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Mazda Millenia



  • nzigma1nzigma1 Posts: 3
    Hi fairwood....thanks for the info. I'm going this evening to take a look at the car. Would think after all the 'haggle waggle', he would settle for $ 21,500....In fact the TMV @ Edmunds appraises this type of vehicle at approx 16500 or $ 22,297. However, some guys on this board paid $ 15, 900 US for a 2002 model. Wondering if prices are indeed cheaper in the US. Cheers
  • kimmarckimmarc Posts: 4
    Any place to find struts for my Mille besides the Mazda Dealer? Had my car lowered a few years ago and now need to replace three of four. Already replaced one. Any help appreciated.
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    I have been watching Mazda Millenia site on eBay last few weeks, in fact purchased a keyless remote but it is "still in the mail" (I hope, since I paid by PayPal). Lots of Millenia items come up including entire cars. Let us know what you find. fairwood
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    I hate to keep running to dealer with every niggly little item but I could find only one previous posting here asking about changing the air filter for the inside, not the engine air filter. Previous owner smoked and I sometimes get that stale tobacco smell, especially when the system reverts to recirulating interior air. The previous posting was a few years ago and I could not find anyone responding. Perhaps now? Where is the filter and has anyone bothered to change it? fairwood.
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    a few days ago you were asking if there was another source of struts besides Mazda dealer. Just found this site on eBay but they have most other used parts from what I can tell. Lots of luck and let us know how you make out. fairwood
  • nzigmanzigma Posts: 13
    Bit the bullet and purchased a pearl 2001 S from Signature Mazda this morning. What a nice car. The dealership is within Canada's largest auto mall and in addition to Mazda's 143 point inspection I also have a 3 day/30 day money back/exchange guarantee from the dealership itself in the form of an 'offical' certificate. The only two concerns from the inspection were the grinding noise when you brake at high speeds ( the dealer is fixing this problem) and the tire wear which came out as 70% for the front and 50 % for the rear. Now, I don't much about cars, but it seems strange that the tires would have worn out this much after just 1 y and 7 months and 17.5 K miles. The dealer indicates that this is the tire manufacturer's problem, and I should approach them, but I'm not too sure . Any thoughts as to the reason for this kind of wear, and who should one approach for a 'fix' if indeed there is a problem. I paid $ 22,050 Canadian before taxes ( $ 16537 US) for the vehicle and thought it to be quite a decent price based on the various cars advertised out there. Would appreciate any help here.
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    Dollar wise you got a very good deal. I paid a little more for a 2000 S with 36000 MILES, not those stupid metric K's. Tire wear on a front wheel drive car will always be greater than on the rears. On a rear wheel drive, the rear tires are doing the driving and some of the braking. The fronts are handling the steering and braking. On a front wheel drive, the rear wheels are basically just holding up the back corners so they don't make sparks dragging along the ground! The fronts do the steering, the driving, the braking, all this while trying to follow your directions or input. Tire wear depends on many factors, how aggressive or heavy footed you are, road conditions (smooth, gravel, sandy or whatever), quality of tire components/materials etc. Do a search here under something like "tire wear" and you will get as many answers or questions as there are postings. Frankly I have to wonder why the mileage is so low and the price so reasonable. "my" dealer has a salesman's demo 2002 S in the showroom right now, less than 5000 miles (7000 kilometers) and is asking close to list, around $42,000 Canajun loonies). It's no fun driving this car following some little old blue haired lady in a VW bug on downtown streets. The car begs you to take it out and give it hell. First car I have owned in decades, yes decades, that I actually want to get in and drive to nowhere in particular. Stay with premium gas, as much as the extra cost may hurt, (pay me now or pay me later if you use mid or regular). fairwood
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    Posting #2022, dated Sept. 27, 2002 from phatpat gives the programming sequence for a Mazda Millenia keyless remote. My 2000 S came with only one remote (how the hell can a previous owner only turn in one remote and no valet key??) so I purchased one on eBay and it arrived on Monday June 30/03.
    I followed phatpat's instructions 4 times with no success whatsoever. So I e-mailed the seller and he provided what he says is his programming info.
    This is somewhat similar to what phatpat gave but close doesn't count does it? What surprised me was that the "new" remote now worked but the original no longer worked! Upon careful reading I realized that you have to repeat step 6 for each remote within seconds of each other. Apparently this will work for up to 4 remotes at one sitting.
    Also what was referred to as beeps is actually the chime that sounds when you open driver's door with the key still in the ignition or if you don't buckle up with engine running.
    1. Turn the ignition key to ON (not to ACC as previous instructions directed).
    2. Turn ignition back OFF.
    3. Remove key completely.
    4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 twice more, for a total of 3 times, removing key completely EACH time.
    5. Press the light switch at the lower back corner of the driver's side door jam THREE times, making sure the interior lights flicker. (This is similar to opening and closing door three times from previous instructions.).
    5. Wait several seconds and the car should chime.
    6. Hit the LOCK button of the first remote being programmed TWO times, wait for the chime and repeat for the other remote(s) being programmed.
    7. Wait for the final chime or chimes after programming the last remote and test the functions of all the remotes.
    My apologies for passing on erroneous information a number of postings back.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Your tire wear is probably caused by tire underinflation - S should be running 33 or 34 psi front and 32 or 33 psi back. My dealer always makes it 30 psi all around, so after every tire rotation I just add a little air to those Dunlops...
    Hope this helps,

  • dominick33dominick33 Posts: 14
    The cabin filters on my 01P are located under the passenger side dash. If you pull down the plastic cover under the dash you will see a 13mm nut. Unscrew the nut and remove the bracket. One filter falls straight down, the other you have to slide towards the back of the car and it falls out the same hole as the first. I was able to clean both filters of dust and leaf debris by tapping on the ground and I re-installed them. You may have to replace you're because of the smoke residue.

    See my previous post regarding the fan blower motor if debris is built up there:
    dominick33 Apr 8, 2003 12:56pm
  • olga626olga626 Posts: 3
    Hello guys, I find Mazda Millenia 2000 S model with 19k miles in pearl white color on Ebay. I already saw this car and now I have a couple questions. I inspected this car with my friend (auto mechanic) who told me that the car in perfect condition (like new). The guy who selling this car is the first owner, he actually has too many cars so he decides to get rid of one. The car hadn't have any accidents, crack, scratches like I said the car in the perfect condition. Seller asking $15,000 which looks good and worth to me. Now my questions. When I turned the engine on the Miller for second makes very specific noise. Is this is normal? Does the model 2000 has cabin filter for air condition? The start of the car is pretty low in contrast with Toyota Campy V6, the tires won’t make any noise I mean the increase speed noise when the car starts to drive and increase the speed. The auto transmition can be feels when the speed changes from 1 to 2. Is this is normal? I heard that this transmition problem in every Mazdas cars. Next. Steering wheel turns pretty hard in contrast with Camry. Air conditioner works loud, brakes requires big push on pedal. Sound in the cabin something high and when the car is on neitral position I can feel some vibration in the cabin. Suspansion is a little strong in contrast with the Camry. Steering wheel, air conditioner, performance when car is starts this all things that bothers me the most. What do you thing about all this? What I like about this car is the disaine. Super class. For only this plus I am able to forgive some of the negative factors about this car but accelarated performance I can’t forgive. Now, what about the gasoline, somebody is using the basic gasoline? Does someone know why Millenias so unpopular in US. Please don’t take everything I told on your account. I just write what is bothering me when I first buy this kind of car. Again car is 2000 year with 19k miles. Pearl, with perfect condition, seller asks $15,000. Your opinions?
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    "What do you thing about all this?"

    I think you better pass over this "perfect" car. If all that is bothering you, you will hate the car from the beginning. I love my '01 P, but if it was plagued by all that I wouldn't use it.

    I will give you one point though. The transmission shifting is a little harsh at time. That car sounds more like my '57 pickup than my Millenia.
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    I agree with fwatson. Your ideas of a "perfect" car sure are the polar opposite of every other poster here over the years. Just what is this "specific noise" at start up and how can anyone tell if it is normal from that description?
    If you mean Camry (Campy?) then go with the Camry if you want to sqeal the tires at startup. With all those problems how can your mechanic tell you with a staight face that the car is in perfect condition? Steering is hard, air conditioner is noisy, brakes require a lot of hard pushing, shifting is harsh (this is normal especially or only when cold), noisy interior and on and on. But it looks great! If it only looks great and has no other redeeming qualities then walk or better yet, run away as fast as you can. fairwood.
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    Thanks for reply dominick33. Did manage to pull down large plastic vacuum formed panel but there is a long round metal housing or casting and what I could see sure did not sound like what you describe on your 2001S. There are several nuts on extended bolts here and there but nothing that comes close to what you describe. I have a 2000S so looks like they may have changed things in 2001. The service manager did scan his fiche or computer card and could find nothing regarding replaceable cabin filters. He said he had never heard of them (in 2000's ??) and was curious to see if he had missed this previously. Looks like I will have to spray Febreeze or something, not looking forward to that. Maybe Jack Daniels or something would do the trick? fairwood
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    I thought I'd to try to answer some of your question, since my car is pretty much the same as the one you're looking at, but 50K more mileage.

    The start of the car is pretty low in contrast with Toyota Campy V6 >> it is lower than the camry, it's much sportier and look better too.

    The auto transmition can be feels when the speed changes from 1 to 2. Is this is normal? >> it's notmal when the engine is cold, after about five minutes, transmission is smooth, could be jerky sometimes, but it never bothered me in anyway.

    I heard that this transmition problem in every Mazdas cars. >> The 1993-1995 Mazda 626's with 4cyl engine got some transmission issues, but no other mazdas that I know of in the past ten years or so has much transmission problem at all. My 2000 Millenia S has 68000 miles now and has zero problem.

    Steering wheel turns pretty hard in contrast with Camry >> yes, steering wheel is not as light as camry or accord, but that's the way Mazda designed it. You get better feel for the road that way and very stable at high speed (I mean higher speed than any any camry or accords can ever do)

    Air conditioner works loud >> I have to agree with you on this, especially at #2 and up. At #1, it's pretty quiet I think.

    brakes requires big push on pedal >> maybe just need a new brake pads. >> mine is fine.

    Sound in the cabin something high and when the car is on neitral position I can feel some vibration in the cabin >> I don't feel it on mine, but ask your mechanic friend to look at it.

    Suspansion is a little strong in contrast with the Camry >> because it is, remember that this is not a family car, this is a near luxury sport sedan, expecially with it's 17" low profile tires, you won't get as boaty ride as in a camry, but you can alway fix this by getting a higher profile tires or replace the rim with a 16" from the regular millenias

    Now, what about the gasoline >> always use premium, it's a Supercharge V6 engine, it needs the premium fuels.

    why Millenias so unpopular in US >> because it doesn't have a lexus or acura badge and because when mazda introduced the car in '95, they priced it too high.

    My suggestion, look for a 2001 model, which you can get for about $16K has more new featured that you might like or get another grand off the price of this one. It's not that easy to sell a Millenia, so you have the edge there.

    Good Luck
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    I love my Millenia, it's the perfect car for me. Classy, sporty, reliable and fun to drive. I would only trade it in for a 2001 or 2002 Millenia S and nothing else, well maybe a Mazda6s 5-speed after they come up with HID headlight and nav.
  • nzigmanzigma Posts: 13
    Thanks fairwood/tomekk for the tire advise. Yes with two days of ownership and the fact that Vancouver won the 2010 Winter Olympics bid I'm feeling good. And, fairwood I do share the sentiment about driving for 'just no reason at all'. If any of you folks have seen the movie "Christine"........

    I agree that the price was quite decent based on my observations over the last six months. The prices here have dropped about 6-8 grand since Jan. The last deal that I checked out was thru Budget Rent a Car. The listing for the 2001S was $ 27K Canadian, and sold for $ 25K approximately 18K miles. Maybe the prices are lower in the West coast, don't really know. Cheers
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    Some days ago you inquired about struts from sources other than dealers. I noticed today on eBay that there are TWO used REAR struts for sale on eBay, item number 2422157945. There is also a picture of the struts. I think you needed three but this may get you started. fairwood
  • heybradyheybrady Posts: 75
    I have a 1999 P, which is closer to your 2000S than a 2001, and I agree the transmission can be a bit harsh at times. Especially if you come to a rolling stop and start again, the tranny doesnt get into 1 until you hit the gas, which makes for a real harsh shift from 2 to 1. A little practice and you will be able to stop this from happening. Your a/c fan may be loud due to a bad fan bearing. I have had the same problem and a post on here mentioned that the fan bearing is a known issue and is faily easy/cheap to replace. I have that problem but havent bothered to get it fixed, the radio usually drowns out the noise anyways. The only thing I wish I had is the BOSE stereo and I wish they offered HID on the car. Other than that I absolutely love mine, and get tons of compliments on it. Hope this helps. Brady
  • un_yzun_yz Posts: 12
    Today when some sunlight fell on the temparature display of my 2002 S Millenia, I noticed some unlit LEDs for miles/gallon display. Is it available in US models or is it just something turned on for European ones. If this feature is available, it would be really great.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I don't know the answer to your question, but I agree it would be a nice feature.

    I hadn't noticed it on my "01 MMP, but will look to see if it is there. I have seen such ghosts displays on other cars though and would assume they are there in connection with other options. The MM doesn't have options of that sort, so I like you wonder why it was included in the display.
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    This is very interesting folks. I recently purchased a 2000 MM S here in Canada and the temperature readout was in Celcius not Fahrenheit which I prefer. As I stated in earlier post here, my dealer did not have a clue how to change or even if it was possible. The Canadian Mazda web site is not very user friendly so I e-mailed the question to Mazda USA and within 30 hours I had the answer: put key in ignition but leave in OFF position. Push the AUTO and OFF buttons at the same time while turning the ignition key ON. Lo and behold, suddenly I had readings in degrees F. I haven't seen this "hidden" readout for MPG but don't doubt that it is possible to get it to read. The integrated circuits that control all the various readings etc. are now very cheap to produce and there is no way in hell that Mazda or any other mfgr. is going to have separate pc boards for their world wide locations. What is missing is the hardware to bring the readings up, that is, the button or switch you would push. Either that or the reading would have to be active at all times. Also, it may be an addition to the models produced in 2001 and 2002. A few e-mails to asking for clarification would be in order it seems. Speaking of gas mileage, I am using premium of course and am on my 3rd fillup since end of May (retired so I don't join the happy commuter throngs each day). I am getting around 20mpg (U.S. gallons, not Imperial) and that is around 70% local and 30% highway. I have a heavy foot with this car (it begs to be pushed doesn't it?) much more so than in previous car, Lincoln Town Car!. Gas mileage is better so difference in cost is not part of the equation. Keep in touch. fairwood
  • un_yzun_yz Posts: 12
    Thanks fwatson and fairwood for your comments. I will try to contact the Mazda USA site, lets see if they can help.

    Over the weekend I drove a Maxima for around 1000 miles. Though the car has good engine and farily good transmission, the interior material and dash board quality/layout in Millenia is far better. Its a class apart. The finishing within the trunk in Millenia is also far better. Overall, after the Maxima drive I have started liking my Millenia more.
  • heybradyheybrady Posts: 75
    I have had my 99 P for 4 months now. It is great. The thing that suprised/impressed me most is how well it handles at high speeds (70+). Granted I never go over 80 or 82ish, but it feels as stable and is as quiet as if I was only going 40. Usually by this point the steering wheel starts to shake and the car is very loud on other cars, not this one. I think that would be great if it is possible to unlock the MPG display. On a non-related note, have any of you put in the "fake" HID bulbs in the car? If so, any good ones out there? Just curious. Thanks.
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    Hi, I agree with you regarding feeling at high speeds. Before I know it I am doing 70+ mph and that is in my driveway! Just kidding. Very easy to get up over speed limit in these beauties. Regarding HID bulb conversions - you will find lots of discussion on this matter in this forum and other Mazda owner sites. Big worry or warning is that some of the aftermarket bulbs draw excessive current and melt the wiring harness. Other bulbs may be street illegal (too bright) and you will be stopped by the police. Go to eBay and do a search on Mazda Millenia and you will get 4 or 5 pages of Millenia items, including a lot of these bulbs, wiring harness etc. Tread carefully. I have not heard back from MazdaUSA yet regarding ghost mpg readout. fairwood
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    July 10 12pm Eastern. Just got an e-mail from MazdaUSA regarding gas mileage. The respondent said no such conversion exists. That may be only for 2000's. I notice that 2001's have a digital mileage odometer readout and perhaps more than one odometer setting. I had this on my Lincoln Town Car. So there you go. fairwood
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    I have been using my CATZ bulb for over a year and half now without any problem. Check out my post on this forum #1334 and #1360 for more info, sorry it's late, I'm too lazy to type. Oh and BTW, I've had my 2000 Mill S at speed over 135 and felt very solid, stable, no shaking, kinda feel like the car is glued to the road, unlike any other cars I've driven, not even my parents mercedes. The car just gets better as speed increases :-), no really. Just make sure you have at least a V rated tires to go that fast.
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    Several posts back un_yz noticed some "ghost" LED's for gas mileage. In a previous post I said that MazdaUSA indicated that no such additional readout exists. un_yz noticed it when sunlight fell at a certain angle so I decided to use a flashlight in the garage and this is what I found. Running along the entire width of the display area, both top and bottom is a broken or dashed line, some spaces longer or shorter than others. It resembles a linear digital readout that some spedometers had some years back, or a volume level indicator on a stereo amp. Just above the 4 clock LED's is the following in very small letters: CONSUM. CUR. AV. REMNG. I am not sure of the period after each word but these old eyes have been known to lie before. In any event it seems obvious that the intention is or was to give current gas CONSUMption based on CURrent conditions; AVerage consumption since last calibrated; fuel REMainiNG based on current driving conditions (speed; temperature etc.). To the right of the last clock LED is: Km and below that is: L/Km which is kilometers and litres per kilometer. The European and unfortunately Canadian official system works with kilometers and fuel consumption is "how much fuel is used to go 100 kilometers". The American and formerly the Canadian (and still my) system is: how many miles you travel per gallon of fuel. The European system roughly translates to: how many gallons used to go 100 miles. Anyway, I have a 2000 MM S, fwatson has a 2001 P and un_yz has a 2002 MM S and none of us has access to these very desirable features. Less gimmickry such as motor driven steering wheel positioners (a simple mechanical lever would do just fine) and more useful features such as these readouts would have gone some distance to keep Mazda customers coming back. Just my feelings. fairwood
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    One more set of led's in the lower right hand corner says "Econ". It was obviously set up for fuel monitoring. I have to wonder why they never activated it. As you say, it would be a good addition.
  • fairwoodfairwood Posts: 91
    A little humid in central FL is it? Been there in August, no mo' thank you very much. Winters are good, not summers for northerners. Anyway, about that Econ - If you push the A/C switch a little A/C LED comes on, if you push it a second time the A/C light stays on but the Econ also lights up, at least it does in my 2000 MM S. Or is there another Econ on yours? And just what is A/C Economy setting anyway? I knew that Mazda or any other builder would not have engineered separate pc boards for each model. PC boards and integrated circuits are so cheap to make in large quantities and the addition of more (often useless) functions adds virtually nothing to the cost of the end product, only the intitial time to design.
    I know because before I retired I worked for the world's largest mfgr of hearing aid amplifiers and the artsy-fartsy gimmicks we could and did add on cost peanuts but the OEM's who make the final product around the world can add these gimmicks to their sales pitch. Just look at any of the remote controls you have for TV, CD players, hi-fi amplifiers etc. How many of the functions do you - or can you - use? My stereo amplifier baffles me no end and yet I made a very comfortable living all my working life in electronics! When my editing VCR has a fit or I need to reprogram the recording timer I have to get out the 78 page, 8 1/2" x 11" manual. The remote has a flip up lid with more nonsense inside. How did this go from a Mazda to gimmicks 101? Sorry if I digressed. fairwood
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