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Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Voyager



  • fly6869fly6869 Posts: 17
    Finally got 2001 T&C EX back from the dealer. In the last two weeks my van with just over 1500 miles on it has had the power steering rack replaced, timing chain cover and oil pan gasket replaced, front end realigned, and the roof rack has also been replaced. Anyone else having any such problems? Hopefully it has been fixed for good..
  • erucehteruceht Posts: 26
    We have a T&C Limited FWD and it has the 2100 ram noise/vibration and so did all the vans we test drove.
  • pgs_28pgs_28 Posts: 34

    Welcome to the club. I have been talking about it for 4 months now. I too have a 2001 T&C FWD which has the same problem. Also my transmission clunks moving into 2nd gear depending on how fast I accelerate. I knew the vibration/resonance was NOT just an AWD problem. Have you talked to the dealer?
  • erucehteruceht Posts: 26
    pgs 28

    Yes we took it to the dealer. They drove it the first time and said there was no problem so my wife took it back and drove it for them at the right speed and rpm and they told her the tires were out of balance. I knew about the problem when we bought the van and its not really a big deal for us because we never drive at that speed but I do hope Chrysler finds a fix. I had the roof rack bars replaced to fix the wind noise but outside of that the van has been great.
  • bev15bev15 Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 Voyager LX.

    I am about to have the power steering rack replaced like FLY6869 just mentioned. I wonder if this is a common problem? Hmmmm.

    Does anyone else have a problem with the engine reving when you are sitting in idle? I had a 96 voyager and never had this problem. The engine will go from a normal idle, to a louder reving sound. The dealer said this is normal. Is this what someone was talking about with the fans?

    Thanks for your help,
  • bholiobholio Posts: 21
    I have a 2001 T&C with 3.3L. I just happened to take note yesterday how stable the tach needle is at idle. The needle looks like it was painted on the tach. It doesn't move at all (until I drive away that is). No revving, roughness or anything. The engine is so quiet I might not notice any revving. I'll try to keep track.

    What's with all of the steering rack replacements I'm seeing? Are you seeing leaks? Does the van not turn?
  • Dealer told me today that Chrysler raised the cash back from $1500 to $2000.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    And what amazes me is that they did NOT negotiate a decent price. Most smart shoppers look for the discounts, rebates, incentives before they get a Grand Caravan. We did NOT have to shop very hard to get a $4900 discount off MSRP for our 1999 GC SE with MSRP $27,490. Edmunds should have received a better discount on a vehicle costing $8000 more.
    Reading the article indicates to me that DC would have been smarter to go back 50 years and use the old "folding into the floor" 3rd seat (now called Magic Seat by Honda) than to offer comfort features such as Triple Zone Temperature Control, Quality Stereo, Trip Computer, etc.
    Why are so many reviewers overwhelmed by the "Magic Seat" while ignoring the increased noise levels inherent with that design?
  • bholiobholio Posts: 21
    Chrysler should be trying to milk the fact that the magic seat does not split, like the optional Chrysler split bench does. That is the real (only?) disadvantage of the magic seat. People with >3 passengers would be best served by the split bench over the magic seat because it allows 3 rear passengers and some additional cargo capability. Of course, the lower priced Chryslers do not have the split bench which is probably why Chrysler has not taken this approach.

    Whining about noise sounds like sour grapes to me. Personally, I'd prefer the magic seat in my (very quiet) T&C LX, extra noise and all. I agree with the reviewers that Chrysler should have done the same type of seat, even if it impacted some of the other features in the van.

    I have the non-split bench. I purchased my T&C over the Ody based on price, availability and convenience of dealer's location and my perception that both were of equal reliability. The Magic seat was a definate Plus (a very strong plus) for the Honda.

    Another major plus for the Ody (which was the one which almost got me to buy it) was the fact that there are 2 choices. LX and EX. LX was barely in my price range and EX was not. There are something like 20 Chryslers in all(all DC vans, not just T&C). Each with options and packages. It took me weeks to figure them all out.

    It's not surprising that reviewers don't take the time to really figure out what's what and then go back and hardball negotiate. I'm glad Chrysler gets banged for this in reviews. Hopefully the new EX indicates that they are listening.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    With a million units installed, the cost per unit was probably VERY small in 1999. The start up costs had been absorbed so why did DC take if off the 2000 GC SE? Eliminating nice features is one way to alienate DC owners like myself.
    Why did DC put the cheap rub strip on the 2001 GC Sport that is similar to the one of the bottom of the line base 2000 Caravan?
    Why did DC cheapen the entire Dodge line one step? (SE became base, Sport became former SE, LE was eliminated).
    Personally I feel DC wasted money on the last 2 re-designs as the seats in my daughter's 1988 Voyager were more comfortable than my 1999 GC SE. The 1988 also had more comfortable place to rest the feet of driver and front passenger. I prefer the less severe slope of windshield as it is VERY difficult to clean the inside of it. With the flip-flop wipers, the windshield is not cleaned as well by the wipers as in pre 1996.
    Frankly, I was disappointed in the comfort of the seats, leg and foot room of our 1999 GC once it became obvious it was NOT as comfortable as earlier DC minivans I had ridden in. The Sienna is much more comfortable in any seat than our GC. I feel DC would have been smarter to save the millions on the 2001 re-design, made minor improvements on the 1996-2000 to include the Magic Seat, and kept the prices lower.
    Why not copy good features of Honda? Until Honda and Toyota made their minivan more like the original Chrysler minivans, they sold very few.
    The new EX has some nice features but we do NOT want the power sliding door, power liftgate, powered center console, 4 wheel disc brakes. Just offer the 3.8L, Trip Computer, more comfortable pre-1996 seats in the SE model as options.
  • pgs_28pgs_28 Posts: 34
    Hi Again

    I am having a problem with my steering. It is making a rubbing noise when I turn the wheel and plus I hear little clunks or clicks when turning and sometimes just when I'm braking over going over small bumps. Is this typical of a rack and pinion problem? One other comment.. I have a 2001 T&C Ltd. I noticed that where the ceiling upholestry meets the front window that there is not rubber border or anthing. It just seems to rub up agains the window. This seems odd to me as when you clean the inside of the front window you almost always get close enough to rub the material. In time it is sure to leave a mark. Is this the finish on other T&Cs? The reason I ask is that I had a flip down TV installed and I know they had to take apart a lot of the interior.

  • I am basically lazy and dont want to read back through all of this so will give my question. I have a 99 GCS and it has been great. not one problem.. the only complaint I have is the headlights. I saw where the new ones are supposed to be better. Are they?
  • rolfe2rolfe2 Posts: 81
    They are very adequate. 10K miles on GC ES. Just by looking at them, you'll see that they are significantly larger. Since reviewers beat Chrysler up on this for '96-'00 models, they made them much brighter.

  • I noticed the review of the 01 DC GC stated "and Dodge offers an impressive warranty package,".
    Am I missing something here? Other than the 3yr/36,000 mile what are they referring too?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Good question. I bet he saw the optional 100K/five-year warranty and thought it was a reprise of the old 7/70 warranty that came standard at one time.

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  • becwarbecwar Posts: 9

    I have a similar problem with my steering. If you turn it slowly, there's a squeeking noise coming from somewhere underneath the van. I took it in today and they said they think it's the outer control arms. They said the joints are factory sealed and if the seal is bad, there's no lubricant and that causes the steering to squeek. They have to order the parts, 2 weeks, we'll know once that's all done.
  • scannerscanner Posts: 295
    Wonder how long it will take before someone thinks lower control arm bolts.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    The recall affects vehicles delivered after March 22...

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  • parkisparkis Posts: 1
    My husband and I are in the market for a new minivan and have narrowed it down to the 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan or the 2001 Chrysler Town & Country (not sure exactly which trim levels yet). These two vans seem identical! How do you choose?
  • bholiobholio Posts: 21
    The only reason I went with a T&C over GC was that I figured that the T&C would have better resale/trade in value in the event I got a lemon and wanted to get rid of it in a year or 2.

    If you research enough, you will find that the GC sport is almost identical to the T&C LX, the GC ES is almost identical to the T&C LXI. The T&C limited and GC SE are unique.

    The only difference I found between the GC sport and T&C LX was the T&C has rear disk brakes & the GC has drums.

    Try pricing the resale value of a 2000 GC and 2000 T&C and see which one comes out better.

    If you go to and, you can configure each vehicle and really see exactly what's in them at a greater level of detail than you can at Edmunds or other places. Of course, those sites don't show much useful pricing info.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    I agree with bholio. We have a 99 GC SE because the Dodge dealer is just one mile from our home, had a great deal in March 1999, and the service is outstanding.
    However, I personally think the Town & Country is the more attractive of the 2.
  • mddamusmddamus Posts: 4
    Hey, I wondered the same thing when I started looking, did lots of research and came out with the T&C on top. Around here, the T&C is the same or slightly less expensive than the DC. I figure it will have better resale value, too. I was only comparing AWD models, but did find a few differences between supposedly identical models (based on literature, not an actual physical check of the vehicles).Some of these pertained to the presence of a power slider door on the driver's side as std or an option, the wipers (intermittent versus speed-sensitive intermittent), loading levelling (std on one, optional on the other), and presence or absence of front stabilizer bars (in the Chrysler, supposedly not in the DC if the literature I read is correct). It seems like there were a few others too.

    Confirmed with the dealer today that the rebate is now $2000 and it is good thru 7/3/01. Good luck.
  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    We test drove both before deciding on a T&C LXi AWD. The T&C had more amenities and overall was a bit more refined (especially the dashboard gauge graphics.) The equivalent GC also seemed slightly noisier. We also just found the Chrysler grilles to be more attractive.
    The slightly extra cost wasn't a factor when spread over the 10 years that we expect to own the vehicle. Likewise, the alleged additional resale value didn't much matter to us either.
    I only wish we were able to get the 17-inch wheels like on the GC.
  • bev15bev15 Posts: 3
    I have been having the same type of steering problems as post #930. My steering squeaks/grinds when I turn slowly. I have had it in 2 times. The first time, they replaced some parts on the steering wheel (don't remember what it was called). It didn't work at all.
    Now they are going to replace the power steering rack. I'll let you know if that works.

  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    DaimlerChrysler joins GM in warning owners not to drive their brand-new vehicles. 2001 model minivans made from late March through late April, 2001 are being recalled:

  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    Interesting to read how many DC can make in such a short time. We had a recall on our 1967 Impala and based on our experience, a recall of a potentially serious defect has more noise than substance. Sad that the greed and $$$$ signs of sue-hapy Americans has tainted our culture.
  • scannerscanner Posts: 295
    Honda has yet to make as many minivans period, as DC makes in one year, and that's if you include every Odyssey ever made since 1995.

    Minivan Grand Total
    Honda: 350,000
    DC: 9,000,000
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382

    FWIW, Chrysler is supposed to be more upscale than Dodge (which, in turn, is supposed to be sportier).

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  • enetheneth Posts: 285

    Considering that Honda just got into the mainstream-minivan market less than three years ago, your statement doesn't mean much.

    Is it supposed to be a measure of expertise for Daimler relative to Honda? If so, consider the opposite - Honda sells more cars in two model lines (Civic and Accord) than DaimlerChrysler sells Dodge and Chrysler cars (not trucks - cars) put together. And in that market, they still have fewer units recalled than DaimlerChrysler does.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    Ford and Chevrolet came out with Aerostar and Astro in 1985 shortly after Chrysler's resounding success with the Caravan. Although Astro is still being produced, NO company has had the sales success of Chrysler! Volkswagen built a minivan but it was so pathetically underpowered and lacked virtually every comfort item that VW minivan sales in the USA are abysmal. Volkswagen reliability was in the toilet.
    American automobile genius caught the Japanese manufacturers empty handed. The original Japanese attempts at minivans were a sales disaster. The Japanese designed minivans did NOT sell well in the USA until they COPIED the size and some of the nice comfort items of the American built minivans.
    How many more years before Honda/Toyota/Nissan/Mitsubishi, etc. copy the ability to set the minivan driver and front passenger heated/air conditioned air temperature independently?
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