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    I am having problems with my 2008 Acadia also. It has already had its computer system replaced once due to it completly dying while driving down interstate. Then it happened again, they "reprogrammed" the computer. I had to replace my front headlights that supposedly were not under warranty which is crap, and then the next week, my left front headlights went out. It is back in the dealership right now. My struts have already been replaced, 6 months after I bought it brand new, currently the struts are also being replaced!! I don't know where to turn, is the lemon law out of the question now?? Can anyone help me with these questions. I hate the vehicle and don't know what to do as the dealership has NOT been helpful at all!!!!
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    I must be a dieheart for this car! I have had 2 problems that everyone talks about in the forums (sunroof/interior 3rd row light leak & air in steering system); however, here comes problem #3. Water is now coming in through the front passenger door. And I don't mean it's dripping; it's flowing like a river!

    I have 60,050 miles on my 2007 Acadia, so obviously, I'm well past the bumper to bumper warranty. So here's the question: How do I get GMC to pick up the tab for a problem that is obviously occurring for just about all Acadia owners?

    I still LOVE my car!! Stupid I know. But, it is what it is.

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    I am completely frustrated with my Acadia. I love the car, but the problems I have had are making me dislike it. Ok -The first problem was the flowing of water into the front passenger side. I could actually splash the water. I took the car in, they looked at it and said that it was fixed. "The tubing must have been blocked." Well that fix lasted until the next big rain when it happened again. This time, when I took the car back to the dealership, they kept it for approx. 1 month. They said they were having problems with the right part coming in. They ordered at least 2 new sunroofs. I guess one finally worked because I haven't had another leak - maybe its because it hasn't rained as hard. My concern is - is the car going to start smelling mildewed as the weather heats up. My carpets were soaked.
    My next problem came when I was leaving work and the car wouldn't start - I had it jumped. Well, I also had it jumped at least 5 other times. Finally got tired of unreliable transportation - took the car in and the report stated that it had a bad cell. The battery was replaced Jan 15, 2009. Here it is - Jan. 8, 2010 and since the new battery I have had to be jumped 3 times in the past month. This am I went to the dealer where they replaced my battery and was told it would cost $190.00 to check it out and put a new battery in. You are out of warrenty and your extended warrently wont cover bad batteries. When I am sitting in my car and nothing is on, I can hear it clicking. I don't know what to do.
    My water pump also went out when I was taking my car in for servicing right in front of the service guy. Thankfully, my extendend warrently di help to cover that cost.
    Could the battery be a short from all the water leaking into the car.
    I am at my wits end. My co-workers see my car and love it, until they remember the problems I have had. They have older, less expensive cars and they never have problems. I don't want this car anymore - I know I have a lemon.
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    I have been having the same problem, my vehicle shuts off in the middle of traffic. I filed lemon law through BBB online. They just completed my final attempt to fix my vehicle before Christmas but still could not get the Vehicle to duplicate, so they still don't know what's wrong with it. I tried to get the BBB person I was working with to give me some kind of advice on how I should proceed, she was no help. I don't know if pursuing the lemon law would be a waste of time, since they say the problem never duplicated OR if I should proceed with the lemon law filing. I don't know what direction to go in.

    I am still terrified of driving my vehicle, so I am constantly looking in the rear view mirror, making sure no one is too close to me, just in case it shuts off in traffic again; don't want anyone to run into the back of me. However, it has not shut off since I picked it up before Christmas, but as I told General Motors and BBB, it happens randomly.
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    We bought are 2007 Acadia in May,2007 and almost mirror your posting. We love it when it's not in the shop. A lot of the time it's small problems. A bolt fell out of the windshield wipers in a ran storm. Power steering pump, For 2 yrs. we put up with a knocking noise on the front passengers side, finally they replaced something to do with the suspension up to that point they couldn't find anything. Now it has sat on the hoist at the dealership since Dec. 4,2009. It needs a new transmission and I am told there are none in the United States. Last week I was told they will have one by the 18th of Jan 2010.That's what they were told. Like you the dealership has been great but their hands are tied. What gets me is that they told me that there are no bulletins about trans problems. I'm reading different. It sounds like I should get rid of it.
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    The lemon law is good for any vehicle with under 15,000 miles on it. I think that if you can show a continuing issue that would make it a lemon that you might be able to fight it. You need to contact the Consumer Affairs office in your state.
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    Wow, you have the exact same thing as me and we got ours about the same time. I have been told that my transmission will be coming off of the assembly line on Friday, 1/15 but then it has to be shipped which who knows how long that will take, it has to ship common carrier which could take a week or two weeks. My dealership is trying to get an answer on that. I will keep you posted how I make out with this. Did they give you a rental vehicle?
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    what is the lemon law exactly, can you please explain it.
    i have a 2007 gmc acadia and i am starting to hate it
    it is still under warranty since it has around 30k miles
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    My wifes 2008 Acadia has shut down twice in traffic. They said the first time it was a trans module, now an engine module. We're pursuing the lemon law in NJ. Any suggestions
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    My wife's 2008 Acadia has done the same thing twice. The first time at 5,000 miles the second time at 11,000 miles. They said the first time it was a trans module, this time an engine module (whatever these are). The car completely shuts down while driving. This seems fairly common according to this forum.
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    I have a 2007 Acadia. Was a great car for the first year then downhill she went. The last problem was like your as I was crossing an intersection and pressed the gas and car didnt go. Was almost hit. Told it was the speed senser and other stuff that caused the dealer to keep the car for 60 days. Halfway thru the ordeal, they told me they were waiting on a part and to come get the car. I told them I didnt feel safe driving my family in this car. The service dept guy drove it home that day and the same thing happened to him. I drove a Cadi on their dime for 60 days. I called the BBB and they contacted a GM rep. 6 months later we settled on a deal. They would buy back my car for the MSRP I paid and I could get any GM car. Had to pay off mine and pay a usage fee that started when the car started acting up. Everyone told me that calling the BBB would not help but I must disagree.
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    At first my wife and I were totally impressed with the vehicle. Then only 3 weeks after buying the Acadia, we have the thing in the shop because it would not start. Problem, it sits on a hill where we live on the front street,only parking available, and we go out to start it and nothing. We take it to the dealership and they tell us after extensive testing and talks with GMC that the problem is in the fuel system. However, there are no current fixes for it right now other than keeping your vehicle filled past the 1/4 tank mark and not to park on a hill. WOW impressive solution. Never heard of that before and the general manager tells us that there is nothing anyone can do because they are a franchised dealership and GM needs to fix it. Well I called and they claim it is a dealership problem and they need to resolve this. Another great proposal, and I love playing musical chairs. What good is a warranty if no one is willing to come up with a solution. I did some research and this has happened to these vehicles since 2008 and the service techs agreed. WHAT NEXT??? AHHHHHH GM--> Government Motors where everything we touch turns to crap.
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    We have been having a problem with our 2008 Acadia's engine making a ticking noise. We took it to the dealership where they determined that paper from the oil filter was sucked up into the engine starving the engine from oil. We had the oil changed at Valvoline and upon testing of the paper it turns out it is from Valvoline's filter. Long story short Valvoline is paying to have a completely brand new engine put in my car.

    My question is: Do I keep the car since it will have a new engine or do we trade it in for something else? I am not sure if something else can go wrong.
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    Hi, we have a 2007 Acadia and from the previous posts, we were fairly lucky. In September, at 75,000 miles, our transmission gave out in the middle of the highway. Thank goodness for the 100,000 power train warranty. We were out of our initial warranty. It took 6 weeks to get a new transmission, but our dealership did give us a little (very little) loaner car -- a Ford Focus (difficult with 4 kids, but we managed).

    Yesterday we went to start the car and no luck -- the dealer told us that it was a software problem and that we would have to pay $160 for a software upgrade. We did not agree and they waived the fee. Software upgrade? No one mentioned that when we bought the car! Watch out! Question everything. It appears that the inital transmission proble (which now seems to be widespread) may have had something to do with the computer system recall.

    But even with all of this, I still like my Acadia "o)
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    I'm really feeling you on those headlights....funny how only the dealership can replace them as it requires them to remove the entire front bumper.....who ever heard of $170 labor to replace headlights?

    Just wait until you have to replace the $1400 tires (that only Mr. Tire and the dealership stock....) The struts had to be replaced in September and also we had a problem with the antenna being too high for a standard garage...we had to have it replaced due to damage (in the meanwhile we had our garage door professionally raised) when we got the car back the new antenna stood up at a 90 degre angle and waas impossible to fit....
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    don't let them fool you -- the shutting off in traffic seems to be a standard complaint. They know it is the computer system. They know that it causes an irreparable transmission problem...just print out a page from the posts and forward to them.
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    You need to look at some CS4 Touring H/V made by Cooper tires. These are the only ones I've found other than the Goodyears esp. for the 18" size. Some folks that have tried them like them much better than the Goodyears. Can be much less expensive also.

    "Just wait until you have to replace the $1400 tires (that only Mr. Tire and the dealership stock....) "
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    Dealer ripped you of on the headlights. An easier way to replace them it to go up through the wheel well.
    Labor doing it that way was $70 dollars for both. :(
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    As you've seen in my previous posts. My wifes 08 Acadia twice in 11,000 miles shut down while driving. They replaced and Engine module(computer). GM offered to extend warrant by 4 years or 100,000 miles. We were incensed and hung up on them The dealer said it's GM's issue now because we go them (GM) involved having called the customer service line. The BBB was no help becuase we were supposed to send a letter to GM when it happened. Who knew! My wife sent GM a certified letter today pleading for help as we will not put our 3 kids back in that car. This is a sad state for American car makers. We are completely disillusioned with GM. Too bad. I now see why they're in such trouble. BAD QUALITY!! Will keep you posted.
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    My Acadia has already within 850 miles not started at all. We live on a hill that is a one way street which was explained to GM. I have called them 4 times in the last 3 days complaining. They have since talked to management and all agree that there are three resolutions for my car not starting on a hill with under a 1/4 tank of gas: 1) DON'T park on the hill yet park on a flat surface, 2) keep a 1/4 tank or more in the vehicle at all times, and 3) this is my fav PARK FACING DOWN THE HILL. These are all educated resolutions, at least that is what I was told through GM. WOW!! No wonder they are so in debt and the government owns most of the stock... Could it be GM stands for Government Motors?? My mechanic told me the design has a flaw in the fuel system: the fuel pump is located at the rear of the gas tank which causes people to experience stalled starts or nothing at all. It is a defect that needs to be fixed and could eventually cause major problems for many people. 850 miles old and I already hate my new car, who would have guessed. :sick:
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    Hi all,

    First, I was really wrong with my miles on an earlier post, I'm at 46,500 miles (my hubby's truck is at 60,000).

    Anyhow, since last Friday, I've been driving around in a beautiful red Dodge Charger that doesn't leak in water!!!!!!!!!!!!! If only I can take all the bells & whistles out of my Acadia and put them into the Charger, I'd be in heaven once again!

    Last Tuesday, I took my 2007 Acadia into be serviced. Well, earlier I posted a water leak coming from the front passenger had only just begun. I had water streaming out the door, the interior lights (all 3), and the 3rd row seat, driver's side, seatbelt assembly! Go figure!!!! I took the car in and the service rep told me they would essentially put it under a shower to see where all the leaks are. Heck, they could've just left it sitting outside since Northern Calif is having massive rain day after day. Oh, they found the LEAKS alright.

    So, this is the 2nd go around with the sunroof & moonroof leaking as well as the interior lights (3rd row only) and the front passenger door; however, GMC says, "PAY UP!!!!!" The GMC local rep, advises that they will not cover the bad seal around the moon & sun roofs. I've been told that I have to pay a $200 deductible to have these issues fixed!!!!

    Due to the water pouring in like a river, the interior carpet is TRASHED! We were quoted roughly $13,000 - 18,000 to rip out the interior carpeting and replace it with new. Thank God for car & home owners insurance. We called our insurance company & they sent an adjuster out to look at the car. They will pick up the tab and deemed it undriveable for now. We have to pay our $300 deductible with them as well. So now, I'm forking out $500 of my money when GMC needs to pull their heads out of their as-es & place a recall on ALL models & years on the Acadia!!!!!

    I am spending the day calling any & all numbers I can find for the head offices of GMC!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated mad. :mad: :cry:
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    OK so you are a mirror of my car so far, except the water leaking....(KNOCK ON WOOD)

    I have had a battery replaced, a horrible noise in the front passenger wheel area, they replaced the air compressor for the AC b/c they thought that was causing the noise, then coming down into campus one day, I felt like I was driving a Power Wheels toy car, it just started shutting down. The water pump had gone out. Now the power steering goes out when driving in heavy rain or thru a puddle of standing water, when its raining heavily the car literally sounds like a squealing PIG coming down the road. I am so disgusted with the vehicle, but there is nothing I can do. We did not buy and extended warranty (why I don't know) and now we are more or less praying that every problem that comes up falls under power train!

    It extremely frustrating, I can't get rid of it fast enough! If I could ever get turned back up right in my loan, I'd get rid of it! :mad:
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    OK - So now I'm reading these posts and getting scared... We just bought a 2010 Acadia SLE - 200 miles into our new car and one morning I went outside and the car wouldn't unlock any of the doors (except driver's door) and wouldn't unlock once inside and pressing the actual button in the car (had to climb over the seat and unlock doors manually). NONE of the doors would lock when I tried to lock them afterward. Now the problem fixed itself about a few hours later (after turning the car on and off a few times.

    So, no problems for about 4 days... and then (of course) same issue.

    Took it to the dealership... they can't get it to do it again... and claim they've never heard of any issue like this before.

    So - anyone had this issue and had it resolved (or identified what caused it)? :confuse:

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    We purchased a White Diamond 2009 SLT-1 Acadia in November. I've been wanting this car for years. So far I'm in love with my car, except for a few minor problems. The weird problem that we're having is that we're getting a black debris spray all over the doors and back. It's tiny specks and hard to get off. It does not look like dirt. We washed the car this weekend and before my husband detailed the tires he took the car for a spin around for a 5 min drive at 50mph and came home and the debris spray was all over the car again! At first we thought it might be coming from the exhaust pipes, but like I said before it's all over the doors not just the back. When we purchased the car it did get the undercoating protection on it, not sure if this is what keeps on getting on the paint. Yes we have mud flaps on the car, but the debris goes all the way up to the back light on the spoiler! Has anyone had this problem before, or any ideas as to what maybe causing this? The other problem we are having is that after it rains I have been finding a wet spot under the foot brake on the mat. I'm frustrated because one of the main reasons for getting rid of my 2001 Grandprix GTP was due to water leakage! We also had the cross bars on the top of the vehicle but it was causing a bad whistling sound so we took those off this past weekend so the only thing left on top of the vehicle is the roof bars. I'd appreciate any help that can be provided. Thanks! :confuse: ">
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    I had a 2008 Acadia and every time I took a turn to the left or right at an incline, the tires would like shake the car and almost make the car stop at times. I took it to the dealership and they could not repeat the problem. My husband had this happen to him when he was driving the car. The dealership took pictures of the tires rubbing the wheelwells and sent them to GM. GM did not know how to fix the problem so they cut part of the plastic inside of the car away. This did not solve the problem. I felt that after a period of time the tires would weaken from all the rubbing and I did not want the tires to blow out while I was driving on the highway with my kids in the. I have to say I had the car only 1 month when I noticed this problem and I filed a Lemon Law case against the dealership and GM just to cover my basis. 18 months later, GM settled with me, paying me money and I got rid of the car and I would never buy another one of these cars again. I did not want anything to happen to myself or my family because of this defect. I also test drove another car exactly like my Acadia, same year with 100 miles on it and it made the same exact noise. This told me that it was just not my car, but a lot of the Acadias have this problem.
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    I have a late model 2007. I have found that the aerodynamics of the vehicle will pull dirt and debris all over the lift gate when the sides of the car are still clean.
    I was going to buy the cross bars but now that you mention the noise, I guess I will not.
    If you have water on the floor it could be the sun roof if you have one or when I had a similar problem the doors hinges needed adjustment.
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    I also own a 2008 Acadia and had numerous problems. The dealer I took it to could never diagnose the issues. The only way we got the issues resolved is by calling GM directly. There number is 866.790.5700.
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    My 2008 Acadia does that too at times. Right now, I am just like, "what next"? I have owned mine since Dec. 2008, and it now has 20,380 miles on it. I left work one day to go to a Dr. appt. and I got in and turned the defrost on (we just had a week of >0 weather) and no fan. The fan worked in the rear, but not the front. Needless to say, to keep fog from forming on the interior of the windows, I had to ride with the window down. Brrr....I was to a breaking point after everything else that had gone wrong. We took it to the dealership out of town, since the local is in bankruptcy and can't fix a bicycle, and they took care of us. I did call GM again and this time I got the attention of a nice gentlemen named Gilbert who took care of us. Our car was in the shop for 3 days. GM paid for our rental car. Gilbert called almost every day to check on progress. The shop was wonderful and they not only took care of the broken fan, but also fixed a module that was dangling between the rear walls, and they also fixed the lumbar adjustments in both of the front seats. The passenger was broken from the factory. So, I am pleased with the dealership and also the way GM handled the problem this time. The last time I contacted GM, I spoke to a gal named Chelsea and she basically told me, 'sorry about your luck, work it out with your dealership'. So, I had no faith in GM at all after that experience. But, this time they took care of me. I could never'. in good conscience recommend an Acadia to anyone. They are good looking, but it is all 'pretty house no furniture' syndrome. They just aren't reliable and still have multiple problems. We have had them all....can't afford to trade it right now, but no more GM for us. :(
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    I have a 2008 Acadia SLT AWD and my problem is when ever I am stopped in ice or snow when I try to go again the wheels spin and I get a message on the console "ALL WHEEL DRIVE IS OFF". I have had it into the dealer several times and they replaced a sensor in the rear diff. That didn't solve the problem and we brought it back and they ran some diagnostics but nothing came up. They said they could not duplicate the problem. I then took the service manager with me for a drive and sure enough when I stopped on ice and tried to go again the message appeared. We went back to the dealership and they ran diagnostics again and nothing came up. Now they say they don't know what the problem is or how to fix it. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    I've spent some time tonight reading about 10 pages or so of posts and I think it's worth noting (for new owners or potential buyers) these posts need to be taken in perspective. According to wikipedia GM has sold approximately 193505 vehicles through 2009. Although there are well over 500 posts here, many are from a single individual. I suspect there are something over 300 individuals that have posted here, and even if 10 times that many were experiencing major issues, that only represents 1.55% of the cars sold before 2010.

    According to the fraction of posts I've read, several consistant issues are popping up. 1.) Water leaks from sun roofs or holes which aren't plugged, 2.) transmission isses (which I myself have had), and 3.) random shut downs while driving. There seems to be a host of others but I'm not sure if they're frequent enough to catagorize into common problems.

    I'm writing this post because as an engineer (not for car companies, thankfully) I can understand how a very small percentage of vehicles can have parts problems, especially if the parts come from places like china where quality is worse than horrible (I know from experience). I understand that people experiencing issues with their car are upset but it's important to understand GM is probably not seeing these issues with most cars leaving their factories. Most likely the 50 cars before and after yours on the assembly line turned out alright.

    Now as I said I had a transmission problem myself. I bought my car April 27th, 2007, and I already have just under 72,000 miles on it (yes I drive alot). After having my car for about a year I took my car in for an oil change and the transmission fluid was low. It was refilled, but later that week a friend noticed the drip under my car, which was the leak. I was out of town but luckily had a dealership nearby; apparently there was already an upgrade for the car (so I figured GM already knew something about the problem). Since then I haven't really experienced anything.

    I've read posts about people describing the air leaving the tires; I have this issue at cold weather and have never experienced it in the other two cars I've owned. Perhaps it's my inexperience, but the dealership told me it's what happens to tires at cold temperatures so I just learned to deal with it. I've also noticed the sound the car makes when you turn the steering wheel left or right (usually in parked). Again, I always thought this was normal. The tire problem does not occur unless it's winter, and now that I have a garage I have not experienced it at all this year. The steering sound only really occurs in park and has had no adverse affect on the car.

    I've driven in horrible Michigan winter weather and in Tennessee mountains. I've driven in down-pours and even off roaded. My only REAL complaint is that my old 2005 pontiac grand pri would NEVER wipe out, even when I tried to do so in a vacant, icy lot in 2007. I could not get it to slide. This car is prone to slide if you accelerate too fast, but as I'm reading today it may be more to do with the tires than with the car. I have not experienced good traction control with this car.

    The only other 'issue' I have, which I haven't read about, is when you turn the 'turn' signals on, you can hear static coming from the speakers. Obviously there is some noise getting into the radio electronics, but maybe the problem was fixed after my model year. But really, a little static is trivial. This for me, as I'm sure it has been for many other Acadia drivers, has been a great car.

    That brings me to my last point: The first couple years of any new model is going to have some trouble. Some co-workers much more experienced with cars than me warned me about this yet I loved the car and wanted it anyway. Yes I've had some trouble but I suppose I expected some. As an engineer, I think GM should replace all cars with serious issues (the car turning off on the high way, design mistakes / defects causing leaks) but I don't think people should assume their problem is prevalent or happening to everyone. I assure you GM would not allow this product on the market if it did. I would also like to remind everyone that GM does not seem to be having the worst quality defects at the moment. That achievement probably belongs to Toyota right now since their pedal recall affects at least 2 million vehicles, as of January 21st, 2010.
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    I'm glad everyone has taken the time to write about their issues with their Acadia-it's so ironic how all of us owners are having the same problem but no recall has been ordered....the past 3 months my power steering too has been making moaning sounds-with the colder weather-its much louder-quite annoying-guess i should have it checked soon-mine is a 2007 White SLE model and only 22,000 miles on it-you would think this would be covered under warranty??
    I'll keep you posted once i have mine checked...
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    All valid points-I agree.
    as you stated-the traction control is awful-if it rains and especially when it snows-I'm all over the road-or if i'm at a stoplight-i sit & tires spin with out hardly giving it any gas-i love my 2007 acadia but that is my biggest complaint...i wasn't sure if the AWD handled better?? anyone know?
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    I think I read yesterday that a driver with an AWD acadia did not seem to have any issues like our FWDs have with traction. That individual saw snow at the corner and attempted to slide a little with no luck. But again I've also read that the cooper tires provide much better traction than the stock tires do. Like I said I have just under 72,000 miles and I need to get new tires pretty much in a week or so. The problem is both the stock and the cooper tires seem to be on back order around here, so hopefully I can keep using them for a little longer.
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    You are right, Mr. Engineer, about keeping the numbers in perspective. Some of the 2007s have different issues than the 2008s and I suspect the same is true with the 2009s and 2010s. Actually there was a recall of the sunroofs. Along with my recall notice, they also addressed a problem with the motor that runs the wiper blades. I took mine in and had those problems fixed. It took 3 times and a different dealership to get the leak fixed, but it is fixed now. I was told the problem with our dual sunroofs was because the drain tube was too short. With weather conditions, the tube would expand and contract and eventually disconnect itself making it possible for rain water, car wash water, etc., to enter the cab of the vehicle. It was a big problem and I have noticed that dealers in my area aren't ordering Acadias with sunroofs anymore. Maybe 1 or 2 on the lot, but not like it was when I bought mine. They all had the dual sunroof option back in 2008. It took some time, but they did recall those vehicles.

    I have a 2008 SLT1 AWD. I live in an area where it is winter 5-6 months of the year. This car is phenomenal in winter driving conditions. Of course, ice is ice and whether you have 4 wheel drive or not, you are going to slide if you brake suddenly if you are going too fast. I, too, have stopped worrying about every little thing. After owning over 20 cars/trucks in life, I can honestly say that the Acadia has given me more cause for concern than any of the others. But, keeping that perspective, cars are getting a little more technical and adding features we could only dream of 20-30 years ago. Each of those amazing features lends an opportunity for failure! There really is a lot right with the vehicle. It has made it so I don't care if I ever own a car again. I am flat spoiled with the ease of getting in and out of the car, especially after knee surgery, and if you are transporting kids or seniors. It is perfect! It isn't too tall and it isn't too low! The seats aren't quite as comfortable as the seats in the Cadillac Escalade my daughter drives, but hers came with a higher price tag.

    I really hope they can get the bugs worked out. It has a lot of possibilities. I hope they make the interior a little more upgraded, like more comfortable seats, a little more use of leather on the doors and less plastic, upgraded carpeting, better looking and better quality headliner,etc. The interior is a little inferior for a mid 40s priced car. Love Onstar, rear camera, parking assist, heated seats, great sound system (Bose) and great safely ratings, remote start, remote tailgate lift, and dvd player. It could use a gas cap with a release lever inside the car for a little less opportunity for theft of fuel, and heated captains chairs in middle row, like the new Yukons. Just spoil me, GMC!
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    I too have a 2008 GMC Black Acadia and love it except for the awful groaning noise the steering wheel makes every time it is moved left or right. Does anyone know if it poses a safety issue or not? It sounds like it is futile going to the dealer with this issue as they will do nothing for it but take your money. If anyone knows if it is just a rather annoying noise and does not need to be fixed in any way other than sticking cotton in ones ears, please let me know.
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    I've posted a few messages with a 2008 SLT Acadia. It's my wifes car and the engine completely shut down twice in traffic in 11,000 miles. We tried to get the dealer and GM to give us our money back as i have a 10 year old that will not (and should not) get back in that car.
    I've read the engineer discuss how this is a minority of the cars with problems. He obviously hasn't had this problem or he'd think differently.
    GM told us that the car is fixed to THEIR satisfaction. What a joke.
    So we're stuck with a dud. This is too bad and very frustrating. GM! you should be ashamed of yourself.
  • ntellyntelly Member Posts: 10
    Oh I've had that noise...if I remember right, they did change my steering box or was a very annoying sound. I also kept losing my steering when it was wet out. You never knew when it was going to happen. It happened when I had to make a turn one time. That is awful. It does come back in a few seconds but ..scary. They said they had shields on order that had to be put in to stop that problem but I swear it never did it again after they fixed that noise. I did bring it back for the shields too (the shields go in the wheel well). I've had most of the problems with mine that others have posted. Pretty much everything except the shutting off while your driving thing...thank god. I keep reading that though and I'm afraid that'll happen too. I do love my car though despite all that! I have a 2007 Carbon bought in Feb 07.
  • vancomanvancoman Member Posts: 5
    We had that sound. It was awful. I am not sure if it was a safety issue or not. However, after we found the right dealer they managed to fix it. Apparently, it had to do with air getting into the power steerting system, so they drained the air or something like that and then the noise was gone. However, they also said that the air was getting in to due a fault in the steering column or something and they replaced that. Since the drained the air the first time, the noise is gone. What a relief. Even though our warranty had expired, they worked it out with GMC that we would only pay about $200.00 or something like that, as it was clearly a fault i the design, or whatever you want to call it. It would be good if your dealer could get in touch with my dealer so they two mechanics can talk to each other, or if you like, I can try and get more detailed information from the dealer and try and find out exactly what they did and post it on here. However, I also know that if you tell your mechanic that you read about this problem on this website, they have a tendency to not pay too much attention to these things, for whatever reason.
  • cgz2001cgz2001 Member Posts: 7
    cdarja, your car is most likely having problems which are in the 'minority' of problems GM is seeing. I would not think otherwise if I had your acadia.

    I know a guy at GM from college. I'll see if I can get in touch with him about your issue.
  • cdarjacdarja Member Posts: 5
    I'd be interested in what he says. Thanks
  • brown2428brown2428 Member Posts: 9
    I've been offered a replacement of any gm vehicle, but must also pay a usage fee.
    Did you have to pay for this out of your pocket, up front? How does that work?
    Did you get stuck with a car payment higher than the one you were previously paying?

  • cade08cade08 Member Posts: 2
    How do I remove the driver's side tailight lens from my 2008 GMC Acadia?
    This is not the part of the tailight that is located on the trunk lid, but rather the
    part located on the back fender.

  • cgz2001cgz2001 Member Posts: 7
    I haven't gotten in touch with him yet, but if I do I will post back.
  • kerrie1kerrie1 Member Posts: 7
    I too was offered a replacement vehicle. They started my usage fee when the car first started having problems. I think 16,000 miles. I only owed 7,000 on the old car and the difference with the new car was 4,000. We acually took the new Acadia home on Fri. The process took about 2 hours and went smoothly. You just borrow the lump sum of all of the above and GM pays off your old car. My car payments went down 150 a month and now we have a 2010 that is under warrenty. The difference in it and the old one is night and day. My old one could barely make it up a small hill. I cant believe they actually have a dept at GM for buybacks. I dealt with someone named Alicia and she was great. The dealership tried to pull a fast one over on us by saying we couldnt use the 1.9% interest rate and tried to do us at 6%. I told the guy to call Alicia, he put her on speaker phone and she said.. Sure they can do 1.9%. That really helped with the payments. We also signed up for extra coverage since payments were cheaper. Email me back if you have more questions.
  • brown2428brown2428 Member Posts: 9
    I owe a lot more than 7,000. I probably have dead equity in my vehicle from the vehicle I traded in for the acadia. I didn't know they make you go back through credit checks and all that stuff, I thought you just go and switch vehicles and sign new papers. I did have one person from GM tell me my usage amount was about 4,500 and that I do have negative equity, not sure how all this is going to work for me. I definitely don't want a higher car payment. Did they let you pick up from the number of years owed on the other car or did you have start from scratch, like financing for 5 yrs? I went and looked at some chevy traverse; they are not as roomy as the Acadia, may go look at the Acadia this week.

    Thank you for replying back to me, I'm glad they took care of you.
  • chennis123chennis123 Member Posts: 3
    I had the same issues a couple months ago and tried talking to Lemon Lawyers about luck on that front. Who did you talk to about getting a replacement vehicle? Did you go to the dealer first or someone else? Thanks for the help!
  • tt6tt6 Member Posts: 2
    I own a 2008 GMC Acadia...I have had multiple problems with it and am sooo thankful for extended warranty! To begin with...the cluster..where all the gauges are had to be replaced 4 times during the first 2 months of ownership! Stabilitrak, Traction control would always go out when making a right hand turn...a computer glitch they say. Power Steering...what power? This is on it's second repair. Transmission...well it's in the shop now...4th day...2 seals and 1 gasket are leaking..including the one behind the torgue converter...and they think there is air in my power steering????...So this is the life of an Acadia owner... To those that think that this is a problem in only a few of the Acadia's think again...Every noise you hear in this car...needs to be fixed...and it will have something to do with the power steering and transmission...get you car into the shop and print off every complaint on this website and every other one out there...Every Acadia on the road has a problem!
  • loachloach Member Posts: 246
    Wrong. Every Acadia on the road does not have a problem. My '08 Acadia has 23k miles so far. Only had a couple very minor problems early on that were fixed by the dealer under warranty and have not recurred.

    I understand your frustration with your Acadia, but when you make blanket statements you lose credibility.
  • goodmaj1goodmaj1 Member Posts: 13
    Just checked - only 8 more lease payments to go! Woo hoo!
  • duijiduiji Member Posts: 17
    I bought a factory certified 07' Acadia SLT2 AWD that has been in for maintenance almost 2 months of the 18 months I have owned. I did not buy a helicopter!!! It is always something Sunroof leaks, replaced power steering pump twice, replaced struts, stabalizer linkage, cam shaft timing chain and now other than the fact they can't seem to fix the engine light and the automatic opening liftgate there is a severe grinding in the front end when in snow or ice. They say that is traction control but it can't be the sound that I am hearing but how would they know they just write it off to that. I have 40k miles on it and it is junk. If it wasn't for the powertrain warranty I would be broke. I cannot afford to keep this, I am reviewing my options and contemplating legal actions but you can't sue the government without permission :)
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