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Chrysler Concorde



  • 401k401k Posts: 16
    Just wanted to mention that I picked up that particular technique for getting rid of the A/C system smell from the television show, "Motor Week" on PBS. It is a safe and effective technique. It isn't something that I just came up with on my own!


  • kurtdkurtd Posts: 12
    I am having trouble changing the oil in my Concorde Lxi. There is not enough room to remove the oil filter. What is the secret?
  • mugwump2mugwump2 Posts: 33
    Get one of those end cap thingies and use a ratchet.
  • kurtdkurtd Posts: 12
    Have you tried the end cap thingie. I have one and still can not get the leverage to turn it. It slips off the end.
  • kurtdkurtd Posts: 12
    Have you tried the end cap thingie. I have one and still can not get the leverage to turn it. It slips off the end.
  • hohohoho Posts: 64
    Emale, where do we get a complete breakdown of the TSB's? I have found TSB's as a listing with applicable numbers and main data topics but would like to find a place that will give us the whole data without charge.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    don't know...if you ever find out...let me know.
  • mugwump2mugwump2 Posts: 33
    Yes, BUT, I had the dealer do the first change. DC seems to put the filters on with an impact wrench at the factory. Done two myself without drama. Some form of end grabbing wrench IS needed.
  • hohohoho Posts: 64
    Will do for all to see
  • mimi919mimi919 Posts: 85
    Just an update on my 99 Concorde lxi...I have had this car a little under 3 months and have put 6,500 miles on it and have not had any major problems to date....I had a few minor problems which I had corrected such as the overhead garage door opener had no range to it and I had it replaced and the new one works real front passenger window does not work from the drivers control at times but the dealer was unable to fix that problem as it was working when I had it there.
    I have to say that I wasen't at all concerned about Chryslers reliability until after I purchased my Concorde and read some of the previous negative posts in here...I realize that some of the posts may be over exaggererated but also based on nightmare experiences so like i'm sure most other owners in here I took out the best extended warranty availiable.
    The way I look at it is whether or not we should have to purchase a warranty or not just the fact of knowing how many problems previous owners have had with their Chryslers we would only have ourself to blame if we found ourself in the same situation of needing expensive repairs and we never protected ourself with the extended warranty
    I truely hope my 99 Concorde turns out to be the best car that I have ever owned but if doesn't the cost of the warranty will be well worth it for the peace of mind knowing that for the next 100,000 miles that I will have no repair costs or being without a car if mine is in the shop needing repairs as the warranty provides a rental car at no cost to me.
    well thats my opionion and I hope all owners of new Chryslers have a great ownership experience
  • hohohoho Posts: 64
    Hi Mimi919, long time no see.

    I gotta agree with that last post of yours. The only problem I have had so far is someone tagged my bumper and left me a small scratch. They must aim for new cars. Kinda like a magnet.

    I gotta wonder if some of the minor problems that are reported here could be attributed to lack of understanding how the vehicle operates. I have read so much about the car from the service manual. Real glad I spent the extra bucks for the book. Kinda relaxing to sit back and glance through the book. Some really interesting items in there. Why everyone doesn't get one is kinda puzzeling. Maybe they would find themselves complaining less if they understood how it reallly worked. Kinda makes you think.

    I, like you, opted for the best coverage to be on the safe side of things. I cant see spending the money for the different scan tools required to check out and reset the onboard computers. Thats is another reason for the extra coverage.

    Later, Rick
  • After looking for awhile, I finally bought a '99 deep slate lxi for $22,500. It has the Infinity stereo system. I'm not very knowlegable in this field of buying cars, so, you guys "in the know" that write these posts tell me. . .did I get a fair deal or did I get the royal rip-off?

    Country girl
  • hohohoho Posts: 64
    You got a great deal! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do ours! What type of warranty did you opt for?
  • He just explained the one that came with the car. Were there actually options? 3yr, 30,000 miles is what he said and 5yr bumper to bumper on something else. I better read the manual, right?
  • 401k401k Posts: 16
    There is a new Road Test Report here on the Edmunds site for the 1999 Concorde.

  • hohohoho Posts: 64
    If you did not get an extended warranty at the time you bought the car you were either lucky and/or smart!!!!!

    Here is the reason. If you pay for an extended warranty at the time you purchase the car and you decide to finance it, the cost goes into your total cost of the car. Meaning you are paying interest charges on the warranty.

    There is and I most strongly suggest that you get it, an extended warranty coverage for your Concorde. I started with the "Add-Care" package and later decided to upgrade it to the "Max-Care" package. The difference between the two is way too much to list. Add-Care 800+ items or Max-Care 5000+ items. Go to your dealer (or any Chryler dealer and inquire about it. Pay cash or charge it. You will SAVE BUCKS in the end!! Even at near the bottom of the page has a link for warranty coverage. I use that to get my dealer to come down on the warranty price. I showed him a print out of the warranty and what it covered and how much it cost. The Max Care plan from the dealers book was listed at $3,560 for a 7 yr 100k mile warranty. I paid $2,100. If something goes south later I know it will cost alot more than $2100 for all of the things that normally go wrong between now and 7 years and 100,000 miles. Heck, even my water pump and alternator and brake calipers are covered. The ABS module cost more than the warranty! Really get the warranty even if you have to take out a loan. You won't be sorry. My brother/law's A/C went out and it will cost him $1500 to fix it (no extended warranty and the van just went out of manufactures warranty).
  • hohohoho Posts: 64
    Nice site. Thanks
  • Just yesterday saw a 2000 Concorde on the lot at King Cotton Motors in Covington, Tennessee. They hadn't done the usual post-delivery check-outs on it yet, so I couldn't sit in it or drive it, but a brief through-the-window eye-ball revealed that Chrysler seems to have addressed my one aesthetic concern with the 1998-99 models, viz. the tacky-looking gauges. The first two years have dashes that don't look noticeably nicer than the wife's 1996 Stratus, and color me picayunish, but when I'm asked to plonk down $20-odd grand of the Right Stuff for a car, I'd like something I can tell apart from a middling vehicle. Besides, the car's exterior is so awesome that the discordant visual effect of the dash was heightened. The 2000 car still had white-on-black dials, in what looked like a pretty plain-vanilla typeface (the black-on-white dials of the LHS/300M, with the numbers that remind one of grandfather's gold fob watch, are MUCH classier), but were rimmed in silver. I couldn't tell any other cosmetic changes in the exterior or interior.
    Now if Chrysler would only mate the Concorde's front end to the LHS's interior . . . .
  • My wife and I are thinking about a you all agree it is a good car?
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    alot of folks here in edmunds town hall have had great experiences with their late model concordes...intrepids and 300ms. of course you'll see some dissenting voices here and there but you'll easily be able to pick up on the ones that truly don't tell ya much. i have had my 98 intrepid since december of 97 and it's been a great car. a couple of minor problems but that's it. in case your were wondering. the intrepid, concorde and 300m have many of the same parts and thus are very closely related.
  • hohohoho Posts: 64
    But i have a 99 Concorde LXI and we really like it. Check out post area #451 & #453. Have an open mind and don't let everything get you. Most just like to ramble on (including me). It is a beautiful car that is well designed. Of course I have only had it for a short period of time. I backed it up with a "max Care" warranty so I am not too worried of what is said. Give it a shot. Try to read thru all of the posts to get a complete idea of what is being said before you form any opinion. The people are really quite nice and helpful here. Dont let names fool you.

    Lord Snack Cake
  • eeeleeel Posts: 57
    i own a 98 intrepid and am thinking of trading in my wife's 93 eagle vision on a concorde/300m/lhs - my intrepid has been flawless in both fit and finish as well as performance. No warranty work - my 95 intrepid which i traded in on the 98 performed as well - no problems - 50k when traded - the 93 eagle vision has 110k and still runs like a jackrabbit - the wife has beat the body/paint pretty well though - the quality of chrysler products has vastly improved and for the money - these cars are hard to touch - and the intrepids/300m handling is clearly above the pack
  • hohohoho Posts: 64
    Please repost your post in Sedans, Topic # 423.

    please keep an open mind (and take no guff from them) as there are some that think Intrepids are bad cars. I have a Concorde LXI. I really love the car.
  • Thanks for the tip on how to deal with the smell. Will try it. As for the classier dials of black on white, I personnally didn't consider and LHS because of them. My humble opinion.
  • eeaeea Posts: 2
    Have hit 24,000 miles on my 1998 Concorde as of today. The only thing I have had to do is get the oils changed and front end alignment as well as tire rotation. The car was purchased in July of 98.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    just this morning i was out at the dealership
    giving them a good tongue lashing over having left
    the oil cap off after my recent oil change. while i
    was there i picked up the 2000 model brochure.
    some interesting changes. here are the colours

    1. inferno red
    2. dark garnet
    3. steel blue
    4. deep slate
    5. sonte white
    6. bright silver metallic
    7. champagne pearl
    8. light cypress green
    9. shale green
    10 cinnamon glaze

    so it does look like the candy apple red,
    platinum, emerald green and deep amethyst are out
    the door.

    dodge also did some reworking of the options
    packages and groups. antilock brakes are an option
    on all models. no longer standard on es. leather
    is part of the 24m package now.

    the r/t version says late availability so don't
    know when that will show up.

    for those of us complaining about road noise. the
    brochure mentions that a new rear wheelhouse
    silencer will drop noise levels significantly for a
    much quieter ride, where have i heard this before?
    we'll see! but it also said that would be
    available late so i don't know when it will show up
    on production cars.

    many of these changes are also likely on the
    concorde but i can't verify that as they didn't
    have a 2000 model year concorde brochure.
  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    This is the URL that quotes MSRP on Chrysler extended warranty policies. Since you can buy the policy any time within the first 12 months, I suggest getting a commitment from a trustworthy dealer (is that an oxymoron?) that you can buy it 11.5 month after delivery at an agreed price. No point in paying the cost of money for an unnecessary year.
  • My wife drives a 97 Concorde and has had no problems other than the rear window sealant oozing out onto the body. AZ is an extremely hot state.... The vent setup isn't the best, but all in all the car performs well.

    The acceleration is great, the ride is smooth, especially on long trips at higher speeds and it handles very well. The dealer has been very helpfull with any and all questions we've had, I expect nothing less as I'm sure you don't either.

    Though the car isn't perfect, it has served us well. I have no problem recommending this model vehicle to anyone.


    Celtic dog
  • mike327mike327 Posts: 1
    Thanks to those that posted solutions to the 'mildew smell' that I notice sometimes in my '98 Concorde. Just today, I had my second passenger window motor replaced since I bought the car in Nov 98. The driver side motor has been replaced twice. Once, there were three Concordes in a row at the service department, all with window motor problems. As for road noise, it may be the Goodyear tires. I had a similar problem with my '95 Neon, but when I went to a Pirelli, the road noise was a lot less.
  • OK folks, why are you buying extended warranties?

    Why not take the cash and invest it in a money market fund or other liquid source? If you need to make a repair, you've set some or all of the funds aside.

    Consider also the best warranty has a 100K mile life. This tells me that Chrysler expects the vehicle to get 100K miles, properly maintained, before repairs exceeding the price of the warranty are needed. They are in the game to make money and they are not going to sell you the warranty if they think they will loose money on it.

    My view is keep the money in your own pocket, take care of your vehicle and accept the risk of a future repair - it might not come while you own the car. Why pay the dealer $2K or $3K for something that might not even occur?
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