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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Heatwave3 - Accessing the 'way back' seat sure is a nuisance now and this idea sounds great. Haven't heard it before. Where did you see that?

  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    tpken: I think I recall seeing a mockup of a 6 dr Suburban back 6 months ago in Popular Mechanics or Car & Driver.
  • Thank you for all the messages. Our '94 Chrysler minivan completely died last weekend, so I read about 100 messages to be more informed before buying the car a Suburban, which is what we wanted. We brought home a 2002 Charcoal 1500LT 2WD with 2nd row buckets, autoride (I would have never known about the importance of this feature without your posts. Thanks!), lift rear, trailer package.

    My first question is: have any of you done more to protect the carpet? I was surprised that the driver floor mat is about 90% carpet with only a small vinyl spot where my heel is under the pedal. If so, what have you done?

  • sgj55sgj55 Posts: 34
    Ordered my Yukon XL on January 7th. Got the order number on the 15th. Got the TPW, (for the week of the 28th), on the 18th. Truck was built on Friday
    the 25th, I hope that doesn't mean anything! That's 18 days from order to build. The dealer says about 1-2 weeks delivery from Mexico where it was built, hope that doesn't mean anything either.

    Can't wait! Just found out on this site that car
    manufactures are using water based paints, have
    been for years. Dealer said don't do any heavy
    cleaning or waxing for a while till paint fully
    cures. Does this make sense?

    Most importantly does anyone know how to track the truck in transit
    by using the VIN #? I would appreciate any help with that!!! THANKS!
  • I have heard about the 6dr. It has not received final approval that I know of. It seems to be the next logical step though.

    I have no use for this feature (I have the worlds largest 4-passenger rig, Don't let your SUV haters hear that!)

    I am much more interested in the towing, driving and inner-city maneuverability of the Quadrasteer set-up. I am curious how they will integrate the 1-ton axle within the confines of rear sheet metal. (the "Sierra Denali" Pick-up has bulges in the rear quarter sheet metal, apparently necessary for the Quadrasteer rear axle.)

    By the way, I have been following this board for about 6 weeks, Just decided to get involved a couple days ago. I have a great deal of Suburban, Yukon XL, Denali XL experience and insight available for the asking. I get a new rig every 2-3 years, pass the old ones to family and friends (I have information on their maturity as well)

    I tend to leave very little stock. I get alot of enjoyment out of these rigs, and work them pretty hard. Let me know if I can add to this community. And thank you for all of your insight as well.

    Denali XXL
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Let me know if I can add to this community.

    You just did - thanks, and welcome to Town Hall.

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  • balserbalser Posts: 90
    Twice this past weekend, our 2000 'burb acted like it had a dead battery, only to start 15 minutes later. The first time, my wife parked the car in the garage after driving about a half hour, and went out 10 minutes later to start it. It turned over very slowly and the instrument panel lights went way down. When I got home about an hour later it started right up. She drove it several times, then it did the same thing, only this time after being parked for several hours. It started a few minutes later. We took it to the dealer and they tested the battery, alternator, starter connections (the usual stuff) and everything was OK. Any ideas?
  • campo57campo57 Posts: 94
    Did you use the same key each time or did you and your wife use a different key? If a different key, maybe the passkey II system isn't reading her key correctly, hence the shutdown and no start for 15 minutes.

    Just a thought

  • balserbalser Posts: 90
    We'll keep an eye on it because it was her key both times. When I drove it Monday and Tuesday, no problems, but I used my key.

  • Hey guys, just wanted to let you know about what happened Wednesday morning in metro Atlanta. A man was taking his two kids to school and ran a red light. He was hit by a school bus and his kids died. Why do I bring this up here? He was driving a Suburban. I'm not blaming the Suburban. I'm not blaming him for owning a Suburban. I have no idea what he was thinking, but I do know many Suburban drivers feel as though they are invincible in their trucks. They are so big that nothing could happen to the occupants. The boy played hockey and scored 3 goals in his last game. The girl was a pianist and fluent in Chinese. They lived in an affluent section of town, but they were not wearing seat belts on the way to their private school. I know the man was at fault, not the truck. But, please buckle the kids up; and, remember that you are not driving a tank and you certainly are not invincible. Thank you.
  • jphdxljphdxl Posts: 32
    Kids should ALWAYS be buckled in !!

    Similar thing happened not long ago by me. Mother was driving her Suburban around a sharp corner, too fast for conditions, with a child unbuckled in the 3rd row. Hit a tree and launched the kid into the front of the truck. Child died.

    These are not sports cars and need to be driven with care.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    you just have to wonder how in the world anyone can shift into gear without first checking to be sure their kids are properly belted. I see cars on the highway with kids literally standing in the back of cars - moving around from side to side - and shudder to think of the potential for tragedy like this. This father is going to live the rest of his life knowing he caused his children's deaths - a fate worse than any that a court might impose.
  • HELLO TO ALL, We are a family of seven and need
    a bigger car. We are currently looking at a 1999
    Chev. suburban , 1500, 2wd with 70,067 miles at it. The price is 14,900 [not to bad] but at times I think, price is to good to be true. Took the
    vin # and ran carfax report all came out good.
    Is there anything I should be especially concerned
    about? I'm going to have a mechanic check motor and transmission. But is there anything anyone can tell me about 1996-1999 suburbans in case if this one does't work out. My husband just drives it and says [we'll take it] I'm the more cautious
    one. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
  • plrodplrod Posts: 13
    Call your local Chevy dealer and check what service was performed under the vehicles 3/36 warranty. Also if it's changed hands a few times within that time frame that could be a flag. Sounds like a good deal, I just paid 17.2K for a 99 2WD LT Sub w/53K miles last month in like new condition and that had never towed (based on it not having signs of ever having a hitch.) If you see a class V hitch installed and a hookup for electric brakes it's an almost sure sign that the vehicle was used for towing heavy rigs and subjected to more than average wear. Good luck.
  • Good Point,I would of never guessed to look at or for a V hitch hookup. So far I've had a few people tell me the mileage is to high but I've really been doing my homework and most suburbans have high miles. We have been doing alot of
    comparing and it about evens out, $ and miles and
    year. Carfax reported two titles issued but with
    the same title #, same state, so I didn't really
    understand that.Any Idea? mileage looks on target.
    Thanks again
  • My recommendation to picturemykids...Find a 2000 or later Burb. The 99 is the older version. If necessary, spend a few more bucks and get the newer version.
  • We are looking for a loaded LT Tahoe, Burb won't fit in the garage, well will fit, but doesn't leave much room. What is a good going price?

  • plrodplrod Posts: 13
    Treat it as two owners until it's proven otherwise. Your biggest concern though is in the transmission. If that checks out and there are no other issues that you can come up with, don't worry about the motor too much, it should be fine with that mileage and should last plenty more miles. There was an issue with leaking coolant at the heads that I recall reading about. If you end up buying one, go to Jiffy Lube and get a T Tech service, this is where they replace the tranny fluid with 100% new fluid. Then afterwards get a tranny service that includes changing the filter, put on an aux tranny cooler and you'll extend your tranny life. You can also switch to synthetic tranny fluid but you'll have to supply your own fluid bc Jiffy Lube doesn't offer it.

    Regarding the newer models: If you can swing it (funds available) that would be a good way to go; most significant change is with the braking - it's much improved on the new models; it also rides smoother IMO; I just couldn't swing it bc I didn't want to finance my purchase; if you'll be financing, the new ones are very nice. email me if you want more specifics.
  • I have just bought a 96 suburban and it is time to start the customizing. The first thing I am interested in is buying some fender flares.I have a 4x4 with stock wheels and 265/75 tires, so I am just buying them for cosmetic reasons, don't need extra tire coverage. There are so many brands available, I was wanting to know what other peoples experience with flares was. I am leaning toward the bushwacker oe style, or the extend-a-fender style(can get these for $75 less and only cover 1/2" more). Any thoughts appreciated.
  • I just noticed that the pigment from the dash above the instrument panel coming off in my Yukon XL 1500. There was (is) a black streak that I thought was dirt or grease and when I wiped it off (with water) I noticed it became larger. This spot is on the face and not the top where it would have lots of exposure to the sun. Anyone else experience a similar situation? What should I expect the dealer to do to correct it and what should I require the dealer to do?
  • sgj55sgj55 Posts: 34
    I would ask him to replace the part that's
    defective. May be a big job but doesn't sound like
    it will ever get any better. Are you using any
    type of harsh cleaner on the dash? I've only
    seen that happen from long time wear on an older
  • Everyone has been waiting to see them and now you can! Not sure how long before they make it over to the Yukon XL/Suburban, my guess will be by 2004.

    Ryanbab, sorry I know you were not happy with the spy photo, now it has come true.

  • I heard of somone having this problem on a 99' silverado. The dealer attempted to re-stain/paint the dash, but was not successful (in pleasing the owner). They ultimately had it replaced. If it was me I would push for replacement from the start. A repair will never be as good as the original, and you can see for yourself that originals can sometimes have problems.
  • Thanks for the responses. I will ask for replacement of the part. I realized that the part that is flaking off is where I tap my fingers. I occasionally rest my hand over the top of the steering wheel and tap my fingers. Maybe I should switch to talk radio!
  • Just got our new 2002 Suburban LT and would really like to put some larger tires and wheels, I think the 20" look to big, any thoughts? How will this effect the ride?

  • boggseboggse Posts: 1,048
    I was wondering if any of you could provide a little advice. My dad has a '99 5.7L Suburban. I was thinking of getting him a K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kit for it as a 60th birthday present. My question is, has anyone had any problems with these on their Suburbans? On some engines, adding one of these can cause the air/fuel mixture to become overly rich, reducing fuel efficiency dramatically. All comments are welcome. TIA.
  • Saw the new 2003 Silverado and Sierra at the Chicago show this past weekend. The Silverado is radically different. Very similar in style to the Trailblazer front. The interiors have been redesigned also. Though not very significantly. The center console is the most noticeable change along with a new stereo. The changes look to only be from the A pillars forward. The GMC is a grill and headlight change only. The sheetmatal for the hood and front fenders are exactly the same.

    It appears as though the 2004 model Suburban/Tahoes will have these modifications. Also looks like GM will be pushing the 4 wheel steering system that is currently on the Denali pick-up. They had several 2003/2004 model vehicles that had this set-up. Mostly in the 3/4 ton variety. I like the idea - same turning radius as a Saturn. Not sure how much it will add to the price though.

    Also, I am picking up my new Z71 Suburban this evening and have read several posts on the missing rear roof rack lights. Did anyone ever find an after market kit for that application? If so, I have never seen the answer posted here. Also, has anyone put on an after market brush guard? Will the Z71 accept the same guard as the regular Suburban? Please let me know direct to if you don't want to post and you know answers to any of these questions.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Morning Call review.

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  • I have installed the K&N FIPK in conjunction with a cat-back custom Flowmaster 40-series exhaust. Increasing the air flow in-and-out of the vehicle.
    The K&N set-up added a considerable amount of intake "whining and breathing noise" that may be too loud or "different" for a casual modification. I would not recommend this as a gift because of the possible backlash. My '01 Denali XL has numerous additional engine/performance modifications that would render my fuel economy data useless for this comparison.

    As for the 20" wheels. (I would post some pictures if I knew how.) I really feel that they are the best all around wheel and tire upgrade. Not too big, as you can go as large as 23"

    I have Black Chrome BBS RW wheels with 305/45/20 Pirelli Scorpion Zeros. They have never rubbed, have incredible grip in dry/wet even snow. This wheel/tire combination still gives me the curb hopping SUV ability, with a road hugging sportcar ride. In conjunction with the Denali's AWD I would recommend this to everyone.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181

    A Light off-road event in Southern New Jersey! Come enjoy the trails!


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