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Honda Odyssey: Problems & Solutions:(1995-2004 Models)



  • johnnyrfjohnnyrf Posts: 65
    I too have a 99 creeping up on 30K miles and knock on wood, have had no problems with the vehicle other than some temperamental doors early on that seem to have fixed themselves. I am planning on extending the warranty to 5 yr. 60K miles. Anybody know what the cost will be???
  • macodymacody Posts: 18
    We have a 99 EX (as most of you know); we have high mileage cars (though not as high as mschafer); 52,500 miles today (van will be 2 years old on July 31) . . . . . anyway

    Mild door stick problem first week of ownership; fixed @ dealer; no other problems since. Van runs great, stereo is "bearable"; replaced firestone tires with Michelins in December. Have done all our own scheduled maintenance; van runs great and has met all our expectations.

    Previously had a 95 Windstar (don't EVEN get me started) and 90 Caravan (also don't get me started). Nice to have a van that I don't have to pray over each morning :).

  • In response to the Haney Man, yes I had more than 10 D/C vans in 15 years, and NO I did not own them 1.5 yrs each. Did it ever occur to you that we could have two in the family, one for me & one for my wife? The fact is that we did have 2 D/C vans for 13 of the 15 years. Most of them we drove for an average of about 40,000 miles apiece before selling them. I think that gave me a fair idea about reliability. Someone accused me yesterday of being a rep for D/C, today I wonder whether you guys get a kickback from Honda.
    Honda is a COMPANY that makes products...they are far from perfect. I am amazed at the remarkable ability by some of you readers to run to the defense of Honda, even when they make errors!
    To the respondent who said my kids should be buckled in, so they don't fall out when the defective power sliding doors open without warning. Did you have the same response when 20/20 did a scathing report on Chrysler, regarding the rear hatchback that would break open when rear-ended and some children were ejected? After all, if they had been belted in, they would be alive today. Let's see 20/20 or 60 minutes do a story on the power door problems on the Odd that WILL inevitably lead to a disaster. How about right this minute, I can't open the sliding door on the drivers side, manually or otherwise. What would happen if G-D forbid, I was in an accident this weekend, and I had to get my kids out, and the other doors are jammed..........
    Yea, keep defending Japanese companies, as though they do no wrong. Yep, it's only those greedy American car manufacturers who do everything wrong........NOT!
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    Ahh... now we see where this thread is going...

    No one here is defending Japanese companies, and for goodness sakes no one believes they can do no wrong. ( It's really those Canadians - they built this thing ;-) ) Read the title - this is the Odyssey PROBLEMS forum. We've all had problems. And we come here to talk about it - hopefully to help others or get help in addressing the problems we have. But it is people who start with the "Odyssey Sucks" banter that gets the rest of us riled up. Nobody makes a perfect car - nobody. I'm sorry you've had problems, but believing Honda is a horrible company because they have recalls doesn't make sense. And I just don't see the comparison between a sliding door that opens and a vehicle that self destructs on impact. I drove a Jeep for years without doors (hey, they made it that way!) and didn't fall out - because I was buckled in. And yes, as a matter of fact I DID say during the 20/20 report "were the kids buckled up?" As i said previously, the reason you see reports on the D/C and Ford recalls is because it took many people's deaths to get those recalls enacted.

    Now I'm also curious. After 15 years of problem free D/C vans (10 of them no less), why the switch?

  • rbell2rbell2 Posts: 179
    I own '96 Dodge Grand Caravan LE we bought new. I have 76,000 miles on it and have had one incident where a belt tensioner sheared off wiping 2 pumps in its wake (at 65,000 miles). This cost me $750. Other than that - no problems. It is extremely comfortable, the interior is superbly surviving my family of four, the exterior is in good shape, and I routinely tow a 2,500lb boat. I have also noticed that Consumer Reports now reccomends the DGC since the reliability has finally met average or above for the minivan class. In about 18 months we will be shopping for another new minivan and right now it will be between the DGC and Odyssey. The Odyssey will have to really impress us to beat out the DGC (unless this van "falls apart" in the next 18 months). Coming from a 18 year Toyota owner and 2 month Honda owner (Accord) you can imagine how good this van has had to be for me to consider buying another.
  • Did I ever write anywhere- The Oddy Sucks? If you read everything I've written, I always say I would cosider another Oddy in the future. I basically like the vehicle, but it still has a long way to go to distance itself from it's competitors. In other words, the Oddy overall just barely edges out the current D/C vans. With Honda's potential expertise, the Oddy should blow away the competition, not just squeak by. What has been disappointing about Honda in the last 6-8 yrs is that they often misjudge the American market, and as a result release vehicles that are just not competitive. Witness the previous generation Oddy, the current awful Passport (yes I know its a rebadged Isuzu, just proving my point even more) the previous generation Accord, the late Prelude. In a way I'm giving a backhanded compliment to Honda, I know that they are immensely talented company with tremendous abilities, and it is very frustrating to see them blunder fairly regularly in the US market. Yes, they are doing very nicely in sales right now, but imagine where they would be if they had come out with the current design Oddy in 1994 or '96? After all D/C had a Grand Caravan in 1987!!!! All the competitors in the Minivan market took a ridiculously long time to figure out Chrysler's winning Minivan formula. Ford was the first to emulate Chrysler and finally had a half-way worthy competitor in the Windstar. Why didn't Honda learn by example?
    Honda seems to be on the right track, again-Finally! The Oddy, the current generation Accord, the upcoming Honda version MDX, and the total revamping of the Acura line-up is proof that Honda is awakening. They will be moving on up in the US market in the next few years, leaving quite a few competitors behind- as long as they keep revamping their product line to reflect the tastes of the American market-their biggest.
    In answer to your query Re: why the switch to Honda after owning D/C vans for so long? I saw the Honda Oddy prototype at the Detroit Auto Show in early 98, then I saw an actual production model at the NY Auto Show in April 98. I was impressed with all the features, the look and the overall SIZE. I also had been finding that the resale value on my D/C vans had been falling pretty steadily in the late 90's. Additionally, I no longer was driving a minivan myself, but my wife was, and she said she would like a change, after driving so many D/C vans for 15 yrs. I figured the Oddy would be a hit, and it would probably command a higher resale value, and I turned out to be right. I put a deposit on one in May 98 and took delivery of the first one that arrived at the dealership, luckily it was a color I wanted.
    Lastly, the 20/20 reports never showed a D/C van "self-destructing" as you put it. The rear tailgate opened up on impact, how does that constitute "self-destruction"?
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    >> What has been disappointing
    >> about Honda in the last 6-8 yrs
    >> is that they often misjudge the
    >> American market, and as
    >> a result release vehicles that
    >> are just not competitive

    What?? I don't know where you live, but if I had a dime for every Accord, Passport and CRV I see around here I'd be rich. Granted, the Prelude missed the mark, but I think the track record is pretty good. Now with that said, I'm not a "Honda" person. Hondas are always utilitarian - very basic interiors, cheap sheet metal, etc. - but very functional. Personally, I like Mazda (as a complete line) better - but the MPV is too small and underpowered. If it were the size of the Odyssey, it would be perfect. But the Odyssey is a very nice vehicle. I wouldn't trade it for any other van on the market today.
  • is right. This has evolved past the thread's intent. We should take it over to the regular Ody thread or a DC vs. Ody thread. Surfing through this hodge podge might cause an important post by Auburn to go unnoticed or even worse, make such knowledgable contributers(god knows, I don't know crap in comparison about whats under the hood) feel as if its a waste of thier time.
  • trencher7trencher7 Posts: 48
    When I first got my 2001 Oddy EX I noticed an outward dent on the back door just below the window. I have noticed almost 4-5 new dents right along the same part of the door. It must be a result of opening and closing the hatch. Do me a favor and look at your back doors and get at an angle to see if you have them too. I noticed them on a few other Oddy's as well and it really bugs me. They are mild dents that are above the license plate and below the window along the strip where the Honda badge is. If you get at an angle you can see them (harder to notice straight on). I feel like Honda should fix the dents since we have done nothing to warrant the damage. Anyone else have these?
  • Been strolling through the posts and have several questions. Would love perspective from odyfan and auburn63 in particular, but all opinions welcome.

    *Q1 Should I buy a 2001 model to circumvent some of the cranny and other issues cited in earlier posts? Have fixes to common problems been made in the 2001 series?
    *Q2 Would you buy DX model over EX given the issues with the auto sliding doors?
    *Q3 If I buy a used 2000, should I get a "later" one? How would I tell what "later" is versus "earlier"? The one I have my eye on was originally sold in August 2000, making me think it is a "later" model.
    *Q4 Despite issues, would you redo the Odd over the Senna and Quest (obviously from first-hand experience with the Odd and "rumors" regarding the other two)? We're switching from a 1993 Chrysler I&C and fell in love with the Ody / concept of improved reliability, but reading through the posts have given me pause.

    Thanks to all.

  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    While I'm neither auburn nor odyfan I'd like to add my perspective on the topics I can. I can't address Q1 and Q3, I have a '99EX and don't have first hand experience ith the 2000/2001 models. However, having experience with the '99 (first model year) gives me a slightly different angle. Here goes:

    Q2. We struggled with the EX vs LX decision as well. The EX has more, but also has more to break. In the end we chose the EX for various reasons. Obviously there's more to the EX than the power doors, but the power doors did become more of a plus than a minus to us. We knew we would be getting the 7yr/100K extended warranty, so the doors weren't as big a concern. I can't describe just how nice it is to have the power doors - especially with two small kids. There was a big discussion going on back in the forum in 1999 about safety and it was a pretty even split between those who find power doors less safe and those who find manual doors less safe. At least with a power door it's moving at a slow rate of speed - no chance of accidentally slamming someone's hand in the door. Also, other than some squeakiness and an occassional instance where the door gets "confused" and stops (usually when pushing the open/close button while the door is already moving) they have been problem free. Also, don't forget that the EX comes with traction control, and the automatic climate control - which has also proven to be very nice. And on the '99 the Ex had a little nicer cloth, but I don't know if that's still the case. I can't remember if anti-lock brakes were on the LX in '99, but that may also be an incentive if not. All in all, the additional features were worth the $2K for us at the time. I'm not sure I would have spent the additionl $1K for the Navi though. Just a personal preference.

    Q4. If we had to buy a new van today, it would be another Odyssey - period. I don't dislike the other vans out there - we test drove just about everything - we simply like the Odyssey better. I have friends who have Odysseys, Siennas and Quests - and they all like them very much. A big difference from those I know who have Windstars and Caravans - except for my brother, who loves his Windstar (of course it's a loaded SEL and only 3 months old). Remember that no vehicle is perfect and you're going to hear about issues and problems with all of them. But also remember that forums such as these tend to be populated by people who have indeed had issues. My best advice is drive all the models you're looking at. Think of possible scenarios you might be in and see which configuration best suits you. Also, see which one you like the feel of driving - they are all distinctly different in the way they drive. If you buy the one that "feels" righ to you, you'll be happy with it.
  • chet7chet7 Posts: 13
    Yes, I also have a series of small, subtle dents across the back hatch below the window, just as you describe.

    One is an "outward" dent, but the rest are "inward" dents.
  • tom3ktom3k Posts: 91
    I don't have any dents on mine ('00 lx), but you're not the first to complain about soft sheet metal on the hatch. The 'preferred' method of closing the hatch is by pulling on the handle on the interior panel, thus avoiding touching the sheet metal. While I do this most of the time, I don't always, and I still haven't managed to dent it (yet).
  • gfxguygfxguy Posts: 18
    I have no dents in my 2001 EX, but then it's quite new. I did look carefully after reading the post. How am I supposed to use the inside handle when closing from the outside? It takes a lot of force to close it.

    For new_ody_buyer:

    Q1: Don't know. I have a very recent 01 (June), and have no problems - no shimmy when the tires have correct air pressure, no drift from right to left, no noises from the engine that don't sound normal to me. The caveat is that I've only had it for a little over a month.

    Q2: It's LX, not DX, and if I had my way I would have gotten the LX, but I have a wife whose two biggest selling points were the magic seat and the power sliding doors. I would have gotten the LX and added allow wheels, but I would have greatly missed the climate control. So there were features of the EX that we both really liked, but being more pragmatic I'd have gotten the LX if it were up to me.

    Q3 & Q4, I don't know. But keep in mind that ANY forum you go to is going to have people describing problems with their vehicles, regardless of the manufacturer. So you're kind of getting a scewed view by reading these forums, especially if you read the "problems" forum - I mean, of course you're going to read about a lot of problems in a forum titled "problems". So far, I have a friend with a 2000 LX and she's very happy - none of the problems others have described, and I have a 2001 EX with none of the common problems (knock on wood).
  • ukrickukrick Posts: 66
    Has anyone heard about any complaints about excessive road noise during highway driving?
  • larcklarck Posts: 22
    I also have a dent in the rear hatch of my 2000 Ody LX. It was put there by a '97 Ford Ecsort. If Honda would make the sheet metal about 1" thicker it would not have dented! Dang those Honda engineers!
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    ukrick - yes, we've been talking about road noise since '99. While the Ody is lacking in sound insulation, one major contributor can be the tires. If you've got the Firestone Affinity tires there's not a much noisier tire out there this side of snow tires ;-) I just replaced my Firestones with Michelin X-ones and reduced my road noise at least 50%. It's not all gone, but significantly better.
  • donbroerdonbroer Posts: 15
    I have noticed that the road noise varies considerably depending on the type of pavement. Some concrete surfaces, depending on how the grooving to lessen aquaplaning (parallel to road surface or at right angles), are very much louder than others and blacktop (asphalt) is usually quieter than concrete surfaces. Try your vehicle on theses different surfaces to hear the difference.
  • vtec2vtec2 Posts: 43
    I have an '00 EX with 19K miles. Ever since about 10K miles the front suspension has been making a loud clunk noise over sharp breaks in concrete. It's not so bad on asphalt. However, the street I live on is concrete and it sounds like it's beating the front suspension to death. The van is at the service dept. now for new brake rotors (under warranty) and they are going to look at the suspension too. Has anyone here experienced a noisy front suspension?
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