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Pontiac GTO



  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    I always thought that Grand Prix has always been called "Grand Prix". But mayb that's becaus I onl cam to thi countr in 1990?
  • rcc442rcc442 Posts: 56
    All of the time the Gran Prix was RWD (up to 1987/88), it was named "Gran Prix". The Grand Am was always "Grand Am". And that's where the confusion came in. My guess is that vehicle registrations across the country were inconsistent, back in the day when clerks entered title and vehicle registration information manually, for each car/customer. Some would correctly type "Gran", others would be careless and type "Grand".

    Of course, the name for the car came from the Gran Prix Formula One races, which originated in Europe; hence the spelling "Gran Prix".
    I was disappointed when Pontiac gave in and added the "d", thus acknowledging the average American's laziness to understand the origin and history behind the name.
  • montanafanmontanafan Posts: 945
       The Grand Prix has always been "Grand". From its first year in 1962, through it's last rear wheel drive year in 1987, through the current generation. Same as "Grand" LeMans, "Grand" Ville, "Grand" Am, and "Grand" Safari.

    And according to the Formula 1 web site, they spell everything "Grand" also.

    And I didn't do great in High School French, but "grand" is the French spelling of the english word "big". There is no French word "gran".
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    In French it is spelled Grand, but the D is silent and the word is pronounced Gran with nasal N.
  • slickwilliedjslickwilliedj Posts: 252
    Hi, I'm in the Miami area. what dealer are u talking about. Would love to talk to them about the price and actually see those left over T/A'S...
  • slickwilliedjslickwilliedj Posts: 252
    I have a brother inlaw that has a 01 Camero ss convertable. He's done some mild mods to ito such as corsa exhaust, airlid,k&n filter,new shifter, tower brace for the front end etc. anyone know what a covertable ss weighs in at?

    we got into a discussion about if the gto would out perform the ss or t/a or not....

    was wondering if anyone that currently has GTO has raced a SS or T/A?

     personally i think the gto might have a slight edge on the f bodies especially when comes to ride and handeling...

    seems these f body owners are getting kind of worried about the gto and if they come out next year with the 385 - 400hp judge or whatever they decide to name it watch out theres gonna a be a new player at the drag strip taking names!.... (:
  • rcc442rcc442 Posts: 56
    It's Sheehan Pontiac - GMC, in Lighthouse Point.
    Call them about the T/A's before you go, though; while there was one in the showroom last time I was there, who knows if it's been sold since then!
    Let us know how you make out!
  • midwesttradermidwesttrader Posts: 291
    "Dealers say the GTO-touted as a halo car for Pontiac-suffers from bland styling, a high sticker price and no incentives."

    Then why in hell are some still trying to gouge every dime out of buyers? Never mind, I know why, because in some areas they can.

    "GM has a 168-day supply of GTOs, well above the 60-day supply that is considered ideal."

    Kill this still-born failure now and start building the '05!
  • montanafanmontanafan Posts: 945
    Do you think the 168 Day supply matters? According to Automotive News there were 4,200 GTOs in the US on May 1st for 2,800 Pontiac Dealers. Do you believe that it is excessive to have 1.5 cars per dealer on the ground? If it takes 150+ days to get a GTO once the order is accepted for production, does that make a 168 day supply excessive?

    My first thought after reading this article was, good thing his dad is the editor and his Grandfather founded the company. At least he could have made the math add up. Or he could have assumed that the cars that have been built, will be sold. And it was great they way he said that a high volume car with less equipment and less horse power costs less.
  • midwesttradermidwesttrader Posts: 291
    It does matter that they have built 8500 (according to the article) and sold 2451 at a rate of about 600 per month. It will take them 10 months to sell what they have made right now. Why build any more '04s?

    As far as the author of the article or his ancestry, I could care less.
  • robertkcalrobertkcal Posts: 14
    First off, the car is not a failure. I for one don't regret buying one. I'm sure that real owners feel the same way. This car is a blast to drive and is well built.

    Would I like to change some things? Sure, but I'm happy with the way it looks.

    The failure has come in the allocation of where these cars are shipped to:
    Most of these cars have gone to the Detroit area, where some dealers have 10 in stock and maybe 25 allocated to them for the remainder of the year's run. Now, alot of people in Southern Michigan, either work for the car companies, are retired from them, or work for a supplier. These people buy their cars at Manufacturer's cost. Right now, GM won't let their employee's buy the GTO on their plan.

    While here in Los Angeles area there are only 16 actual cars available (gmbuypower, where if a dealer has a car, the ranking is 100%)and there are dealers asking $5,000 to $10,00 over sticker. My local dealer was asking $10,000 over sticker and he sold the car in a week. (don't know what he actually sold it for)

    And in some areas of the country, the dealers can't get cars to sell.

    So, it's not the car, it's GM and the greedy dealers that have caused the slow sales.

    Now as far as the 05's go, GM will probably make some changes to appease the critics, such as Split exhaust, sunroof, hood scopes, chrome wheels, and maybe the LS2. So the next thing that people will trash the car about will the higher prices associated with the changes.

    You can't please everyone!
  • robertkcalrobertkcal Posts: 14
    I just went to NEWAGEGTO.COM and read all the comments about "The Real Slow Sales Story". Very interesting.
  • sportgtosportgto Posts: 14
    GM is offering the GTO to employees at the special price, it's up to the dealers whether or not to sell at that price.
  • v8lincolnguyv8lincolnguy Posts: 273
    I ntoiced that article mentioned an ad campaign that was launched in November. Other than those Pontiac ads I've seen in the car mags(the 3 page deal that starts with the GP, then the Bonneville GXP, and then ends with the GTO) I have yet to see any GTO ads. I can't recall any TV ads. You would think with a hot car like this, there would be lots of advertising.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    Pontiac has had some dedicated print ads in most of the major car magazines. And the GTO has been part of their overall "Fuel for the Soul" (or whatever the tag line is) TV campaign. Thinking Samuel Jackson provides the voice.
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    I opted for a G-35 over the GTO last month. I'm a little bit disappointed with the interior room in the Infinity. I went to a local dealer that has about 10 GTO's in stock and was allowed to drive one... they even have a used one. It's hard to get out of the car without a big smile. It gets it, however... I've seen the real GTO roll out, the Mustang, the roadrunner, camaro, firebird, etc. etc. I've never seen a car rolled out that has generated so much "Wait till next year," wait for the new model, wait for the new engine, wait for some options, wait for the Ls2, again...etc, etc. People are a little scared of buying the present car and finding they have a second best next year or in the near future. Luckily for Pontiac, we are a nation of having "the first one on the block," and "keeping ahead of the Jones." Just a little bit weird to see all the wait and see rather than build one for me right now. If I knew the car would stand pat as is for a few years and not be rendered obsolete in 24 months, I'd be in one tomorrow. Just my observation, I could be wrong!
  • jrdwyerjrdwyer Posts: 168
    I got a sales flyer in the mail the other day about the Pontiac GTO (probably because I subscribe to Autoweek). What caught my eye was the performance versus efficiency numbers of the 6 spd GTO. 0-60 in 5.3, 29 mpg highway, 3725 lb. vehicle. Wow! Many 4 and 6 cylinder engine cars don't do much better on the fuel and do much worse on the performance end. So is it just a matter of higher gearing with the 6 speed? And could smaller engine cars get comparable gains in fuel ecomony with more gears? Thanks in advance.
  • rcc442rcc442 Posts: 56
    ... and for those who want to wait longer, the next generation GTO will probably debut in 2008, built in the US, on the new Zeta platform. See: mp;cat_code=carnews&content_code=00187759&Search_Type=STD- &Search_ID=2163158&record=1

    Article says production on the Zeta platform will probably consume an entire assembly plant in the US, which leads one to believe that many more models will be produced on it, in addition to the 2007 Buick and 2008 GTO. Says platform can be built in two wheelbase sizes, and can support convertibles. No mention of Chevrolet models (yet).

    Wonder how it will stack up against the platform Holden is using today, which is reportedly stronger than most US GM platforms, due to the more rugged environment there.
    Also wonder if the GTO will keep its higher-quality interior materials once production starts in the US, or whether that quality will slide back to typical North American GM standards.
  • The closest platform to the Zeta would be the one in the new GTO. Holden are the guys designing the Zeta platform so i would assume that its would be pretty strong. Also the Zeta is based on the current VT platform. I would have no idea if the us divisions can or will mess with it in their cars but i hope not. As for interior, hopefully its better but I think it would still be gm quality.
  • WHATA THINK?????????????
    I have a brother inlaw that has a 01 Camero ss convertable. He's done some mild mods to ito such as corsa exhaust, airlid,k&n filter,new shifter, tower brace for the front end etc. anyone know what a covertable ss weighs in at?

    we got into a discussion about if the gto would out perform the ss or t/a or not....

    was wondering if anyone that currently has GTO has raced a SS or T/A?

     personally i think the gto might have a slight edge on the f bodies especially when comes to ride and handeling...

    seems these f body owners are getting kind of worried about the gto and if they come out next year with the 385 - 400hp judge or whatever they decide to name it watch out theres gonna a be a new player at the drag strip taking names!.... (:
  • jae5jae5 Posts: 1,206
    In my neck of the woods I haven't seen ONE neo-GTO on the street, but there's a dealer about 4 miles from me that has about 10 - 15 of them sitting on their lot. Dont' know what the prices are (not in the market), but they've been sitting a long time. I know when they got the first couple they were asking $6 - $8k over the "market adjustment" price, which was about $3 - $5 over sticker price. Couldn't test drive it, no pics, no nothing. Another dealer 1.5 miles done has 4, all inside tucked off. Hell, lately I've seen at least 2 SSRs, many Crossfires, Pacificas, and 300Cs, even a couple PT Cruiser convertible and a Cobra R on the street. Not one neo-GTO Morano.

    In terms of advertising, I've seen the GTO commercial a few times, doesn't do it. There's more excitement in the Grand Prix commercial. It seems the advertising is like that of the Marauder: the commercial ran for about a week then kaput, they were always advertising that there was a promo on speed channel, though I believe it only came on a few times and never when it was listed in the TV Guide. And I didn't know of the movie that came on June 2nd (did it come on?). Where were the promos for that? They should have been airing promos for that weeks prior and all last weekend, especially considering it was a long, holiday weekend. And train the salespeople at the dealers about the product, please.

    Not trying to put anyone down, and if you bought one, great! Hope you're enjoying it and didn't get suckered into paying too much for it. I understand the allotment situation (kind of crazy), the gouging, the "first on my block, gotta keep up with the Jones-es" reasoning of getting one (though they nor the Jones-es can afford it), but the car isn't selling. Again, it may be from the "wait till next year", which is Lutz to a tee, but these aren't selling in the majority of markets.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,496
    July Road & Track has a comparison test between the GTO and the Mustang Cobra that I thought was interesting in that it brought out the GTOs strong points---what the car is, and what it is not supposed to be.

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    The movie on USA network was a C-. Bad script, bad acting and not enough GTO. A Mitsubishi Eclipse and other GM cars were on screen more. They modified an '04 and made it look like a ricer. They also mocked up an old Tempest to look like a '69 Judge and then drove it off a cliff at the end of the movie!
  • bigdaddycoatsbigdaddycoats Posts: 1,058

    Enjoying a place back in Pontiac’s lineup for the first time in 30 years, the GTO answers the call of modern muscle car enthusiasts. For 2005, the GTO receives a new engine – the LS2 V-8 – and new exterior choices The LS2 produces 400 horsepower (295 kw); up from 350 horses (261 kw), and 395 lb.-ft. of torque (546 Nm), up from 365 lb.-ft, (495 Nm). More rumble comes from a new, split dual-exhaust system and new exterior options include two new colors and an available hood scoop.

    taken from here: rview.htm
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    You must have access to parts of the GM media site some of us don't. I've searched and tried and can't peel down the link you posted directly from the media site.
    Thanks for posting it!
  • jae5jae5 Posts: 1,206
    Wow, that's disappointing!! It sounds like they were catering to the F&F and 2F2F crowd, not the actual buying market. Especially with you mentioning the Tempest being driven off a cliff. Maybe it's more revenge for the F&F scene when the blown Charger beat the Supra past the train, despite the Supra having a two-stage nitrous system and the Charger had a big-A hole in the block from chucking and piston and rod. Hell, it even beat the Supra when it bounced off the truck. flew in the air and wrecked out.

    Drove past the Pontiac dealer Friday, had three out front with hoods and decklids open, with the other seven sitting on the side. None made me want to take more than a very quick glance let alone drive in and check them out. Kind of sad because GM finally had a chance to provide the public with something they had been asking for and they kind of half-*ssed it. I still say this should have been the Camaro, which most of us were asking GM to do years ago, along with the Ute as an El Camino & Commodore as an Impala.
  • ezraponezrapon Posts: 348
    after viewing bigdaddy's link, only a fool would buy a present model GTO. Leave it to Pontiac (GM) to blow it wide open like this. Unless they drop the prices down to the 26k-27k range, no informed buyer will touch these obsolete edsels. Can anyone say...Fiero?
  • Hi, here is the complete report taken from gm media site but I found it posted completly on

    This is from

    What’s new for 2005
    LS2 6.0L engine replaces LS1
    400 horsepower (295 kw)
    395 lb.-ft. of torque (546 Nm)
    Available hood with twin air scoops
    Revised rear fascia incorporating outlets for new split dual exhaust system
    Polished exhaust outlet tips
    Larger brake rotors and calipers
    Red-painted calipers with GTO logo on front caliper
    Driver foot rest
    Two new colors: blue and grey
    Model Lineup
    Engine Transmissions
    6.0L V-8
    6-spd man

    (Tremec T56)
    4-spd auto

    (Hydra-Matic 4L60-E)





    GTO – the original muscle car – was re-introduced last year and returns with more power and style for 2005. A new LS2 6.0L V-8 engine replaces the LS1 5.7L engine, bringing with it an increase in horsepower and torque.

    The ’05 GTO packs 400 horsepower (295 kw) – up from 350 horses (261 kw) – and 395 lb.-ft. of torque (546 Nm), up from 365 lb.-ft. (495 Nm). Transmission choices are the same as the ’04 model’s: The Hydra-Matic 4L60-E four-speed automatic is standard and the Tremec six-speed manual is optional. GTO’s more powerful engine should lower the 0-60 time to less than 5 seconds.

    Enthusiasts will immediately spot the brawnier ’05 GTO, thanks to new badging and a revised rear fascia that incorporates a new dual-exhaust system – it splits the GTO’s two outlets, routing them to opposite sides of the rear fascia. The exhaust tips are polished for a more refined appearance.

    Also available is a new hood design incorporating a pair of stylish air scoops. The scoops draw fresh air in to the GTO’s engine compartment.

    The badges identifying the ’05 GTO’s bigger V-8 include a “6.0” badge on the trunk lid and revised “GTO” fender badges, which now incorporate “6.0 Litre” designations. The original 1964 GTO also wore “6.0 Litre” fender badges, but at a time when almost every other American manufacturer referenced engine size in cubic inches.

    Along with the GTO’s power increase comes improved braking performance from larger brake rotors, calipers and pads. The calipers are painted red and the front calipers feature the GTO logo.

    Additional changes to the ’05 GTO include two new colors (blue and grey), as well as driver foot rest. A line of regular production accessories (RPAs) based on the 2004 GTO Performance Plus SEMA concept vehicle is scheduled for start-of-production availability. The accessories include a tall rear spoiler, front and rear fascia extensions, rocker molding extensions and grille inserts. As part of GM’s RPA program, the accessories can be ordered and installed on the vehicle prior to delivery.

    LS2 details

    Compared to the Gen III-based LS1, the 2005 GTO’s LS2 V-8 incorporates several significant changes to help improve performance. The block is an all-new casting with cylinder bores measuring 4.00 inches (101.6 mm) in diameter. The cylinder heads and camshaft are revised, too, to deliver the airflow necessary to complement the engine’s larger displacement. Other changes include:

    New aluminum block casting with revised oil galleries and provisions for external knock sensors – external sensors improve serviceability
    Camshaft lift increased to take advantage of increased cylinder head flow
    Camshaft sensor relocated from the rear of the block to the front of the block provides room for new oil galleries
    Flat-top piston design with lower ring tension reduces friction
    Piston floating wrist pins help quiet the engine
    More efficient ignition coils require less energy to provide a comparable spark
    Compression raised to 10.9:1
    Larger, 90-mm single-blade throttle body
    Reduced-mass water pump design with improved sealing capability
    Engine “redline” raised to 6500 rpm
    Revised and more powerful engine controller incorporates all electronic throttle control functions.
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