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Toyota Sequoia



  • Just curious if anyone else has noticed or has had an over abundance of BASE on their sterio? I have adjusted mine to -3. I like a little "boom-chug-a-luga" but fell there might be a problem.
  • To 714 Cut:

    I also noticed some rattling coming from the passenger side and determined it was coming from the passenger side seatbelt. If you pull it out a little and let the metal buckle rest against the side of the seat it eliminates the rattling. Also, anyone feel a sputtering or choking when releasing the brake from a complete stop prior to accelerating?
  • 714cut714cut Posts: 355
    I agree, that's what I do with seatbelt, but seems kind of absurd to do it on a new, expensive truck!

    Haven't noticed the brake problem as you describe, but have noticed occasionally a slight pulsing or vibration when applying brakes lightly and/or from a slow speed. (no, it's not anti-lock!). You may want to have dealer check yours out.

    Also as was pointed out to me, Sequoiasolutions has a great forum for all service, technical discussions. Check it out!
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The Chrysler Town & Country AWD does not have a stability (skid) control system. Its AWD system doesn't really do anything to correct skids at all; I know because I drive one. If you haven't test driven the ML320/ML430, I suggest that you do so. It is very different than the Acura MDX and thinking that both are alike would be a mistake. If you would like a recommendation for a good MB dealership/sales person in your area, feel free to pop over to the MB M-class discussion topic and ask. Someone may be able to help you there.

    Good luck!

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  • Does anyone know if the Gold Package can be undone? I found one with it but I prefer the chrome standard emblems. The dealer said they think they can repalce the gold emblems with the standard chrome ones. I fear that they will scratch the paint when they remove the Limited emblem on the side of the vehicle. Any thoughts?
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Popping off the gold ones is easy. This is how they install the gold ones in the first place.
  • thirdsuvthirdsuv Posts: 209
    If you gave your kids a choice of an "uncool" minivan with a video system + game station versus a "cool" SEQ without video, I'd bet the minivan would suddenly get much higher comments.

    You'd probably save about 10K$ to boot.
  • I just got my Sequoia a couple of weeks ago. We traded in a 1997 Town and Country LX van. I much prefer the Sequoia. To be honest, the driving isn't that different except we sit higher. But neither my husband nor I feel like we are driving anything bigger than the van.

    We just got back from driving from Kansas City to Columbus, OH for a soccer tournament. We tumbled the two middle seats and put the little TV in front of them so the back row kids could see it. It was much better than in my van as the speaker was shielded by the seats. The kids watched movies during the 10 hour drive and Dad and I were able to talk or listen to the radio. IT WAS GREAT! One of the best driving trips we ever took. (It helped that we won the tournament, by the way!)

    We had absolutely no problems! We did look at the Town and Country 2001, but I felt safer with the Sequoia. My old van was beginning to have some things go wrong with it, and I just didn't feel safe in a 4 year old American car.

    Someone on another post mentioned the noise level (helicopter sound) made with the sunroof. We have a wind deflector on the Sequoia and the sunroof does NOT make the helicopter sound. We have also had a Previa and could not use the sunroof because of the helicopter sound. What a joy to be able to use the sunroof.

    The only things I really miss that the Chrysler had are the memory seats (my husband and I are not the same size and must adjust the seat and mirrors each time we change drivers)and the fact that the passenger seat doesn't raise higher. (I really like sitting up higher.) I also miss the temperature control that let the driver have different heating than the passenger, but with the heated seats in the Sequoia, it is not a big deal (yet!).

    We got a great deal on the new Sequoia at Town and Country in Sedalia, Missouri. They were able to find the exact Sequoia we wanted (black limited) in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and brought it to Sedalia for us to pick up. I've now driven it in snow and rain and absolutely LOVE it! None of the Kansas City dealers were able to find what we wanted without a several week wait. We are very happy.
  • I've thrown in the towel. I made the decision that the Sequoia is just too big and can't get over that I feel like I am driving a small UHaul truck (I think it's the driver seating position relative to the long hood view). I am going to get a nice car for that kind of money and buy an old pickup when I need to haul things. Thank for the comments.
  • 2500 miles on my SR5 Sequoia and zero complaints.
    Very QUIET compared to the '96 GMC suburban that it replaced. One question: does the dash board have a light indicating that the high beam lights are on?
    PS purchase price= invoice+$100 (Detroit)
  • Thanks for your post. You are making this decision lean back TOWARDS a Sequoia again. I do think I will miss the dead quiet ride and the dead quiet heater/AC fan of the T&C. (I have a 1996 T&C and I am very suspicious of some major things that need to be repaired soon, so I NEED to trade it in for something SOON!)

    But what I love about the Sequoia is the sunroof, the higher/safer positioning of the passengers, and the extra space in back for kids with the second row seats tumbled, I call it the Limousine ride! I just still feel like I will have trouble manuevering the beast around the 'burbs which is where I spend 99% of my driving year.

    BTW, did you travel to the soccer tournament this last weekend?
  • I concur that if you find the Seq. toooo big don't spend your money. Presently I am going through the opposite--I picked up my Seq.(limited 4x4) last week-My wife was concerned that it was too big, and she indicated that she didn't want to drive it. After she drove it a couple of times she fell in love with it; it now appears that my Sequoia is destined to become hers. Oh well! Good luck with your decision!
  • Welp, had the silly thing about four days, and I've found a defect. The rear driver door does not close properly. Time to call the dealer. I hope this is not too difficult to fix. Also, wow the bass sounds funny. I feel like we have a kicker box next to the engine.

    Will keep you all updated.
  • Signed PO. today for a special order, fully loaded SR5 from So Cal Can't wait to drive it back to PDX. I thought I did well at $3,200 of MSRP, but I see others on this board at $100 - $300 over invoice, oh well. Excited to get it in about a month.

    I will definitely check out Tundra Solutions ..... heard it has great information.

    Thanks to all.
  • rruck1rruck1 Posts: 91
    I had questions about the bass level as well. I was perusing the Land Cruiser forum a couple of months ago and saw that some people were so put out by the JBL bass problem that they were filing a lawsuit against Toyota. Just recently people started having their amplifiers replaced (under warranty) as Toyota finally recognized that there was a problem. I have never heard the stereo in the Land Cruiser, so I can't say if it is exactly the same problem. Folks in the TLC forum claim that their problem was much worse.
    Does anyone know if the stereos are the same in the Sequoia and the Land Cruiser?
  • just wanted to say that I also do alot of suburban driving, and the Seq is not difficult to maneuver at fits in all the same spaces as my previous car (Grand Cherokee which was probably comparable in size to your mini-van and is also a disposable Chrysler product). The only big difference is backing up in tight parking lots...that can be a bit of a challenge, but it's just a matter of getting used to. I agree it is a beast, but it really handles beautifully and never feels as huge as it is!
  • morrymorry Posts: 24
    I noticed in message 1204 from 714cut that he is from Canada. How do the Seq's differ in our neighbor to the north? Also, out of curiosity, are they discounting up there and if so, how much?
  • I surmise from the tone of your post that you have done your homework and searched various dealers in So Cal before settling on the one you ordered from. Where did you wind up ordering from, and was it a comfortable experience?
  • razzy2razzy2 Posts: 10
    I've got a 97 Explorer and I have to buy a new vehicle quick before something else breaks. I've driven a Sequoia and I like it a lot. But do I have a few concerns.

    We have sloppy winters here in Canada and the rear window on my Explorer is often coated with a layer of crud. That's not a problem with a hatch/liftgate rear window. But the Sequoia rear window retracts. Even with the air deflector on the Limited I can see road salt and sand getting dragged down into the body of the vehicle. Anybody with experience on this?

    Also, why is the color choice so limited on the Limited. I'd buy the Silver, but not with a gray interior. From what I see on Toyota's U.S. site the Desert Sand Mica with the oak interior looks nice, but it's only available on the SR5 and not available at all in Canada. Does anybody know if Toyota is planning a wider range of colors for the Limited?
  • I test drove a Sequoia, and thought it was quite nice. It's also 10K more than a comparable Expedition Eddie, and the turning radius is horrid. Is this worth $10K more? $2K? I am sure its a "better" vehicle, its Toyota, but the pricing in the face of Ford seems high.
  • I am not sure where you are getting your pricing from on Expeditions but msrps are almost identical for a comp. equiped EB. Granted, when supply and demand are considered and the $1500 rebate or low financing are factored in, the EB will cost you less.
    As an owner of a loaded up 2000 EB, I must say my experience has been very good. The only thing that is disappointing is the rapid depreciation that the vehicle has.
    The Toyota product is very nice, it seems to be well built and looks to be a pretty good value. However, the way it looks is a different story!
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    This week, chat with's managing editor, Karl Brauer. The chat is tonight at 5-6pm Pacific:

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  • Well, after reading posts here for a few days and driving the Sequoia - I bought it. Had to do something quick - my '94 Eddie Bauer Bronco with 170k miles is leaking gas all over my driveway and needs alot of repair to keep going any further. Why Sequoia? Expedition seemed TOO big and ugly, never liked the GM interiors, Navigator just over-priced Expedition, Denali & Escalade just over-priced...everything else is too small. I got a 2WD SR5 Chestnut Pearl loaded (almost) $34k (not including $3500 for my Bronco).
  • I am also from Canada. Being in a much smaller market, we don't have as many choices as our neighbors to the south interms of options. The MSRP of a SR5 is $50900 and limited is $59200. All numbers are Canadian $$ and include PDI. Both the SR5 and limited come with side air bags standard. One dealer in my city quoted me $47738 for the SR5 with so called Package 'B'. That includes alloy wheels, F&R AC, towing hitch, roof rack, JBL 10-speaker, div antenna, power front seats (non-leather/heat) and running boards. I was considering a limited Highlander. But for that price ($46600 firm and can't have side air bags) I think the SR5 is a much better deal. The salesman also says he could order fog lamps and put on SR5. I am really thinking.
  • Well, I called Evanston Toyota. The head of service says, "nope, never heard anyone complain about the bass in either the Sequoia or the LC, HMMMMM. Told him he should listen to mine. Keep in mind that this is the same moron that told me that it is impossible to change the settings on the Remote that open and close the rear window - that was until I showed him a string of posts from Tundrasolutions. I will keep you all posted.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    "He brought you "Confessions Of a Car Salesman" to give you the inside story of his undercover work as a car salesman. For this chat, Chandler Phillips goes one-on-one with "The Cardinal", Dependable Dodge's own Marc Antonucci . Don't miss this battle of truths as these two give it to you straight."

    If you haven't read's confessions of a car salesman, I highly recommend you do so. Dianne and Steve, both of you may find this chat interesting, so I hope that you can make it. :-)


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  • Exp. Eddie comparably equipped as LTD. is $34847. Sequoia Ltd is +$10K.
  • I have found that at low volume the bass is overpowering. As I turn up the volume, the mid range and high end increase while the bass seems to stay at the same level. In other words, at higher volume the mix sounds better. I also noticed that the bass seems worse while not moving.

    I contacted my dealer and he said he wasn't aware of Sequoia bass problems, only LCs. He contacted JBL and they informed him that the amplifier for Sequoia's and LC's are different.

    I plan to stop in to my dealer and do a side-by-side comparison just to see how bad the LC is. I have a feeling that we need to get many more people to point out the booming bass problem in the Sequoia before anything will be done about it.
  • rruck1rruck1 Posts: 91
    Based on what I read in the Land Cruiser forum it's going to be difficult to get anyone to admit that there is a problem with the radio. I would agree that the problem abates as the volume increases, but I don't usually turn it up to that point, so it's always a problem for me.
    I sent a message to JBL yesterday, but got no response. They claim that they answer every email sent to them, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for a couple of days. Their web site is and their customer service number is 800-336-4525 if anyone is interested.
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