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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jhxyzjhxyz Posts: 9
    2005 BZ package includes:
    -trip computer/homelink
    -power RH pass sliding door
    -Rear seat audio
    -Vehicle skid control
    -Alloy Wheels
    -Windsheild wiper DE Icer
    -Daytime running light
    -Drive/Front Pass side airbags
    -All 3 row side curtain airbags
    -AM/FM/Cass/CD w/ 10 speakers
    -Power Drivers seat
    -No DVD

    Toyota charge too much for their DVD upgrade...I am planning to install my own, a full computer system+wireless Internt+GPS+DVD(I try to use it while I am driving).
  • jhxyzjhxyz Posts: 9
    my email: jeff.buyvan(at)

    Glad to help!
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    You are encouraged to include the name of the dealer. That information is very helpful to our readers. Please read the rules below and do not include salesman name, direct links or phone numbers. Enjoy your vehicle.
  • ewtewt Posts: 127
    I have an AWD Limited, and would probably get FWD if I were doing it again. The run flat tires are a bad system IMO since they're expensive to replace and can be hard to find - pontentially stranding you while you wait for a replacement tire. Snows in St. Louis (I grew up in Missouri) where you'd really need AWD are pretty rare. The ride is fine IMO if you have the tires inflated properly. Mine was delivered with 42 psi of pressure, and the ride was choppy. At 35 psi, the ride is excellent. I think it is a little rougher on bad pavement than the FWD, but I can't imagine most people would characterize it as "rough."

    I love the console between the front seats. I use it for CD/DVD/sunglass storage, and would much rather have it than a folding table with no storage. My wife can climb over it if she needs to get to the back of the van. If you don't like it, you can put the console between the seats on the second row, and pick up the table for the front row.

    As far as price, $3000 under MSRP is a good price. $3000 under invoice is unheard of unless Toyota has some big incentives to clear out 2004s.
  • I just bought an 05 CE 7 passenger with pkg. #1. I got it for $22,000.00 plus tax, tag, and fees. Because I didn't have time to go to the dealership, they drove about 75 miles one way to deliver it to me. The dealer was Fairway Toyota in Albany, GA, and I did all the negotiating through e-mail. If my math is correct, that is $182 over Edmund's invoice, so I think I got a good deal.
  • iaguyiaguy Posts: 2
    I'm in the Midwest and am negotiating on a 2005 Sienna XLE with package #6 and floor mats. It lists at $34,736 and the dealer has offered it at $31,200. From what I have been reading, it seems like a good price. Any thoughts?
  • I guess you missed the important part: price.
  • that seems to be a great buy. I have negotiated a 2005 sienna xle with package 14 and actic frost pearl for 31000+tax+title. I have not had the vehicle yet. I am in toledo, OH. Where did you buy your minivan
  • stj4stj4 Posts: 27
    I had ordered a 2005 8 pass LE, BW and CF from Carmax Kenosha, WI for 26,500 last month (that price was about $500 above the best price I could get from the other local dealers, but carmax offered $2000 more for my trade in).

    I got the call from my salesman, went to pick up the car yesterday and they told me the price has been cut down $500 that day and they are going to give the car to me for the reduced price of $25,900, and will give me the same price on my trade in which they offered 1 month back ...(granted they will sell my car for $30K as evidenced by a nearly identical car which is available on their used car site). Still they could have asked me to pay the agreed upon price and may be shaved a few hundred dollars on my trade in.

     I think Carmax works well for people who do their research, but do not want to spend a lot of energy on this, and are willing to pay a premium of a few hundred dollars for that, or for someone who do not want to do the homework.

    I recommend my sales person and the sale manager to anyone without reservation.

    PS: Just one glitch in the sale.. the van only came with one set of key. They have promised to mail the key directly from toyota, which I think should reach me next week.
  • cablekccablekc Posts: 54
    I am looking for a LE Sienna with DVD system. One of the dealers that I am emailing said that they have a LE Sienna but they would have to install it at the dealership since the LE Sienna doesn't come with it in their standard models. Is it a bad idea to have the dealer install additional accessories ( like a DVD system ) if the original base model doesn't have it?

    I don't know if it is common or whether it should be a concern.

  • iaguyiaguy Posts: 2
    I am buying in Cedar Rapids, Ia. I have been told that they are not producing option package # 14. Is your car scheduled for production?
  • I just had a call from the salesperson and toyota does,nt make that package anymore. He quoted a price of 32,180 on xle with pkg #6. I will have to negotiate. What would be the best price?
  • javnerjavner Posts: 23
    With the arrival of our 3rd child this winter, we are considering a vehicle to better accomodate us. My wife's requirement is that she can put all three in the 2nd row when around town. We want the flexibility of the 3rd row for trips and family visits etc. Besides a full size SUV, the Sienna with the 8 pass is one of the few options. Currently she drives an Explorer that is going to feel very narrow and small with five people onboard.

    My question: When I try to "build" the van on the Toyota website I am forced to pick option group #6 (we are in the Chicago region according to the site even though we are 20 minutes from the factory). Is it possible to order the van with a different option group? Local dealer never sees an 8pass so it doesn't matter what they may usually get etc.

    From people's experience ordering their vehicles is it possible to spec (option group) exactly as you'd like? Any experience would be appreciated.

  • I just negotiated and finally settled for 31900+tax+title. I was just looking up toyota web site and found xle limited for 29590. I think there could be an error.
  • cablekccablekc Posts: 54
    I got this internet quote from a Toyota Dealer in San Jose CA.

    + Sienna LE FWD w/Package 8

    + adding running boards and security system approx cost

    + tax, title and license 10%

    Out the door price
    = $33,684.00

    I am the $3062.00 is too much for tax, title and license?

    As I understand it, the 2005 LE w/Package 8 includes the DVD system ( correct me if I am wrong ). Is this a good price for a quote?
  • stj4stj4 Posts: 27

    I just bought a 2005 8 pass LE with BW package 2 days back.. special ordered from Carmax Kenosha. Those guys are very helpful.

    I live kind of in chicago and Milwaukee, and have found Milwaukee dealers much more customer friendly and straightforwrd than Chicago dealers... Just my opinion..

    If you need more info about my experience, call or e-mail me. Due to my fear of putting my e-mail address and phone number here, I will give you a roundabout way of contacting me (if you are interested)

    Go to ebay home page, click on advanced search, pick search by seller, put in my id for this forum, then choose all items, and click on the item that shows up which is a completed auction gor a BMW wagon. The other option is to search on ebay for item # 2490328663 in completed auctions.

    You can find my phone number and be also able to send me an e-mail from there.

    You can also get some info about them by a message posted by me a couple of days back in this series.

    Good luck
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Seems like a phone number on eBay would be even worse than on here - I'm always looking at completed items there.

    Easiest thing to do here is to mark your email address public in your Profile and people can click on your user name to find it. But the web spam spiders don't have access to those pages.

    Even better is just to post buying details (how much and what options) here for everyone to view.

    Steve, Host
  • wavwav Posts: 1
    I am interested in buying a '05 XLE with or without ES package. Anyone bought a similar one in Central Texas?

  • hpanhpan Posts: 61
    The invoice reported by Edmund's for the FWD Limited with Package #2 (Nav & DVD) is $34,925 including destination, but the dealer claims the invoice is about $35,500. Who is right?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    We don't report ad fees since they vary by region, but they may be on your dealer's invoice. Or maybe you're in one of the captive distributor areas covered by Gulf States or SouthEast Toyota, in which case you may have other fees to deal with. (I guess you're in CA judging by other posts though?).

    Why does the car I'm looking at have a different invoice price or MSRP than what's listed on

    Steve, Host
  • hpanhpan Posts: 61
    Yes, I am in Northern California. I will ask the dealer to email me a copy of the invoice and see whether they have added any fees on there.
  • Invoice: $22,256 + $1,336 (BI) + $119 (floor mat)
    + $555 (advertising & fin) + $540 (dest) = $24687

    The $555 is the difference from Edmunds invoice. I paid $24987. Edmunds MSRP would be $270XX.

    I am in SF Bay Area. I contacted more than 10 dealers, everyone gave me the same invoice price.

    I paid $20XX below MRSP and $855 above Edmunds invoice, good enough for me.

    I bought mine at Hayward Toyota.
  • kxsomrkxsomr Posts: 4
    I got a quote for
    04 XLE
    MSRP 33,091
    Quote 30,600 I
     got a feeling that I can easily get 30K Is this a good deal? The dealer is in Connecticut.

    Also, I got another quote for
    05 LE 8 seats PKG#6
    MSRP 28,921
    I think I can get around 27,250
    Again good deal? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you
  • rfeng1rfeng1 Posts: 8
    Hello Cablekc
    Would wou mind telling me who your dealer is. Thanks

    I received a quote from a local Bay Area dealer for XLE with pkg # 1
    2005 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited Front Wheel Drive (model #5356)
    Various Colors
    FE- 50 State Emissions
    HE- Package #1
    CF- Carpet Mats

    Dealer Invoice......................$34,039
    Toyota Sunnyvale Internet Price.....$35,289 ($1250 over invoice)

    His invoice is above the Carsdirect invoice ($33887)

    He was offering 950 0ver Invoice for XLE. I am not sure for LE. I have heard so someone who got 300 over invoice for Toyota Sunnyvale f0r an 05 Sienna.
  • suiosuio Posts: 42
    BZ package does not include 10 speakers.
  • suiosuio Posts: 42
    I am shopping for a 2005 Sienna LE 8 Pass with option package BZ. What is the best deal you have got in the twin cities area (Minnesota)?
  • cablekccablekc Posts: 54

    I will have to doublecheck for the name....but it was from Toyota Sunnyvale. I think his name was Rik? ( not sure cuz I have been emailing so many dealers ).
  • What dealers had the best prices?
  • lime679lime679 Posts: 38
    Hello, I am a salesperson at Toyota in Houston, TX. To set the record straight, we love to see people come in with their research done on the vehicles but all the information off the net, even here from edmunds is not exaclty right. What's in our computers are set not by the dealership. We do not have the power to change invoice prices and things of that nature. Good Luck!!
  • mingdermingder Posts: 12
    I am looking for a 05 LE 8 seats, which two dealers give you the lowest price? You mention Carmax and another dealer. Would you mind share it with me? my email is: [email protected]

    Thanks, Mingder
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