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    Thanks allmet33. Nothing wrong with my battery but I wanted to keep it that way with appropriate servicing.
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    Last conversation I had with the service manager, he mentioned that the factory battery is a 5 year battery and should never need anything...under normal circumstances.

    Mine has only been jumped once in 2 years and that's only because I have an aftermarket sound system and I played it too long with the car off and it ran the battery down. However, since that problems at all.
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    24 months/ unlimited mileage..check your warranty..Korean batteries are not the best ones available.....
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    Unless you pay for the extended warranty...which I did. However, what you're stating is for battery coverage...the actual battery itself is supposed to be a 60 month battery (as told to me by the service dept. manager).

    Concerning "Korean" batteries...the one in my '02 Sonata was still going strong when I traded it in 4 years (105K miles) later.
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    Might be pro rated for 60 months, but i doubt it..I have an 01 Santa Fe with 120k and an 02 Sonata with 55k; both original Korean batteries died after just 24 months of service for each vehicle...I have top of the line Interstate's in both now and they have never needed a jump or charge...My 06 Azera has the Platinum Interstate now (factory battery is out of warranty) and I use the original Factory as a spare jumper battery just in case..
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    Wow...I wonder what happened! The only issue I had was a bad voltage regulator, which ended up killing the original battery that came with the car (within the 1st 6 mos). The part was replaced, a new factory battery was installed and like I said...4 years later (105K miles) was still going strong.

    I wonder if they were putting different batteries in different batches of cars.

    My '06 Azera is 2 years old with almost 47k miles and it's still on the original battery, which was jumped once but running it down was my fault. I haven't had any problems with it since it has been jumped though.

    You're definitely a fan of Hyundai!!! ;) If I can find a way to keep my Azera AND get the Genesis...I'll be one happy camper.
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    I am a new owner of a '07 Azera and recently brought the car in for the first oil change after 3500 miles. I asked the service manager about the suspension problem reported in the forums...he did print the TSB re: struts. I then made an appt. to have this checked out. The following week, he and the factory engr. rep. drove my Azera and did not find any noise problems, and declared that the car was operating normally and did not require any strut replacement. I was charged $140. and sent on my way. Is this how the Hyundai "warranty" works???????????
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    Sounds like you got hosed for real. There is NO way that you should have been charged at all for any of that...even if the struts needed to be replaced. I would contact Hyundai Corp. directly, lodge a complaint and get your money refunded to you.

    Personally, I would have argued the issue on the spot and threatened to bring a lawyer in on it. They can't possibly charge you for simply looking at the issue you presented only to determin nothing needed to be done.
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    The following week, he and the factory engr. rep. drove my Azera and did not find any noise problems, and declared that the car was operating normally and did not require any strut replacement. I was charged $140. and sent on my way. Is this how the Hyundai "warranty" works???????????

    Azera owners hope not. Your dealer is in the majority, the norm, the Hyundai bottom feeders. It starts in sales and trickles right over to the service department.

    The classic example is charging the owner $45.00 to set the door locks, EZ out seat, limp home, etc. This, because sales doesn't inform the buyer at time of delivery, the new owner then reads the manuel and discovers the options, and for service it's a cash cow because the new owner has it "written up" during the first oil change.

    Azera is value and an enjoyable ride. Will I consider the upgraded Genesis when my Azera comes off lease? Will the few Azera owners in the US continue to tolerate step-child treatment from third world dual or multi-brand dealers where Hyundai is the step child? Doubtful. Will Fountain Valley or Korea address the dealer problem in the US? They obviously can't, or won't.
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    Dborth...I actually didn't know about getting the door locks, limp home mode and driver's seat settings done until I came across this forum 3 months into ownership. Lucky for me, the Hyundai Corp. rep was present when I asked about it and he said it should be done free of charge. Because earlier, I had called the service department and inquired about it and they said, "$49.95."

    So, I asked the rep to go into the service dept. with me so he could inform them it would be free of charge.

    As far as step-child treatment from's safe to say that not all Hyundai dealers are like that. There are more than need be tolerated and I feel sorry for those that have no choice but to deal with them. With the Genesis on the attitude will have to be addressed if Hyundai wants to be taken seriously.
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    Re 406: With the Genesis on the attitude will have to be addressed if Hyundai wants to be taken seriously.

    I agree, and you were fortunate indeed to have the "rep" close at hand, unlike the original poster that had to pay$140.00 to be told nothing was wrong.
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    You are so right. I hope the poster raises holy hell about it and gets his money refunded...I know I would! ;)
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    I have an 06 Azera Limited and an 06 Sonata LX6 and had all of those things programmed without ever the mention of paying. It's not fair to judge all dealerships
    in the same manner. I am a senior, have had many cars in my lifetime and dealt with "red carpet" dealerships (6 Acura TL's) and my dealer Hyundai of Westchester is the best. I own both cars, after leasing for the past 20+ years. I have an excellent relationship with the SM and enjoy talking cars with him. Like in any business there are good and bad. :)
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    I have an 06 Azera Limited and an 06 Sonata LX6 and had all of those things programmed without ever the mention of paying. It's not fair to judge all dealerships

    In fairness then, the 3 closest Hyundai dealers to me within a 40 mile radius.
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    Wow...that sucks big time!!!

    I've got one in my back yard and two more I can get to within 15 minutes. In the DC Metro area, it almost seems like Hyundai dealerships are like 7/11's!!! LOL
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    I had my oil changed yesterday at my dealership. I brought my own 6 quart case of synthetic and requested my containers back. When I got home I checked each container and discovered all were empty. I then checked my dipstick and found it over full by I guess 1/2 quart as the manual specifies 5.49 quarts. My question is: Could being over full by 1/2 quart cause damage or problems with the engine?
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    Good question. Don't know but I would rather have it half a quart low than half a quart over spec. Make sure you're measuring correctly......on level surface, dipstick not missing a part, etc.
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    A good question. I also bring my own synthetic and let the dealer change the oil. I have gotten back anywhere from a third to a half a quart, but the dipstick is right on. I would probably go back and have them take it to the correct level on their dime.
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    I have been changing oil & filter on my 07 since new using 6 quarts.
    The dip stick shows at the correct level. The first time I used the 5.5 quart fill I had to add more oil to get the dip stick to show proper level. Several Azera forums also said they use 6 quarts .
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    I called Hyundai of America and was told that dealers may charge a "diagnostic fee" and will waive the fee if it is found that the problem is solved under the warranty. I.E. .if your complaint is not found and solved, YOU will be charged. What kind of a bumper-to-bumper warranty is that? I was also told that this policy is not universal among their dealers. BTW I am not going back to San Leandro Hyundai. :(
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    That really sucks! However, they are right about it not being universal policy...the two dealers I go to for anything about my Azera (and previous '02 Sonata) don't charge for just looking at the car. I guess some dealers will try and get money from someone at any cost!

    The problem is...Hyundai Corp needs to step in and create universal policies so that owners everywhere can expect the same thing (to a degree). I think if Hyundai Corp had more dealings in their dealership affairs...service would get better across the board. Fortunately, there are some dealers that understand true top notch customer service and make ownership a wonderful experience.

    Good luck with your next dealer!
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    I couldn't agree more. Although I've had only one problem with my 06 Azzie(chipping on the steering wheel) the dealer never seems sure how to handle the problem. With my trade-in, a 5year old Jaguar, the dealer never failed to just fix the car. No calls to corporate, no documentation issues, no questions, the Jag dealer just fixed charge. This is a very important item to me.That single experience would give me pause when considering the Genesis. Hyundai can do better.
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    Might I suggest Hyundai "SHOULD DO BETTER" , sted of can do better.
    my 2 cents.
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    When I bought my Azera Ltd ( October, 07) I asked the service department for their list of recommended maintenance services and costs. They provided a list of services for 7,500, 15,000, 30,000, and 60,000 miles.

    In looking at this information more closely ( 7,500 service interval is approaching) I noticed something curious.

    There are 30 service items and inspections recommended at 7,500 miles, four of which refer to manual transmissions, and two of which refer to drum rear brakes–neither applicable in my case. The cost of the 7,500 mile inspection is $80.00

    The 15,00 mile service includes exactly the same 30 items as the 7,500 mile service, plus 5 others, which include:

    1. Replace air cleaner element
    2. Inspect auto transmission fluid level and filter
    3. Inspect cabin HEPA filter
    4.Inspect rear differential for leakage
    5. Inspect transfer case for leakage ( not applicable)

    The cost for the 15,000 mile service is $199.00, which seems to make the additional items 1-4 very expensive. I’m looking forward to hearing their explanation for this.
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    Thats a lot of money considering you can do some of those yourself in a matter of minutes. Thats what I do. Don't know what they mean by inspect rear differential for leakage. Azera is front wheel drive and does not have a rear differential.
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    I would have to agree with Richardcot...paying $80 just for a visual inspection of some things sounds like a waste of money.
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    Upon further reflection and reading other forums, the term I should have used is "Must do better."
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    See my post #420---Took Azera in yesterday for 7,500 mile service--I had copied maintenance chart from owners manual and highlighted those services rneeded at 7,500 miles ( about half of the number listed on the dealer's recommended list). The sevice manager looked at my copied chart and said "where'd you get this, I haven't seen that before.) I gently let him know it was from the owner's materials.

    As it turned out, for them to do what I wanted done would have cost $50 more to do half the number of inspections, etc. than on their 'padded' list of items. When I asked why I should pay $50 more for them to do half the work, the anwswer was 'its a package'. A similar non-answer was given for the substantially increased cost of the 15,000 mile service over the 7,500 mile service for only 4 more servie items and $79 vs $199.

    I've about given up on these turkeys. This discussion might be titled Hyundai Azera Service ( Not)

    Anyone know a good Hyundai service department in Minneapolis/St. Paul??
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    Call the Hyundai Call Center and tell them what happened.
    The local dealer replaced my shocks because I said I heard a noise, the ride was rough and the TSB said it could be done. No questions asked and no need for regional SM to look at it.
    The improvement was not that great so I had the local SM look at it and he set up an appointment for the regional SM to check it. We all went for a ride and they said nothing else can be done since the struts were already replaced.
    There was NO charge for any of this.
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    I guess the one you deal with is all about the money. When I took my '02 Sonata in for spark plug replacement, the service manager told me that I can save money if I went and got my own plugs. They were using champion plugs and charging me like $8/plug. I went to AutoZone and picked up a set of 6 plugs for under $2/plug. When I got the plugs changed, they only charged me the labor rate. They could have made me buy their plugs, but I guess their interest is in keeping me happy.

    Sorry to hear of your experience.
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    Anderson SC Ford dealer charges the same; also $80 to hook to the computer when the check engine light comes on.
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Member Posts: 576
    Haven't had this problem with my dealer, but I know the Toyota and Ford dealers both have a separate list of recommended services which cost 2-3 times as much as what the owner's manual calls for.
    I only get what the owner's manual calls for and this keeps it in warranty and never had a problem with my cars in the past.
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    I drive a 2007 Azera Limited. My Service Manual list a spark plug check in the 7500 mile service column. I question this procedure. I can't even imagine needing plugs checked this early in a new car. Anybody questioned this requirement with their service department?
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    The owners manual I downloaded from hyundai shows the spark plugs should be replaced at 97500 miles.
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    When I had my '02 Sonata, I didn't replace the spark plugs until I got the timing belt done at 90K miles, the dealer said they don't need to be done until 100K (close enough to 97500). If you do a LOT of city driving, then maybe you would consider doing it a bit sooner, but one way to keep the plugs clean is to get on the highway and cruise at highway speeds for about an hour.
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    Check again and see whether that was really the service manual.

    Many dealers package a bogus one in with the real one. The decorative design of the pages makes it look "official," but it lists all kinds of bogus services the real manual never calls for. Telltale tip-offs: check hood latch, check lubrication of door hinges.
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    Fortunately, I never had to do that, the service manager informed me that the service guide they put out really doesn't have to be followed. I told him I used synthetic oil and changed my oil every 7500 miles and he said no problem. The only other thing I did was make sure the transmission was serviced reguarly. Other than that...I followed nothing that the service manual suggested and it did not void out the warranty. Heck...I waited until 90K miles to get the timing belt replaced and that was when I had the major tune up done.

    I did all oil changes myself as well as changing the brake pads. Neither of which void the warranty as well.
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    Thanks for the info. What really should be done at 7500?
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    Ummmmmmmmmm....change the oil, oil filter, air filter, check your fluids and call it a day. One thing I've always done with every oil change is to put a fuel system cleaner in. The one I use is Berryman's Chem-Tool. Usually you find it as a spray for the carb, but they have one that pours as well. After my oil change, I drive to the gas station, pour it in the tank and fill up on top of it so it mixes in real good. Has kept my last 3 cars purring beautifully.
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    Pour in ChemTool is great stuff...Adding with oil change is best way to keep the interval and keep it in the maintance schedule
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    Tony did you have your brake rotors turned when you replaced the brake pads on your Azera? My Azera is at 52,000 and the pads need to be replaced but the rotors look fine, smooth, no grooving what so ever and turning cost $15/disc. Just wondering if I can avoid this $60 expense. JP
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    I've replaced my pads 3 times and have NOT yet turned my rotors. If you are not experiencing any feedback thru the brake pedal, nor any pulling to one side when applying the brakes...your rotors should be fine. Turning the rotors is really for problems such as hot spots that make the rotor surface uneven, warping caused by uneven torque on the lug nuts (which is why I always use a torque wrench set at 95 lbs. when I put wheels back on) or gouges caused by running the pads to the metal and cutting into the rotors. Of course...places that do brakes will tell you it must be done, and why not...they make more money when you get it done.

    I will say this, $15/rotor is really a cheap price to get rotors turned. A lot of places charge around $100 to do this because you're paying for the time it takes for it to be done by a, huh? Anyway, here's a link you can check out and take it for what it's worth.

    Brake Filter
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    Is there a "free" site where I can get detailed information regarding TSBs? The sites that I have found are all pay-for-info sites.
  • tictac3tictac3 Member Posts: 78
    I own a 2000 Azera SE and really love everything about it. I've put about 25K miles on the Hankook tires and they are just starting to show some wear. What can I expect to get out of these tires. I have had other H-rated tires on other vehicles (Contis on a 2000 300M; Dunlaps on a 1996 Maxima) and only got about 40K in mileage before they had to be replaced. These seem to be wearing much better.
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    Hyundai has a service website which gives you all the info. TSBs, Tips for DIYers etc. Infact you get all the technical info the Hyundai Service techs have access to.

    It is free to register. It is at
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    am in Burlingame California. This includes "cleaning the fuel injectors ($175.00)"
    They also had this as being inlcuded at 15,000 but told me it was optional so I did not have this done. I have never had the fuel injectors cleaned on a car and am wondering if it is really necessary at 3ok. I do not believe it is listed as a component of the 3ok service in the manual.
  • richardcotrichardcot Member Posts: 39
    This is a common rip-off many shops do. There is no need to clean the fuel injectors unless you are having problems with them. You should periodically put fuel injector
    cleaner in your gas tank. Chevron techron is supposed to be a good one.
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    try ChemTool ...very [email protected] Walmart for ~$3
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Member Posts: 160
    It's a ripoff. Don't do it! If there's nothing in the manual, don't do it!

    Infact, Hyundai has issued a TSB warning owners from doing these 'cleaning'. They state that if you do these 'cleanings', it might damage engine & it would qualify as warranty denial if damage occurs. I am too lazy to link to that TSB but it is available on under TSBs.

    Those stealerships which mislead the customers should be sued by Hyundai. Cheats.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557 are so right, I put a bottle in my gas tank with every oil change...faithfully!!!
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