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    They ALL do it; have had Ford, Mazda, Toyota and other dealers recommend it.
    Bottom Line: Just do what the owner's manual says to do. Do NOT let dealership sell you on their 15,000, 30,000, etc. services.
    I dump in a load of Techron about every six months or so and it does just fine. Have driven cars up to 150,000 miles with no problems and no loss of MPG.
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    This is for all Hyundai vehicles. If you take car in for a problem, make sure the dealer gives you a work order. Review it carefully before you leave and make sure it says exactly what you want it to.
    If referred to district parts and service manager (DPSM), call customer service call center and open a case number.
    After DPSM renders his/her opinion, get a work order and review carefully. Then, call the customer service call center a few days later and have them read exactly what DPSM entered into the computer regarding the situation.
    BTW, customer service cannot do anything once DPSM makes his ruling.
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    I also bring my own synthetic and let the dealer change the oil (they are always having $5-$10 oil change specials). I give them 6 quarts and there is usually about a third of a quart left, which they return to me.
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    I started adding 4oz of Marvel Mystery Oil per 10 gals of gas on fillups. It increased my mileage by 2-4 mpg depending on how much hiway or city driving is done. This occurred in both my 2007 Hyundai Azera Limited and 2000 Ford F150 pickup.
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    I agree with you! On Sunday we were riding on I95 in Virginia when the same exact thing happened! At NO TIME have we EVER ran over anything, especially not in the CENTER of the car! The two front screws were on the car, but the area where they screw in was completely gone! I have not been to the dealer yet (will do so on Saturday) but someone that knows cars told me that the wind-flow can get between the shield and car, ripping out the screws. Of course I don't expect Hyundai to own up to the bad design of this part on the car! Does anyone know how much this part costs?
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    I had 26K on my 07 when my splaxh shield came loose. I had it replaced next day at my dealer in about 30 minutes -- NO CHARGE
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