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    I would try talking with Sales Manager, Service Manager or owner. It is a poor business practice on their part and certainly is not a good public relations job.
    Failing the above, contact Hyundai Consumer Affairs. Many postings from other owners state that they have resolved the problem. The whole stinking job takes less than 10 minutes and could be accomplished at the time of an oil change.
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    Speak to your sales manager first. Let him know that you purchased one of their top of the line cars and you expect to be treated as such. Tell him that the programming of the door locks and limp/home mode have both been programmed by other dealers for no charge. If they want you to recommend the dealership that is the least they can do. A hand scanner is hooked up to a terminal under the dash and the whole thing takes no more than 10 minutes. I've heard of some dealers trying to rip off owners to the tune of up to $100. You should also let the service manager know that if they are to retain your business then you want to be treated fairly. My dealer did both options at the same time, no charge. I let it be known that since I purchased 2 cars within 1 year I expected to be treated well. There was no problem. Remember they want your service business so make them earn it. :)
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    Hi Ray. This does seem to be a little off topic but it's hard to overlook those 100 hours of community service and 50 Hail Marys. I'm sure we'll get a full report of where the community service was performed. I suppose we'll just have to believe the Hail Marys were said.
    What I don't understand is why everyone is trying so hard to de-badge their Azera. I get a lot of compliments on mine with the badging and I've pimped mine out as follows, the color is Steel Gray with gray leather interior. I had the windows deep tinted to legal Missouri levels, added the mud guards to protect the area behind the wheels, black fender well and door trim was dealer installed for free. I have a wireless Ipod transmitter that plugs into the power outlet and had a Viper Alarm installed. I also adjusted the headlights to factory specs to remove that dark line that shows up as delivered from the dealer.
    Do you think I should add spinners and a spoiler on the trunk?
    I have it hand washed and waxed at the local car wash.
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    I hope to pick up my new Azera Limited Ultimate this week but am still nagged about the only bad mark Azera got by Consumer Reports. It beats or equals the Avalon in all other categories. Does anyone know what the poor rating on power equipment is based on. My 1994 Camry has had power windows and the electric antenna (not a problem on the Azera) go out but repairs were permanent. I am not too concerned since the warranty is so good. I would not have looked at Hyundai were it not for Consumer reports as we have been Toyota people for two cars now and love them. Hopefully the problem is solved in the 07.

    I appreciate the thread on changing oil since I am 43 miles from the nearest Hyundai dealer and 60 miles from the dealer I am buying the car from. I can change oil before I can drive one way to either. The service guy promised to throw in three filters free.
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    I can only speak for myself...

    My last 3 cars were Toyota Camry's (1996, 1999 and the 2002 models). I work on the road and travel a fair amount depending on some years. I have had my 2006 Azera since June 15th 2006. I now have 23,000KM. The Azera is by far the best car I've ever had the pleasure to drive. I recently came back from a 12 hour drive from Sept-Isle to Montreal and what I can tell you is I LOVE my Azera! It is extremely comfortable, quiet, powerful and so on. I do NOT regret my decision one bit!
    Ya it's a Hyundai but at the end of the day it's all about how the car makes me feel! I can't wait to hit the road again. This from a guy who hated to travel!!!
    Never thought I'd be driving a Hyundai car one day and here I am an owner.
    I am now a very proud Hyundai Owner!

    That's just my opinion and it's from the heart!

    Good luck with whatever you buy.

    sincerest regards,
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    Where did the Azera get a poor power equipment rating? All I saw in the negative column was gas mileage. CU also rates the Azera first-year reliability at much better than average, even better than the Toyota Avalon... :confuse:

    Ah. Found it in the "trouble spots" section in the back of the magazine. Don't know what the item(s) could be, there have been no forum reports of any "power equipment" significance that I've read about...
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    Don't really know what CU is basing their findings on as I've had no problems at all with the power equipment on my Azera. In fact, the one piece I've found to fail is a manual piece of equipment (hood release latch). It seems to be a piece made of an inferior materal and the metal gives, thus releasing the ball end of the cable that releases the hood.

    Oh yeah, I've had my Azera for a year now with just under 27K miles on it.
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    When I saw this in CR I thought, "huh?" There has not been, to my recollection, a single instance of "power equipment" failure discussed on these boards in the 18 months (or whatever it is) that this car has been available.
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    Lets consider this one closed unless someone comes up with a smoking gun. I subscribe to CU online and thought the magazine might have elaborated. Here were all these solid red dots (excellent) in this column on reliability then this solid black dot (poor) on power equipment. Thanks for the reassurance.
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    What items are included under the category "power equipment"?
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    This is what Consumer Reports considers power equipment:

    Power Equipment and Accessories
    including power windows, locks, mirrors, seat adjustments, sunroof, convertible top, sliding doors or lift gates, keyless entry, cruise control, seat temperature controls, backup sensors and camera

    These are the instructions you get for filling out the survey:

    If you had any problems with your car in the last year that you considered SERIOUS because of cost, failure, safety or downtime, click the appropriate box(es) for each car. INCLUDE problems covered by warranty. DO NOT INCLUDE 1) problems resulting from accident damage; or 2) replacement of normal maintenance items (brake pads, batteries, mufflers) unless they were replaced much sooner or more often than expected.

    I filled out a survey a year or so ago and kept a copy. This is direct from that survey. ;)
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    Wow..the only complaint here is that you cannot operate the seat memory function before getting into the car. This should hardly garner a "poor" rating however. I have not had ONE power equipment problem with my car (2006/10K miles). If there were problems, it surely would have come to light here on these threads.
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    My Azzy, purchased end of August, has 5,000 miles on it and has been "letter perfect". I have never had a car that I have enjoyed so much, and I have had several Acura TLs in recent years mixed in with a Nissan Maxima, Diamante and all top models. The Azzy has them all beat. :)
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    RE: 168
    I can't believe that they didn't fix the memory seat problem with the introduction of the 07 model.
    Apparantly they never revisited the tilt in reverse side view mirrors, which were supposed to be included on the 06.
    I had a problem with the automatic rear sunshade which they replaced under warranty.
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    Bob, considering it didn't seem that the '06 models were selling much, they probably didn't get enough feedback to correct that for the '07 model year. However...if they don't make that correction for the '08 model year...then they aren't listening!
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    Mike, It seems to me that those changes would have been so simple that they would have been a no brainer, especially when Hyundai had those features in older models.
    Somebody in Corporate isn't thinking.
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    Bob, you're absolutely would THINK it to be something very simple.

    Hyundai may be taking the attitude that since they offer so much bang for the buck, why listen to what the consumer has to say! I'm not saying that's what they are doing, seems as such.

    I mean...look at how long it's taken before the notorious front end wheel clunk became a non-issue! seems another issue is the limp home mode/door lock programming has come in to play. Corporate is saying it should be done free of charge and yet some dealers are charging a minimum of $45 to do it.

    Hyundai really needs to take a long, hard look before they consider dropping the Equus on the U.S. market. Folks aren't going to want to buy a luxury Hyundai model if they aren't going to get the treatment they feel they should get.
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    RE: 172
    I agree. If they are unable to cope with concerns of a 30k buyer, how will they satisfy a 40k customer?
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    I am a prospective Azera buyer and would like to know more about this CLUNK issue. How has it been resolved? I searched the TSB database and found zippo on it.
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    I have asked about the limp home/door lock programming and my dealer doesn't seem to know much about it. In fact they don't even understand it enough to tell me what it is. I think I should know what it is but I don't. Can someone explain it to me?
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    This bulletin describes the correct position of the tie rod end for Azera (NF) vehicles.
    During toe-in adjustment, the tie rod end (B) may move towards the stabilizer (A) and reduce the clearance between the two parts as shown... - ntentID=1463455&infoContent_classID=10911&sameWindow=true&doGet=y

    Also, a couple of owners have found that a strut mounting bolt or two could stand some tightening. The "clunk" seems to have affected some (but not all) cars with a build date preceeding mid-April of 2006...
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    Exactly what Gamleged said! ;)

    It was a small problem that a handful of early Azera owners experienced. If I'm not mistaken, it was only with some of the initial '06 models. I haven't heard of anyone with a later '06 or '07 model experiencing the problem.

    What I would suggest is that when you pick the Azera you potentially would buy...take it on a nice, long test drive (more than a couple hours). If they know you're serious about buying...they won't mind. This will give you a chance to try the car on various terrains to see how it handles itself. :shades:

    I say a minimum of a couple hours because the first hour you're going to be awe-struck at the fact that it really is a Hyundai and you probably won't be payting attention to much of anything. Once you finally accept that you're in a Hyundai, then you can get down to business! :D

    There have been a couple of posters on here that admitted they only spent about 30 mins on a test drive and didn't realize this and that about the car. Definitely things that a longer test drive would have uncovered. Good luck!!!

    By the way...I have an '06 that's now offically a year old with 27,700 miles on it and I have absolutely no regrets at all! blush:
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    Basically, the immobilizer system is to prevent theft. The new keys for the Azera use a radio transmission code which must match the security code programmed into the key switch or the vehicle will not start, even if the correct key is later inserted. The security system must be reset by a dealer. Limp home simply offers the ability to enter a code by using key turns that will allow the vehicle to start, but not run much over 30MPH (I think) e.g. "limp home".

    While it works, if the owner is the one who has somehow inadvertently activated the immobilizer, you might be better off getting it towed, versus using limp home, depending on where you are and where a dealer is located.

    Have your service department contact Hyundai to get info on the limp home code. It only takes seconds for the dealer to program in whatever code you want.
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    If you have some time, refer to my posting and string from Hyundai Azera 2006, #3639. And please comment!
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    Can anyone relate their experiences with the service department at Gartner Hyundai in Aurora, IL? How about Pugi Hyundai? Any others in the area? Thanks.
  • jaymagicjaymagic Member Posts: 309
    Yep, see #3717
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    I have had my 06 Azzy for a year now, no probs, knock on wood. Here is my question:

    My engine comparment is starting to get a bit dirty - should I clean it OR leave it?
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    I've cleaned the engine compartment on my other vehicles at the local car wash. I leave the engine running and use the "engine degreaser" setting first, let it soak for a couple of minutes and then wash it rinse it and rinse it with the spot free rinse. It's worked pretty well on my Jeep and my 02 Hyunda XG.
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    Not sure if anyone has had this problem. A couple of days ago my "check engine light" came on in my 2006 Azera. For a mile or so thereafter the car "bucked" when I stepped on the gas.Afterwards the car ran fine but the "check engine light" stayed on. A few hours later I went out again and the light was still on. When I came back to start the car a half hour later the light went out. I called the dealer and set up an appt. this week and even though the light went out he said the code had to be reset or I probably could not get an inspection sticker.I'm not sure what caused the problem but I don't think it was gas since I had not put any in for the last week. However, after this happened I filled the gas tank and I have now noticed that the gas tank needle seems to be going down at a much quicker rate than before. Does anyone have any idea if the light and gas tank needle might be a related problem. The car is using much more gas since this happened. Of course, I should know more next week after I visit the dealer but I'm looking for a "headsup". Thanks
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    RE: 185
    Your problem can be cause by a miriade of issues, The easiest thing to do is to have dealer plug into computer, which will immediately give check engine code. As your car is under warranty, it should cost nothing.
    The excess fuel burn would seem to indicate that an injector or plug is not firing. But those are just two of a bunch of potential causes, all of which the computer will detect.
    Good luck!
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    floridabob1: thanks for the input. I'll know soon enough, hopefully.
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    I took my 06 Azera to the Valvoline Oil Change location after buying an oil filter at my Hyundai dealer. When I go to the Valvoline dealer they now have an aftermarket filter in stock. It will make life better since I've had to wait as long as two hours for an oil change at the dealer.
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    I think I got off easy this time. The techican at my Hyundai dealership said that it was quite likely the "check engine light" and less miles per gallon were tied in. It took about 40 minutes and according to my copy of the invoice (which was, of course, no charge-isn't that great when that happens) it read PO340-camshift position sensor:tested sensor:operating as designed at this time-cleared storesd code. He seemed to be pretty sure this would do the trick. we will see. Believe it or not judging my todays driving the gas mileage seems to be up. I just passed 9000 miles-have had the Azera since July of 2006. I truly love it. It's a great car. I can't believe what you get for your money. I drove Lincolns for over 30 years and this Azera has it all over the Lincolns. I know the Lincolns are made better now but they should have done that years ago before they lost their customers.
    Thanks, again, for your input.
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    Glad to hear you're another satisfied Azera owner. Happy motoring!!! ;)
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    You guys just made me realize we didn't have a Tires and Wheels discussion for the Azera. Well we do now, just click on that link! :)

    I moved the recent posts there to get it started.
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    Thanks to the horrible San Diego pot holes my car is out of alignment. Does the first 12 months of the warranty cover a front-end alignment?
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    I believe you can get it adjusted within the first 12 months. Call your service department and just tell them it seems your car is out of alignment...they don't need to know it's due to a pot hole.
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    Yep, covered as an adjustment, if under 12,000mi. I plan on having mine checked at about 10,000mi.
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    I just checked my oil and it appears that the level is about 1/2" lower than when I performed my last oil change (approx. 2500 mi). I am using Mobil1 synthetic. And yes, I waited for all the oil to work it's way to the pan. Has anyone else noticed this?
  • jaymagicjaymagic Member Posts: 309
    Got my first oil change at 3100 miles, pennzoil synthetic. I checked it at 5,000 and it was still right at full, no drop.
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    Ok...anyone else experienced this or have some thoughts? I have a brand new 2006 Azera Limited. I've had it a week and a half, and it has about 600 miles on it. I've noticed a few times now that when I'm driving "gently", i.e. with my wife and daughter in the car, once the car works it's way up to 5th gear and we're traveling relatively slowly (35-40mph), we can feel a gentle "shaking" in the car, as if the engine is lugging or missing. If I give it a bit of gas or downshift, it goes away. It only happens when the car is fairly cold, and seems to go away after the car has been driven a few miles to warm up. Any thoughts before I head to the dealer? Thanks for your input.
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    Possibly the faulty Michelin tire problem (flat Spots). Search the Tire and Wheels forum for more info.
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    RE: 214
    Two possible problems.
    Tire pressure. I find that 30 psi works best.
    The adaptive transmission is still "learning" your driving habits.
  • burneedogburneedog Member Posts: 19
    Don't think it's the tires...happens at idle occasionally too.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    Could have had some moisture built up in the fuel line. Try a tank full of premium gas or an additive that helps remove moisture as well as cleans the deposits moisture can leave behind.

    With every oil change I perform, I add a can of Berryman's Chemtool to a full tank of gas. I've been doing this on my past 3 vehicles and they've all run smoothly even with 100K+ miles on the engine.
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    Just a thought. It could be the lockup torque converter. Hyundai uses what is called a 2MODE CLKUP lockup torque converter that can lockup at different speeds and loads. The lockup point is variable and can vary greatly depending on engine/transmission temperatures, throttle postions, speed, etc. It can even variably lockup over a narrow range of engine speeds so you don't feel a sudden "lurch" that was present in the early lock-up technology from the 70's and 80's before sophisticated computer controls. ;)
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    Thanks for the thoughts. It's headed to the shop tomorrow - we'll see what the techs say...

    I'm thinking it's in the electronics that control the transmission - noticed this morning driving it very cold in stop and go traffic that it was shifting pretty abruptly and roughly as well...easy to reproduce the shaking at just below 40 mph as the transmission upshifts into 5th...
  • burneedogburneedog Member Posts: 19
    Well, she's in the shop today - addressing the following issues:

    40mph shake
    60mph steering wheel shimmy
    Rough cold idle
    Turn on the auto door locks
    Implement the limp home code

    Will be interesting to see what's causing the problems...
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    About the only one I could gather a guess on really is the 60 mph steering wheel shimmy. Your wheels could be out of balance which would cause that. I would have them check for the balance just to be sure.

    Hope you get your Azera back completely fixed!
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    Please let us know how you make out...especially the "Limp Home". Ask them to explain the Limp Home feature.
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