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Lexus ES 350



  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Many people are willing to pay a premium for the Lexus badge, and for them, the ES is there.
    An Avalon costs just about as much as an ES nowadays...

    It'll probably have more than 280 horsepower though...

    Who needs that much horsepower anyways? 255 horsepower is plenty enough for me, and my car is heavier and longer than the ES... (albeit shorter than the Avalon)
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Its not a matter of "need."

    Honestly though, why not 280 horses? Id bemoan a different song if there was an efficiency drop since the last generation, but the EPA ratings have gone up 3 to 4 MPG on the city and highway cycles for the Avalon. If the consumer can have that, and another 70 horses to boot, why not?

    The Avalon may cost as much fully loaded as the current ES, but it actually has several features not available on that model, and its model range extends down some 7 grand below where the ES starts. Theres still enough differentation in size, price, customer service, and prestige that I dont really see either cannabalizing the other's sales directly.

    -my take

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Theres still enough differentation in size, price, customer service, and prestige that I dont really see either cannabalizing the other's sales directly.

    I agree. The current ES330 is selling briskly despite having only 225 horsepower compared to the Avalon.
  • asawasaw Posts: 54
    Anybody has any news on the ES350?

    I'm deciding between the new ES350 and the new IS250/350.
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    I haven't heard anything about the ES, but it won't be out until '07 at the earliest.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I guess Lexus is typical Lexus- they won't tell us ANYTHING about the car until six months before debut, when they'll show it at an autoshow, and then they'll release just pictures. Full details, including specifications, pricing, and options probably won't be available until a week or so before launch.
  • asawasaw Posts: 54
    I thought the 07 Camry is out in Spring 06, and the 07 ES350 should be arriving around the same time?
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    The ES really has to get more hp to compete with the Avalon. The new Avalon is a hot car in spite of not having the Lexus badge. I believe it's the best bargain on the market, by far. Consumer Reports claims it's a good alternative to full size lux models.
  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    I'm expecting the ES to be smaller than the Avalon, and possibly less powerful. Why? Because the ES sits in a weird market position. It's the entry evel luxury market, and it doesn't compete against similarly priced cars like the BMW 3 or the Audi A4 because it isn't sporty at all. They need to keep that image. As boring as it may seem, that is why they sell so many. They are comfortable cars, and they are true Lexus luxury for a relatively low price.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    You're right about the ES being in a weird market position. It's more of a quiet, refined luxury car. Therefore it's competitors are the Zephyr and C Class.

    Lexus shouldn't make the next ES lose its character, which is being quiet, luxurious and refined all around. Lexus has the IS300 to fight BMW 3 series, A4s, CTS, G35.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    truely is unique. It's a comfortable cruiser in a sea of "performance" models.

    Basically the only comfortable cruisers in its price range would be:

    Lincoln Zephyr
    Mercedes-Benz C-Class

    Back in 2004 you could have added the Infiniti I35 to the list, but Infiniti axed it...
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    And the good news for Lexus is they have the ES330 as the quiet cruiser, and the IS350 as the performance sedan.

    Rumour has it that Mercedes is planning to build a four door coupe (think CTS) on the C Class platform. The picture I saw was pretty nice, but then so was the upcoming C Class. Heard the new coupe would be called the CLE or CLX.
  • vetfannyvetfanny Posts: 11
    I was set on an Avalon Limited until I looked at it and drove it.
    The engine was not very smooth and the ride was so so.
    The interior is like a Buick product, cheap looking.
    THe passenger front seat is typical Toyota...not comfortable.

    After driving my neighbors ES330...the only thing holding me back is the HP and it's a shade smaller than I like. I currently drive an Acura RL
  • caliddcalidd Posts: 60
    Has anyone spotted a sneak preview of the next generation ES? I saw a photo of a Lexus super coupe that is actually a 4-door coupe. It was touted as aimed at the BMW 6-series--like it might be a new model--but I'm hoping, instead, that it's actually the next ES. If Lexus doesn't return to the coupe-look of the 95 with the sloping c-pillar, I'll probably look for another car that combines "coupe look" and "comfortable (and quiet) cruiser" elements.

    Meanwhile, photo anyone?
  • I think we are looking at the wrong engine....I think the engine in the GS 300 is going to be the engine for the Camry and ES. It is very logical....because Lexus wouldnt make an engine for only a year of use...and bag it.
  • lexi4lifelexi4life Posts: 181
    Perhaps Camry will use it, but not the ES. Toyota has already "registered" the new name of its next ES as ES350. . . But using the 3.0 in the Camry seems a very good idea, since this car doesn't need 260-280hp to be competitive.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    All sedan's have sloping rear C-pillars. How does that give it a *coupe look*? The 1995 ES and the current ES have similar slopes in the C-pillar. What gave the 1995 ES a coupe look was the frameless doors. Frameless doors gave it slim visible B-pillars and therefore gave it a coupe look. We're not going to see the ES 4-door sedan go back to frameless doors, so you might have to look elsewhere.

    Although I would bet that the next ES will be more aggressive in design and should have a strong family resemblance to the 2006 IS and 2006 GS.
  • so you think they would only make that engine...just for a Camry? I doubt it...even though 3.5L on a ES would be nice...i think it would be impractical. Because the GS will have that engine too. I think they wouldnt have the same engine used in both models. Also the ES is suppose to give that 'luxury' look and feel to it...not a 'sport' type of feel and look. So i think 3.5 will be with the IS and GS.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    "so you think they would only make that engine...just for a Camry? I doubt it"

    It wouldn't be just for the Camry, the Solara would also get it. Besides you are missing the point, the 3.0L V6 in the current GS is part of the same family as the 3.5L V6 that will be going into the GS and possibly ES & RX. I'm guessing a good part of both engines are similar, therefore the investment in the 3.0L V6 is relatively small. And putting a 3.0L V6 in just the Camry is no big deal. Think about it, Toyota sells 400K Camrys/Solara's just in the US every year, about 20% are V6 sales, therefore that's still alot of V6's they would be producing.

    "Also the ES is suppose to give that 'luxury' look and feel to it...not a 'sport' type of feel and look. So i think 3.5 will be with the IS and GS. "

    The Avalon isn't a *sport* type of car either yet it has a slightly different version of the 3.5L V6 with 280bhp. Also, the ES currently has a 3.3L V6 as it is, so I don't see them moving back in engine displacement, I only see them going up in displacement.
  • lexi4lifelexi4life Posts: 181
    They won't make the 3.0 just for the Camry, obviously. They'll probably use it in Highlander (245hp), Sienna (245hp), base V6 Solara (245hp) (an upscale model having the 3.5 with 280hp) and finally the base V6 Camry (245hp) (the SE V6 model having the 3.5 with 280hp). It could even be used in the next RAV4 (detuned to 220hp?), that is supposed to have a V6 option. And the next ES is really going to be ES350, using the 3.5 rated at probably 280-290hp (with AWD option). It is possible that Lexus offers the 3.0 in the base ES and leaves their 3.5 for the upscale model with AWD! They said they wanted to offer more choice, so that's a possibility! But be sure the next ES is going to have the 3.5, in option or not, since the Avalon gets it fot less money...
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