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Ford Escape



  • I am a new escape owner (finally!) I ordered it on September 9th and the dealer finally called me to pick it up on November 11th. It's fully loaded with a sunroof and leather seats. I must say it was well worth the wait, but I did have one problem the first day I drove it. The gears to the steering column got stuck and wouldn't let me put it to drive. For some reason my brake lights weren't working. Has anyone else had this problem? For some reason I got into the fuse box and took it out and put it back. From then on, it has been working just fine.
  • I'm going to be buying an Escape as soon as the
    dealer can find the one I want. I have
    both the Escape and Tribute and I have not noticed
    appreciable wind noise that others are complaining
    about. I went 70mph in both and didn't notice
    excessive road or wind noise. Granted, I own a
    ragtop now and my previous car had T-tops, so
    I'm so used to noise that I don't pay attention

    I guess I'm going to have to test-drive again and
    pay attention especially for that!

  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    Many mechanics will pull fuses when doing a dealer prep. When it went back in (or from the factory) it may not have set fully. When my new vehicle was prepped, the mechanic got injured and in the confusion, the fuses were not replaced. I caught it when doing a check list procedure. This is a reason to always have a thorough check list to go by when picking up a new vehicle
  • tronsrtronsr Posts: 46
    Please read post 255 at the Mazda Tribute/Ford Escape Problems {3138. This might help solve the above problem????
  • Please, do not buy an Escape. Please, believe every critical thing you here. Please don't pay attention to the specifics of recalls. Please believe that these things are falling apart on the road.

    PLEASE do not buy/order one.

    Why? That way I'll get mine much sooner.

    : )
  • Don't wait for your dealer to find one, you will pay mucho bucks for one off the lot. Order one.
  • Cross posted on Mazda Tribute / Ford Escape Problems

    I placed an order on September 30th for a
    loaded Escape XLT. I checked late October / early
    November and was given a ship date of November 20th. Then came the wiper recall and I knew my SUV would be late. I just checked with dealer today to request the VIN so I could track the SUV and found out why there has been such a delay.
    According to the dealer, the Escape has stop sale / hold on account of the ABS, nothing to do with the wiper issue. Worse, now there is only a partial VIN and no expected delivery date. We estimate that if this doesn't change within two weeks then I almost surely will not receive the vehicle until 2001.

    So just a heads up, accoridng to my dealer,
    the ABS is now an issue. Anyone else got more
    info? I'd like to hear at [email protected]
  • It was not clear from your post, whether you believe the issue is a safety/design concern with the ABS system or merely an availability issue from the supplier. There have been many posts re the latter on the Yahoo Ford Escape Club over the last two weeks. The indication was that no further orders were being taken until spring (more of an issue apparently for the Tribute than the Escape because of difference between Mazda option and standard item on Escape XLT). It is entirely a different matter if Ford/Mazda and their suppliers are redesigning the ABS system.

    Anybody with a definitive answer on this?
  • The delear specifically left me with the impression this was a safety/recall issue. He did say there is some type of stop on the Escape related to an ABS recall which surprised me because I hadn't read anything about it here. Apparently there is a customer's car sitting at the dealership that can't be driven because of a similar recall and the first payment is nearly due. In further conversation, we discussed the expected reliability of the Escape and he is now questioning whether the first year production would be a solid vehicle versus recall and problem prone. The off-the-street customer wouldn't hear that type of talk from a manager at a delearship.

    To put this in to perspective, this guy is the manager at a dealership that will remain nameless to protect the innocent. He and I have known each other personally for over 20 years and we both are Ford people. When we speak about cars, it is in matter of fact terms, not hype. Prices are his prices, not sticker. No service hassles, no fast sales person hussle. I won't buy Ford anywhere else so I trust what he knows about his product.

    [email protected]
  • dpdssmdpdssm Posts: 10
    OK I have been on and off here since Aug, when I ordered my Escape. (Aug 18). 3 Weeks ago given a delivery date of Nov. 10. WRONG ! Called dealer tonight and the new delivery date is Jan 15 ( making it 5 months order to delivery). Now I don't really care all that much because I am going to have the vehicle for a lot of years ( my 95 Explorer has 117,500 miles and is still strong at this point)but if you want a quick delivery on an ordered vehicle, consider the time frame !
  • Well I hope nobody feels too bad about the long wait on Escape orders. I put in an order for a 4x4 xlt v.6 on 9-22-00. I was of course promised a 6 week delivery time. After 4 weeks I called up to check on it and found out that my salesman had been fired but no worries my vehicle was built and would be shipped up to MI in time for Halloween. Two weeks later I hear that oooppps the vehicle hasn't been built yet, wont be built until after Thanksgiving and should be here in the second week on Dec. Ooopps, wait a minute it is the second week in Dec and there's still no sign of a new vehicle. Oh well. Now I'm seriously considering collecting my deposit and picking up a new Honda CR-V.
  • After carefully considering the constructive feedback found here, I made the plunge on a loaded XLT minus leather. Dealer just happened to have the exact model I was considering, so I can't share the delivery pains some of you are experiencing, I also found I was eligible for the Ford "X" plan (dealer invoice minus 1%), so negotiation not an issue either. However, I haven't been exempt from my share of 1st year problems: 1. the fuel smell (dealer even reporting that the repairs had been made) 2. tramsmission occasionally downshifts hard (when coasting/braking to a stop).
    I am usually more critical than the average consumer, however, I have to admit Ford has a good idea in the Escape. More attention should have been paid to the assembly details.
    Now the good news. I am getting about 20 mpg in all city driving (V6 4x4 too). For those on the fence, I can recommend the vehicle but would suggest waiting as long as possible for Ford to work out all of the kinks. My Expedition lease was up, so I couldn't, and I don't miss it a bit.
  • After all the trouble I've been thru to get my Escape, Ford should PAY ME for the truck!!! My special order '98 Contour was totalled the end of September, so I was kind of in a bind to get some more wheels. After extensive online & offline research, I decided on the Ford Escape. I sent off for quite a few quotes from various Internet Online Car Buying sites, trying to get the best deal. What a nightmare. Out of about 10 Dallas Ford dealerships that contacted me thru e-mail, only 2 would give me a firm price, and those prices were not good enough for me to sign a deal. And I thought online buying was the way to go--not so with Ford, or at least not so with the Ford Escape. I was just about ready to give up trying to find an Escape for a decent price, when a dealership in Lewisville, TX. contacted me thru e-mail. I talked to them, they quoted me a good price, I drove up there and special ordered one with every option that I wanted. This was on the 24th of October. I thought it was a done deal. No such luck. One month later, they called me and said they didn't know when I could get the truck. Their excuse was unavailable parts and the Thanksgiving Holiday--Pitiful--come on Ford, you can do better than that. The salesman suggested I get my deposit back and that was that.. Two weeks later I get my 500 bucks back and so I'm back to square one, and the rental car clock from my insurance company is ticking. Now I'm really in a bind, and I'm going to have to start paying for the rent car!! The salesman didn't even offer to help me find a similar one here in Texas or surrounding states.. So much for Ford customer satisfaction!! I've never dealt with so many idiots at so many Ford dealerships in my life. So I get on the phone at 8AM Wednesday, November 22nd, and at 6:30PM I finally found an
    Escape in Houston(I'm in Dallas) that was EXACTLY like the one I ordered. Truely a miracle.
    I called the dealer, told him to hold it for me, and that I'd be there on Friday to pick it up. I flew down to Houston($100), drove straight to the dealer, and bought it. I had to fight the Ford dealers all the way to get this baby. I'm surprised Ford stays in business as messy as their sales dept. is. The dealer in Houston was fine though and very helpful.
    So after all that hassle, I got just what I wanted and it's a beauty. Dark green XLT, fully loaded except for 4WD, and I love it. No problems so far and it's a joy to drive.
    My advice to all who have special ordered an Escape and are STILL waiting: Do a search on your own! You'll get one alot quicker than waiting on Ford to get their sh** togather and build it for you. When and IF you do get one, you won't be sorry. It's a great truck!!
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    Ford is not the only brand having delivery problems. It is mainly a matter of high demand and a limited ability to produce. Add the minor but time delaying problems with part delivery and it gets nasty. Heck, look at the delivery time on a PT Cruiser. My story is with a 2000 Dodge Dakota. I ordered mine in February w/6-8 week delivery. Tracked the order for two months and no progress past a final confirmation. In early May I got concerned. After trying to reach the dealer for two weeks, I got the word that the dealer had folded, owing me, DC and several banks. He is facing federal charges and is not concerned about my deposit. I was on the phone with everyone, but the production year deadline had ended and I had to wait for an 01. They did not not start 01 production until late July. I did get the first one in OK and it came the first of August, but it cost me several hundred more than my original contract after over five months waiting. Any manufacturer will normally take 2-3 months to produce a vehicle. Ford, at least, is working to decrease that where possible, but with something popular like the Escape, don't believe everything the dealer promises you. Anyone who thinks he is only going to have a month wait is inhaling.
  • Hi,

    I have a guaranteed price of $500 over invoice at the dealer I'm using. As soon as they find what I want, they'll bring it in and I'll pick it up. I'm not willing to wait 8+ weeks to order one. The salesman told me tonight that there are six that meet my criteria in the area. Hopefully, one of those will be available. If not, I might break down and order one.


  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    (Buildfords)who posts on Yahoo and works in the line assembling our Escapes, reports working 10-12 hr shifts 6 days per week. He says the line never slows down. He says for quite a while he has mostly been just working and sleeping. I really appreciate these guys for working so hard to solve the real problem - our demand for Escapes and Tributes! So perhaps some realistic patience is called for from us, especially since we are waiting through winter and not through spring. The parts shortages we hear about are the outside independent suppliers trying to keep up with the line. They too are adjusting fast! Maybe with the 10% reduction at GM some of their suppliers now have capacity to work on parts for us. Keep the faith and "your suv" will crank through too!
  • I am in the process of buying a new car. I've really liked what I have seen in the honda cr-v. I just became aware of the ford escape and was wondering if anyone could give me some pros and cons comparing the escape to the cr-v. They seem to be in the same class. I'd really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  • skyrebskyreb Posts: 129
    It all comes down to personal preference. I was in the same situation, and have now ordered the Escape. I liked the V6 engine; the performance; the ride, and the styling. The CRV is without question a fine auto, but I was disappointed in the interior, and the 4 cylinder engine. I live in mountainous country, and the 4 protested going up the hills. The CRV is an older design, whereas the Escape is newer, and in my opinion, fresh. The CRV does deliver slightly better mileage, which is a positive for the CRV. The bottom line for me ... there is no Honda dealer within many miles of my home.
    The Escape has had some early problems, but I believe Ford has acted responsibly, and most owners are reporting satisfaction ... especially the units built recently.
  • I too am in the market for an SUB, and have looked at many; CRV, Escape, Tribute, RAV4...

    What caught my eye was the Hyundai Santa Fe. Rode well, has a V6, and comes 2WD or AWD, in GLS and LX (top of the line) models -- and is the same price $20 -$22K as the Escape PLUS has a 10yr / 100K Powertrain warrenty. I WAS skeptical, but it is now a top choice.

    And by the way - no recalls.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    Most peoplele want to " be sold" a car immediately off the lot and that requires very expensive sales services. The commission salesman that greets you, takes down your name, educates and advises you, and guides you psychologically through the entire deal is required to make the retail deal happen. Also, attractive facilities and a good selection of vehicles on the lot are more expensive overhead cost that the dealer must pay for from the retail sale. Accountants and owners say that the average net profit (after paying all these expensive expenses) from selling a new car at retail is only about $250. Dealers really net most of their profits from Service and selected used car sales.

    All dealers have a second sales channel for educated buyers who don't use retail services and won't pay for them. They use salaried order-takers called Fleet sales, Internet sales, or Plan sales. You too can use them provided you do your Own Homework to provide them the information they require to program your sale into the computerized system. To work with them:
    1. Do not become a customer of a retail salesman by giving them your name. Tell them your salesman is the fleet sales manager. You can still get your demo drive.
    2. Instead use printed and internet information sources such as Edmunds and observation of vehicles at the dealer to help you yourself determine exactly what you want.
    3. Your easiest and best pricing is to use a Ford Corporate sales promotion plan. These are the "A", "Z" and "X" Plans. They are all fixed -price under-invoice set by Ford corporate only and that's it, no expensive haggling allowed. Anyone can qualify for one of these plans if they take a few simple steps to do so. This is by far the best way for a woman to buy a new car because no one can take advantage of her on the simple predetermined deal. Never imagine that using a plan is in any way "cheating" anyone, because Ford knowingly established the plan and fully compensates for the limited services used at the Dealer. Ford doesn't lose when you save!
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    Read all of this! Ford corporate buying plans were developed as a marketing promotion to quietly sell a few extra cars at discount prices to Ford employees, suppliers, and select corporate family "partners" when cars were plentiful. Ford dictated fixed no-haggle prices and Ford corporate advertising charges listed on the Ford Original Invoice, banned any added dealer charges, and processed the sales by computer to reduce dealer sales cost to an absolute minimum, which Ford compensated the dealer for. Each dealer may accept or reject any Plan sale. He will usually order a car but may choose to not sell a scarce car off his lot or trade with other dealers for you. Do not use his expensive retail sales services; use only the salaried Fleet sales manager who will enter your order into Ford's computer!
    "A" PLAN serves active US and Canadian Ford employees and their relatives including parents, children, grandchildren, and inlaws. "Z" PLAN is the same except for retired employees and their relatives. Fixed pricing varies by car but for the Escape is now about 5% below total invoice. Look through your relatives.
    "X" PLAN serves Ford suppliers and select corporate family "partners". "X" pricing for Escape it is about 1% below total invoice. Ford used to manufacture airplanes and has always supported American civil aviation so EAA is a Ford family partner. See If you go to that website and support that organization by your membership, You qualify for "X" PLAN. I personally have done this and bought an Escape using this "X" PLAN. And the organization is important, interesting, and worth supporting. Go and see! Every woman should take the simple steps to buy this way because it is the safest, easiest, and most economical way I know! Make the effort and You will succeed like many others.
    Take enough time to decide very thoughtfully the exact features you want. Calculate for yourself your plan total cost by using Edmunds for detailed invoice prices. Get that Plan PIN over the internet. Use it to order your Escape from Fleet. Don't worry, it's perfectly ethical, you just never bought this way before. Now you are a BUYER. See Copy This Post For Yourself
  • Well, I just got my truck, and to all those out there still waiting, I'm telling you this truck is DEFINITELY worth the wait. Handles great, rides nice, sound system is great with only the single cd non-MACH system. Medium Wedgewood Blue is definitely a great color for this truck, especially in the XLT version with the rims. Though I did wait over 2 months for this truck, and was a little disappointed with how Ford handled my account, I am now a very happy customer. And about the "it's not a real truck because it can't really go offroad" stuff, I find it to be not true, as I took it for a little test drive in a nearby woodland and the truck performed wonderfully. For a pretty low price (but I got it on an A-Plan Price) this is definitely one of Ford's best ideas in a long long time. Good luck to all those still waiting. A little tip, if the dealer is being apprehensive about telling you much about the whereabouts and arrival date, go down there and threaten to cancel the order, they start telling you stuff real quick.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    (BOBMAZDA) on Yahoo thefordescapeclup Post# 12383 had the persistent fuel smell problem and his dealer found a sealing gap and tightened bolts to close it. The smell completely went away even after a 4 hour trip. This fix is easy to try so I think you should check it out if you have the problem!
  • Looked at it, but I think the Subaru Forester is a much better deal unless you work for Ford!
  • I am in th emarket for a small SUV. Thought about an Escape. Began the research and found out that this is perhaps the worst SUV on the market! 5 recalls already and a gas smell every time you warm start the car! Go read the horror stories in the posts on the Escaper/Tribute problems fourm. If you still want this car after reading the posts from those people who are having all sorts of trouble the you are out of your mind! Ford's reputation is really taking a beating this year.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    information on the 2.3 4cyl? I am searching the net at least 4x a week looking for any news on when this engine will be available.
    In the NW Escapes are showing up all over the place. A large Ford dealership in my area has about 12 of them now in various trims. Better than just about 3 months ago..1. Its only a matter of time that production will catch up with demand.
  • Do we really need name calling over a car? I just stated the FACTS about the Escape, 5 recalls in a very few months of production. Not every Escape was recalled on all 5 but those still are not great odds. I urge you to read the Escape/Tribute Problems forum on Edmunds, these are real people who have real problems. After reading those posts if you still want on of these cars go right ahead. Personally, I am leaning toward the Hyundai Sante Fe for the same basic dollars I can get a 5 year protection if something is wrong.
  • Your post was a reflection of a poorly informed opinion. You were the one who told us all that we are "out of our mind" if we consider an Escape.

    Making such a charge is indicative of the fact that you do not know what you are talking about.

    I think that justifies my assertion that with your post you show yourself to be a moron.

    The actual number of Escapes recalled is very low in comparison to the total quantity produced. A fix is in the workd for the few who are experiencing fuel problems.

    Go buy your Santa Fe and stop trying to justify your decision by posting nonsense here.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    People need to read the recalls... There are those who just want people to see the number 5... and think that all Escapes/Tributes have 5 recalls. This is not true whatsoever.
    The Santa Fe may not be the gem you think it is. I have friends who own Hyundia. Read the fine print. You must keep care of the vehicle at a Hyundia shop. And parts can take forever if you need something special. Hyundia doesn't have that great of a track record either when it comes to reliability. They are getting better however. I won't buy a Hyundia, Kia, Daewoo or what ever. No way no how.
    The V6 offered in the Tribute/Escape is much better than the engine offered in the Hyundia. Better HP/Torque curve, more HP and torque.
  • #288 of 296 Update on Fuel Smell - Bad News by terry Dec 14, 2000 (02:24 am)
    Those of you who are experiencing the fuel smell after warm starts might be interested in the experience we are now having with our dealer.

    Escape #1 was taken back by our dealer in November because they could not find a reason for the fuel smell. It was replaced by Escape #2. #2 also has the fuel smell - not just after running the A/I as some of you have reported, but it occurs after any warm start via the air vents whether on A/I, heat or air.

    Car #2 has now been at the dealer's for a week and Ford has given us a rental car. Today we were informed by a Regional Ford Manager that while Ford is aware of the fuel smell problem, there is no fix, nor any date in sight for the fix, and we must return our rental car. They will no longer pay for the rental and want us to either take back the fume car and drive it until a fix comes around, or return it for our money back.

    The Regional Manager says that her head engineer thinks it is OK to drive while breathing gas fumes until there is a fix. (I wonder if they would do that?) It's not OK for me or for my family. Ford will also not put that in writing for us.

    We were told that it would take until sometime in January at the earliest to process our return check. So here's the scenario: I have no car to drive while we wait for the reimbursement unless we pay for a rental out of our own pocket. We need the reimbursement (we paid cash) to buy another car. We are being told we must pay for the rental for another potentially 6 weeks and all because Ford has sold us a car that has a serious problem - for which there is no fix.

    When we complained back to our dealership, the manager said he would "try to work something out" with Ford about the rental car situation, but we have no firm commitments from him.

    The Regional Manager is extremely rude and even went so far as to say that this dilemma "really isn't her problem." Ford is acting like we are a big inconvenience. How that for customer service? How's that for "Quality is Job One" at Ford?

    We're done with Ford for life. This is the most amazing consumer situation we've ever experienced.
    The Consumer Advocate we contacted talked to us at length. They've been getting a lot of complaints about unresolved Escape problems and are compiling information for future action. They advised us to get out from under this car.
    It's bad news.

    These are not my words but just one of the MANY post citing problems with the Escape/Tribute. Hyundai is not perfect but I don't see lots of forum posts and reviews citing endless problems. (in fact the reviews have been pretty positive) Also the auto writers are now writing about the questionable build quality of the Escape. One recent MSN article stated that if they were given an Escape they would give it back because of the poor build quality. Again these are not my words. I am just posting them so that the information can get out and others can make their own minds up. ptmccain seems upset by this and I don't know exactly why.

    I am giving up my 1987 BMW 325iS for a sport ute. I was just looking at the fourms to see what others were saying and join in.
  • Sure, you can post messages from the "complaint" forum. Guess what, you can find complaints and gripes about ANY vehicle out there. Just check around on Edmunds.

    You are foolish for implying that anyone who buys an Escape is, as you put it, "out of their mind." You are foolish for implying or suggesting that every Escape is under a recall. You are foolish for implying that every Escape owner is experiencing massive problems.

    Come over to the Yahoo Escape Club and try this stunt.

    Please refrain from your posts here, keep your neurotic obsession with badmouthing Escape owners to the Escape "Problem" forum.
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    We have a condition in this country. We have a few related incidents that causes fatalities. Before the cause is determined, we have lawyers and media espousing theories with no real facts. They decry the lack of recalls for problems. Ford decides to get major fussy about issueing recalls. Then the media and consumer groups start yelling about the number of recalls and that it means a poorly built vehicle. The reality is that consumer groups, lawyers and the media feed on controversy and problems. They go looking for them and they will create them if they cannot find them. Look at how many times the media has been caught falsifying reports. Would anyone trust a lawyer with the truth? And while many consumer groups have noble agendas, they thrive on publicity. Remember the Aldar scare. Millions of dollars lost by the apple producers over a product that had not been used for years.
    I am sure that there are unhappy Ford customers. Even a 99.9% satisfaction rate is going to leave hundreds unhappy. And many of these treat their dealers with contempt, bad mouth consumer reps and demand instant satisfaction or they will have their lawyers sue and sue and sue. When that gets them nowhere,they get on the internet and bad mouth everyone. The customer satisfaction rate is better than ever, but the expectation rate is climbing faster(except our expectations for the media and lawyers).
  • Precisely! Couldn't have said it better myself. Come on over to the Yahoo Escape Club. It is a lot better than this forum, a lot more active, tons of great people with great information. Do we have folks there who have some problems with their Escape? Sure, a handful. Do we have many, many more who are thrilled with their Escape? Yes, absolutely.
  • Hello all, hopefully most, if not all, of you are members of the Yahoo Escape Club. It has over 1100 members, is a very active discussion group and is an invaluable source of information on those interested in the Escape, waiting for their order to come in, or who have bought one.


    We'd love to have you in the club.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    anti-Ford garbage. I have done my homework on this vehicle and Ford/Mazda have come up with a great little SUV. I cruise the net quite a bit looking for information about the Escape/Tribute. Sure, there are people who have had problems. But this pales in comparison to those who have not had any problems with their Escapes/Tributes. Anyone who has taken Statistics knows more will take the time to complain rather than compliment a product. I am still sold on the Escape as my choice this summer. I am just sitting on the fence waiting for special financing and for the new 2.3 4cyl to arrive. I am reading this is a good little engine. It is going to have 140HP and about 160ft/lbs of torque. It is designed as a truck/mini-suv engine. This engine is showing up now in the new Ranger/B-series compact trucks. The engine is set to be available in the Feb/Mar time frame in the Escape/Tribute.
    Its funny too. Even with all the Ford bashing I am still seeing these on the road more and more... The consumer makes the choice not the media...
  • I spoke with a dealer for Mazda about the Tribute/Escape while shopping for a new SUV this week. I asked about the problems. He stated that Mazda designed the car and then Ford took over to build it. Ford changed several parts from the ones Mazda specified in the design. Using Ford suppliers and parts that other Fords have in place of the parts specified in the design. Not an uncommon thing in these kind of design/build partnerships. One part was the steering wheel which Ford changed causing problems with air bag deployment (it deployed at the slightest bounce). Acording to the dealer these "changes" by Ford have been part of the problem with the Escape. He also stated that the Mazda Tribute had problems too, it was not just the Ford version. I think this dealer was being up front with me as I was comparing several brands of autos that his dealership sells. His recommendation was for one of the other brands on his lot.
  • As of 3:00pm Central Time, we are the proud owners of a white, Ford Escape XLT 4x4 with every option besides the side impact air bag and the 6 disc changer. The best part of our deal was the price. We bought the Escape for $22,655.40. That's $392.60 under invoice price on the vehicle. I am so happy with the dealership and the salesman, that I had to hop on here and post who we dealt with to get this sweet deal, and the resources we used to come up with our offer.

    Dealer: Adamson Ford in Birmingham, AL
    Salesman: Bob H, the internet guy, they'll know who you're
    talking about.

    How we got this sweet deal. Well, we did our homework at and got our invoice numbers from Edmunds. Bob, our salesman, was so cool that he called us back this morning after we blindly faxed his dealership the offer. He said he didn't have exactly what we wanted on the lot, but he told me what they did have and I entered the new figures on the offer.xls spreadsheet from We drove to the dealership, handed him our very minimal offer of nearly $400.00 below invoice, and without any hangling he said, "DONE!" The Escape now sits in my driveway and my wife and I couldn't be happier.

    Don't think this was a simple task. We've been car shopping for over 6 months, but today's deal was as easy as pie. Last night we went to close on another Escape at a different dealer, and they had finagled the numbers to make us think we were getting a deal, but they were actually having us pay MSRP. There is only one name for a car buyer who pays MSRP, "SUCKER!" We came home and fired off 10 offer faxes to Ford and Mazda dealers in the area, Bob called this morning at 8am, and the rest is history.

    Moral of the story: If you live in Birmingham, AL, and want an Escape, call Adamson Ford and ask for Bob H., the internet salesman. But, only do this after you've done your homework on the car and know exactly what you're paying and why. He'll cut you a sweet deal.

    Now I just have to call the other Ford dealer and rub their noses in it. Actually, I guess I need to thank them for forcing me to take my business elsewhere.

    Merry Christmas,
  • I've been reading a lot of these posts and some of them sound like BS!! Maybe an attempt to make themselves feel better about a wrong purchase. Too bad they couldn't get an Tribute/Escape. Probably got a Rav or Santa fe or Azetec
  • The Aztec is the ugliest think I've ever seen on the road. It makes the AMC Pacer and the Ford Pinto actually "stylish" in comparison!

    : )

    Hope Santa does NOT bring me an Aztec uglymobile.
  • #309 of 310 Fuel Odor Report #3 by edavidson Dec 25, 2000 (04:51 pm)
    Well, the dealer called last week to let us know that our Trib was ready and the fuel odor fixed. It had been in the shop since November 13. We have owned the vehicle for about 90 days, of which 30 it has been at dealer. We cranked it up and were greeted with a blast of fuel odor that now is present all of the time and not intermittant as it was earlier. The dealer says there is nothing else they can do and refuse to provide a rental any longer or do any further work. Factory tech reps had been sent from Jacksonville FL to Montgomery, AL to look at the truck and had recommended a fix that involved shaving part of the manifold down and installing a new gasket. Did not work. Has anyone been able to get a successful fix on this problem? We are considering exercising our rights under state lemon law.

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------#310 of 310 Fuel smell by bj02176 Dec 25, 2000 (05:52 pm)
    As I just posted in the Escape forum, I think mine for the moment is okay, it's day 5 or 6 days without it coming through the vents, regarding outside of the vehicle it's hard to say as it's currently 12 degrees. When it is warm it's more noticeable. I think they used silicone and replaced a "weepy O ring". This has taken 4 or 5 tries to get to this point, if it comes back I'm going the lemon route, sounnds like you should too. I guess it depends on the laws in your state on how many repair attempts have to be made. Let me be the first to admit that I'm sorry I bought this Ford made "vehicle". And low mileage to boot. Going back to Honda or Toyota in the fall.
  • Aren't you the one that loves the santa fe?? So why do you come into this forum and write all this crap? You must still have doubts thats why you kep checking this site. Admit it...YOU LOVE THE ESCAPE!! but probably can't get your hands on one. Have fun with the Hyundai.
  • I purchased a V6 XLT Escape a couple of weeks ago and have noticed an odor comming from the AC vents - it doesn't smell like fuel, but rather like exhaust fumes??? The smell lasts about a minute and then is gone as fast as it arrived. Otherwise, no complaints although the fuel economy is a bit overstated on the window sticker.

    One little annoyance, is the tendancy to spin the tires easily while accelerating. I suppose this is the "fun" factor I get with the vehicle.

    These Escapes seem to be a great deal for the money. I checked out all of the [non-permissible content removed]/Korean models everyone rants and raves about driving 250K miles without a tuneup (sick people). The [non-permissible content removed]/Korean models feel cheap, cramped, and underpowered - especially the Honda CRV. Yeah keep this CRV for 250K miles and tell all your buddies how proud you are from the seat of your wheelchair now that you are a hunch-back ( and how your wheelchair accelerates faster than your CRV).

    A question for this group:

    Does the AC vent odor problem occur only on V6 models?

    Happy holidays from warm and sunny Orlando, Florida!
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    You've only had the Escape for a couple of weeks. Live with it for at least another 2 - 3 months and see if you still feel the same way about the Japanese SUV's. I'm not bashing the Escape (I don't own one). I'm just saying that 2 weeks is not long enough to judge whether you're satisfied with your vehicle. I agree that the mini-utes from Japan often feel underpowered and small. But the trade-off is, in many cases, greater reliability and ease of operation, and higher trade-in value.
  • Actually I have not purchased any new car/SUV yet. I did test drive yesterday and could have purchased a Tribute on the spot. The salesman was not all that hot on the Tribute but said he thought all the production problems were now solved.

    I posted the problems and comments from owners because I fel tthey were relevant to people considering buying an Escape/Tribute.
  • Not trying to be too hard on the [non-permissible content removed]/Korean models but the way everyone talks them up just seems silly to me. I test drove a CRV and found that I could not feel comfortable with the provided adjustment range of the seats. The CRV was ergonomically designed for someone about 5 foot 2 or under with very small hands/fingers.

    In addition to this, the Honda dealer would not budge from sticker price and wanted to tack on extra $ for "supply demand" reasons (although there were about 40 CRV's on his lot - and only about 5 customers on the showroom floor). Ford sold me the Escape for $91 over invoice even though there were only about 10 on the lot and 3 more were sold during my vist!

    I usually keep a car for about 2-3 years since technology improves to the point where it is not safe to drive a vehicle much older than that. I have been driving Fords for the past 12 years and must say that the trade in values for all of them were suprisingly good! Also the reliability has been great - I have never been stranded on the road in a Ford vehicle (although I regularly rescue a friend with a Honda CIVIC that refuses to start intermittently).

    Also - if anyone has had the fuel smell problem with a 4 cyl model - please post to this group.

    Happy holidays from Mickey Mouse and the gang in warm and sunny Orlando, Florida!
  • Looks like Ford hasn't figured this problem out yet, or hasn't really determined there is a problem. I have not heard of this problem in the four cyl but a lot of Tribscape owners do have this problem. I have 'heard' via this and the Yahoo forum that there is a fix forthcoming in Jan. but have not been able to get confirmation from any official source.
    Go to and open a consumer complaint. I have had my Trib in 3 times for this problem with no resolution yet.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    fordescape: "I usually keep a car for about 2-3 years since technology improves to the point where it is not safe to drive a vehicle much older than that." --- seriously? are you putting 50k miles on them a year? wow.... don't get me wrong, I'd love to be able to get something new that often, but, whew... what's changed in the last 3 years, except for side airbags, OnStar and night vision on Cadillacs?

    at least you're keeping the economy moving! ;>
  • Let me see.... what is better today than 10 years ago in most all automobiles:

    Second generation airbags
    Third generation airbags
    side airbags
    revised crumple zones
    revised seat belt arrangement technology
    safer and lighter materials
    better sound systems
    safer steering columns
    better suspension
    better tires (Firestone helped with this)
    safer fuel tanks
    better electronics
    better engine management
    better transmission designs
    better ergonomics
    better seating
    better visibility (Although some would argue the AMC Pacer ruled this one)
    better side and offset impact protection

    I have a couple of kids that I must think about when making the decision about keeping an automobile or buying a new one and the technology that keeps them safe is paramount. I currently own a 1999 Expedition and 2001 Escape. Almost time to trade out the Expedition - just about 20K miles on it.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    better sound systems? I missed that one when I thought of safety. ;)

    I can see the changes made between 1990 and 2000; but I can't see them as being remarkable between 1997 and 2000...

    20k on an Expedition... I'm surprised it hasn't killed you yet! j/k

    but, I still feel safe driving my '90 Crown Vic with a little over 161k miles.

    I guess I can see trading in every few years to avoid paying maintence bills, which I'm becoming all too familiar with, but I've just never heard of your take on this...

    May I ask, which vehicle do you feel is safer, the Expedition, or the Escape?
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