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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • stj4stj4 Posts: 27
    Hello Mingder,

    I went to Wilde toyota, Andrew toyota, and called and discussed with Heiser Toyota, Jack Safro Toyota and Libertywille Toyota. I got the best price on the minivan from Andrew Toyota $25,900 and Heiser Toyota (who said they will beat the price by $200), and both of them were willing to special order the van for me.

    I also went to a Grossinger's toyota in Chicago, and they were very wishywashy.. said will give the van for $1000 over invoice, but then wanted to add destination fee to the final price, and when I told them the best price I have is 25,900, the person said that price was just impossible. Needless to say, the conversation did not get very far.

    WIlde toyota, stressed the point that they were the biggest volume dealer in WI, was not willing to come below 26,900 with me.

    I was somewhat avoiding carmax beacuse their price was about $600 over the best price I could find elsewhere..

    I ended up buying my van from carmax Kenosha, because

    1. Them along with Andrew toyota were most professional with me.

    2. They offered $2000 more for my trade-in

    3. They were willing to special order the van with the options of my chosing.

    I ordered the van for $26,500, (2005 8 pass LE, BW package and floormats) and then a few days later, my wife wanted the color of the van changed and they were happy to accomodate (it seems like up to a certain time before the van is actually built, they could change options/colour etc by the sales manager himself).

     They even told me the production date of the vehicle and about 5 days after the vehicle was made, I was acutally driving the van.

    The best thing happened when I went to pick up the van.. they simply told me the price was dropped by $500 and I bought the van for 25,900 which actually is $600 over edmunds invoice. The carmax guys were even straight in telling me that they make about $1200 profit on the car..( there is likely more, but they included at least the factory holdback).

    Long story short, if you want to avoid the hassle and is willing to pay 200-300 dollars more, just go to carmax, order the van, and save your time. If you want the best price, also check Heiser toyota and Andrew toyota. Heiser guys (actually their saleswoman) seemed to be under a little more pressure to sell the van.

    Just one other factor to consider, Honda city in Milwaukee is selling 2005 8 pass odyssey EX $500 under MSRP, without any negotiation. I went for a test drive a couple of weeks back and they just offered this to me. I have seen people on edmunds buying the van for up to $2000 over MSRP.

    Do not hesitate to write/call if you have more questions, or if you need names of salespersons/managers at these places.

  • hxlhxl Posts: 9
    I got a quote as such

    05 LE with package #1 AM

    MSRP 26,080
    Quote 24,408 (including destination)

    How lower can I get from Quote?
  • indy93indy93 Posts: 97
    Any suggestions:

    05 Ody Touring:

    Ody has a more advanced NAV and larger DVD,Nice Gauge display,
    Seats recline farther,Corners sharper,
    Better mileage.

    05 Sienna XLE Ltd HO:

    Lexus ride and feel,
    JBL sound,Laser Cruise ?,
    HID,Park Assist?

    I don't like PAX but I wish toyota had larger displays on the nav and dvd. Can anyone comment on their experiences with the park assist, nav, or laser cruise? Seems to be a toss up, can't get everything in one.
  • vsudsvsuds Posts: 1
    Hello STJ4,

    I just want to confirm that you got a 2005 LE 8 pass BW with floor mats at 25900 at carmax. The best quote i have got till now from dealer is 26250 with just the BW and the carmax prices are well above this. Please confirm

  • cablekccablekc Posts: 54
    rfeng1 ( and anyone else that is in the SF Bay Area );

    I am still leaning towards the 2004 LE AWD ( with a bunch of Aftermarket installations ). Yesterday, I came to the realization that it may not be too bad an idea to pay a couple of hundred more for the XLE AWD model.

    For those that are looking in the SF Bay Area, can you give me an idea about what quotes you have been receiving for the 2005 XLE AWD?

    For the 2005 LE AWD along with all my aftermarket installation, I suspect that I will be paying about $32,000. I am wondering how much more would a 2005 XLE AWD w/Package 10 and the Convenience package would cost and therefore whether the price difference is a couple of hundred dollars or couple of thousand dollars.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • stj4stj4 Posts: 27
    Hello Suds,

    yes, I did buy the 2005 8 pass LE with BW and floormats for $25,900 from Carmax, Kenosha, WI. The actual price was $25,914 or $25,916 plus $99 documentation fee, and I took delivery of the van on Octobet 6th.

    Send me an e-mail via ebay (same userid as here) and I can hook you up with the sales manager if you want (since I cannot post his name or phone number here), and hope you get the same deal or better...

    Good luck
  • rclkslrclksl Posts: 3
    Anyone have any thoughts on what I should expect to pay in the PA area for XLE AWD Limited with HO Package (NAV, DVD)?
  • cablekccablekc Posts: 54
    I got a quote for an 2005 XLE AWD with Package 10 and Convenience package for $36,289 ( not including tax, license and doc fees ) from Concord Toyota in the SF Bay Area.

    Is that too high for an XLE AWD?
  • hpanhpan Posts: 61
    Way too high. You can get a '05 FWD XLE Limited with Package #2 (Nav & DVD) for less than that or FWD XLE with Package #8 for under $35K.

    I have dealt with Concord Toyota a few times recently, and the salesmen and Internet dept. were not very professional at all. I bet you are wasting your time.
  • mkjj123mkjj123 Posts: 18
    Got a quote for an 05 XLE with pkg #6 (FC) and floormats, around $32,800. They had included in the invoice price TDA advertising, $240, dealer holdback, ~$600, and some other thing around $250 which the dealer told me was something they factory charges them for holding onto the car for more than 30 days, but they get it back if they move the car quickly, plus $265 for doc fees. I'm figuring this is about $1600 above invoice, but he says it's only about $1000 above because you have to include these other things in the invoice price. Should I be working from the actual invoice w/out these additional items? Holdback is what they get back anyway, so it's another $600 profit. Are doc fees generally negotiable?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Everything is negotiable, but even better is to focus on your out the door price and not get bogged down on the line items.

    Know All the Costs Before Saying "Yes"

    Steve, Host
  • cablekccablekc Posts: 54
    Okay....I got another quote from for a SF Bay Area dealer for a 2005 XLE AWD with GL ( Package 10 ) for $35207 ( not including Tax + License ).

    Is that good or bad?
  • Received a quote of $28500 for a 2004 AWD XLE with package No#4. This seems to be $1500 below invoice. Sounds like a good price. Does anyone know if toyota is offering dealers any type of incentives to sell the remaining '04s? I would really prefer a better option package but the price seems to good to pass on.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Holy smokes! Quoted $28.5k on an AWD XLE w/#4??? Invoice (including destination) is $30.4k. This seems too good to be true. Has this vehicle been previously titled? Is it a dealer demo with a couple 1000 miles or what?
  • Hey guys, I got a quote for an 05 Sienna XLE with Pkg. 8 for 36,500. Does this look too high for the Charlotte, NC area, especially since its a fairly small metro areaÉ
  • hpanhpan Posts: 61
    I got an email quote from a dealer (Northern CA) on '05 Sienna FWD XLE with Package #8 & autodim rearview mirror: $34,561 plus sales tax, license plate fee & $45 doc, which is standard (or the max permitted by law) in Northern CA.
  • Pretty bad experience at Condit Toyota - walked out.

    Great experience at Caldwell - Highly recommended

    Ultimately bought from Rt 22 Toyota in Hillside.

    $29K for 05 LE AWD with BJ package with mats, made the deal by phone and fax. Maybe with another week of talking to more dealers we could have paid less, but everyone kept saying this car is not routinely discounted. Dunno.

    If I had to do it again I would just go right to Caldwell.
  • Just as a side note, we were about $1100 less than Edmunds TMV, seems the TMV is high and getting higher on this car.
  • I just bought this yesterday. It was MSRP at $36,053. I got it for $31.053. A newspaper advertisement, "one at this price".

    Its got XLE package #17: 2nd and 3rd row sun shades, Driver and Front Passenger Heated seats, Driver and Front Side Bolster Air bags, all 3 row curtain shield airbags,

    Auto Dimmer mirror
    Carpet floor mats, door sill protectors, cargo net and First Aid Kit.

    and let me not forget - A REAR SPOILER!!!

    What mini van would be complete without a spoiler??
  • 777bh777bh Posts: 1
    Please tell me what area of the country you live in and the dealership. Thankyou
  • sladerslader Posts: 5
    I am trying to purchase a 2005 LE 8 with BW (package #5), CF (floor mats), and DH (tow hitch). I have been quoted $27,200 plus $218 registration and fees (this $218 is standard among dealers here in Oregon). I see people getting a better deal than this in the NJ/NY area and the midwest. Anyone have any luck in the Northwest getting a better deal than this, or is this a good price to go with?
  • Hi everyone. I've been looking around at prices for the 2005 XLE AWD with the "HO" package. I want to pay invoice but everywhere I go dealers and my friends tell me I'm crazy. I'm willing to wait for the van, which it seems I'll have to anyway, since there don't seem to be any out there. What I want to ask is.. Is it ridiculous to think I can get this van for invoice? How much are people really paying? I've been told $2,000 over invoice is the cheapest dealers will go. Has anyone got seen a better deal. Also I'm in Los Angeles, I don't know if that makes a difference. Thanks
  • cmhcmh Posts: 13
    Have been offered an '05 XLE LTD AWD with the HE package for 37K in Ohio + Tax + Title. Any feedback on the price will be much appreciated.

  • Well apparently the deal was too good to be true. Received the price quote from an internet salesman in Baltimore. Did a double take after receiving the figure. thought it was a mistake and asked the sales rep a few times to ensure he was making an accurate quote. Price sounded like an LE AWD. Even went in for a test drive and the dealership gave it to me overnight so tha t my wife could see it and I would have time to make my decision, since I wanted the 05 Odyssey because it has a sunroof, but the XLE's other options with the package #17 was just too much to pass on. Vehicle had 50 miles and I put another 110 during my overnight test drive. Returned the vehicle and asked why the price was so low, sales rep only mentioned he was new and another person had stated it was priced too high. Decided to take anothe day before making my purchase to figure out if I was missing something. Next day the idiot sales guy send me a message stating he gave me a quote for an LE AWD. Could not believe this guy had been providing me an incorrect quote. Dealership wanted $33K, stated I had good credit and wouldn't have a problem with financing??? Stupidest thing I have ever seen. suffice to say this dealership will not be receiving my business in the future. For those who care to know its Russel Toyota.
  • hpanhpan Posts: 61
    where: Northern California
    how: Internet

    - exterior: Phantom Gray
    - interior: Stone

    MSRP: $38,634 including:
    - HU Package #8: $8555
    - N1 auto-dim mirror: $269
    - CF floor mats / door sill protector: $196
    - GN cargo net: $49
    - destination: $540 (Toyota has just raised it to $565.)

    How much: $37,745 including:
    - price: $34,561
    - doc fee: $45
    - sales tax: $2,855
    - license: $279
    - tire fee: $5

    paid cash:
    - credit card: $3K (max allowed by the dealer. I will get %2 or $60 cash rebate from the credit card co.)
    - personal check: $34,745

    The van was in stock and built last month. It had 8 miles on it, and I added 1 mile after test driving it.

    The 17-in. Bridgestone tires are rated B (A is the best) for both traction and temporature. They were made in the 29th week (or late July) of this year.

    In summary, I bought it at $4K+ below MSRP or $3K+ below Edmunds' TMV or about $400 above invoice (The regional ad fee was about $500). The dealer made about $1K (including about $600 holdback).
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    What store are you negotiating with, cmh?

    I had a dealer do a search for this exact model on Friday and was told there are none on the ground in Ohio although they said they had one on order.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Sounds like a classic case of bait and switch to me....
  • We purchased a 2005 xle with package 6 for $400 over invoice in the DC area. The dealer was Darcars of Silver Spring. They had more inventory than they showed online, and the experience was easy. They advertise to beat any competitor by $300 and their competitor(Fitzgerald Auto Mall) offers siennas at $700 over invoice for no haggle pricing. Hope this helps. P.S. Love the van!
  • doug889doug889 Posts: 60
    Hi elizjack, mind if I ask you how much they charged for tags, title and processing fee? I may get a XLE Limited with NAV/REs from them too. Depends on the price. They did say they would beat their competitors' price. I do think Fitzgerald's internet prices are not unreasonable.

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