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Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems



  • Hey Matt... I responded once, and this is what I found out since...

    The problem: windows, locks, mirrors and auto seat button not working... dome ligths on all the time when I drive... headlights turn on and off when keys are NOT in the ignition and when NOBODY is around.

    It's not my battery, it's only 2 months old.

    The solution??: After talking to my mechanic it turns out the switch (that controls windows and locks inside the driver door) is not communicating with the body control module. The switch is $202.00 and the BCM is $725.00 brand new + labor. I searched ebay with no luck and finally 40 junk yard calls later I found the switch for $35.00 and the BCM for $150.00. I was also doing some more research on line and someone stated that they changed the BCM first and it didn't do anything, and then they put in a new switch and it worked. Since it's signifigantly cheaper, I will be trying the switch first. I will be getting the switch tomorrow and after I get it on, I'll send another message. But I hope this helps!!
  • jra173jra173 Posts: 2
    Don't think it's the panic button because when I open the door, it sounds like the ignition is on and the dash lights are on. Anyone know where the body control computer ground is or where I could see a wiring diagram?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    possably be the ingniton switch as that is full of contacks could have bad contack inside it
  • anner0220anner0220 Posts: 2
    Does anyone have a solution? I've had this problem for 11 months.. the same lights flickering, seems like the car shuts off but it's not... all guages shut off... and come back on... The dealership blew me off when it was under factory warranty, and now.. blamed corrossion on my battery able- and insisted that the diagnostic revealed a faulty wiring harness. now over $600 later and only 2 weeks since that repair.. AGAIN!! lights flicker, guages off and on.... this is so scary when driving at night... the dealership doesn't care.. and acts like it's my fault.. or that I am SOL.. because it's electrical and are "impossible" to diagnois..


    Anne :lemon:
  • andyman74andyman74 Posts: 4
    Mine has ben flakely for 4 months now with countless trips to the dealer. They have determined that they can't fix the problem because they can't find it. I'll keep you posted as they are considering buying it back fro me.
  • i bought a new flasher for my 2000 jeep grand cherokee but cannot find where to plug it in. i was told its either under the hood or by the fuses under the dash.
  • Hello, my girlfriend's '05 Jeep Grand is doing the exact same thing minus the headlights (fingers crossed). Have you received any answers to your problem? The dealer is going to look at it tomorrow and I wondered if it might be something I could fix myself.
    I'm not ready to fix a wiring harness, though. Did you try the battery? If so, did it work?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    located on the left end of insternent cluster (don't look like a reg flasher looks like a relay second from the left on the junction block top row
  • The dealership called into Chrylser Engineers to get advice and were told to replace the " Multifunctionswitch" it's basically the headliths/windshield wiper "bar" that comes out of the steering column. I complained enough that the dealership did that repair for free. It's only a $70+ dollare part.. it's been a few weeks and ALL SEEMS GOOD....
    Have them check that switch... the wiring harness is bull!! Nothing was wrong with mine... don't believe them if they tell you that... I'm 90% sure for you it's going to be the multifunction switch...
  • Hi, yes my jeep is fixed. I've been so crazy I forgot to post it. The problem with our jeep was the dome lights were on all the time (with out keys being in the ignition), headlights blinking when jeep is not running or w/o keys in the ignigtion, windows, locks, and power seat button not working. My parents neighbor actually fixed. It was showing on the computer that the BCM was not communicating with the switch. Total prices for both parts was around $1000.00 plus labor. My parents neighbor was trying to pull of a portion of the door panel off, and couldn't get it. The more we discussed it he said it sounded like a lose wire. So when you open the driver door (on our case at least) between the side of the door closest to the steering wheel and the side of the jeep is a black foamy like cover, he slid it to the side to see the wires and all it was was a split wire. We sautered it back together and it's been fine ever since, for almost a month now! I hope this helps, but I'm so thankful we didn't spend the grand to get it fixed, because it still wouldn't have worked. FIXING THIS ONE SINGLE WIRE, FIXED ALL OF THE ISSUES!!!!!!
  • Wow, that's great. We don't really experience all those problems except for the gauges. Occasionally we'll be driving down the street listening to the radio and it will skip to another station, or, if we're listening to a CD it will change from disc 1, song 12 to disc 4, song 6. This has really confused me. I'm ready to pull my hair out as I'm sure you were...ANY advice would help...
  • I would def. check your wires because this all didn't just happen on one day. It happened over about a month long process... the windows were working on occasion, or on the overhead computer (whatever you call it) was stating that the back hatch was open, when it really wasn't. Then the windows and locks would only work with the driver door open (because that's when the wires would touch). So, considering how easy and cheap this was to fix, I would highly suggest that you start there. You said that you aren't having all of the same problems, but with the radio acting the way it is, it could be a different wire in the door... there are a ton in there, and they all do different things, so it's a high possibility!! Somehow it got kinked and they slowly over time we started noticing different things not working, but that's because the wire was getting thinner, and thinner and thinner!!
  • The run down:
    1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee TSI V-8 4X4
    The jeep runs great at all speeds, as well as the transmission. It is pretty much sound mechanically. But electrical y it is evil.
    The dash gauges do not work. The interior Lights will not go off. The power windows will not work on any door. I had to remove the interior light fuse just to get them to turn off. When you put the fuse back in, the relay clicks repeatedly, then seems to quickly drain the battery. It SEEMS that as long as the fuse is out the battery stays charged.
    The radio and fan both work. The power seats work as well. The information center on the upper console and the larger display information center that has a digital picture of the jeep located near the shifter both light up, but display no information (outside temp, compass, etc.), just hyphens. The bottom info center that has a picture of the jeep will not show that a door is ajar when it is.
    I have checked all fuses and circuit breakers, but all are good.
    I have taken it to two shops that gave up and told me to come pick it up (I figure because they did not want to mess with it). The third shop I took it to told me that the BCM would not communicate. And that I would have to buy a new BCM at the dealership and have the dealership program it to my jeep. I took it to the dealership and had the new BCM installed. They told me that it made no difference and that it was still not communicating. Why would a new BCM not even communicate? The problem must be before the BCM.
    The dealership said that they will not do anymore diagnostics on it because it has been gone through by too many other shops. All wires that have been messed with are still in-tact though. I am to the point to where I am willing to dismantle the dash and dig in. But if I could get some ideas on how to go about this, I would be very grateful.
    Please note that the lights behind the gauges do work just not the needles themselves.
    So after over $1000 of spending I still have the same Jeep I did at the start of all this. I cannot take it to anymore shops as I will probably end up spending all together, more than the Jeep is worth.
    Could this be an ECM/PCM issue?
  • My windows have started to periodically not work. My sunroof works fine. Also the power locks which are programmed to auto lock (at 15 mph) & unlock (when drivers door is opened) only work with the manual button on the door (just started that today). Has anyone else had this exact problem and if so, where you able to fix it??
  • jcarey1jcarey1 Posts: 2
    I have a 99 4x4 Grand Cherokee Laredo and am having a problem starting. It only occurs from time to time. When I turn the key it clicks and all the gauges bounce back and forth and continue to bounce even after the key is removed. If I keep trying it will eventually start. The first time it happened I pressed the brake and the gauges registered normal and it started. This morning the gauges started bouncing again then it finally started but now the gauges are dead.
  • Did you find a cure for the evil demon? I have a 1999 jeep Gran Cherokee with the same symptoms and am pulling out my hair. Nothing I have done mitigates this problem and like you no shop has been able to diagnose the problem. I'm ready to give it away.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    i would try and change the ingnition switch
  • The dealership told my girlfriend that the radio was skipping because a "stuck seek button". I know that can't be the problem because it skips randomly when playing a CD. The check engine light went after changing out the O2 sensor and adding a new air filter. The spark plugs have since been changed and so-far so-good (knock on wood).

    I think the problem with the radio lies in the steering wheel as it has controls on the back of the pillars. The buttons seem like they've been mashed beyond function and don't work when pressed.

    As for the gauges, I would *GUESS* there is either an electrical short somewhere throughout the vehicle, or the ignition is bad. I would look for articles or posts on that problem elsewhere. Also, if you can find a Haynes' Manual for you Jeep, I would. I will as soon as I finish this post...Good Luck!
  • Nope, note yet. I know what you mean when you say you are ready to give it away. I would, but its so hard to when it runs so good. I just picked it up from the dealership yesterday with no leads from them. I did get some good leads from other forums. I have been told that my BCM must not be getting power. Being that it is new, it must note being getting power since it is not communicating.

    I have been given a list of wires and areas to check that would most likely be the problem for the power outage. So as soon as it quites raining I will be digging in.

    I will let you know if I fix it.
  • i hope u have fixed this problem by now. your problem should be under the battery tray there is a vacuum line thta has a hole in it. seen to many like this.
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