration where we were going to request a full refund. Dealers do not like to give refunds. It puts a black mark on them. Needless to say they agreed to buy back the vehicle and replace it at no cost. However the whole process takes a lot of time. Its been 3 months and we are still driving the same leaky vehicle(which the service guy gauranteed wouldn't leak again, but of course it still leaks) We are supposed to pick up the new car tomorrow. If you decide to go this route. They can do what's called a substitution of the title. The loan agency substitutes the new vin number and you continue your payments from where you left off. GMC buys back the vehilcle. Its a lot of paper work between them, the loan agency, and your insurance co. You don't have to do too much, but the whole process seems to take very long. In our case it took longer because we ordered a new vehicle to be built to replace the leaky one. I don't think you'll have this problem because they are no longer making 08 models. Hope this is helpful. I know how you feel.
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    hi evr1,im new here,bt i can sense that most of us has complaints with our acadia..
    mine just started this afternoon,it made a loud clunking noise followed by a loud squeaking sound,like a metal rubbing with each other or sounding like a worn out belt,i only had my acadia for like 8 months and i only have around 3900miles on it,i mean three thousand and nine hundred miles happend when i made a stop and put it in park..the sound was so noisy that you hear like some1 was grinding metal continuously,i looked at the car temp coz it might be overheating and the temp was ok,i imediately turned the engine of...after a few minutes started it again,drove it and it was gone,i wonder what that loud noise was?
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    I also have a sunroof in my Acadia, I seem to be having the same water problem. Howeveer they do not say it is coming from the sunroof. The car is fully loaded, with water coming from the front airbags, tv, and roof light fixtures. I had the car for a little over a year and the problem started only once I had it about 7 or 8 months. It has been in the shop twice for this problem and is going back in today. Other than this major problem I love the veihicle. I too seem to be getting the run around from the dealer, and gmc. Was anyone able to get anywhere with a buy back. GMC told me this problem has never been reported so there is nothing they would do because it was not mechanical. Not sure what to do?
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    My wife was also recently stranded due to a transmission chip problem. She and my son also had the pleasure of riding in the wrecker back to the dealership. We are still waiting for the transmission to be reprogrammed. We have experienced noises in the dash. The steering shaft has been replaced. I noticed how sluggish the transmission shifted early on, but thought it was possibly normal for a 6-speed. Man, we really liked the vehicle, but after the transmission problems and reading all these complaints, I'm not sure we made a wise purchase. I am very disappointed...I expected more from a GMC product. We're getting a VW plant here in the next couple of years. I guess I'll look into buying a new VW - if our Acadia can make it that long.
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    i have a fully loaded 2008 acadia with 34000 miles. we love the vehicle. transmission can be a little "busy" a times but certainly has not represented a problem for us. we now have experienced one seemingly minor electrical problem. after driving in the rain for an extended period, the brake light suddenly comes on, the park assist flashes that it is off and most significantlythe brake warning chime comes on and continues anytime the car is moving. this first happened in may while traveling; car fixed itself overnight as it dried off. happened again in june and my local dealer thought they knew the problem; a corroded switch on the rear liftgate! seemd improbable but it did appear to fix the problem. now nearly eight weeks later it has happened again. any thoughts folks? only happens after extended period in the rain.

    i think gm has designed a wonderful car but one little unsolved annoyance can damage their reputation!
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    Wow, I see so many of the same problems here. The good thing is that we all love the style, the look, and the room the Acadia has to offer. GM had a great concept, but the execution sucks! The dealership deny that anyone else is having problems. When you call GM, they deny there have been any reported problems and refer you back to the dealer who can't fix your car. It is just a vicious circle! It is just yours, they say! Come on!! Really!

    First of all, we were all wooed into thinking this was SOME kind of wonderful SUV offering us 16 city and 20 hwy mpg. When that did not happen, they recently changed the verbage in the advertising as follows:
    16 city, 20 hwy FWD model only!

    This newly designed 6 cylinder, 6 speed motor was really supposed to deliver! Then, we have all the bells and whistles...I must admit the only reason I did not buy a Toyota Sequoia was because it did not offer Onstar! How wrong was that thinking??? The reason these GM's need Onstar is because they aren't reliable enough to go out of town without some type of issue! You just don't feel confident unless you have someone a phone call away along the journey because you have come to expect problems! How much confidence is $45,000 supposed to buy?

    All these leaking issues lead to all the electrical problems. Does anyone else know where their fuse box in located?? How about right under your hood! Right where water drains. Oh, I have had the leaky sunroof and after quite an ordeal, it seems to be fixed. But now, all of my interior lights have been strobing! I have a 70's disco party Acadia! When I enter or exit the vehicle, the interior lights come on and they strobe! Even when you lift the vanity mirror on the visor, strobe lights appear! Today, however, I checked the mirror on the drivers side visor and they did not work at all. The car goes back in the shop on Friday. I called the service writer who is well acquainted with our Acadia and us by now. Heck, I may ask him to dance at my daughter's wedding!! Anyhow, he thought maybe it is the alternator, or the battery or something electrical somewhere, but they will check it out at the dealership and see if they can fix it. I now have 5200 miles on my 2008 Acadia purchased Dec. 29, 2007. I just don't dare get that far away from home in this vehicle! I know the electrical system is screwy. We have a high pitched squeal eminating from the engine compartment somewhere after you turn off the engine. The only way it will stop is when you remove the key! Sometimes it is there when you are driving down the street. It sounds like metal on metal, but I think it is something electrical. Our outside temperature gauge is also faulty. When it is 100 out, it will read as low as 78. Turn the engine off and on again, and then it might raise to the 90's. I just don't use that feature anymore since it is not realiable.

    I think I will check into the Idaho lemon law this week. There just isn't anyway I am going to get help from this dealership in getting another Acadia without legal action. Kind of sad. The owner runs out the back door when he sees me coming! I actually observed this first hand! On another occassion, I request to visit with him about this car. He wouldn't pick up his page. I have left phone messages and none have been returned. What do you do? GM, are you listening, are you watching? I am not asking for money back, I would just like a reliable vehicle and I will gladly accept a 2009 Acadia or Enclave. This is so disappointing!
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    Do you have a sunroof spitfiremike? If so, water may be leaking into your headliner, draining down the A pillars into your dash and wreaking havoc with your electrical system. Sunroof leaks are unfortunately not uncommon in the Acadia. Check for dampness under your brake pedal, etc.
  • spitfiremikespitfiremike Member Posts: 5
    bingo, leaky sunroof

    that is what the dealer discovered this time. sunroof leaked down the a pillar although i have never seen evidence of this; no dampness etc.

    will post again if the problem reoccurs.
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    I live 11 miles from the office and somehow have driven 36,000 miles in the first 13 months. Has ANYONE had problems with their odometer? After driving the car for a while, I thought the pickup was poor but I was coming from an V-8. So, I didn't think much of it.

    Now, I was caught in a bad storm and water started pouring in at the foot board on the passenger side....then, 15 minutes later, the driver side. I mentioned it to the dealer while it was in for regular service before I took my kids on vacation. He said he did not know anything about any leaks in the 2007 Acadia, or 2008 for that matter, (I have an 07) but to bring the car back on a Mon, Wed or Fri when his "leak guy" was Now, I am down in NC/SC on vacation with my kids, got stuck in another rain storm and voilla, it leaked AGAIN. Then my son says, hey dad...did you know your seat belt is leaking too? I was PISSED!!! I called the dealer and left a message with my service guy. The next day, I decided to get the car cleaned out since everything was soaked and ruined in the front floorboard area. Then, I ran it through the carwash...guess what? It leaked....IN THE CARWASH!!!! Now, I figured the car would at least withstand a carwash. This is my first GMC, maybe GMCs aren't meant to stand up to the strong pressure of a carwash? I dunno. I'm sure this will be my fault.

    Incidently, when I was getting so close to 36,000 miles, I went in to buy an extended warranty and told the lady I was really not happy with this car...I like the roominess but that is about it. She asked if I had GAP insurance on the car. When I said yes, she said, well, if something happens to your car and they can't fix'll end up with a new I chuckled, but I wonder if she has heard complaints about this vehicle from other people. I swear, if I can't get this resolved, I will call my Senator, my Representative, the TV stations, EVERYONE. I have a friend with ABC Nightly News, I ought to ask her to research this crap for me.

    Anyway, I'm glad to see I am not the ONLY one dealing with this crappy car.
  • safety9285safety9285 Member Posts: 88
    I had the odometer problem. It started immediately after I had the Transmission Performance Computer adjustment. There is a fix for it but you need to tell the dealer if it started right after they put the car on the computer to enhance the Transmission performance.
  • coltsfancoltsfan Member Posts: 13
    We too had a problem with water leaking in -- twice!! 1st time is was due to a drain hose in the rear sunroof that was disconnected (like it was NEVER hooked up in the first place!). That caused leaks in the pillar on the passenger side front door -- actually came in thru the seat belt -- & also at the front bottom of the same door. The 2nd time water came in at the sun visor on the driver's side -- just poured down onto the steering wheel & soaking the floor!! That was due to a unhooked drain hose in the front sunroof. Both have been fixed & so far so good!!
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    Has anyone had electrical failure repeatedly in their acadia?Twice in the year I have owned mine I have gone out to start it and nothing.They have come and got it and told me they dont now what happened.I have had a long year with this car.I have had my Acadia in the shop atleast once a month for the last year.Maybe it is because i am a woman I dont know but I never get any answers just crappy explinations.I really loved this car when I first bought it, now I wish it would just burn.
  • rbellcparbellcpa Member Posts: 9
    My Acadia problem is not a severe. However, whenever the radio is used while the car is not running, the battery goes dead in a short period of time (30 minutes). The dealer says he cannot find a problem. One reason I purchased the Acadia was the "tailgating package". My tailgates last longer than 30 minutes so this is a recurring problem. I intend to stay behind the dealer until it is corrected.

    Otherwise, I did have the sun roof leak and I believe that problem is corrected. Other than these two things, I really enjoy the Acadia.
  • crankybcrankyb Member Posts: 3
    Just talked to dealership for some reason battery just drained for no reason and they replaced it.I asked if they fixed fuel pump they said nothing wrong with it,it was just that the battery was to dead to make it work.I know when i tryed to start it that it had plenty of power but it wouldn't engage the fuel pump.I am getting pretty
    tired of be treated like a dumb bimbo who knows nothing about cars.Granted I am no genius but i get bye.I have a 1993 gmc 4x4 pick up with 200,000 miles and have never had any problems with it to speak of.I only have 30,000 on my Acadia and it spends more time in their garage then mine.
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    I bought an early '07 Acadia, having it built to order. It took 6 weeks to get and as it was a very early model I wondered about any problems. Maybe the later models got parts that had been rushed in the production process to meet demand.

    Other than reprograming the transmission I have had no problems in 16,000 miles. I got the AWD as we tow a ski boat and it tows beautifully in the trailer towing mode.

    It is the quietest and nicest riding car I've owned and because of that I love to drive it.

    Cars are my hobbie and I do my own work. I didn't order the sun roof as every one I know who's had a car with one eventually gets leaks as the seals shrink, or the drains plug up with debris.

    I plan to keep this a long time but if I had to buy another I'd have no quams. ;)
  • crankybcrankyb Member Posts: 3
    Iam really glad to here that there are some good ones out there.Like you I also loved mine,it was when every other week i was taking it in to have some other problem fixed that I started to get discuraged.It kinda stinks when you have put more miles on going to the dealer then in actual enjoyment.I went into this noing there would probable be some bugs,but now it is getting out of hand.In alot of ways really do still love it,but hate paying a big payment for the loaner that is worth maybe 7,000.Well hope you keep having good luck throughout the life of your car thanks for reply.
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    The water leaking through the sun roof seems to be a common issue. Make the dealership fix it. Also, in some of the cases the water leaks on the passenger side seem to present a problem with the fuse box which is in a peculiar location. These are just some things I have read on various sites. I had a severe leak,but it was fixed the first time I had it at the dealership. GM should really recall all vehicles equipped with sun roofs to correct this problem. Some find out about it too late. One issue I had that I would like to bring to all your attention is the drivers side visor. I had some strobing of all the interior lights. I took it in the shop and they went through this Acadia from stem to stern and found the wiring had burned in half on the drivers side visor. They showed it to me. They replaced it and all is working once again. This really is a great vehicle for all of our needs. The thing can't be beat on ice and snow. It has so many pros. I hear the 2009's might be equipped with cooled seat and new engines which might eliminate the shifting issues. I really think those of us who bought the"new kids on the block" are the testers. I hope GM has learned from some early mistakes, because this really is a great functional car for families or those who prefer a little elbow room. It is a great ride. On the freeway, it is a dream as well. Sometimes the shifting seems a bit excessive, but what do you do? We bought what we bought and I guess we can trade them if we don't like them. I am hanging on to hope with mine because I feel the pros outweigh the cons at this point and I have a dealership that is willing to work through the issues. :D
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    Terrible chrome glare!!!!
  • manufan1manufan1 Member Posts: 26
    I've had my '07 Acadia AWD for more than a year now and my only complaint is the MPG. I got around 13 MPG with local/hwy mixed and I am not satisfied with it. I've been seeing positive and negative posts on Acadia's MPG and want to know what grade of gasoline do you guys fill. In my case, I have been adding REGULAR since I bought this car and never tried plus or premium. The car runs fine with regular gasoline and I don't want to throw money by adding expensive gasoline because I do not think the grades make big difference. What do you think? Thanks.
  • coltsfancoltsfan Member Posts: 13
    We also have a 2007 Acadia. We've noticed a drop in the mpg in the last couple of months. It has 28,000 miles on it. We would get 21 to 22 mpg on the interstate & 18 to 19 running around town, but not we're getting 15 mpg around town & 18.5 on the interstate. That seems like a pretty drastic change!! The dealership picked it up to check it out this morning. The said with their hand held computer it was getting 23 mpg at 62 mph. Now -- who drives 62 mph??????? I was not driving 62 mph on the interstate when I was getting the higher mileage.

    We do usually fill up with 89 octane gas. Just a habit we've gotten into. I've also heard there isn't any difference - but I've noticed my cars seem to run better on the 89.

    I really love this car!!!!!
  • thepasthepas Member Posts: 11
    I also have "07 Acadia AWD and have used regular gas in all kinds of weather
    (-40C to +32C) with no problems. Hard to compare mileage but recent day long highway drive (7 hours) gave me 10.9L/100 KM which is (if my calculations are correct) about 21.6 miles per US gallon on the highway. Since speed was 69 mph on average, I was happy with this.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    You did the conversion correctly :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    MPG isn't my only complaint. The door lock buttons are KILLERS when they lock or unlock -- you better not have your elbow nearby! I have several pictures of broken skin on my wife's elbow and arm as they were ripped by the blazing speed of the ribbed/rubberized skin-gripping cover of the door locks!

    My 2008 Acadia AWD MPG has been consistently around 13mpg with city/hwy combo driving (1 yr, 17K miles). I'm very disappointed, as I expected to get considerably better mileage than our '04 Trailblazer EXT (larger vehicle), which has a high-end V8 and it gets 15mpg!

    The highway driving is very disappointing. If there are hills with any sigificant grades I have to use the manual shift (5th most of the time, sometimes 4th gear) to maintain a constant speed. Speed drops as much as 4mph if left in "Drive". Highway driving yields 19-20mpg, usually 74mph in a 70 speed zone.

    Yesterday after about 2 hrs on the highway the DING DING DING "STABILITRAK TRACTION CONTROL OFF" message woke up and cried to me again. This occurs occasionally, for no apparent reason. OnStar always says "your stabilitrack and traction control system are disabled, and your ABS system is not functional, but it is ok to drive, you should have it serviced in the next 7 days". Service people can never find any codes or anything wrong.

    Regarding poor MPG, Dealer says the computer may be calculating it wrong, and also use premium. I used premium fule for several tanks and found no difference in performance or mileage so I quit buying it.

    I've given up for now -- it's a gas guzzling SUV and if I want to change that, I'll need to buy a different vehicle.

    All that said, the pushbutton liftgate is pretty snazzy.
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    Had my acadia since Jan, 2008 at 800 miles electrical problem mow at 7560 miles and seven months same problem. The dealer changed backup and tailgate modules and same peoblem. I am so frostrated that i am about to file for the Lemon Law.
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    I'm wondering if anyone has had the problem I have had with my 07 Acadia. I got mine in Feb 07. I have had lots of the problems that others have had like the leaking (brought back twice for that), had a transmission leak, losing the talking on the movies but not the background noise on the entertainment system, but has anyone been driving in the rain and have lost control of the steering? It has happened a lot with mine. It gets tight like you lost your power steering then in the next second it comes back. It rots if it happens when your trying to turn into a sidestreet with lots of oncoming traffic and you're trying to quickly turn. Mine also got hit on the second door of the driver's side. Someone went through a stop sign and I tried to avoid it but got hit anyway. I was off road a little in sand and it started fishtailing back onto the road. My husband saw the whole thing happen in his rearview mirror (he was in front of me) and he said he'd buy another one in a heartbeat due to how it handled. He said if I was in my old Caravan we would have rolled it. Me and my three little kids inside. So mine has been in the shop quite a bit. Since they had to blend the whole side of my car just to repaint the door, the paint never looks the same. It is not good. I own the Carbon black. Funny my husband is a mechanic but we bought the warranty 8 years bumper to bumper. Its a good thing because I have had a rent a car quite a few times. I do like the car though; its like my caravan was but without driving one. So if anyone has had the steering thing happen in the rain, can you let me know? :)
  • safety9285safety9285 Member Posts: 88
    Sound like Standard AWD to me.
  • ntellyntelly Member Posts: 10
    Yeah well I had an AWD caravan at one time but it never did what this Acadia is doing. It is down right dangerous and scary when it happens. I am going to the dealer with a list of things to fix anyway. This too will be added.
  • flowercelflowercel Member Posts: 1
    I am looking at a 2008 acadia. What is the "pop up" panel for on the dashboard? It is located in the center on top of the dashboard.
  • tuffsubjecttuffsubject Member Posts: 20
    I store extra cash in the pop-up compartment on the dash. You never know when the McDonald's network goes down and they can't process the AMEX. You can also use it for ketchup packets, taco bell sauce, and pepper spray for those occasional road rage incidents that get out of hand. :-)
  • rbellcparbellcpa Member Posts: 9
    I have had a similar problem with the steering in the rain. At one point the belts were squealing. I took it by the dealer and they could not recreate the problem. It seems to me as if the steering tights up some times.
  • ntellyntelly Member Posts: 10
    I noticed too that it very often sounds like when you drive a car low on steering fluids. You know that whiny sound. My husband has checked it though and it is fine. We had a lot of rain about a month ago and it was losing steering quite a bit. That is just not right. Can't wait to see what they fix next. It's a good thing I like the car. Just should have waited for a later model. Is your's an 07 too?
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    I’ve had my 08 Acadia since Jan. 2008. Had the software flash 6 weeks ago, and it did make a difference on the low end. No hesitation, and downshifts when you need it, but I took it on a long trip last weekend, and it would not shift into 6th gear. The only way is to set the cruise control to 110 kilometers (Canada) and accelerate to 120 km put shifter into manual and shift into 6th. Take your foot off the accelerator and let it coast to the set speed of 110 km. The RPM would then be consistent with the up shift to 6th speed. If I encountered a hill, it would shift back to 5th and stay there, the tack would show an increase in RPM. Alas fuel economy is disastrous. I'm taking it back to the dealer again but other then re flashing the software they don’t seem to have an answer. I love the feel of the Acadia, and have not had any other problems with it. Any body got any suggestions? :confuse:
  • jaz01jaz01 Member Posts: 2
    I've had my 08 Acadia for 2 weeks. My wife is the main driver of the car, so after a couple days of having it, I finally got into it to take it for a drive and saw that there was already 100 miles on it. Thought that was strange but didn't think too much of it. After a week and a half my odometer read that the car had over 300 miles on it. My wife works less than a mile from our house, and we really haven't driven it anywhere. The gas light came on at 220 miles and she had to fill it already! Brought the car in to get checked out and they said they couldn't find anything wrong. They made me fill my tank (again) and reset the trip odometer so they could gauge the miles per gallon I'm getting. I see that a few people have had problems with their odometers apparently "jumping" miles. Is there any fix to this? Also, I'm really dissappointed with the way the car is feels like it's holding back on me when I accelerate. Dealership said this is common for a V6, but I've never had one to compare it to. Is this the case? Thanks for anyone's help.
  • tuffsubjecttuffsubject Member Posts: 20
    I haven't gotten the latest TCM flash yet but it sounds like they are addressing the problem I have while on the highway. The thing just won't hold the speed on the hills. The last highway trip I took was using manual shifting, dropping it to 5th and sometimes even 4th to maintain the speed going up grades. It's annoying (to both drivers) when someone following you has a vehicle that maintains a constant speed. My Acadia already gets poor gas mileage (less than 13 avg city/hwy combined). For safety reasons I'd rather have adequate performance than good gas mileage when out on the Interstate Highway.
  • jaz01jaz01 Member Posts: 2
    I've had my 08 Acadia for 2 weeks. My wife is the main driver of the car, so after a couple days of having it, I finally got into it to take it for a drive and saw that there was already 100 miles on it. Thought that was strange but didn't think too much of it. After a week and a half my odometer read that the car had over 300 miles on it. My wife works less than a mile from our house, and we really haven't driven it anywhere. The gas light came on at 220 miles and she had to fill it already! Brought the car in to get checked out and they said they couldn't find anything wrong. They made me fill my tank (again) and reset the trip odometer so they could gauge the miles per gallon I'm getting. I see that a few people have had problems with their odometers apparently "jumping" miles. Is there any fix to this? Also, I'm really dissappointed with the way the car is feels like it's holding back on me when I accelerate. Dealership said this is common for a V6, but I've never had one to compare it to. Is this the case? Thanks for anyone's help.
  • stuckonmestuckonme Member Posts: 9
    I just started to notice the gauge jumping, but most of all, I have had the sluggish
    pulling feel from day 1, I have a 07 Acadia and it was in the shop 2 weeks after I bought it and went to the shop 5 more times after that. The dealer will tell you over and over their is no problem, but it's just a bunch of lies they feed you. The main thing they stay consistent about is to cover up the fact that a problem really does exit. I finally got tired of it and seeked a lemon law lawyer. I am now in the process of closing my case , Gm has agreed to buy back my vehicle. I would be glad to share any info once I am finished and can even supply you with the lemon law lawyer info if needed. :lemon:
  • ntellyntelly Member Posts: 10
    I have had an 07 since Feb 07 and mine has been back for many things including losing the steering when it is wet out, the air bag issue, want to check on that wiper issue that is going on too. It also needs some paint fixed. Someone went through a stop sign and hit my car 5 mos after I got it. So that hasn't helped at all. Mine already had the leak issues fixed a few times, the tv monitor had to get changed because it would go black, the tranny was leaking, the doors had to be adjusted (when the cold weather came, they started rubbing the front fender), and after I write this, I'll probably think of something else it went back for. My question is - doesn't it have to go back more that 3 times for the same thing for the lemon law thing? I was wondering about that myself.
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