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    Yea, that used to happen, thanks to Lucas(Prince of Darkness)electronics.
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    That's why the Brits all drink warm beer...They all have Lucas refrigerators....
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    Lol, I grew up with my Dad owning a French Simca Aronde (mid 50's)
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    Brought my Azera Limited in Friday for my first oil change.
    Since changing oil at Hyundai Dealership, I've been puking oil since. Brought it back and was told is was residue; however, it's been leaking since Friday. The under carriage of the engine is all wet with oil. Checked the oil level this afternoon and the stick indicates that it's over the full mark. Does anybody in the forum know what damage that could cause??
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    Re. 348 Are you really going to accept what the dealer said? Is this your first vehicle / first dealer oil change?

    Report them to Hyundai US Corp. Fountain Valley, CA
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    Absolutely not. Going back tomorrow to talk to Service Manager. Brought the vehicle to Jiffy Lube yesterday afternoon and they confirmed that the oil pan plug and filter are not the cause of the leaking oil; however, they were unable to determine where the oil is coming from. If I get no satisfaction from Serice Manager, I will call Hyundai Corporation. Thank you for your reply.
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    RE: 348
    Over filling can cause foaming of the oil by adding air bubbles to it as it circulates. The effiency reduces as the breather gets contaminated with oil and spews oil onto your clean engine. It is a poor practice to run with an over filled oil pan.
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    Check around the top of the oil filter canister and see if you can see if oil is oozing down the sides. It could very well be that they didn't properly seat the caninster lid when they replaced the filter. If it's not down all the way, then the O-ring won't be able to stop oil from leaking out that way.

    If not, I would take the car to a reputable mechanic and let him take a look. Just ask him if he can possibly find where the oil is coming from. Not quite sure how knowledgable the oil change techs at Jiffy Lube would be about looking for an oil leak. After all, this is the same place that came under fire for charging folks for oil changes and not doing it at all.

    If oil is only on the undercarriage of your car, it could very well be a crack in the oil pan that only lets oil out once the oil pressure is up. If that is the case, the crack will worsen over time. Again...take it to a mechanic and have him take a look.

    Also, like dborth said, make that call to Hyundai Corp. and report the issue so that you are on record as having an issue. If it's feasible for you, I would also consider going to a 2nd Hyundai dealer and having them look at it as well.
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    Went back to my Service Writer at Planet Hyundai, the largest dealer in Vegas. He brought the car back to a mechanic and an hour or so later was advised that my power steering pump was leaking. I find that hard to believe, since I checked all the levels yesterday evening and they were all on the mark. I still think is was oil and not power steering fluid. They keep the car and will call me when the problem has been corrected. Thanks all for the inputs.
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    I wish the best for you. Let us know what the results are when you get your car back.
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    Just purchased new Azera Ltd this week and am wondering if anyone has had good or bad service expereience with any of the dealers in this area. Was not impressed with the physical appearance of the service dept of the dealer I purchased the car from ( Metro Hyundai) Thanks.
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    Re: #s 348 and beyond . .

    "Brought my Azera Limited in Friday for my first oil change.
    Since changing oil at Hyundai Dealership, I've been puking oil since.
    Brought it back and was told is was residue; however, it's been leaking since Friday.
    The under carriage of the engine is all wet with oil. Checked the oil level
    this afternoon and the stick indicates that it's over the full mark.
    Does anybody in the forum know what damage that could cause??"



    Did you ever discover for sure what was the cause of your oil leak?

    I found oil on my garage floor yesterday and it's been since October 13 when my
    oil and filter was changed. Not enough oil missing to register any loss on the
    bayonet gauge, just messy. I hate an oil leak especially on a new car!

    Found that the oil was coming from the lid of the oil filter. Removed the lid and the oil
    filter cartridge and cleaned everything up. The gasket appears to be in good shape.

    I tightened the top back on the oil filter as tight as I could with just my bare hands.
    There is a figure "25 nm" imprinted on the lid of the oil filter canister.

    Do I need to buy a wrench and make it tighter than just hand tight?

    I don't want any more mess!

    All suggestions and help will be appreciated. :D

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    Hi Derrel
    I have done 4 oil changes and only hand tightened the lid with no leak problems.
    I'll bet that when you had the last oil change that the tech. did not tighten enough and the screw cap worked loose.
    Of all the cars I've owned the Azera is the easiest to change the oil.
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    Thanks for coming back.

    I've hand tightened the filter top as tight as I can with my bare hands and it still seeps.
    Not much mind you, but it should be completely dry don't you agree? ;)

    Any suggestions?

    Should I buy the proper wrench and really cinch down on it, or might that crack the plastic?
    Perhaps a new "O" ring gasket? I know that the one that's in there now was new
    when the filter was changed as I watched the gas station mechanic change it.

    It's a good thing that I run without that cover as I can keep an eye on what is going on. :D

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    I'm a new Azera owner and I like to know what the specs are (lots of plastic/aluminum components). I checked with the Hyundai parts dept. to get the torque requirements for: Oil Plug (25.3-32.5 ft. lbs.); Oil Filter (18.08 ft. lbs); Wheel Nuts (65-80 ft. lbs.).
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    Thanks Hump,

    That would appear to be spot on indeed, as the 25.2 nm figure
    embossed on the plastic filter top equates to 18.58652 ft.lbs.

    Thanks for the oil plug and wheel nut torques also.

    I wonder how tight I am tightening the plastic top with my bare hands? :confuse:

    I couldn't find a proper cap-type wrench Sunday, and if I haven't fixed the
    leak by installing a new "O" ring gasket, I will buy the proper tool
    from the Hyundai parts department tomorrow if it is available?

    I think the cap-type wrench is known as a Assenmacher
    (ASSHY8815) Hyundai Oil Filter Wrench.

    Detailed Description:

    22mm Hex drive, 88mm filter cup size with 15 flats

    This is the oil filter wrench required for 2006 V6 Hyundai Sonata and Azera engines.

    Wish me luck. :D
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    Just came back from having a "social" visit with my service manager, Doug L, and a viewing of his rebuilt Corvette that is almost complete. I have never used anything but dino oil in my cars(many of them since I am in my 70's) and so posed the question dino or synthetic. He had just had a conversation with a Mobil engineer and their latest findings are that by mixing 1 qt. of Mobil 1 with the rest being dino you get 85% of the benefits of using full synthetic. They found that this mix keeps the metal parts coated with a thin layer of oil even after sitting overnight or longer, so that when starting up the engine parts are already lubricated. So it looks like my Azzy and Sonata are going to get a change in "diet". :)
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    I've got a pair of oil filter pliers that I use when I change my oil. It definitely tightens it down more than you could with your bare hands, with a lot less effort too.


    I did the same thing when I did my first oil change, I couldn't quite get it down far enough with my bare hands, but with this...I've never had a problem with oil leaking out again. I also, haven't experienced any problems with the pliers messing up the cannister cap as I only grip it tight enough to grab the lid and allow me to twist the cap down. Just a lil FYI.
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    RE: 361
    The mix that you refer to is not the "official" position of Mobil.
    Where are these findings published?
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    Can anyone tell me from past experience if wheel alignment calls for two or four wheel? Many thanks.
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    From my should be going for a 4-wheel alignment. You need an alignment already??? WOW!!! I've had mine for almost 2 years and I haven't had an alignment yet and nothing to indicate a need for one. The car doesn't fade to one side or the other when the steering wheel is let go, there's no shake from the front end and the tires are still wearing evenly. You must have some very rough terrain where you are. I thought living in the DC Metro area was bad!!!
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    Just took my Azera in for the 7500 service and a TPMS issue.They did it while I waited,washed my car and gave me a 10% off coupon so the service only cost me $69.00.

    Compared to Audi service, this is far superior.It used to take me a half hour just to drop off my car at Rector Motors and they would not do a simple service like this while I waited. and of course it would have cost over $100 .

    I continue to be amazed at the quality of this car and the service I get at Camissa in Burlingame, California.It is a very small service department but that seems to be the ticket for superior service these days.
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    Glad to hear you're one of the few that have found a great Hyundai service department. They are out there, but far an few between from what I'm seeing on this forum.
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    I am not so sure that good Hyundai Service departments are that few and far between. I suspect a number of them are like mine. It took them about a year to get up to speed on a brand new car, engine, suspension, tranny, etc. Mine always worked with me, if there was even a small problem, it was just that they needed time to get educated. And, they have always done so, without a complaint. They have always made me feel like it was their problem to solve and fault if there was an issue. It's nice when a service department takes your side, even if they have to admit they didn't have a clue when you first describe an issue you want resolved.

    That is way different from not caring about customer service, ripping you off on unneeded repairs, charging outrageous prices, etc. The minor issues I have had and normal service visits have been generally dealt with very quickly and at a fair cost. While I have not needed a loaner with my Azera, they had one for me when needed for my XG, when I left it for the day. I always get a n/c wash, after even a minor oil change, where I provide the oil, and they do the filter and change.
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    Jay...I would LOVE to agree with you on this one, but I've read too many posts in the various Azera forums and the complaints were of service department techs and managers treating the customer more like a burden than the reason they exist.

    Again, you are one of the fortunate ones and one thing I do believe is a good service department can actually make you regret purchasing a really good vehicle. When you don't get the support you feel you deserve, you're left feeling abandonded. The dealership you deal with is one of those that "get's it" and knows how to keep their customers happy.

    Also, it shouldn't take a year or so to get acclimated to a new model. The mechanics go through this everytime there's a model upgrade, it's up to the dealership to make sure their techs stay up-to-date so that the customers are met with solutions rather than questions and uncertainties.

    Heck, when the Azera first dropped, I went in and knew more about it than the salesperson did. LOL When I asked about the upcoming Veracruz, he said, "Vera-what???" If consumers can educate themselves, there's no reason why sales and support staff can't do so as well.
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    o'hare hyundia in des plaines il is offering at "no charge" DRIVE-SURE" on
    all oil changes & scheduled maintenance service includes 120 DAYS of
    DRIVE-SURE Benefits. This covers sign & drive road side assistance,
    road hazard tire protection & rental car coverage. must sign-in on internet for details
    per 2007 az manual oil change drain & refill 5.49 quarts
    I don't know if this includes the filter. If you get it done at a lube shop tell them it
    take 51/2 quarts.if they put in 5 your a 1/2 under, if they put in 6 your a 1/2 over.
    always check the oil stick yourself.
    per post 366 my OC&F was $35.17
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    I was laughing remembering when I bought the first 350XGL at my same dealer. It had come in on Friday night, and I bought it off the showroom floor on Saturday. The sales team had NO clue as to some of the many features -- drop down rear view mirrors in reverse, auto return seat memory, remote power down driver's side window, etc.

    The service department actually might have been a little ahead, since they also had been dealing with the 300XG for a year. But, like with the Azera, it took them a good year to really have the mechanics "know" the vehicle when an issue arose. (They still have the same service manager they had in 2002). Like you said I am a little lucky dealing with them. First, I really have had virtually NO real problems with either Hyundai vehicle and second, when something has come up (like the limp home code programming on the Azera), they have been more than willing to try and figure it out what the hell I was talking about, and then call me and let me know to come back in and then resolve it quickly.

    He doesn't make the mistake of making you feel like an idiot when you think something needs to be done, even when he doesn't really know if there is actually something wrong or needs to be done. He assumes you are correct and then works from that assumption to get info and then try and help you. So, I am more than willing to put up with the lack of immediate knowledge on a relatively new model to have a place I can take it when I think something needs to happen, and they work with me. They don't try to evade and assume that the customer is nuts.
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    You basically have had the same experience I have had with the dealer I go to. One advantage is the service manager has been with Hyundai since back in the 80's and he pretty much knows the Hyundai vehicles. Back when I had my '02 Sonata and I was telling him I couldn't wait for the '06...he said I should wait and see what's going to come out after that (referring to the Azera).

    They pretty much do whatever it takes to ensure I'm happy with the service. I mean, they're so good...I'll take my car there and wait for it. In most cases where they say it'll be an hour to an hour and a half...they bring my keys 45 mins later and tell me to have a nice day! LOL

    The only time an issue came up was when I went in to get a CV boot replaced. They figured it to be best to change out the whole CV joint...okay, no problem. I get the car back and they're charging me...I was like WTF!!! Come to find out...they replaced both CV joints, and I didn't okay it. So...the manager came out and said he would take care of it. Basically, he wrote it in as a warranty covered issue.

    A week of driving and the axel disengaged from the wheel hub. I could have probably taken legal action, but I was blessed that it didn't happen on the highway we had just exited. Imagine THAT happening at highway speed!!! the car towed back to the dealer (which took a while because that particular day happend to be one of the worst ice events in our area). As soon as I walked in the door, they knew they had to do right by me. They pushed the car in the bay, swapped my tags to the loaner, had me sign for the loaner and told me not to worry...everything would be taken care of. Yeah...they knew they messed up, but they bit the bullet and did what they had to do. Just knowing that I didn't have to put up with an BS or excuses put me in the frame of mind to give them the opportunity to do right by me.
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    I am not convinced that many of the Hyundai dealers are not like ours. There are at least 5 Hyundai dealers in the Denver Metro area, and with the exception of one dealer (and they are not an exclusive Hyundai dealer like mine), I really haven't heard any thing bad about any of them.
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    We all hear the bad news, but I wanted to share a GREAT service experience that I had in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I took my 06 Azera Limited in for several TSBs. They put in a new timing chain tensioner, changed the front shocks, and reprogrammed the transmission shift points. In addition, the service manager, Chris, had one key fob reprogrammed, as it was not working, and also had the doors programmed to lock at 13 mph. He also had the seat programmed to move all the way back when the key is removed. All of this was done with a smile and no charge. None of this should come as a surprise, as I had asked for it all to be done, but I have had so many bad experiences at many dealers (foreign and domestic brands) that good service was a welcome change. Keep up the good work, Chris. you have a long term customer who knows a lot of people and is not afraid to share an experience, weather it is good or bad.
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    As long as everyone is extolling their dealership's service departments I have to reiterate what I have posted here and over at Hyundai Forums. I own an 06 Sonata LX6 and an 06 Azera Limited and in all the years that I have owned automobiles(I am in my 70's) most recently Acura TL's, I have never had such a more customer oriented dealership. The service manager is an incredible individual as is the main service advisor. This dealership, Hyundai of Westchester in Yonkers, NY is a pleasure to do business with. The purchase experience was excellent, and of course it doesn't hurt to be car knowledgeable. All in all I have no regrets switching over to Hyundai after many years with the same Acura dealer. Of course I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Genesis. :)
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    RE: 374
    How did the dealer reprogram shift points?
    I was not aware that this could be done.
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    They don't reprogram the shift points, they basically clear the memory and you start the learning process over again. The transmission is adaptive, so it learns to shift based on how it's driven.
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    The TSB is 06-40-007. It reprogrammed the shift hesitation on wide open throttle. It also seems to shift quicker and smoother. I recommend that you have your Azera serviced with the above TSB.
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    Is the computer memory not continually adaptive?
    Does it recognize only the first driving pattern and not readjust to new drivers or new driving patterns by the same driver?
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    Thanks for the info and I apologize for the late response. The potholes here in Chicago have been unreal this year and I feel some pulling to one side. I would rather spend the cash on the alignment rather than start to replace tires. Bring on summer!
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    Oh...I've already had mine done, but that's a programming between the transmission and the throttle, not a changing of shift points.
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    Bob...good question. I think the problem would arise from having different people driving it initially, since not everyone drives the same. The adjustment doesn't happen in a few short miles. I know when I got the transmission "memory" wiped and restarted...they told me it would take a few hundred miles for the transmission to adapt.

    I think the transmission would only re-learn if a driver's pattern changed and stayed a certain way over a period of time. However, I could be wrong on that. I'll check with my service tech on that and let you know what he says.
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    Wow...Chi-Town, huh? I can only imagine how bad you got it up there. I feel you...getting the alignment done is always a safe bet. The roads get pretty bad down here in DC, but this year...we haven't had the snowfall we normally get, so the plow trucks haven't torn the roads up as bad as they usually do. There are a few potholes, but hardly the number we are used to seeing (thank goodness).

    I'm ready for Spring to get here so I can put the chome wheels back on!!!! :shades:
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    Had my wife's 06 Limited in to get the auto-locking programmed ( finally, we've only had the car 1.5 years!) but went to a different dealer than where we purchased it. I have also just bought an '08 Santa Fe from this new dealer, as our Azera experience has been top notch.

    When I took it in for the settings to be done, I mentioned that the shadescreen sometimes moved or "flopped" a bit on the driver side when going down the road, just annoying when you check the rear view. They replaced the driver side bracket/arm as they thought it was bent a bit. It's back on the road and just like new. Didn't have to fight or argue to get it done.

    So far I have had a great experience with service and the sale process at North Scottsdale Hyundai.
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    Dealer replaced the shocks on my Azera with no improvement. Called Hyundai Customer Service (1-800-)-see the dealer. SM agreed it rides rough over less than smooth roads, but nothing he can do. Called Hyundai-will relay to District SM and he may call you if he wants to. After no call, called CS again and asked for a supervisor. You cannot talk to one now, but one will call you within 24 hours. 22 hours later, he calls. Someone will call and let you know status. Week later get a call from Atlanta Regional office saying Distict SM can see me tomorow in Anderson SC if I want to see him. YES! Will call you back in a few minutes with a time. Two hours later get a phone message to call her, but number is garbled.
    It gets better.
    Called Hyundai CS at 4:22 -they have no way to call Atlanta regional office and cannot provide me with a phone number. Call the dealer. Called the dealer, SM gave me the CS number in AZ and says he has no number for the Atlanta office. Called the main "store" of which local Hyundai is a division. They do not know how to get in touch with Atlanta either.
    Called CS again. They can e-mail Atlanta (it closes in 30 minutes), but no suggestions on how to call them.
    Will the guy be there since I have not confirmed I will be? What time will he be there? Why doesn't the local SM know when the guy will be there? :mad:
    This is what will kill Hyundai - no matter how good the cars are.
    BTW, the other area Hyundai dealer also sells Lincolns and I am interested in the new MKS coming out this summer. 15 minute longer drive, but may be time to switch dealers.
    It gets better - again. Just got a call at 5:06 PM from local SM. Somehow he talked with Dist. SM and now he may not show up at all until March 3rd due to rescheduling by Hyundai. Will call and let me know.
    Darn, I'm glad I am retired, don't have a job and can just sit around waiting for them to decide what to do. :cry:
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    Thought you had all those suspension concerns straightened out???
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    So did I. Just got back from seeing the Hyundai District Service Manager (from Atlanta). He and I and the dealer SM went for a ride. We then went for a ride in a 2008 over the same bumpy streets. They concluded there was no difference between the two vehicles and that the ride is a characteristic of the "sport" tuning of the Azera.
    Actually, the wallow is very much better and the noise has disappeared with the new shocks, but I was hoping for a better ride on rough roads.
    I can live with the ride, but I wanted to make sure it could not be made better. If I didn't feel it in the seat back so much, it wouldn't matter.
    At least they checked it out.
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    LOL The MKS you say? I had the pleasure of seeing it at the car show. Priced one online...get ready to pay a hefty price. After building one up...the price tag was knocking on $50K.

    Sorry to hear about your issues with Hyundai in general, hope you reach a satisfactory resolution.
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    Drive an Audi A4 or A6. The ride is rougher. They are more sporty than the Azera. I know. I drove Audi's for 20 years. The Azera rides better, for me.

    p.s. just curious why you are posting about the same ride issues in several other topics.
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    Posting about the service and comparison to 2008 as well as the ride. Also, the ride will influence whether or not I consider a Genesis and whether or not Hyundai can be considered a luxury car.
    Still hanging with my Hyundai. Only thing I found better was a 64,500 Lexus LS 460 with an actual offer to sell for 62,500. I'll keep the Azera and hope somebody besides ToyoLex offers good cars for reasonable prices.
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    I drive a 2007 Azera Limited and had my first oil change at 1500 miles since I had the car three months. Brought it in at 6 months for my second oil change and only had 2,400 miles on the odometer. Should I continue to have my oil changed every 3 months or can I drive it longer. 99.9% of my driving is in Las Vegas traffic. Very seldom get over 45 mph. Next question, if I don't change my oil every three months as quoted in the service manual, can they void my drive train warranty?
    Thank you.
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    To keep your warranty intact, the 7,500 miles OR 6 month interval is necessary. Now I don't know how a dealer could or would say that you should be using the 3000 mile/3 month "severe usage" interval unless you bring your car in covered in desert dust or caked with salt from Bonneville.

    As it happens, I have the oil/filter changed every 3750 miles, mainly because I did that with my old '90 Accord (I still have it) which uses (leaks, actually) less than one quart between changes and is maybe 3000 miles shy of a quarter of a million miles... :shades:
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    Do we have a sealed battery in the Azeras or should the top cover be removed to service the battery with distilled water?
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    You shouldn't have to touch the battery and if you do (providing you're still within the bumper-to-bumper warranty parameters) Hyundai should be taking care of it for you.
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