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Volkswagen Passat Fuse and Electrical Problems



  • greatcarsgreatcars Posts: 66
    Sounds like wiring misconnection. Not difficult to fix but you need to be familiar with the car and the alarm system.
  • statto1statto1 Posts: 1
    I have a VW Passat 2003 old model and this is my first posting. Mechanics are fine but have two electric problems. 1) No power to CD radio (original VW model) 2) Outside temperature reading on Climate control reads minus figures constantly even though temp outside is way above freezing. Explained symptoms to a local independent electrical guy and he recommended going to authorized dealer. I don't want to be ripped off at £50 per hour and was wondering if this is an easily fixable problem.


  • wacky90wacky90 Posts: 1
    Boy what a situation with my Passat. :cry:
    For some odd reason the interior lights and the dashboard lights will not come on. I have checked the fuses and tested them, They are all fine. Does anyone out there have any suggestions or help for this annoying problem?
    The local VW Dealer/Service station said," Oh that could be anything!"

    Yikes! :surprise:

    I would appreciate any kind of help.
  • I have a 99 passat and i had just put $950 dollars into the dang thing for the ignition control module, valve cover gasket, and a variety of other things. Needless to say i'm tired of putting money into this car. Plus the nearest volkswagen service center is 250 miles away. So anyways when the switch for the air conditioner is turned to positions one through three the blower does not kick on the "AC light" is illuminated and the radiator fan kicks on. Also when the switch is on one through three the condenser is cooling the air but just not being blown. When you turn the switch one step further (to position 4) the blower kicks on, the AC light turns off and the air gets progressively warmer as the condenser warms up (turns off). Is this just the switch going bad? A Relay? please help me with this. Thanks :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • I have read through the postings and I wanted to run this by the people here also though.

    I haven't checked the CCM yet but here is what I have.

    99 VW Passat turbo manual trans.

    The sunroof will open when I hit a bump, usually just the venting portion but at times the whole thing will slide open. I can stop and close it but bumping the sunroof selector.

    The right turn signal usually does not work on the front indicator, a few times it does.

    My LCD display on my speedometer does not always display the full numbers, I have 90976 miles and most of the time it just shows the 76. Same thing on the trip.

    Today, first time this has happened, the alarm started going off. Haven't explored that much but I have the car unlocked and it has stopped.

    Any ideas? And is the CCM located under the passenger side carpet? :confuse:

    Thanks for any help on this. Hopefully I can fix this myself or it will not be too expensive. :)
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    And is the CCM located under the passenger side carpet?

    Actually, I think it's on the left (US driver's) side.
  • Opps, Yes I should have stated that the car was in the US, left handed drive.
  • bbtkbbtk Posts: 1
    Just bought a used 2000 Passat 118,000 miles. Here is the situation. I can start it 50 to 75 time with no problems, then I will go out, try to start it and it won't do anything, no lights, nothing. It is a stick by the way. I will let it sit for a while, yank the steering wheel around, push the clutch in and out in no particular order and then it will start sometimes, I can push it and jump start it every time but this off and on thing is just too much. The cycle just keeps repeating itself. I am afraid to take it to a dealer for fear that it will cost an arm and a leg. Can anyone help?
  • 600kgolfgt600kgolfgt Posts: 690
    I would find a private VW mechanic. Avoid the dealership at all costs after the warranty period expires.

    BTW - It may be one of two items:

    1) The battery. Check the eye on the battery and make sure its green. If the eye isn't green, you need a new battery.

    2) The ignition switch. If you have too many keys on the same keychain as your ignition key, the extra weight hanging on that keychain will cause pre-mature wear on the ignition switch over time. This applies to any make and model of automobile. The only key that should be in the ignition switch is the ignition key. Remove all unnecessary keys and/or miscellaneous items from the keychain.

    I gave my wife this advice when she bought her 2003 Passat, and she follows it to the "T". She keeps her ignition key separate from the rest of her keys.

    Once you get your ignition switch replaced, as long as you follow this advice, this will no longer be an issue...

    Hope this helps...
  • Both master key remotes for my 2003 Passat stopped working at the same time. Won't lock/unlock the doors, open trunk or control the alarm. I checked all the fuses and they Ohm out fine. Seems like it has to be on the vehicle end since both remotes quit working at the same time but since the fuses check out, I don't know where to start looking. I tried to the reprogramming steps in the manual but neither method helped. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  • blake8blake8 Posts: 1
    In a huge rush I incorrectly connected the jumper cables on my ‘01 Passat. Not noticing that I had just done it tried to start the car.
    Now the car will not start at all.
    I checked the all the fuses and did find 1 that was broken. That may solve the ABS problem once it’s running again.
    I am aware that this can cook the ECU. What else is there that can be damaged. What else should I be look for?
    Thanks in advance for any advise.
  • fox7190fox7190 Posts: 1
    I was putting a window regulater in my passenger front door and I put the window down and now none of the windows work, the interior lights, head lights, don't work and the car will not turn over. I checked all the fuses and they were alright and I have a book and it said that it could be a possible relay but the book does not show or tell what relay is for what. They all have numbers on them but no way to tell which one controls light, windows, and starting of the car. If anyone has any info please let me know. Thank you
  • rdaniel1rdaniel1 Posts: 1
    Over the last 5 weeks my Passat has been to the dealer 5 times for the same problem. The turn signals will work for 2-3 days and they will stop all of a sudden. The 4-way flashers continue to function. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  • caronjcaronj Posts: 1
    I have an 06 Passat with a push-in key. The e-brake is stuck on and the car cannot get out of park. When the key is in positions 1-3 of starting it, there isn't any electrical items turning on. The overhead lights and the picture of the car will turn on showing the door is open etc. but not stereo. The key can move from positions 1-3 but CANT get removed out of the ignition. The dealer can't get the key out and are looking for help too. What's up and how can I fix it?
  • sebby27sebby27 Posts: 4
    I have a 98 1.8T Passat

    My friend and I installed a K&N air intake yesterday and we unplugged the negative terminal battery because we tought we needed too... (still dont know if we had too but he had to for his 96 audi A4 and it turned out fine)

    we connected the intake perfectly but then went to go start the car and it turns on and acts like it stalls (its tiptronic).
    after 30 seconds the car shuts off.
    i drove it down my street starting it every 30 seconds but it drives really bad and shakes the entire time we drive it and the battery and check engine lights are on and the radio is in safe mode and has the number 1000.
    Now i dont know the code... and i dont have the sound system book either because i got the car used and it just simply never came with 1....

    what do i do?!?!?

    that car is my life
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    Put the factory intake back on and return the K&N.
  • bomecanobomecano Posts: 2
    hi if you jump start your car and it start it it 100% your batterie some time the batterie does that on the volks
  • bomecanobomecano Posts: 2
    hi you have to change the light bulb on the ac control unit pool out the knob and the front plate and the light are there
  • mybedellmybedell Posts: 1
    hey mandy i'm having the same problem with my 99 passat what did u do to fix the problem?
  • Hi,
    I have contacted you previously and no doubt you saved my loads of cash by letting me know how to change the dash light bulbs in my vw passat.

    I have a bit of a problem, well a major one in this case.
    I have a VW PASSAT 2000 (W reg). and all of a sudden the wing mirrors have got a problem. when i twist the little joystick on the driver side to the left wing mirror position i can adjust the wing mirror fine. but when i do the same for the right wing mirror, the left wing mirror also adjusts. i dont know why this is happening.
    I opened the little joystick holder: removed it from its fitting in the car and cleaned it, checked it but the problems still there. the clips & pins are all fine. i assume its a fuse problem or something. and didnt know what else to do.
    I would be very grateful if you could help me out with this problem. as the last time i needed help you sent me a site with pictures showing me what to do. very helpful. i hope you will not disapoint me this time either.
    Sorry, didnt know how to get the posts up, last time i typed the problem in google and went to the page where i could type the problem. i saved your address but couldnt find the question posting page hense getting my problem to you this way. please do respond.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    It's not a "bug", it's a feature. In the US GLX model, the mirrors do that. They're supposed to, IIRC. It's a system by which they are coordinated so that when another driver adjusts the mirrors, they move in sync.

    Check your owner's manual on setting them individually. I have a GLS model (my mirrors don't do anything fancy), so I can't help you any more than this.
  • regggieregggie Posts: 1
    We replaced the hardware and the windows would not operate properly all the windows stopped working the sunroof,radio,ABS what the beep is going on. Checked all the fuses with a FLUKE meter the next time I will visually check every fuse.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    You'll need to post more info to get a reasonable response. What hardware did you replace?
  • melohellomelohello Posts: 2
    I have an 06 Passat and as I reached the city limits, I was passing another vehicle and all of sudden my inside cabin goes humid and no cool air is coming out. I freaked a bit, rolled my windows down and went home. An hour or so later, I leave home to go to the store and to see if its working, I turn my a/c on and its working again, so I was like OK, it's working. When I leave for work the next morning, no cool air, and thus, I have gone for 3 days without a/c in my car and I live in south Mississippi and we're in the middle of a hot summer...YIKES!

    My hubby took the car to two mechanics in town, in order to avoid taking it to the dealership. The first put it on the gauge and said that I was completely out of freon, then when he turned the vehicle on and had it connected to the gauge it read that I did have freon so he speculated that it could be an electrical problem. He then took it to a second location and they claimed that I had freon in it, but it seems that my compressor continues to run even after the car has been cut off. I'm not sure, but I think they also told him that the compressor continues to run while the car is on and never shuts off. I know my a/c still blows out air, but none of its cool.

    How is this an electrical issue? What could be the possible problems? Has anyone else had this trouble? :confuse:
  • dsnbdsnb Posts: 1
    Help. I have a 2001.5 VW GLS Passat. 3 days ago I could not get the trunk to open. Tried the release placed on the drivers side door, nothing. Now the car won't lock even when I try manually. This morning put the key in the ignition, nothing. All lights on dash go on, radio plays, head lights work. Any ideas???
  • I have a 1999 Passat GLX and I have the exact problems you have experienced. The trunk thing and the intermittent problem of the car not starting and then if we wait for minutes sometimes hours it starts and we have no problem. The first time it did this was two years ago, then a year ago and then 3 months ago and then twice this week. I am desperate for a solution and worry if I take it to the dealership it will be thousands of dollars IF they can figure it out. I can't believe someone else has both these identical problems. Would love to know the solution before I go the shop for repairs! Thanks,
  • Guys,

    Many of the reported issues sound similar to an issue I've had with my Passat..

    There's a 10amp fuse that controls the windows and the alarm system (which also controls the ignition system).. don't recall the exact fuse, but it's in the bank of smaller fuses up top and the fuse card displays the windows and the engine I believe.. the manual discusses fuses, descriptions, and amperages in more detail... if you blow that fuse for some reason, not only will the windows not function, but the car will not start since it also controls the alarm system..and subsequently kills the ignition.. replace this fuse and the car should start...

    This fuse has blow on me several times.. intermittently.. go figure..

    One thing to add.. one time that fuse blew multiple replacements and left me stuck out driving... On a whim, I put the clutch in, turned the ignition key to start, held it there, and then inserted a new fuse... in that situation the car started and the fuse did not blow... and hasn't blown again since.. go figure.. not sure why it would not blow in that situation, but if you ever have this issue, give it a try..
  • rickjbrickjb Posts: 1
    2006 Passat 2.06 Turbo Runs great, last month or two, intermittently you push in the key it cranks, seems to start, you let go of the key and it dies. It takes maybe 10 tries, maybe 5 and then it starts normally and runs great. Anything you do with the gas pedal makes no difference. It never dies and idles fine after it starts. Does it when it is hot or cold, with the tank full or not, totally intermittent.
  • Last week both my 1 year old headlights burn out aty the same time.
    Four days later my battery is dead.
    I replaced all.
    This week the new battery is going dead and the key comes out of the hole red hot.
    Key hole itself is red hot.
    Everything else in the car electrically is working perfect. Driving lights, fog lights, etc.
    It would seem that there is short in the ignition switch draining the battery or causing a draw while the car is not is use.

    So why the headlights both burning out at the same time?

    Any ideas?
  • Does anyone have the correct locations for the right and left fuse panels? The description in the owners manuals mentions fuses not in my panels. I am specifically interested in the fuse for the front right headlight (dipped beam).
  • Hi,

    I have a 2003 Passat V6 MT. Here is the situation:

    1.Wednesday: Wouldn't turn over- just the click click of the starter. AAA gave me a jump; started right away. I then drove aimlessly for half an hour trying to charge the battery. Got home, parked; tried to start again, no luck.
    2.Thursday: Got another jump and drove to the shop, where they checked the battery and said it wouldn't hold a charge. New Interstate battery; also, changed the cabin air filter while they were at it. Drove around a bit, made several stops. No issues after new battery.
    3. Friday: Ran a few errands, no issues.
    4. Saturday: Went out for a few hours, on the way home the instrument panel started flashing random fault lights and beeping at me. Pulled into the driveay and turned off the engine. Immediately tried to start the engine and it is dead- this time not even the click click of the starter. No accessories working, very dim interior lights only.
    5. Sunday: Wake up, try the car and it starts no problem! Go to the museum, get in the car to go home and click click. Got a jump and drove it straight to the shop, where it is sitting because it is Sunday.

    Sorry about the lengthy description. Here are some thoughts.

    1. If there was an issue with the alt and the battery was not being recharged, I probably wouldn't have been able to start the car this morning after a seemingly very dead battery yesterday.
    2. It has been a very dry summer in MN, but raining these last few days.
    3. I do recall at some point seeing some water in the trunk, sort of made a mental note that it was odd and then forgot about it.

    So I have been reading all the informative posts and noticing a trend with the fuel control module and the CCM being affected by moisture...thinking is it a coincidence that the problems of the last 2 days occurred on rainy days?

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
  • My turn signals and emergency flasher are not working. I am convinced that the flasher relay needs to be replaced. After searching in vain to find the location of the relay I went to the dealer to buy the flasher relay. It turns out that the emergency flasher switch and relay are one unit. My problem now is I don't know how to remove the dash panel in order to replace the the flasher. I tried removing the glove compartment thinking that I can get access to the back of the relay but I could not even get my hand in there. Can anyone tell me how to remove the dash panel? Or is there another way of replacing this switch (without going to the dealer)?
  • To: johnrbek
    THANK YOU. I found the fuse you described - it was blown - replaced it, and everything works... except...
    following my installation of a replacement fuse, I started the car (successfully), then turned it off and exited the car. Used my key button to unlock all the doors, and went to put some tools away. Within a minute, the car beeped all by itself, and all the doors were locked! I tried this three times; car will not stay unlocked for more than a minute! Soooo, the underlying problem causing the blown fuse is still out there. But, again, thanks - you have saved me mucho mula.
  • The Jetta's and Passat's have a security feature that when you unlock the door/s and then don't actually open the door/s the car automatically locks itself back after a few seconds. I believe this is to protect you from unwittingly unlocking the door/s as you walk away from your car leaving your car vulnerable.
  • My dad just found a website that describes the replacement process step by step (my mom's car is doing the same thing). He found it at I noticed that Recalls had been instituted for the same years of cars for Volkswagens GTI and Jetta. And just like the Passat, the relay and Hazard Flasher were one unit. One would think that VW would be willing to replace this as well since NHTSA considers turn signals a safety item.
  • My Passat randomly turns on warning indicators i.e. door is open, airbag fault, steering wheel fault, low tire pressure, etc. When this happens the doors lock and the car will not unlock. If i shut off the car, it will not restart. In 1.5-2hours the car resets itself and is fine for another 3 or 4 weeks. The dealership says their are no fault codes. Is anyone else having this problem? :cry: :lemon:
  • Hello,

    This morning, I tried to unlock my car but to no avail. I tried to start it and nothing. No lights, either. Basically it was dead. I just got a new battery so I'm pretty sure it's a problem w/the fuse as discussed.

    So, I opened the fuse box to see which one was blown...the only question is how can I tell? They all looked okay. I'm assuming they look like a light bulb when they burn out, but I'm probably wrong. Need help. Thanks.
  • Just replaced the blinker switch on my steering column this week. After switch it out. I realized that now the blinkers and windshield wiper both don't work. I believe that I probably blew a relay of fuse. The fuses are all fine but where is the relays for the blinker & wipers? Are they both run off the same relay??
  • Thought it might be battery, so took it out (it's a new battery). The shop recharged it so now I'm thinking...alternator? Maybe the alternator drained the battery.
  • I am not sure where the wiper relay is but the turn signal relay is incorporated with the emergency flasher switch on the dash (at least on my 2000 Passat). I had a problem with the turn signals and could not find the relay switch. I just went to the volkswagen dealer and ordered it. Turned out the 4-way flasher switch and turn signal relay is one and the same. Just order the wiper relay. Once you have it you will know what to look for. However, the two relays going bad at the same time is highly unlikely. There may be another problem.
  • I have a 2003 Passat and noticed that recently (last week or so) that it didn't start quite as promptly as it used to. Nothing drastic, just a hint of hesitation as it started. A couple of days ago, it seemed like it struggled a little more than that, but it still started, and I drove to work (about 30 mins). When I got there, I turned the car off, and tried to start it again to see how it was. No problem; started fine.
    Anyway, I just went away for three days and the car sat there until tonight when I tried to start it and it barely turned over and it won't start at all. I haven't replaced this battery so it's 5+ years old. Does it sound like the symptoms of a battery that has just reached the end of its road, or something more sinister?
    The 2003 Passat doesn't have a battery warning light does it? I don't see one, and no light was coming on last week when the troubles started. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • About a month ago, my drivers side rear door electronic lock stopped working - all of the others work with the remote control as well as the drivers master switch - but this one doesn't. Took the door apart and replaced the electronic door latch - that wasn't the problem. Not certain why just one door would stop working - any suggestions?
  • We recently bought a 98 passat, last week my wife was driving home from work and she lost all blinkers.
    I pulled out the hazzard blinker switch in the dash and reinstalled it and now the blinkers are working again, but then yesterday she noticed that her tail lights are not working.
    I have checked the fuses and they are good but there is no power to them, I plan to next check the relay but the Chiltons manual does not give info. on which one it is.
    Any ideas?
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    I'm shootin' in the dark here (pun intended), but you might want to check the brake light switch on the brake pedal arm, under the dash. There was a recall on this for some model years, dunno if yours is one of them.
  • No tail lights, or no brake lights?
    For no tail lights, turn headlights on and see if any of the other running lights or marker lights are working. If they are, you may just have 2 bad bulbs. If non of the tail, running or marker lights are working, check fuse with test light to verify power is going through both sides of the fuse. Next step is to verify light switch is sending power to each cicuit.
    Your taillights are not on the same circuit as your hazard and brake lights. Unlikely it is the brake light switch.
    If brake lights are not working. Depress brake pedal with heavy object and check fuses and at least one bulb socket for power. If they check no power, check brake light switch for power it, and going through it while pedal is depressed.
  • Check the wiring in the accordian looking rubber between the door and the pilllar. I had the same problem and spent 3 hrs and $60 bucks to replace the locking mechanism, and it works for 1 day. Looked at the wiring and there were broken and frayed wires.

    Good luck - hope this works.
  • I experienced the same problem with my 2002 Passat. The hazard relay switch was the culprit. This switch operates the turn & hazard signals. A dealership in OH wanted $132 to replace it. We ordered the part from the Internet for $26. It was pretty simple to replace.
  • I need help with a 2002 Passat W-8 with all wheel drive and all of the other goodies. I have problem with ingnition locks alarm door locks windows. The dealership just replaced the igniton and the comfort control module and still noting. We need a good idea to what else it could be. Thanks for annyone's input.
  • I just got off of the phone with the dealership and I think that I have a big problem with the electrical system. They have replaced comfort control module and the ignition switch and tried to start it up and still nothing even with the diagnostic tools of the dealership. I need something that I may suggest to them that will help. No door locks work, dose not start, alarm dose not work, windows do not work, and they have no idea what it is. Dose anyone have any tips.

    Someone who neeeeeds help.
  • i have similar problems to others with my passat-remote c/l,electric windows and int lights all out of action problem is i checked my ccm under pass. side footwell[uk] and everything is bone dry in fact brand new.dont want to buy 1 if its not the prob.thanks for any help
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