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    For azeradave - According to my dealer Limp Home code is a 4 digit code that I pick. I am sure there must be a default code but they could not find it. They called and promised to program it for me next time I am in after spending a day finding out what it is (read page 6 of the manual) If the engine is immobilized by attempted break in or other cause this lets you get home or to dealer without a tow. I also assumed the door lock feature would be active and just forgot to notice it before I drove away. Closest dealer is 40 miles and one I deal with is 60 miles so it is not a trip worth making for these features. Maybe at first car check up.

    Sure do like this car after 800+ miles. Only twitch is I can't see clock numbers in bright daylight and auto wiper feature goes into fast mode with very little moisture on windshield. This is so minor I hate to mention it. I like auto wipe and hope it will fix itself or the dealer can adjust this too. 25 mpg on second tank of gas.

    I am breaking the engine in like the book suggests on page 3 but it is hard to go under 55 on the country two lane roads. You younger guys probably take the out they give you but I was raised when break in was critical. I have not seen this discussed and my dealer said there was no break in period at the same time they could not find limp home info.

    Every dealer should give a buyer these options before they drive off the lot the first time. This ain't rocket science.
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    Read my prior postings re my "ongoing" Limp Home dilemma!!
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    Same here. My dealer got it done on the next visit after calling Hyundai. There is no default code. The wiper speed will remain the same over time. I have gotten used to it and it works. So now, I don't even think about the speed and like the feature. If you don't like it, you don't have to use it.

    I might have gone "slightly" over the 55 break in speed a "couple" of times when absolutely necessary ;). I am happy to see you are getting the good gas mileage. I am very please with my 23.9 now over several thousand miles.
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    "I am breaking the engine in like the book suggests on page 3 but it is hard to go under 55 on the country two lane roads..."

    Yep, I learned "old school" and I (usually) was pretty good for all 1200 miles! Also old school, I had them change the oil and filter at the 1200 mile mark, figuring that the break-in period produces the greatest amount of floating "junk" that I'd rather have flushed away...
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    I have to was my conversation with the dealer today:

    This morning when I dropped it off:

    Me: "I want the limp-home mode activated with pin xxxx"
    Dealer: "Limp-home mode? What's that?"
    Me: "Here - read about it in the owners manual" - handed him the owners manual
    Dealer: "Let me make a photocopy of that..."

    Later today when I called to check on the car:

    Dealer: "We can't program that limp-home code you asked for - there's a 6 digit pin that is not changeable - we can give you that."
    Me: "Go to and pull up the TSB from March of 06 describing the entire programming procedure for this..."
    Dealer: "Um....OK...hang on."

    :::music on hold:::

    Dealer: "'s gonna take a a little while to program that...we'd like to keep it overnight...give us a chance to work on that cold idle issue too..."
    Me: "That will be fine..."

    Is it ironic that I know more about the features of this car than the dealer? Oh, wait - I've heard that before around here... :D
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    Suddenly, I don't feel so lonely anymore!!
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    Hopefully, you are also having them set the "lock code" that you prefer (how and when doors lock and unlock).
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    Isn't it sad that the Hyundai Service Managers don't take the time to learn about their product?
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    "Isn't it sad that the Hyundai Service Managers don't take the time to learn about their product?"

    Sad, but true. Now, what about the mechanics under the hood? Who trains those guys?
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    Well, most of the issue was wheels that were wildly out of balance...both the 40mph and 60mph shimmy are gone now after a road force rebalancing. The locks are programmed, the limp-home code is programmed, and apparently the cold idle stumble was some bad gasoline. They flushed the fuel system (as a warranty repair, no less!!) and fresh fuel seemed to solve the problem. Dealer was amazed that the shimmy was as minimal as it was, considering how out of balance the wheels were.

    Life is good!!
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    Do you think it's possible that Hyundai's sucess in moving up market with the Azera, coupled with the success of the Sonata & Santa Fe, and their big strides in quality across the product line have caught dealers in an awkward position?

    Think about it. Say a Toyota dealer sees an opportunity 6 years ago to open another franchise for peanuts (compared to a Big 3 or [non-permissible content removed] 3 franchise). They lease a cheap / older building or set up a corner of an existing dealership, hire weak staff ( or use weak existing staff) to support a cheap car, minimalizing their investment risk.

    Now present day - Hyundai's products are taking off, and dealers across the country have less than state of the art facilities to support their business; show rooms are not nearly as nice as other local competitors, service departments too are old and staff has not caught up to the new demands. More sophisticated buyers purchase their product and post their frustrations here on these forums.
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    As much as I love my Azera, I must agree that the dealerships are not where toyota or nissan are today. I think that as volume and brand awareness continue to grow, that will change. I am lucky to have a choice of dealerships in the Denver area, and have found that the Hyundai only dealer I use (Arapahoe Hyundai) seems the best suited for my needs. (But even they have not spent the dollars that even a medium size toyota dealer probably has invested). Their best trait has been that they are willing to make the effort to solve (or research) issues and then get the job done right. They don't seem to make the same mistake or have to look something up twice.
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    The dealership in West Palm Beach, FL looks like crap.
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    I think I read somewhere Hyundai has roughly 700 US dealers. Specific to my area of So CA, the 2 closest dealers to me now sadly, Hyundai is represented as the secondary product line. You can see it with vehicle depth displayed, you can sense it with sales rep. lack of knowledge and you can live it in the service department where either Linc/Merc or Mitsu. is the featured line.

    Until Hyundai can either appoint, identify or subsidize exclusive dealerships in a major market like this the recent product upgrades ala Azera, Santa Fe and Veracruz won't fly to the masses.

    As a production VP once told me earlier in my career..."you can't sell it if I don't make it"...met with my response..."you can't make it if I don't sell it"

    I'd hate to be in charge of US sales with a new factory here to keep humming if my driving sales force was in large part dealerships trying to sell widgets when the factory makes digits.
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    Valvoline now has oil filters for my Azera in St. Louis, MO.
    The price is about the same as the dealer and I am truly in and out in less than fifteen to twenty minutes regardless of the time I take the car in. Also, the Valvoline Store is about twelve miles closer to my house.
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    Glad to hear your issues were dealt with. Bad gas is kinda hard to avoid since you can't walk up to a station and look at it before you purchase it. However, I would think back to where you filled up before it started happening and go talk to the manager of that station...maybe they have moisture building up in their tanks.

    One thing I do with each oil change is use a product called Berryman B-12 Chemtool. It keeps the fuel system clean and helps manage any moisture in there as well.

    Out of balance wheels can always lead to an unpleasant feel at the steering wheel!!!

    There's nothing better than getting your car back with all problems resolved, especially when it's at no cost to yourself!!! Congrats!!!
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    What kind of service is this? Is there anything extra I should have them look at in addition to the "scheduled" maint???

    So far no probs with the car. Thanks
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    Our dealer in Glendora, CA were awesome. I haggled the price wouldn't budge much. So they threw in 6 years FREE oil changes and tire rotation. No limit on mileage... ;)

    But I will be seeing them soon for our broken rear Sun Shade.

    - Jim
    Costa Mesa, Ca
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    I walked out on them because I figured that their price was about three thousand
    dollars higher than it should be, and what I did find later elsewhere.

    Also, they treated me terribly. They wanted me to agree to a payment of $900 a month. :(

    That's when I said thanks, but no thanks and walked out. :mad:

    Guess they figured that I had just fallen off the turnip truck as it came into town! :surprise:

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    This is on my 06 azera .Light stays on. Any one have this problem with air bag light.Thanks carmavev 75
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    Aside from the Air Bag Passenger light staying on when there's no passenger in the front passenger seat (which is a proper indication), any other air bag light is a warning to head for the dealer to have them find the problem...
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    What recourse do I have?

    Here's the deal....

    I purchased an 07 Azera from them on 7-7, upon leaving that evening I noticed some scratches and promptly return the vehicle the next day. I have never in my life been treated with such disrespect by a service department in my ENTIRE LIFE!!! The guy named Ely brushed me off with a wave of his hand, lit a cigarette and loudly told me he was not going to repair the scratches on a brand new vehicle I just purchased the day before and he does not care what I say. Needless to say my salesman Norman Hawkins was condescending to say the least.

    Once you're off their lot, they can care less about keeping you as a customer. I've left 6 messages with the general manager Al Zomchoviak (sp?) and he has yet to at least return one of my calls to find out what happened. I called Hyundai consumer affairs who was able to quickly have the dealership call THEM back and he says "they are not responsible for cosmetic damages".

    Mind you I had to have them program the limp-home and the auto lock feature and the salesman called me one in a million because "no one has every asked for that!" They disgust me!

    This is utter BS!!!!!!!!THEY SCRATCHED THE CAR :mad: *breath*

    I will never ever EVER even take my car there to have a nail in my tire removed or even THINK about referring ANYONE TO COLLEGE PARK HYUNDAI.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557 airbag light is staying on and it's one of two issues...either one of the sensors in the seat track or a bad connector somewhere in the chain of airbags. At any rate, you should be able to drop it off and have it taken care of. I'll be taking mine in as soon as I find the time.
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    This does not surprise me, and I am truly sorry to hear of this gross misfortune you have to deal with. THIS is the problem Hyundai can't figure out...sleezy dealers. When I go in for service on mine, if the service writer extends his hand to shake, I count my fingers on the backside. I can tell you now one of this forum's host will take exception that I make a generalized statement, but so be it.

    I wish you well.
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    Thanks! Pastor Shaun has been in contact with some higher ups so hopefully he'll be able to offer some assistance or advice. *sighs* Now the rear shade is acting up :cry: with only 382 miles on the car.

    I love my car but daggit i'm like a leaky baby *pis$ed*
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    Upstate Hyundai in Anderson SC gives great service. Even though the sales staff didn't know anything about the limp home code or other programming, the service manager and the technician both knew what to do. Even re-programmed limp home and door unlock for free for me later.
    I have learned from other makes, there are two kinds of regular maintenance on cars-what the manufacturer requires and what the dealer wants to do to make money. FYI-dealerships make their greatest profit on service and least on new car sales. I never ask for a 15,000 mile service,etc. I ask for what the owner's manual says needs to be done.
    It is true that many dealerships are new and are utilizing small "stores" to separate Hyundai from other makes sold. I prefer this to having it part of a gigantic "store" where other makes receive preference.
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    Not sure how true the statement is that the dealers make all their money on service when they are willing to give away free oil changes and such. They can't count on new sales meaning more money in service because not everyone takes their car to the dealer for service. The only service I take mine to them for is the transmission flush and fill. However, with AAMCO's $99 lifetime transmission service offer...that may change as well.

    On thing that can be said, Hyundai Corp. needs to get a hand hold on this growing service problem. I can't successfully sell cars that cost upwards of $25K (Azera, Santa Fe, Veracruz and soon to be Genesis) and offer crappy serivce. Folks will not want to come back if they deal with that. What's sad is that Hyundai Corp's response is that the dealerships are independently owned and operated. I guess they are not realizing how much dealer independence is hurting their name. I good can a product truly be if the support behind it is lacking? That's the bigger picture that Hyundai needs to look at. Maybe if enough of us contact Corp. and complain enough, they may start making dealerships accountable for their actions (or lack of in some cases).
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    I couldn't agree more. I follow postings on Jaguar, Outback and Honda CRV. The overall experiences with Hyundai dealerships is dismal. Hyunai has got to get a handle on this if they hope to go beyond the "toy car", rental car impression. I consider myself very lucky. My dealer has been excellent.
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    I guess I'm lucky. I purchased my 07 in Madison, WI. You couldn't ask for better service. Total first class experience. This is the second car I purchased from Zimbrick Hyundai the first being XG350. The 07 Azera is totally trouble free. The only problem that I had on the 350 was a broken passenger seat switch that my wife broke off. I live about 70 miles from the dealership so they had a free loaner for me. They said it will be a few days to get this special part. Got a call the next day...the car was ready :=) They FedEx the part so I wouldn't be without my 350. When I picked up the car it was washed .. vacuumed
    and ready to go...AND the service manager apologized for my incoveniance............NOW THAT'S SERVICE
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    Based my statement on what I have read in reputable auto publications regarding where dealerships make their money. Most people will take their cars to the dealerships, at least for the length of the warranty.
    With all the technical, electronic and computer issues, I am concerned that non-dealers cannot keep up to speed.
    I have found the same situation at Toyota, Ford and others regarding not having much influence over the dealers. However, I will contact the corporation.
    I did contact Lexus HQ re: one of their dealerships virtually ignoring me, even when I went to the showroom. HQ called and apologized, but dealer never did. If the dealer had contacted me, I might be driving a Lexus instead of an Azera. Who knows?
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    I understand the dealership service in Myrtle Beach SC area is also excellent, but I have never used them-250 miles away.
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    ARRRGH... The dealership has YET to call me back however after Pastor Shaun made a phone call I got headquarters on the phone. As of yesterday they are talking about me coming out-of-pocket to pay for a scratch that the dealership put on the car and they will reimburse me.

    That makes ABSOLUTLY no sense, why would I want to come out of pocket, and have Hyundai take 6 months (i'm guessing it will take this long since it will be a corporate check) to get my money back. The whole point of my complaint was to have them repair it with no cost to me, since they put the scratch on the car.

    If i wanted to spend my money I dayum sure wouldn't take it back to the place that has totally ignored me to give them my money :mad:

    And to top it off, I've call 3 dealerships regarding my rear shade 2 out of 3 dont have it in stock and NONE of them provide loaner cars (alothough they are listed on the hyundai website as participants of the program).

    I'm disgusted and this is my first and LAST time purchasing a Hyundai EVER!!!!! They need to know that regardless if a car handle properly its about customer service dag on it!!!

    It's 2007 and you mean to tell me you don't know this yet. The car was alright but after only having 380 miles on it and stuff is falling apart ontop of crappy customer service I wont recommend a Hyundai to any one. :sick:
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    msazzyindc, you mentined that "the website" lists dealers who participate in the program. I gather you mean a program to offer service loaners.

    I can't find that information, whether it's true or not, anywhere on . Can you tell me where it is? Thanks.
  • msazzyindcmsazzyindc Member Posts: 118
    Here is the link Service Loaners
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    Sorry to hear about your problems, but don't bad mouth the car because of the dealer. I have owned Saabs, Audis, Toyotas, Nissans, Mazdas and more and NO ONE has ever offered me a loaner/rental car except for Upstate Hyundai in Anderson SC.
    Also, I have had good luck with other manufacturers reimbursing me for repairs done at a dealership.
    So far my car is perfect and is doing better MPG than I expected at 3,000 miles.
    Work with Hyundai and find a new dealer - and good luck.
  • scbobscbob Member Posts: 167
    Thanks for the information. However, I wonder if you pay for it in additional service charges. Lexus provides you with a loaner anytime your car is in service, but their cost for an oil and filter change is about 50% above cost for a Toyota.
  • msazzyindcmsazzyindc Member Posts: 118
    Yeah...well...hmmmm.... This is my first and LAST Hyundai and this is my opinion.

    I've owned Honda's, Nissan's Toyota's and Oldmobiles and this is the first time I've ever experienced malfunctions on a car at 300 miles...disgusting in my opinion. Thanks for the well wishes but we'll see....

    Oldsmobile (Fitzgerlads) provided me with a loaner and so does Infinity. Hyundai wants to charge me $37 a day for a rental :sick:
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    Yes...there are plenty of dealerships that "get it" and treat their customers wonderfully. However, it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the whole pie. It's a shame that you have the handful of dealerships that just want your money and don't care how they treat you afterwards.

    I think Hyundai should take a poll amongst Hyundai owners and find out which dealers are providing crappy service and punish them by not allowing them to sell the Azera, Veracruz and the upcoming Genesis. Reward the ones that know what it takes to keep a customer happy!!!
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    Msazzyindc...if you're going to let a rear window shade be the malfunction that would limit you from buying that product again...that's amazing. I mean, I can understand a malfunction that leaves you stranded on the side of the road somewhere or something that just makes it impossible to drive the car, but a malfunctioning sunshade???

    Can't tell you how many times in our area I've seen brand new Cadillacs, MB's, BMW's, Toyotas and Nissans on the side of the road while still sporting paper tags.

    I think once you get your sunshade fixed and you find a new dealer that will provide you with great customer'll see that you made a great purchase. It just happened to be from a crappy source, that's all.

    Some Hyundai dealers do the rental thing and some do the loaner thing. I know with Alexandria, if your car is in for a warranty repair and they're gonna have it for more than a can ask about the loaner. Also, if it is in for a warranty repair and they make you pay for a rental, I would contact HQ and ask about reimbursement as it's a warranty issue and they should be accomodating you.

    This is my 2nd Hyundai in a row and I can tell you that the dealership I take it to makes owning it a pleasure. They get you in and out with no fuss and no muss. After being there a few times, they even get to know you by name and it's a good feeling when you come in the door and they greet you by name. Then again, having a unique Azera helps too! ;)
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    No it's not the one thing its everything that I've been through that's making me feel this way, especially since they want me to come out-of-pocket.

    So again I say, it's not the rear shade, its the combination of the rude, direspectful treatment I've received by College Park Hyundai within a few days of purchasing the car. Then to top it off things are already going bad, it just doesn't look good to me, my friends and my family especially after the WARNED me not to get a Hyundai I'm ashamed to even say what I've been through with this car for them to only say SEEEEE I told you so! :sick:

    Help me make mine look a sweet as your's and I may feel better :P
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557 I said, finding a new place to call home will make you feel so much better...for sure!!! The biggest reason I go to Alexandria is the convenience for me since I work in DC.

    I would actually go to Ken Dixon because they have a program that every service you pay for with them, a small amount gets set aside towards a downpayment on a vehicle from them if you choose. It's just nice to know that your hard earned money isn't just paying for service but also helping you with another vehicle if you so choose. However, them being all the way out in Waldorf just isn't convenient at all.

    Just tell me how I can help you out. I've got a good eye for these things and I know where to look to get great prices too.
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    WHere did you go for your tint and how much, do they offer a lifetime warranty? I don't need the sporty rims (too manly :P ) Where did you get your window guards from? I'm sure you put them on yourself, but I'll need someone to do it for me so where should I go? WOuld it make sense to have whoever puts the tint on to put on the guards as well?

    I just took some pictures of her this weekend, I'm waiting for my Mom to figure out how to get the photo's from her camera to her computer...LOL That may take forever, then I'll post them.
  • msazzyindcmsazzyindc Member Posts: 118
    Oh by the way I called Ken Dixon no part in stock and no loaners :( Do you have to ask about the "downpayment" program or do they advertise it?
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    I doubt if any of the dealers will have that unit in stock as it's not one that gets replaced often. However, they can order it, and in most cases, should have it in stock within a few days. That's when they should call you to let you know it's there and then you can schedule when to bring it in.

    According to someone else that had his replaced, it's only an hour long job, so you may be able to schedule an early visit and wait for it. I do that at Alexandria all the time, the longest I've ever been there is maybe 2 hours and that's only because I got there later than I was supposed to. Usually...they have me out within an hour.
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    Doing a little housecleaning this morning... We had two discussions focusing on accessories, so I moved a number of posts from here to the actual Azera Accessories topic. They'll appear new to you there even though you've already read them here. Just click either the Last link or Mark as Read to get by them.

    Meanwhile, we'll leave this discussion focused on service issues.
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    Anyone used Camissa in Burlingame Calif? They sell Ferraris and Hyundai.
  • pahefner01pahefner01 Member Posts: 202
    So again I say, it's not the rear shade, its the combination of the rude, direspectful treatment I've received by College Park Hyundai within a few days of purchasing the car.

    My 06 Azzy is my second Hyundai. It replaced my 01 XG350L. I had the same experience as you with the selling dealer of my XG. About two weeks after purchase I noticed a noise in the left front wheel. I had the alignment checked first at an AutoTire where I had good experiences. They confirmed the problem was likely a wheel bearing and the car was severely out of alignment. My car was parked next to a Honda Accord with the same Michelin tires with more miles on them and mine were wearing very unevenly. The selling dealer, The Dean Team, in St. Louis denied everything but the wheel bearing.
    For my second service experience a friend recommended Suntrup Hyunda. I took the care there and they treated me right. They gave me a free alignment and worked with me to get Michelin to sell me four new tires for the price of one.
    I continued service with that dealer and they were great. I thought like you after the first bad dealer experience that I had made a mistake in buying a Hyundai. I drove the XG for 80K miles with no problems whatsoever. When I decided to buy an Azera I went to the Costco dealer to get a benchmard price. Suntrup beat the Costco dealers price by 1000 dollars.
    Don't give up on your Hyundai. Ask other owners and look around to find a good dealer. There are bad dealers selling all makes of cars.
    Stick with you Hyundai and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.
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    My Azera is one year old and the temp. gauge with outside reading always reads 4 or 5 degrees higher than the actual outside reading. I finally contacted my Azera dealer and he ordered the part and I had it put in last week. It still reads 4 or 5 degrees higher than the actual temp. Did or does anyone else have this problem.? Thanks.
  • msazzyindcmsazzyindc Member Posts: 118
    That's because it factors in the humidity. So in essence, it's reading what it FEELS like outside not the actual temp. :shades:
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    Pahefner, I found exactly the same situation with respect to St. Louis area dealers. I visited Dean Team six times with the front suspension complaint. Half of the visits were to verify my complaint and the other half for "repair". The first round resulted in replacement of the REAR shocks! The second and third rounds tightened bolts with no satisfactory result. Suntrup verified my complaint and subsequently replaced the front shocks. It made a tremendous difference both in the car and with my impression of the dealers! No more Dean Team.
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