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Chrysler Town and Country EX/LX/LXi/Limited



  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    "I just visited my 2nd dealership trying to pay "invoice" excluding ad fees. No luck. I walked out." -- Where are you located? gives a price of $2000 UNDER invoice for SF Bay zip codes, but only $1300 under for Northern Ohio zip codes. Note the prices include the $2000 rebate, however I consider to be a good barometer of local supply/demand. In general you should be able to beat their price by $500 - $2000 in direct negotiations, depending on the particulars of the deal.

    Suggest you keep looking. Find a dealership with a surplus of T&Cs and visit on the last Saturday of the month.

    "They insisted that if I never tow a trailer (which I do not intend to); the option provides absolutely no benefit. The additional cooling does not "kick in" unless 3,500 pounds or more are either pulled or loaded in the van."

    Total lie. Otherwise Chrysler would not offer heavy duty cooling as a separate option.

    Here's what's in the towing package: 160 amp alternator, 600 amp battery, ABS brakes, HD cooling, full sized spare, wiring harness. Many of these options come standard with other packages or trim lines. It is possible to have everything EXCEPT the wiring harness, which is probably what you want.

    Have the dealer check for cars w/ HD cooling option.
  • fcas2004fcas2004 Posts: 15
    cgaydos - thanks for the response. My prices exclude rebate; so I think we're pretty close overall. I'm in Fairfield County, Connecticut, where the best price I've gotten on a FWD Limited is invoice + $425 ad fees. The only online service I've tried is autoweb and they were considerably higher.

    As for the towing package, many features are standard on the Limited.
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    "As for the towing package, many features are standard on the Limited."

    Yes, Ltd has everything but HD cooling and wiring harness. As I said, suggest you look for Ltd's with HD cooling instead of just towing pkg. You can buy the wiring harness from the parts department, if you need it later (it is listed in the T&C accessories catalogue).
  • mrl859mrl859 Posts: 168
    In response to your rebate question:On Saturday I leased an '01 Limited. I got 2000.00 rebate on the van and 1800.00 loyalty for returning lease customer. I may have them backwards, but that's what they totaled up to. I leased the new one, again. The dealer also has 500.00 dealer cash going into his pocket. I found that out after I did the deal. The dealer is thinking about that since I brought it to their attention. We'll see what they do. But those were the rebates in force in SoCal last Saturday.
  • njdriver1njdriver1 Posts: 97
    I was at the dealer last night pricing a lease on a t&c awd ltd. MSRP=$38,595, less $3,700 incentives. Shouldn't the incentives come off the invoice? and doesn't the dealer get a 3% holdback ($1,156) anyway? So, if invoice is $35,221, I should be able to get the purch at $31,521 and the dealer still gets his holdback? Then, all I'll have to worry about is residual and interest (like thats so easy). Bottom line was $599/mo.
  • ca2ncca2nc Posts: 1
    I am in the process of moving to Raleigh and am in the market for a T&C LXi. Any recommendations for Chrysler dealers in that area would be greatly appreciated.
  • adadivasadadivas Posts: 1
    I wanted to trade in my '98 Town & Country.
    My payoff amount is $19,200 and the dealer
    wants to pay only $14,000. I have not
    asked for a counter offer since the offer
    is ridiculously low.
    Why would I get a new van if it'll depreciate
    50% in only 3 years.
    By the way the van is in excellent condition
    with 46,000 miles.
    The problem is that my wife feels its no
    longer safe after the starter shorted and
    burned the engine electrical harness.
    Damage-- $1640. We're in the process of
    grievance asking Chrysler Corp'n to perhaps
    pay the damage for the "defective part".
    We're also consulting with a lawyer...
    Probably time to consider an Odyssey.
  • fcas2004fcas2004 Posts: 15
    I finally pulled the trigger. Picked up a Limited FWD this morning. A beautiful car. Got the sterling blue.

    One comment for the group. I noticed the positive battery terminal was bare; no rubber/plastic protective cover over the terminal/cable head. I can't remember the last time I've seen a car without this inexpensive safety feature.

    Other than that, I'm happy with the purchase.
  • blukensblukens Posts: 8
    Hello all

    We just got back from getting our T&C WAD from Dominion Chyrsler in Bed ford, VA. Very good deal. We tried to hear the 2100 PM vibration/noise, and it was very quiet/smooth at all speeds in all gears.

    Try for an after market warranty. I have had good luck with the one I purchased for my 1996 S10 pickup. Just make sure you keep all of your maintenance receipts so you can prove you changed the oil according by the book. The neatest thing about their warranty is that they will refund 85% of the cost after the warranty expires if you have not used it for anything.

    Love the T&C. This is the first luxury car we have had, first new car the wife has ever had, so we are looking forward to seeing how it works out. Everything works, and it is very comfortable, quiet, and handles well.

    I'll keep an eye on this group and let you know if we have any problems.
  • franningfranning Posts: 2
    anybody know when the 2002 T&C model is coming out?
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    A few pictures of a '01 Chrysler T&C after rolling over about 3.5 times in an accident:






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  • vlisvlis Posts: 28
    Wow! Seems like a lot of deformation in the roof structure for just a few rolls. Hard to believe anyone could walk away from it. Then again, I don't see any red stains anywhere in the interior...
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    A few rolls (meaning 4 or more) is actually quite a lot. You should see the one of the previous generation Chrysler minivans after rolling over 4 times. The roof may be completely flattened almost all of the way down to the window sills. Clearly they've improved since.

    AFAIK, the manufacturer that launches their vehicles off a ramp sideways to include a 5 time roll is Mercedes-Benz; all of their vehicles, including the convertibles, must pass this internal test. Perhaps the Chrysler division could learn from their German partners to improve on this particular area.

    I was told that the driver (fortunately the only one in the vehicle) received a fairly serious head injury, but is expected to recover.

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  • bean9bean9 Posts: 3
    Jut got a 2001 T&C LX - does anyone know how to disable the annoying beeping on the automatic lift gate ??
  • Has anyone ever heard of this kind of problem? When I drive the minivan at a speed between 25-45, my steering wheel often vibrates or, if I let go of it, goes side to side. When I make a turn, I have to turn it at least 3in. before the wheels turn. It's as if the steering wheel is loose. I also feel the tires beneath (can't tell if it's the front or rear) shake. On the highway, the problem is only occasional. ONe other thing, my "all-trac", which used to be OFF whenever I started my car, is automatically on all the time unless I turn it off. So is this a steering or tire problem? any advice?
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    Most likely a tire problem, either out of balance or a defective tire. The other possibility is alignment. These are common problems with any vehicle, and can happen by running into a curb, hitting a bump way too fast, or similar.

    If you're still under warranty have the dealer look at it. Otherwise go to your favorite local tire shop and ask them to diagnose.
  • f1_nutf1_nut Posts: 10
    The dealer is a lying sack of you know what. There is no way for the cooling system to know you are towing 3500 #. But that is beside the point. The extra cooling capacity is always working for you regardless of what is going on. It's a good thing to have and I highly reccomend getting it. It will benefit fit you in many ways, including resale. Even if you never tow anything, you still might load the van up with heavy stuff. But again, it doesn't matter if you do or don't, it's still a good idea to have it.

    About Steel blue:
    My 2001 T&C limited AWD is steel blue. There was only 2 vans in Colorado and the 7 surrounding states like mine when I was looking. And one them was special ordered and already had an owner, so I basically got the other one. Because of this, I didn't get haggle as much with the price. I didn't know if I would be able to locate another before the special incentives would end. So I got it for invoice. BTW, we really didn't want any other color, it's beautiful.
  • f1_nutf1_nut Posts: 10
    My racks howl and I tried getting them replaced at the stealership. Of course when I called to set up an appointment, no one knew what I was talking about. Thanks to whomever posted the TSB #, I was able to show them that there is a problem with the racks. Well, it turns out, according to the service guy, my van already has the new racks. He did a VIN # check on my van to figure this out. There was no visual done. I never did take the van to the stealership, I didn't wan't to waste my time there if I didn't have to.

    So, I'm wondering if someone who has had them changed, can describe what the old ones looked like and what the new ones look like. Better yet, if someone has a picture of them.


    2001 T&C LMTD AWD, Steel Blue
  • pigfanaticpigfanatic Posts: 14
    I have also wondered what the difference is in them. My 2001 EX has not had the howling noise, but the LX that we test drove did, boy was it bad! I think that I remember reading on here that you can place a piece of tape (masking) across the grove(s) in the rack to stop the noise until you have them replaced. Maybe you can do this and take it for a drive to see if it stops the sound???
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
  • mrl859mrl859 Posts: 168
    I too find the beeping liftgate much too loud and attention attracting. The chime is located in the rear hatch outer handle assembly and is part of a thermister/chime unit. The thermister disables the power liftgate in very cold weather so the motor will not burn out if the rear hatch is frozen shut. The wiring schematic shows that the Tan/Light Green wire is the power feed from the liftgate chime driver part of the power liftgate module. I believe that cutting this wire will allow the hatch to function without the chime. If the wrong wire gets cut, it won't work at all. I'll post after I try it. I do know that silencing it with electrical tape does not work.
    My roof rack howls loudly. I've got new rails on order through the 5* and hope to get them replaced soon.
    I really wanted to see and possibly get Steel Blue. I've got an '01 300M in Steel Blue. As someone else posted, those are VERY hard to find.
  • mrl859mrl859 Posts: 168
    It's a tan wire with a light blue stripe (the wiring diagram was close!). If you snip it, the beeper will cease to function, but the power liftgate will still operate as designed.
  • jbrinda2jbrinda2 Posts: 12
    Our LXI (2001 purchased on April 4) did not come with a roof rack but we ordered one because we thought we would need it on long trips. I asked before they installed it if they had heard of the TSB. The dealer said they had heard of the howling problem a while ago but that they were pretty sure Chrysler had replaced the part several months back. This did not satisfy me but I let them put the roof rack on anyway. I can't detect any noticeable noise even at speeds of 60 -70 MPH. Guess I just got lucky. Boy am I glad I paid an extra $125 for the rubber floor mats. They are already taking a beating less than 2 months later. They'll be a lot easier to wash than the carpeted floor mats from my 93 Volvo 850 which are permanantly stained. No problems to note yet at nearly 1500 miles other than a piece of door trim that was cut and needed replacement. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  • f1_nutf1_nut Posts: 10
    Does anyone know how take the cross bars off? I hadn't thought of curing my howling problem by removing them, till just now. Has anyone tried that yet?


    2001 T&C
  • jndfishjndfish Posts: 7
    Does anyone know if there is any possibility of the 2002 T&C having a moonroof?
    I am debating between the Siena (it has a moonroof) and the T&C (it has a power liftgate and integrated child seats- which the Siena doesn't have)
    Does anyone have the integrated child seats? It seems that the only way to get them is to special order. I was interested in the LXI or the Limited but you can only order 1 child seat for the second row bucket seats. (yet with the Voyager the second row bench seat has 2 child seats) Has anyone seen any T&C on the dealers' lots with the integrated child seats? If you special order a van can you get a good price on it?
  • vlisvlis Posts: 28
    I don't know for sure, but I seriously doubt you'll see a sunroof in a DC minivan in 2002 or later, at least not on this generation.

    As for ordering versus buying, we ordered a loaded Limited on 4/12 for $500 under invoice, with another $2000 lopped off thanks to the current rebate. It was delivered to the dealer 5/11. We picked it up on the 16th after they installed the entertainment system (VCR & LCD) and did the normal prep.

    Already got almost 1000 miles on it. (Had 0 on arrival; 4 miles when we got it.) We just love it!
  • bean9bean9 Posts: 3
    Thanks mrl859 for the info on the beeping disable - where is the wire to be cut - is it under the handle assemble - and if so how do i get to it ??
  • ccyoungccyoung Posts: 6
    I would also be interested in how to remove the roof rack cross bars. It has been six weeks since the dealer ordered replacement cross bars. He told me today they aren't expected in until late June. I tried the masking tape fix and it did help considerably but there is still too much noise at highway speeds. When I ask the dealer how to remove the cross bars he said to just push the release latch down as I would if I were going to move the bars back or forth. The bars should then just pop out. Well they don't. I can take the van back to the dealer to do it but it seems it shouldn't be that complicated to do myself.

    Thanks for any info.
  • mrl859mrl859 Posts: 168
    is located under the tailgate handle. You remove two phillips head screws and two torx head screws and there it is.
  • erucehteruceht Posts: 26
    We to was interested in the child seat until I saw one in a Limited and after that we decided against it. The back of the seat bulges out when the seat is not in use making it very uncomforabe. Instead I bought a new child seat just for the van and leave it in all the time. You can remove it if you need the seat for an adult and have a regular comforabe seat. Buy the Limited, theres no way a moonroof can make up the differance beween a Limited and the Siena.
  • blukensblukens Posts: 8
    There are two plastic pieces at the rear of the rack. They pop up with a flat bladed screwdiver inserted in the rail groove. Loosen the knobs that hold the bars firm, and slide them to the rear and lift off. It helps to have two people slide at once.

    My Champange T&C Ltd AWD came with WHITE bars, so they were removed and the new ones are being shipped.

    500 miles, and still no noise at 2100 RPM, even on a cooler morning.

    My wife is very happy, although the stone chip in the windshield yesterday made her cry.
  • mulfomimulfomi Posts: 56
    I have a 2001 T&C LXI with the roof rack and i have never heard any excessive wind noise. I have had the van for 4 months and have just over 4,000 miles on it and have had no problems. Still waiting for a new headliner from the dealer to replace the one that has 2 cuts in it from the dealer installing the entertainment system. Dealre told me that they are now offering a new system that has the monitor built into the console. Havent seen it but he offered it to me to replace the screen in the roof of the van. I said no thanks.
  • tdo123tdo123 Posts: 102
    Just today we picked up our 2001 Limited T&C and my wife was thrilled. I have found one problem that I am looking to the experts of this room to help with. (I have been learning about this car from reading posts for weeks)

    We have two small children under two years old. One is in a forward facing child seat and the other in a regular infant baby carrier that snaps into a fixed cradle strapped to the seat. As I was hooking them to the back seats, I noticed that the seat belts do not auto lock once they are fully extended like on Fords and the clasp on the latch doesn't hold tight at all. The manual says don't use the locking clip that comes with the car seat (usually cars made after '97 don't need it). Even using the tether on the forward facing seat can't tighten it down enough hold it firmly.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I guess I will have to order the new "Latch" seats (that this car can do and are mandatory in 2002) that secure the metal hooks inside the seat.

    My Expedition holds these seats so tight it is amazing but this family mini van doesn't even come close to being safe with child seats. I'd love to hear any thoughts.
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    I just checked our car seats (pre-LATCH) and they are still tight after a month. I use the "old school method of putting them in: I actually put all my weight on the car seat, forcing it down into the seat; pull the belt tight (and the tether belt tight); then get off of the car seat. At that point the belt is tight and the tension is strong enough to keep it from loosening.
  • tdo123tdo123 Posts: 102
    cgaydos - I do the same thing when I load them in all of our cars. The problem with this mini van is that the seat belts are loosening as I get off the seat. The seat belt doesn't have a locking mechanism to keep it from constantly pulling out.

    I just can't figure it out. I actually know lots about car seats and installing them (or I thought I did), but I am at a loss with this car. Thanks for the help.
  • bholiobholio Posts: 21
    I have a 2001 T&C LX. First off, see if the instruction manual can explain this better than me.

    When you buckle the seat belt, the lap part of the seat belt does not get any looser. You can still yank it tighter, but not looser. There is something on the latch which prevents it from loosening, but only when it is buckled. The shoulder part will keep moving around (until you crash).

    So, put the seat in, making sure the lap part of the belt is holding it in. Then, put weight on the seat and pull (hard, as if to tighten) on the shoulder belt, which will tighten the lap belt part. Really yank it, while putting weight on the car seat. The seat should be tight. The shoulder belt will still be loose, but the lap part will be solid. Give it a tug monthly, just in case. Mine has stayed tight so far.
  • todd1108todd1108 Posts: 4
    I had the same problem with my 2 year olds car seat and then I read about a this device called mighty tie. It clips onto the belt and you use a lever to crank the belt as tight as you can get it. When you are done, the seat cannot be moved,it is so tight to the seat. I have been using them in both of my cars for about a month. It is an excellent product. You can buy it at babies I us for about $16. I highly recommend it.
  • aok45aok45 Posts: 3
    If you have original Michelin Tires, the MX4 215/65R16, the problem is most likely being caused by the tires. There is a Chrysler TB but best bet is to contact Michelin's Customer Service Department. They are aware of the problem too. I had similar problems. After replacing all 4 original tires, the problem was resolved. I think they had a run of bad tires that developed wobbles after about 5000 miles.
  • njdriver1njdriver1 Posts: 97
    does anyone have a feeling about one or the other on these vans? I've read alot of discussion on the topic, and here is the issue - money.

    we live in NYC and drive to VT at least 3-4x/yr in all kinds of weather. Our last T&C had awd, and we think its worth while (at least for peace of mind) but Chrysler sure jacked the price. Was the comfort mental, or does it really make a difference in a driving blizzard on rt89n, or snow covered VT back roads?

    Even after the rebates and incentives, on a leased vehicle, the awd on a ltd adds probably $50-$100 to the monthly pmt.
  • cgaydoscgaydos Posts: 116
    I had awd on two cars, including a '94 T&C, for 7 years each. We now have 2 fwd cars, mostly because in SF Bay the climate does not justify the expense of awd unless you make frequent trips to snow country.

    However, if I were in snow country I would definitely shell out the money for awd. You notice the difference on wet streets even well above freezing. Traction control doesn't even come close.
  • sp01sp01 Posts: 81
    T&C EX (Inferno Red) in the driveway as of yesterday. I find the packaging of this model a remarakable achievement. My wife will get wrinkles from all the smiling!

    It replaces a truly stellar '98 Caravan SE. We negotiated a deal along with a Sebring LXi coupe in silver to replace my '95 Stratus ES V6.

    I'm reeling...
  • howie99mnhowie99mn Posts: 20
    Anyone know where to buy the bucket seats. The bench seat is poorly paded and too short. I assume the dealer would charge a lot

  • The crash test results are finally posted on the NHTSA web site for 2001 Chrysler/Dodge minivans. Check it out!
  • sp01sp01 Posts: 81
    have the power doors...
  • bean9bean9 Posts: 3
    Just cvhanged the oil and oil filter on my 2001 - T&C - 3.3L - book says capacity is 4.5 quarts - after refill and run stick showed 1/2 quart low - anyone run into this ??
  • njdriver1njdriver1 Posts: 97
    Is it true the doors can fall off?
  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    Do any of you know what this is? I took my T&C for its 60k service and when I picked it up tonight, they had this little note hanging by my rearview mirror saying that they installed a BG 44k in my fuel tank. That it's supposed to help reduce emissoins, help maximize fuel efficiency and help restore that "new car feeling". But since I picked it up after service hours, nobody was there to help answer my questions. Has anyone have this added to their fuel tank? If so, is it really helpful? Did you notice any difference?

  • DimaDima Posts: 14
    We just bought 1998 T&C LX AWD (she is a beauty).
    There is a garage door remote on the overhead console (3 buttons). The car came without the book so please can anybody post here how to programm the buttons or e-mail to [email protected], please!
    Thanks a bunch!
  • sp01sp01 Posts: 81
    programming may be in the unit, press the left and right buttons simultaneously (not the center button) and hold until the LED flashes rapidly. The unit is now clean and ready to program.

    2. Select the button you wish to program. I used the center button since I only have one garage door, but you can use any of the three buttons you want.

    3. Hold your existing remote about an inch or so from the console buttons.

    4. Press the button you are programming simultaneously with your remote and hold until the LED on the console flashes rapidly. That button should now be programmed.

    The manual says you should shut off your garage door opener while programming. Don't want that thing going up and down and up and down...

    I programmed mine in about 20 seconds. It's very hip!
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