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    Thanks to all for all your great suggestions. I went by the dealer this morning and the apologized for damaging my finish and said they would pay to get it corrected. They offered to take care of it at their body shop but I said no thanks, so they asked me to pick a place to have it taken care of. They agreed to let Ming Auto Beauty Center do it, they do an awsome job with their Ming Mirror Finish, which I had done right after I purchased it. I went by Ming hoping it would only take a Re-Ming but they told me the webbing was too deep so they are going to have to compound the paint first then do the Ming process again. I can't belive they even scratched the chrome B & C pillar covers I have installed, which I must say make the car look completely different, get lots of compliments. Sorry to ramble, will be dropping it of in the morning. One more thing, I love the way the Korean spec Azera looks with the hood ornament, so I decided to order it. Will have a good body shop install it when it arrives.
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    Hi allmet33, yes I did have the windows tinted. I also have the No H Grille and de-badge the back lettering. With my New Chrome Rims, not shown in photo, the car now for me is Done. The Chrome Rims compliment the rest of the chrome on the car. Especially in Black. The process that I used for detailing my car was: Wash, Clayed, Polished with Porter Cable Orbital Buffer with finishing pad, using Clearkote Red Moose Glaze, then finishing with Pinnacle Soveran Paste Wax, by hand. I used Poor Boys Bold and Bright on the Tires. I use a Quick Detailer to preserve that great wet. JoeD
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    Hi jmd17, what did you replace the "H" on the trunk with? Or did you leave it alone? Did you remove the AZERA letters on the rear also? If so, how did you do it and what was left after debadging?
    Sorry for all the questions, but I've removed the "Hyundai" lettering and I'm now considering removing the "Limited" lettering as well. I'd like to remove the AZERA, but I'm a little leery as I've read of no one else doing it. I'm also considering replacing the "H" with one of the badges I've seen on Dreamka4u.
    I'm expecting my No H grille any day and would appreciate any tips you might have on the installation.
    Thanks for any advise you can pass on.
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    I know you asked jnd17 about his debadging, here's a pic of mine without "HYUNDAI" or "LIMITED" on the back. I've yet to figure what I'm going to do with the "H", but I see a craft project using acrylic and a symbol of my favorite sports team on the horizon. I think "AZERA" is going to have to stay considering it seems to be bonded in some fashion to that plastic trim piece it's on.

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    what procuring paint and appearance chemicals, replacing the grill, and removing badging have to do with Hyundai Azera Service issues?
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    Hi ray_h1, you are correct. This thread has drifted into another category. It all started when tindog1 mentioned that his car had been washed at the dealership during SERVICE and he noticed the marring and scratches. Suggestions where made about solving his problem and Not Using That SERVICE Dept. again. No more comments about de bagging and no H Grills from me on this thread. JoeD
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    Oh great and might Ray_h1...could you ever find it in your generous heart to forgive me for getting off topic for a few posts? I'm so sorry that it happened, I promise...50 hail marys and 100 hours of community service! :sick:

    It's really not THAT serious, and as you ended as quickly as it started (as if you've never gotten off topic before in your life). Come on man, lighten up just a lil's too short to be THAT serious. :shades:

    And now...back to our regularly scheduled program! ;)
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    Hi allmet33,
    I sort of figured that the AZERA was not attached with the usual 3m stuff. I've seen three possible replacements for the 'H', "TG"; "Studie"; and the carbon Ixion logo. I'm waiting to see a photo of any, or all of these, installed.

    BTW, your Azera is really sharp looking :shades:
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    Mornin plwilliams,

    Yeah...I tried prying the letters off and they just didn't want to budge without puttin forth more serious effort. Forward thinking led me to believe that it wouldn't turn out too good. :blush:

    I too have seen the various badge replacements, but they don't interest me. I'll come up with something custom for a stand alone look. :shades:

    Thanks for the's a work in progress. :D

    Okay, now before ray or someone else complains or gets upset...let's end this discussion in here or take it to the Accessories forum. ;)

    Have a great day!!!
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    Hello all,

    Just thought I'd let other Azera owners know that my brakes have been squealing lately...I have only 13,000KM or 8150 Miles on the car.
    I brought it to Hyundai Service today and they are changing ALL my brake pads. Don't know why but am picking up my car tomorrow only.
    Will let you know what was the reason for changing all the pads. (Maybe something wrong?)

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    In some cases, hot spots occur on the rotor(s) which would cause glazing on the brake pad itself. Once the glazing happens, they squeal. I've got just over 20K miles on mine and the brakes are still whisper quiet. The fact that it's covered by warranty is a beautiful thing!
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    REL 117
    Are brake pads and rotors covered by warranty?
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    I had the same problem with the clock. Almost
    gave up. Tried the ball point pen. Did not work. Finally a few days later a tried with a
    tooth pick. It worked! Really have to push hard.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    It would be if it's a problem that's not due to excessive wear! I mean...come on now...brakes squealing 13K miles out? That's crazy!

    I had a hose to my power steering bust on my '02 Sonata, 2 years into ownership. Took it in, the looked at it...45 minutes later they handed me my keys and said have a nice day.
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    )) "Are brake pads and rotors covered by warranty?" ((

    Strictly speaking, no - they're considered a normal wear item. However, Hyundai gives owners some leeway during the first year/12,000 miles of ownership, so it's not unheard of for the company to replace prematurely worn parts if there's no blatant evidence of abuse. Additionally, if a part, such as brake pads, are upgraded from those originally fit to the car, replacement with the upgraded part will be made under warranty at the descretion of the company.
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    RE: 121
    "descretion of the company" does't give me the greatest sense of secuity with Hyundai. They won't even acknowledge some issues, such as the front end "clunk".
    They corrected the "tilt in reverse" side view mirror problem by removing mention of it in the revised owner's manual.
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    What Hyundai giveth, Hyundai may taketh away. Note the disclaimer in Hyundai's sales brochures:

    "While the information contained in this brochure was correct at the time of printing, specifications and equipment can change. No warranty or guarantee is being extended in this brochure, and Hyundai reserves the right to change product specifications and equipment at any time without incurring obligations."

    While I'm personally becoming increasingly wary over Hyundai's spotty record regarding suspension noise issues in my own upcoming purchase decision in the next year or two, the company's not doing anything differently regarding its warranty and equipment rights than any other mass production automaker.

    (We don't even come into this world with an iron-clad warranty of service or complete and fully functional equipment. Do we complain about our Maker's policies? ;))
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE 123
    I was not refering to the sales brochure. I was told about this feature by my salesperson.
    I did not realize that this feature had been eliminated at the time I picked up my car. Later that day, when I noticed that the tilt was not working, I called the dealership.
    I was advised to bring the car in so that they could correct the problem. I did so, and they attempted to determine why the tilt feature didn't work. It took two days before they were informed by corporate that the feature had been eliminated.
    This is exactly what mean pertaing to the poor comunication between the company and it's dealers and customers.
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    Unfortunately, many times in life today we find the biggest problems relate to the fact of, or neglect of communications. It is the same with cars,sales,families,relationships, all kinds of businesses and society in general. Dare I say even "forums"?? The key to even beginning to understand is communications and we all seem to want the other person to magically understand everything we think we know, when in fact many times we really don't. ;) OK off the soapbox. :)

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    I thought I'd give everyone an update on my brakes.
    They've changed all my brake pads on the 4 wheels. They also smooth out the disk breaks on all 4 wheels. Very happy with the results.
    They said one of my pads in the front was defective and they decided not to take any chances by changing all of them.

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    Glad to hear that things worked out well for you. You were blessed to have received great customer support from your service department. Sad thing is...not all Hyundai owners will get the same results.

    I was confident that it would have been an issue covered under warranty as most normal front brake pads will last a minimum of 35K miles under "normal" driving conditions. The rears tend to last almost twice as long, as they take less punishment. For you to have had a brake problem with only 13K miles on the had to be something defective.

    Happy motoring, Sergio19!!! :shades:
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    Best way to address the issue with the "clunk" is to get as many people as you can find with the same issue and make a mass complaint to corporate. They will have to do something about it then. If they are not receiving enough complaints to warrant them doing something about it...they won't.

    Maybe, you should start a new forum topic pertaining to the clunk and get everyone that posts there that has that same problem to contact Hyundai Corp. and lodge the complaint. Maybe then, they'll do something about it and look into sending out a TSB to all dealers so it can be a universal fix.

    If you can't get the service department to do anything about it, go to the other end and work your way down. Outside of your posting of this issue, I've only seen a few other posts from other people of the same issue. Just how prevalent is the problem? If you can't get anything done at one dealership's service department, maybe you should try going to another one and see if they handle your problem might be surprised!

    However...I only state this as my own personal opinion.
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    All your points are well taken, but when my sojourn with my (clunkless) '03 Sonata is over and if these suspension problems haven't been satisfactorily resolved for current owners, I'll probably return to Honda's fold. I've found the best means of communicating my displeasure with any manufacturer is simply to take my business to one of their competitors if they've a history of unresponsiveness to customer issues. I'm too old now to throw down the gauntlet and tilt at windmills. ;)
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    i was told by my dealer service manager yesterday that there is FINALLY a TSB out for the age old sonota clunk! So the clunking sonota owners may want to revisit their dealer.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    Your choice of action is definitely one option,'re not giving the whole process a fair shake. Who's to say you won't come across a similar problem with another manufacturer? You're never too old to demand good customer service. Besides, you taking your business to another maker isn't hurting them, because for every customer that goes somewhere else, another one comes from somewhere else.

    The fact that your dealer seems to be the issue, I would try going to another dealer and see if they can step up to the might be surprised.
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    RE 131
    The manufacturers only wish that could get a new customer for every one that goes somewhere else.
    Look at Ford and GM and Chrysler. They are losing market share at an astonishing rate. Ford, it is told, has less than 180 days of working capital left.
    In most cases the dealers are only a small part of the problem. They are not being supported by corporate. Total lack of communication and cooperation on Hyundai USA's part.
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    Interesting. My experience was almost identical. 02 XG350L with 76K. Just got the 07 Limited/Ultimate and mats for $19K and my XG. Loving it so far (Silver/Black), except very dim trip computer display in daylight.

    I intend to go synthetic after first "early" 3,000 change.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    Pahefner01...I paid for the ESP, I paid just under $1200 for it, I believe the figure was $1186.00.
  • jaymagicjaymagic Member Posts: 309
    Does anyone have any experience getting the limp home codes from the dealer for the immobilizer system. I was told it not enambled yet on O7's. Service department could not help.
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE: 135
    Limp home mode must be set by dealer. I can't understand why dealer doesn't know how to set it, as this same mode was in 06 model.
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    I want to thank people on this board or another board
    Took in our 06 Azera because there was a very small nick in the steering wheel.Sewrvice mgr didn't want to do anything about it. Car is 6 months old. I mentioned this board, what was done for others and how often it was happening. He left for about 2 minutes and came back and said a new steering has been ordered and should be in in about a week. Got the new stewering wheel pout on today. It took about 60 minutes. Thanks to everyone. Work was done in West Allis Wi.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    Milkbone, glad to hear you got the steering wheel taken care of. The sad thing is that you had to direct them to the forums before they decided to move on the issue. That should have been a gimme for real...6 months old and the laminate is chipping! I hate to say this, it's not the cars that make people not want a Hyundai, it's the service departments and the people that run them. Nothing is worse than poor customer support & service.
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    RE: 138
    Unfortunately, you are correct.
    The Service Manager at my local dealership knew nothing about the steering wheel delamination problem until I advised him. He than called his Hyundai rep. who authorized the warranty replacement.
    They still know nothing about a suspension "clunk" problem that many have experienced.
    My dealership still has not been updated with many 07 models on their parts department computer software.
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    From the Hyundai MasterService site:

    NEW 2007 All Models Service Information Available!
    The 2007 Veracruz Shop Manual and ETM has been added to the website. All 2007 Models are now available. Please NOTE that many new graphics are in SVG format and require a plug-in for viewing (see the Site Requirements page from the home menu).
    Published : 2/7/07

    I guess there IS many a slip between the cup and the lip... :confuse:
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    Accoring to the Parts Department Manager at my local dealership, the computer parts catalogue that they use, and is supplied by Hyundai is a different format than the one that you reference.
    I don't know why there are different formats at different dealerships. One would think that all Hyundai dealerships would be on the same system.
  • gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    Be nice if the Hyundai MasterService site had a forum where we could append some helpful comments... ... ;)
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    Have you done the oil change yet? I am curious how tough it was. I don't want to be tied to a dealer for a simple oil change...
  • jaymagicjaymagic Member Posts: 309
    FYI, my dealer just did an oil change and initial 3000 mi service for $21 and I provided the synthetic oil. (Pennzoil Platinum).
  • grayfoxgrayfox Member Posts: 166
    Coppamc, the oil change is simple as with any other car. On the Azera, you have to remove the 4 bolts holding the cover on top of the engine to access the oil filter. This is the cleanest filter removal I have ever done. The new factory filter comes with a small and large rubber O ring that I installed. The black lid on the filter housing takes a bit of muscle but I did it (at 76 years old) so I am sure you can too. I cheated and used a strap wrench because a normal oil filter cap type wrench doesn't fit the lid. The pan drains like any other which I did first to drop the oil level in the filter housing. I forgot the size of the necessary metric wrench I used on the pan drain nut.
  • chilliwackchilliwack Member Posts: 189
    Loosen the oil filter cap to nearly off, and wait 5 mins and allow all oil into the pan. Then remove plug and compression washer (which goes on the plug). Drain pan. Install new filter element and replace the two rubber o-rings (one on the filter and one for the cap). Install new compression washer on plug and install. Load with your favorite motor oil. Run engine to allow oil into filter housing. Check level and fill to top full line. Do not overfill. So easy that even I can do it. :shades:
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    If you want to kill two birds with one stone. Remove the filter cap, then go down below and remove the pan plug. The filter oil will drain as the pan drains. By the time all the oil is out, removing the filter will be no problem.

    I know you gotta see this coming...

    So easy, a cave man can do it! :P
  • chilliwackchilliwack Member Posts: 189
    Ahhh yes, but in those 5 minutes, you can crack a beer and catch a bit more of the game. Heck, loosen cap, then go shoot 18 holes. Gotta take the golf cart though. There is a madness to my method. ;)
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    Yeah, but if you knock it out altogether, then you can move on to the next thing (game, golf...whatever) uninterrupted! :D

    However, to each his own. If you have a madness to makes the method work for you, by all means...carry on.
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    I just had my 3000 mile oil change too(first oil change is free at sussman here in philly). They took longer than expected, so the service manager gave me a coupon for another free oil change. Sweet!

    Anyways, I had a question for you guys, so i was wondering, how much cheaper is it to do the oil change myself? also, where do you guys throw away used motor oil if I were to do my own oil change? and how long would it take? I am a student so I am rather busy and poor. I want to be able to save some money here and there so I am considering to do it myself. But if it takes too much time, I am probably better off studying instead.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    Don't really know if there's a big difference in price between the dealer and doing it yourself. Up here in the DC area, an oil change at the dealer is $34.99. I can get 6 qts. of oil (Castrol Syntec) for about $24 @ Wal-Mart and I get the filter from the dealer for a little more than $10.

    The biggest difference is I get to do it when I want it done and I don't have to wait in any lines.

    As far as getting rid of the oil, you can take to Pep Boys or check with your local service station as well.

    On average, the oil change takes between 20-30 minutes from start to finish.
  • wamba2000wamba2000 Member Posts: 146
    Just be sure to hear the click when the top gasket goes into place. When I changed mine the first time, it didn't seat right and I had a oily mess, took me a replacement to get it to work.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    Right, right, right...don't forget to listen for the click.
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Member Posts: 536
    I've been enjoying reading about the oil change procedure. Do you guys think this a good design? How long is the outer canister (filter body) supposed to last?
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Member Posts: 1,190
    RE: 154
    Drop in oil filters have been used forever. I have never heard of a failure to the filter canister.
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    Hi, just a newby here - great info on our car, thanks to all.

    Well, here is the deal:

    I have 11150mi on my azzy i bought last march - no probs so far except for a chipped door handle, replaced free.

    this service is free for me, but it really is just oil change and fluids.

    I asked the guys at Planet Hyundai to program my door locks for me - they said $25 bucks. I told them I thought that we free since they never did it before.

    Does this sound right to your guys? or should i go to another dealer and see if they will hook me up?

    2006 Azzy, Ultimate Pkg, Steel Grey
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