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Volkswagen Passat Fuse and Electrical Problems



  • jcarey12jcarey12 Posts: 2
    I have a Pasat, that is having issues. Occasionally it will not start, when it doesn't start, the power locks don't work, the power windows don't work, and when I take the key out, the radio stays on. There will be times when it works fine for a week, but then randomly won't start. I can always tell when it won't start, because when I open the door, the interior light doesn't turn on. Any suggestions on a solution for this problem?
  • mnmattmnmatt Posts: 5
    It looks like you're suffering from the infamous Comfort Control Module issue. Many others, myself included, have had those same symptoms, which we're able to eventually trace back to the Comfort Control Module. Personally, when pulling up to my kid's school, or the gas station, or anywhere else where it would be possible to leave the car running if I so chose, I'd try to turn on the interior lights. If they worked, I'd go ahead and shut off the engine, confident it would start again. If the lights didn't come on, I'd leave the engine running, since I knew it wouldn't start up again.

    My problem usually resolved itself after the car sat for awhile. The last time, however, it didn't start after sitting for several hours. I'd previously had some luck when I tinkered with the CCM, simply removing it and plugging it back in. After doing that, the problem didn't come back for several weeks. It eventually came back with a vengeance, though. So I ordered a new Comfort Control Module from the dealer ($379.59, tax included, just for the part), and left the car where it was. Four days later I went back to the car, and it still wouldn't start. I removed the old CCM, plugged in the new one, and still nothing. I about lost it. However, having read through this thread in its entirety in the past, I knew that sometimes it's not the CCM, but the wires that go to the CCM. So I started twisting, pulling and kneading wires, and next thing I knew, the car started right up. I drove it home, put the old CCM back in, put the new CCM back in the box, and I haven't had a single problem in the six weeks since then.

    Somewhere farther back in this thread you'll find instructions or a link to another site that has instructions for replacing the CCM. It's located under the carpet in the footwell on the left side (driver's side in the USA) of the front seat. When water leaks into the interior, the CCM (a circuit board) can get wet, or the wiring can get wet. Water wasn't the culprit in my case, at least not that I could tell, but you can also find suggestions for unplugging drain holes in the engine compartment and the sunroof, which when plugged will allow water into your interior.

    If you inspect all the wiring, jiggle it around, whatever, and the problem doesn't go away, or if you see evidence of water on the unit, I'd be happy to sell you my new CCM for less than you can get it for from the dealer. I used it for about 30 minutes before putting the old one back in, so I know it's good. Being an electrical part, the dealer wouldn't let me return it once the package was opened. If you're interested, the part number, which you should check on yours to be sure it's the same one, is 1C0-959-799-C-081. I'd be happy to send you pics of the unit and a copy of the invoice.

    Good luck to you, and if you have any more questions, I'll hopefully be able to answer them.
  • jcarey12jcarey12 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your response. I have not been able to start the car for two days now, so I definitely need to check the CCM. How difficult is it to access this part? If you could post the link on how to get to the CCM that would be a great help to me. If I end up needing a new CCM altogether, I will contact you. Thanks again for your help.
  • folbfolb Posts: 54
    I have a 96 Passat. My issue was the battery kept dying. I removed all the fusues and then reinstalled them. Haven't had the problem since. Maybe one was arching and grounding out somehow.
  • mnmattmnmatt Posts: 5
    I know it wasn't a battery problem for me, because all the dashboard lights came on, the headlights worked, and the radio worked, even after several days of the car just sitting unable to start. The power windows, interior light, and power locks did not work, and the ignition would not turn over if I turned the key.

    Here's the site where I learned how to replace the CCM. They have a 1998 Passat, but the CCM and the wires are identical to my 1992 Passat wagon. When I moved the driver's seat all the way back, I could push the carpet back far enough to pull out the large plastic box that holds the CCM, and I can get to the thick bundle of wires alongside the door opening. I still haven't bothered to put it all back together, so I'm driving with a large plastic box on my floor, and the trim strip from the door opening loose. m-for-the-volkswagen-passat/

    I see in one of their photos that the part number on their CCM is slightly different than mine. Mine is 1C0-959-799-C-091, and theirs is 1J0-959-799-K-something (the picture cuts off). If the wiring isn't your problem, make a note of your particular CCM part number.
  • 2003 Passat just changed the window reg clips and now the same problem not windows, remote locks, button locks than unlocks, no cabin lights, gas door, rear hatch lock .

    Did you ever solve yours?
  • Sounds to me like the CCM. Read message #392 and #397 for more symptoms. Message #401 has a link to a site that has instructions for changing the CCM.

    Beware, though. The CCM problem can also be wiring. In my case it was wiring, and just kneading the bundle of wires fixed it for me. Which is why I have a brand-new CCM I'm willing to sell. Contact me of you're interested, but thoroughly check the wires first.
  • timw8timw8 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my Passat right now. What ended up being the problem?
  • Check the ground's in the wire loom leading to the ccm. When you open the bundles of wire, remove the black tape type wrap, and you will definitely see corrosion at the bad joints. I would also check the grounds up on the side wall to the left of your brake pedal.
    Finally, check the operation of your door lock on the driver's side. Make sure the electrical portion is actually letting the car know the door is open. (Otherwise I have had it happen, on a Jetta most recently, where the door lock is the culprit, and the car thinks someone has climbed in without opening, and unlocking the door, then the anti-theft kicks in.)

    Changed numerous Ccm's and respliced many wire looms and most times you can take care of it. Just be careful, and take your time. There are about 70+ wires, spliced down to 30 something, and then down to the ccm plug. So be thorough.

    Good luck guys!
  • hi their my passat is playing up the same way! which fuse box or use checking the one beside drivers door?
    king regards donald
  • When I got my Passat tdi 2002, only had a few minor concerns, ie; couldn't open the boot lid using the switch on the drivers door; some of the warning lights on the dash wouldn't illuminate; still the car ran ok. Then the alarm started going off for no reason, thats when I started searching the web for info, took the carpet up to reveal the ccm box & wiring. these were wet but nothing major; anyway let it all dry out for a bit and the alarm started to behave itself. Latest thing is that the car thinks the drivers door is open; took it apart; took the lock mechanism apart resoldered the lock curcuit board; put it back together but the problem remains. Inspected inside the ccm box and all seems well, all fuses checked, all ok, no visible problems with all wiring leading to ccm box apart from it still being damp ( havn't had chance to sort leak out yet ). Disconnected the light in drivers door and turned all interior lights off so battery doesn't discharge but still get the door open sign and beep on the dash when driving ( ironic, cos this didn't come on before this problem arose ). Not sure about next step, any ideas would be welcome lads, cheers
  • jojodsmjojodsm Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Passat that hasn’t ran in 1.5 yrs. I gave up on it when I found a junker that would actually start every time I turned the key. Now that my junker is dead, I’m doing my best to figure out what is wrong with the Passat.

    Trouble started shortly after I inherited it:
    – The windows would come down on their own (usually part-way)
    – The alarm would go off intermittently (I would have to turn the key in the trunk to disengage)
    – The battery would be dead first after a week or so. Then a few days. Then a few hours (I replaced the battery to no avail)
    Now, 1.5 years later, after changing the battery again, putting a little Heat in the gas tank and replacing the tires, it started once and ran for about 10 minutes (idling), then died and hasn’t ran since, which was a few days ago.
    We checked the wires going into the CCM and they appear to be fine. We looked at the CCM board itself and appears to be in good shape. The light on the door next to the driver’s lock began blinking after we put everything back together, and the alarm appears to be engaging now by turning the key in the trunk. When we try to start it, the alarm goes off and the only way to turn it off is to turn the key in the trunk again (I don’t have a fob). I am assuming this is by design, but I find it odd it worked after we disconnected then reconnected cables in the CCM. Maybe that is my issue and we can't find the corroded wire?
    The digital readouts on the dash (the mileage and the digital clock) stay on all of the time. I’m assuming something is draining the battery but there may be multiple other issues.

    I’m frustrated and don’t have a lot of $ for repairs. Any other guesses what this may be?
    Thanks for any help you can give!
  • folbfolb Posts: 54
    I have a 96 that had similar issues. My mileage stays on as well. I've been told that moisture can get under carpets and get to the ECM? Check both passenger and driver side. I think I had the most luck removing my fuses and reinstalling. Maybe one is grounding out or something but that seemed to fix my problem.
  • My daughter's 2001 Passat has developed an electrical problem. Non of the windows roll down , the remote will not work on the locks, trunk will not open. That battery seems to drain overnight. I have checked all the fuses and took out the CCM module and visually checked it for water damage seemed fine. Also checked the wiring which seems fine. Is it possible that the board in the CCM has gone bad ? Is it advisable to purchase a new CCM and see if that fixes the problem? Thanks.
  • yanomepeoplesyanomepeoples Posts: 1
    edited July 2015
    I am having electrical issues with my 2003 Passat .. My stereo will cut off after a random amount of time .. The volume will slowly fade out until inaudible while the stereo will still have power to it & display as though it is functioning .. If I turn the stereo power off for a few minutes it will then work for a period of time before cutting off again in the same manner as before where the volumes fades out .. I initially thought it was the factory stereo so I replaced it with an aftermarket kenwood stereo only to have the same result .. Also i have to remove the kenwood faceplate after I turn off the car or it will continue to play after I have exited the vehicle .. Please any advice is welcome as I am trying to avoid a trip to the dealership .. Thank you 
  • krisi03krisi03 Posts: 2
    jim97501 said:

    I bought this car in Aug02 and have put 55K miles on it. Great car though a little expensive to maintain. Here's the problem. A/C quit and I noted the auto climate control panel was blank. Started checking other things and found the following did not function: garage door opener on visor; cruise control (though dash indicator light is on); steering wheel controls for stereo system (dash control for stereo works fine). I checked fuses and all are fine. I have gone to my foreign car mechanic who does all my service and they have no clue. The VW dealer has no clue. There must be a common denominator here but no one can figure it out. HELP! Thanks!

    I keep a pack of #5 fuses on hand in mine due to the same problem!!!
  • LessonLesson Benin CityPosts: 1
    HI everyone, pls the immobilizer light in my passat keeps coming up. i have cleared it with super vag but its up again and the car wont start. please i need help.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    What year is it?
  • I have an electrical issue with my 2003 Passat that I can't seem to pinpoint. My left turn won't go off until unplug my batt cable. They won't even go off when unplug my ccm module, hazard relay, or fuses. Help please
  • dax1111dax1111 Posts: 1
    i want to buy this passat v5 2003 for 500, it starts and runs and then all the instruments stop. what do u think?
  • I have a 2007 Volkswagen Passat 2.0 and I am suffering from various electrical problems cig lighter, fan, key receiver not working, heated seats not working and I have checked all of my fuses anyone know what else it could be.
  • JbzzzJbzzz TennesseePosts: 1
    I just bought my 04 glx.4motion wagon from a local dealership. The gremlin started that night locked the car came back.the windows were down doors unlocked and alarm off. Had it. For. Three weeks and. In the shop for. Half that. Replaced the ccm but. Still having. The issues anyone have any ideas. The dealership told nothing was wrong and they had it for two months and claim nothing like happened, yet two VW mechanics and. The service writer at the VW dealership said that impossible. The ccm was soaked and. The wires corroded. 
  • Lookin_forhelp32Lookin_forhelp32 VirginiaPosts: 1
    So if i were to jump start my 03 passat and put the wrong clamp on the wrong terminal post, what fuse would've gone out?
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