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Mitsubishi Endeavor Maintenance and Repair



  • k203206k203206 Posts: 20
    I live in Southern California and at Riverside Mitsubushi, they advertised (5) 2006 Endeavors for 21.4(k). I sent an e-mail to them to specify what options these cars had. It claimed the MSRP 27.9(k). If these end up to be base models, is this a good advertised price? Based on the previous e-mails the price looks pretty good, but I don't know if this maybe a bait and switch tactic... :confuse:
  • k203206k203206 Posts: 20
    Sorry, I Posted #185, in the wrong topic / category. It should have been posted in the Prices paid section. :)
  • kriogurlkriogurl Posts: 2
    I own a 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor with 60,000 miles. In June of 2005, I replaced the brakes by Fox Mitsubishi. Several weeks ago, I heard a grinding noise and I took it to another mechanic, who indicated that asbestos part of the brakes had fallen off and there was a problem with the calipers. I took the vehicle back to Fox Mitsubishi and advised them of the situation. I have never worn out breaks in a matter of 6 months and I could not understand why calipers were missing. They said I needed both front and back breaks, which would cost $1100. I feel thats ridiculous. Does any one know how long breaks normallu last and what is a reasonable cost for break work.
  • kriogurlkriogurl Posts: 2
    You need to watch those brakes. :sick: It could be a more serious problem and if the dealership is anything like my dealership, they will not take responsibility and will charge an outrageous price to fix the problem. :lemon:
  • I smell rotten egg odor in the cabin at all speeds. I use premium gas, so thats not it. Ist is getting worse as time passes. Mitsubishi says its a "fuel issue", not a warranty issue and wont do anything. But they have put out a servive bulletin on it. Anyone else have this problem ?
  • kodenamekodename Posts: 141
    Yes. I have noticed a rotten egg smell(2004 model year) but not all the time. Usually it's when I shut it off in the garage or some other enclosed area.I don't smell it inside the vehicle , but only when I get outside the vehicle. It's not real strong and it's not very often. I use mid grade fuel(89) most of the time,when I'm not I'll go the premium(91-93)When it comes to gasoline, I have no brand loyality.Do they think it's the fuel??
    I've never mentioned this to the dealer because it is not an issue for me due to it's infrenquency. Any idea what the Mitsubishi Service Bulliten says about It? Bill C.
  • The bulletin says to try different brands of fuel. Try to find one that dont stink. When you find one that doesnt , it may take up to 10 tanks get rid of smell. Its got something to do with catylitic converter chemistry. I am very unhappy ! It may have something to do with ethanol in fuel, which is becoming more common.
  • kodenamekodename Posts: 141
    In reference to ethanol fuel, where I live in the midwest it's added to all grades of fuel at 99.9% of the places that sell fuel. In my recent trip out west,it was nowhere to be found.I never noticed the smell on the trip, but that may not mean much as it was always outdoors and seemed windy all the time!This Ethanol is a real political football. Personally I don't see it saving any fuel in real terms, and every study I've seen has a political bend to it.E85 is the latest darling and the mileage is terrible with it from what I've read. Do the math, it's no bargain even with subsidies. These farmers don't seem to give a hoot, they just want to sell their corn for a profit no matter what, and the politicians like wise don't know squat, except they want to be re-elected. Do you notice the smell more on short trips or long trips? The majority of time I'm buying Shell fuel , but as I said earlier, I'll buy it where ever. I hope you can get a handle on the stink issue.Good Luck. Bill C.
  • You are right on concerning ethanol, its a scam by the Farm Bureau and other farm organizations. The ethanol scam wouldnt be possible without federal corn subsidies, which the taxpayer pays for. Shell fuel seems to cause the least smell. no diff long or short trip.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Not to mention the subsidies Big Oil gets. :blush: Since this is the Endeavor discussion, feel free to continue the scam talk over in the Is Ethanol good for the environment? discussion where it's more on topic.

    Steve, Host
  • kodenamekodename Posts: 141
    Here's a problem I'd not heard of before: My 2004 Endeavor's CD player has always worked fine playing music CD's on around the town driving. Things are different however when your out for most of the day driving and listening to a book on CD. After 20 or 30 minutes of playing the player begins to freeze up for several seconds.If you watch the counter in the display, there's no movement. Maybe 5 seconds later it starts back up skipping maybe a few seconds of dialog.If you eject the CD, it's quite warm, almost hot. If you let the CD disc cool, (5 minutes) it will then play thru the same section without any problems, but 5 minutes later, it starts freezing up again. This has happened on more than one CD and always after the first 20 minutes or more or playing time. Mitsibishi has agreed to replace the unit, but I'm told they've had no reports of this happening. Does Anybody have any insight to offer on what's going on here? Running the heat or the A/C has no effect on the problem & I've run a CD cleaner disc thru twice with no change.Bill C.
  • 2004 Endeavor XLS

    Our Endeavor XLS won't turn-over. It sounds healthy during the whole process and sounds like it is going to start, but never turns over. It has been to the dealer twice and they are unable to note any problems or fix it. Each time it is towed to the dealer it starts for them.

    The first time to the dealer it started right up and they ran a bunch of tests and reprogrammed the key. They found no errors and we tested all keys for it. They suspect that the ECU (immobilizing unit) was failing, but could not prove it. They asked me to look for specific lights on the dash and around the key ring (the green car in the extreme lower left of the dash and blinking of the green light around the key ring). Neither of these indicators ever came on.

    Luckily I paid nothing.

    The second time to the dealer they changed the air filter (it was admittedly dirty). Once again they could not isolate any problems. When I went to pick it up, it didn't start. It would just continually sound like it is turning over but never actually start. After several minutes of trying it started. We chalked it up to the air filter.

    NOW AGAIN the darned thing wouldn't start. Each time it is towed it starts, so this leads me to believe that something is bumped or jarred and it will magically start. The ECU is several hundred dollars and won't be ready for a week or so as they order (estimated).

    The car was 200 miles out of its 36000 mile warranty when I took it in the first time (we bought it BEFORE they extended the warranty).

    I'm wondering if anyone has information on this error/problem, what I can do to get the dealer to call in a Mitsubishi Tech expert, or somehow get them to say something other than "We don't know what it is." I am looking to get the situation escalated to the next level of service.

    Where else can I look for information regarding this?

    This is the second Mitsu I have bought from this dealer, but I will never buy one again, not from them, not from Mitsubishi. They have not tried to accomodate me in the least. You would think that they would offer a courtesy vehicle when our car has been in their shop for over 2 days. The dealer has "courtesy vehicles" about on the parking lot.

    Thank you for your time,

  • kodenamekodename Posts: 141
    I'm confused. You state the Endeavor won't "Turn over".yet you say it "sounds" like it's going to start? Since you say it doesn't Turn Over , just what are these sounds? To everyone I know Turn Over would refer to the engine rotating via the starter. If it won't "turn over" as you say, and that's what you mean , that should be easy to diagnois starting at the neutral safty switch. Short of that, it's a lot of smoke and mirrors if the dealer cannot get the problem to show up in their shop. Maybe the Mitsubishi mechanic can drive it for several days while you find other transportation? Not the ideal solution, but maybe it would get to the problem. As for a loner, I think your SOL. I was only offered a loner once in 38 years of Car ownership and that was when I drove a in warranty Mercedes. GM once had my new Fiero for several days for a fan motor for the radiator. They would rent me car , but I declined. I haven't purchased a GM since. Same type of thing happened with a VW, and a new Ford
    Have you asked to talk to a Mitsubishi service rep? DO NOT tell them you will "never buy another so & so car ever again!" You might as well shoot yourself in the arm , it wouldn't help any either!
    After giving everyone a reasonable chance to fix the problem, ask about the lemon law in your state,and/or contact the better business bureau for advice. I suspect they don't know what the problem is and they and Mitsubishi are reluctant to just start throwing on new parts that are almost certain not going to fix the problem. It's a bummer, I know. I've been on both side of the counter. Bill C.
  • herewegoherewego Posts: 9
    I am considering an Endeavor. One deciding factor over the SUV's is the gas mileage. If I have to use premium gas, that defeats the purpose of saving money. What would happen if premium gas was not used?
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    On average, Premium runs about 10 cents higher than Regular. If you drive 15,000 miles per year, and average 20mpg, that equates to 750 gallons per year. 10 cents times 750 gallons is only $75 more per year you will spend using premium.

    And, from what I hear, some of those who do not use Premium in the Endeavor develop spark knock.
  • herewegoherewego Posts: 9
    Thanks. That brings up a concern with buying used. If the previous owner did not use premium, is spark knock a serious problem? Can it be corrected by starting to use premium?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,480
    spark knock is only a problem if it is prolonged (that is, not just a quick "rattle") and if it occurs while the vehicle is working (going up long hills, towing, etc.).

    If you have the combination of long duration of spark knock + occuring during heavy work load, that can be deadly.

    Otherwise, using premium fuel will correct the condition (but not of course prior damage, if any, from pre-ignition).

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  • immars13immars13 Posts: 3

    I own a brand new endeavor 2005. Let me tell you a breif story:
    bought it in febr. 06, a week later a stupid driver casued an accident, my car was in the shop until april 18, 2006.

    when i drove it home i discovered AIR NOISE. the kind that a window would be open and wind seaping in. annoying to say the least. i called the body shop guy and he said it is common in endeavors. i never noticed it before - in that one week i had it. i think it is something i would have picked up on.

    anyone here have that issue or heard of it ?????

    please help.

    thank you
  • kodenamekodename Posts: 141
    Even in strong crosswinds I have no air noise around the doors , windows or anywhere else. I drove a rental unit before I bought my 04, and it too was tight and quiet. Bill C.
  • I am very close to buying a 2006 ltd endeavor at it has beed quite encouraging to read that there are many satisfied drivers out there. I am used to posting on the explorer sites and lets just say that there are a few more issues.... Can anyone out there give me a reason why I should not buy this vehicle? I appreciate any info provided....Thx :confuse:
  • I constantly hear an annyoing rattle coming from the rear of the cabin. I have yet to identify where it's coming from but I'm guessing it's the latch mechanism that releases the hatch.

    It is very, very, very annoying. Anyone else experiencing this problem or happen to know what it is?

    - Petronius (California)
  • lyttlelyttle Posts: 1
    I have an 04 ls and yesterday my dr side controls stopped working. I tried using the psgr control and they worked. I checked fuses under the hood and they are all fine. I checked the fuses on the side and they are fine. I am a bit confused the psgrs window is now stuck fully open and the control for the window on the psgrs side doesn't work either. The lock button on that side works. I am baffled and it is sunday. No dealer is open. I am just praying that it doesn't rain. Does any one know what the story is with this and any possible solutions. Also One can't remove the door panel easily to explore the connections. :confuse:
  • jeffw2jeffw2 Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 XLS which was going fine until 5 months a ago when I started hearing a high pitched whine when I hit 40 MPH. It would get louder as I sped up and would stop when I stopped. After several trips to the dealership, I finally convinced them I was not losing my mind and the chief mechanic agreed that he heard it as well. A call to the Mitsubishi service centre resulted in no solution - replace the transmission. The car has 47,000 miles on it.
    The District Manger was then called in and he heard the noise. His response was that this is normal wear and tear but for a one-time deal he would authorize the gear set to be changed.
    This has yet to be done (waiting on parts) but I am curious if anyone else has come across anything like this. One of the deciding factors was their warranty but they do not make it easy.
  • 911man2911man2 Posts: 8
    Me too.....faulty propshaft bearing (AWD right?)....starts when car warms up after 10-15 mph or when I accelerate hard. Whole propshaft needs replacing.
  • jeffw2jeffw2 Posts: 2
    You are right about it starting after the car has warmed up. I will mention to the dealer.
    Thanks for the tip.
  • tks123tks123 Posts: 3
    Intermittent "squeak" or high pitched noise that doesn't seem to relate to anything. Sound comes from the power steering column. Dealership replaced the power steering pump but now says that Mitsubishi will not repay them under warranty. According to the service tech who also drives one of these cars - this is something that is happening in a lot of them and Mitsubishi says "too bad". Anyone else with this problem? :confuse:
  • jwiz1jwiz1 Posts: 8
    I had the same problem regarding the loud whine after the vehicle warmed up (started at 30 mph in my case). Propeller shaft and assembly was replaced (quickly - dealer had parts on hand - and at no cost -- so this may be a common problem). Dealer service department knew what it was right away. No B.S. No problems since (it's been 16 months and 15k miles since the repair). Great vehicle so far (30k miles).
  • lepercanlepercan Posts: 1
    My 2004 AWD Endeavor with 28K miles had the same problem ... loud whine at > 30 mph. Still happened when in coasting in neutral so I knew it wasn't the transmission. The mechanic heard it when we went for a test. They called Mitsubishi and found that there was a service notice (not a bulliten) on it. The propeller shaft was replace at no charge at all to me. The dealer was great! They spent a lot of time trying to diagnose and research the problem and had the car back to me in a couple of days. I still love my Endeavor! It's been a great vehicle.
  • immars13immars13 Posts: 3
    have an 05, only has 2880 miles. when i got it new it was just like the reviews, was a truck but drove like a car.

    but now i feel the engine force more. it takes a tad longer for the gears to change. there is a clear increase in strain from the engine and it doesn't "drive like a car" anymore.

    could it be the switching gas? i had it on shell it was fine, then put chevron and now shell again (all premium).

  • servantservant Posts: 6
    Did you ever get the air noise issue resolved? We had a rock chip then crack in windshield on our 05 endeavor. After replacement we had wind noise... windshield company has been back twice more to attempt to resolve... still not right. they come back tomorrow to do total windshield replacement again. I checked in with my dealer service manager today to find if there are any tricks or things to look for... he said no.
    welcome any suggestions or ways it was resolved for you... if it was!
    Still love our Endeavor otherwise, but can't/won't put up with the wind noise.
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