Honda Accord Quality Control Issues



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    Ok, I finally managed to check out this rust situation you were talking about.

    First, this isn't something I could see by simply following an Accord.

    I had to get down on one knee and look under the cars.

    On the cars I examined, there was a light coating of rust on a 14mm nut that was attached to a rubber muffler hanger.

    Is this what you were talking about? If so, this is NO BIG DEAL at all.

    Yes, I guess they could have/should have used a plated nut.

    I continue to wonder why this would be any kind of an issue to anybody....but...we are all different!
  • anselmo1anselmo1 Member Posts: 163
    Honda has fuel sending units in their parts department probably in the same quantity as their oil filter. It has been an ongoing problem with Honda since around 1993. Isellhondas hasn't mentioned this fact so I suggest he take a walk back in his service department and ask a service advisor. His service advisor at his dealership will mention to him that they replace a lot of fuel sending units. Personally, I will have to congratulation isellhondas for crawling underneath an Accord to look for rust. Who knows, he might look at the V-6 transmission next.
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    First of all, I own a 1995 Accord isellhondas as well as a 2000 Toyota Camry. Here is the following repairs I have had to have covered under warranty (I was smart enough to purchase the 100 K. Honda Care Warranty)

    1. Condenser replaced by Honda----recall.
    2. Air Bag module
    3. Fuel Sending Units--on my third now.
    4. Wiring Harness Recall
    5. Balancer Shaft Seal Recall
    6. Air Conditioning Unit failed---new one installed
    7. B-Pipe--ouch I had to pay this one
    8. New power aerial

    This in addition to all the Honda scheduled maintenance by. the book. As far as your concern that I am a car salesman for a competitor--the answer is an emphatic NO. But I will tell you that I own another car that is manufactured by Toyota.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    Are obvious Honda haters who continue to distort the facts.

    Trying to continue any dialogue with either of you will accomplish nothing.

    Of course, what do I know...? I own two of them, literally live with Hondas on a daily basis.

    I have literally driven in and ridden in thousands of them.

    But, of course, I also sell them, don't I?

    That would make me biased, I guess and might cause me to conceal my true feelings. own a Toyota?

    Good choice, and a great car. Another car that I have defended in these forums against Toyota haters.
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    Had a new one put in @ 21k, because first one read 1/4 tank after just 30 miles. New one hasn't moved off 5/6 tank after 88 miles. What the [non-permissible content removed] is going on here?! Do I need to replace this one too? How complicated can this be. I have had a lot of cars and none of them have shown this crazy a gauge reading.(never had to replace any of them either) GEEZ!!! Paid o
    ver 20k and I don't have a clue of how much gas I got in my tank, this sucks!
    I don't sell hondas, and I would advise anyone considering one, to think twice. There may be better deals, better cars and better values. I certainly have been disappointed the first 22k miles. My service adviser knows me by my first name, and that has me wondering. I bought the ESP because of my lack of faith.
    925.00 $ thank you very much. Nice car, but definitely has its problems.
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    This topic was originally set up for Honda owners to discuss quality control problems regarding the Honda Accord. Opinions are expressed to discuss these issues. This is not "RA RA" session for Accords that are sold by Honda salesmen.This constant denial by isellhondas of Accord problems not occurring is getting to the point of being riridiculous.sellhondas---there are problems regarding the fuel sending units, V-6 transmissions and numerous other issues that consumers would like to discuss. HONDA ACCORDS HAVE PROBLEMS! We have been trying to discuss this topic so we may help each other with the same problems we have encountered. Honda Accord quality control has slipped! This is why we are discussing our Accord problems.
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    This has been an ongoing problem with the Honda Accord and their supplier. They just can't seem to correct this problem which is quite aggravating. I have heard that using anything over 87 octane in your tank will cause the unit to fail. Don't ask me how, but I heard about it from three different people that I know. My first unit was replaced right after I put in a tank of 91 octane. Noticed the problem right away and the gauge was never the same. Replaced under warranty.I definitely think if you are going to buy a Honda Accord, you better buy the Honda Care extended warranty to be on the safe side. Hope isellhondas tries to sell his customers the extended warranty!
  • lugwrenchlugwrench Member Posts: 213
    I am on my third and so far the third unit has been a charm. Nothing worse than not knowing how much gas you have in your tank especially on a long trip. As far as being an Honda hater, there is no truth to whatever isellhondas is trying to imply. Hey, I own a Honda and only want the reliability I was promised when I purchased the vehicle. Yes, Accords do have fuel sending unit problems and hopefully mine is now corrected!
  • anselmo1anselmo1 Member Posts: 163
    Take whatever isellhondas posts with a grain of salt. He is a salesman and sells Hondas---enough said. Being labeled a Honda hater is very interesting since I personally own a Honda! Opinions are welcome here but the crux of this decision is the Accord's quality control issues. It is common knowledge that the Accord has problems---read over the two thousand posts right here at Edmunds! Honda needs to be aware that their quality is slipping regarding the Accord.I hope others post their concerns here so others can be on guard.
  • fritz1224fritz1224 Member Posts: 398
    I only use 87 octane so that shouldn't be the problem. I was feeling like maybe the design of the unit or the entire system was the culprit, but then lugwrench said his is working right after the third one. So I guess I just have to keep getting them replaced until I get lucky and get one that's not crap. Wonder how long that will take!
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    i've been using this in my car practically since day one, ok.. ok.. month 2... and have owned my car for 1 year and 3 months, and haven't had a problem. that's not to say it hasn't happened to people using that gas, but not me.
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    So Honda sells >300K Accords a year and some of them actually have problems, alert the media.

    Lugwrench if you had bought a domestic car you'd need two pages for your list of repairs, or maybe you'd prefer a car from a company that knows they have head gasket problems and continues to manufacture without any design change for four years (their theory was it is cheaper to fix it then retool, now that's quality).
  • ravynravyn Member Posts: 101
    these people are not bashing honda's!
    they're just talking about things they've found with THEIR car. it's a quality control board.

    will everyone stop being so touchy.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    It's just that I can't stand it when things get grossly overblown.
  • anselmo1anselmo1 Member Posts: 163
    There is no balance from your end. Every time someone posts a quality control problem you say it is minor, overblown or does not merit the attention given. The Accord balancer shaft seal was a serious problem and it took Honda 3 years to correct it by finally installing a clip that costs less than $5.00. That is what we are talking about, quality control from Honda's end. The fuel sending units have been a constant problem with Honda's supplier. Honda has been working on that problem for almost seven years now to no avail. Lugwrench says he is on his third unit and it seems to be working correctly. Maybe Honda has found a cure? Quality control regarding Accords is the issue and exchanging information is what this discussion is all about. We are not comparing Honda Accord's quality control problems with any other vehicle. We only care about our Accord's quality control issues and what steps Honda is taking to correct them!
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    I lurk on the Honda and Toyota boards because I currently own a 2001 Honda Accord EX V6,a 1999 Toyota Carry EL V6, 2k Chevy Prim(Corolla twin) and a 1997 Chevy Suburban T. Previous new cars I've owned include '93 Chevy Astro Van, '88 T'bird Turbot Coupe, '88 Taurus GLX, '82 Honda Civic AL, '80 Honda Accord LX, '78 Datsun ZX, '76 Mazda 808.

    Of all these cars the most problems I've had were with the 2 Fords and the 2 Chevys not to mention the heavy loss I took when I traded them in. The least problems were the Honda's.

    In reading this board I certainly get the feeling that dc_sports is bashing Honda unnecessarily while on the Toyota board he does not say any negative thing about Toyota even thought there are many complaints about the sludging problem encountered with the Camrys. Again what do I mean my "many"? It is what I perceived from reading the Toyota boards and it may not be accurate, just like the perception that Honda Accord quality is bad because of the many complaints perceived by dc_sports.

    My personal belief is that both the Toyotas and Hondas are exceptional cars compared to the domestics. No manufacturer can make a perfect car with no problems and to this extent I believe Toyota and Honda is way ahead of the dometic and european manufacturers when it comes to the total cost of owning a car for a long period of time.

    Again this is my personal opinion so please don't shoot me.

    I am very happy with the Accord, Camry and Prizm!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    bruinhorn...thank you.

    I have read with great interest The Great Sludge Caper as it pertains to Toyotas.

    Some of the people who have complained about this have been pretty sincere and others have been suspect.

    Bear in mind, Toyota is my biggest competition and I should be enjoying this.

    But, I don't and I don't believe it.

    I have even stated that in that forum.

    BTW, I asked one of our Service Advisors about this terrible fuel sending problem. His response, believe it or not was that he had only heard of a couple of isolated cases of this.

    But I guess in a forum like this, the affected people would tend to congregate just like sick people do in hospitals.
  • dc_sports_ruledc_sports_rule Member Posts: 134
    I own a Honda Accord and if anyone knows about Accord modifications, you will know where I took my nickname from. You see, I have various modifications from DC Sports on my Accord. Have a DC Sports stainless steel catback, battery tie down, and upper strut tower control arms. Next project will be the DC Sports stainless steel header. I own an Accord and put a lot of money into it via modifications as this is what I like.
    It really angers me when various "Honda" components fail before their time. This is why I am discussing my personal quality control issues with my Accord. I am also offering other problems regarding quality control that other owners I know have had personally. Ironically, many of the problems we have encountered are the same. One quality problem I would like to bring to everyones attention now is the weak air conditioning unit of the Accord. It just doesn't cool down like other autos I have ridden in. Has anyone encountered this problem?

    I am not bashing but only comparing notes with others in regards to my Accord. As far as not bashing Toyotas, I really don't know that much about them.
  • wyselwysel Member Posts: 1
    Honda accord 4 cyclinder 2000 exl passenger side airbag light stays on unless someone is seated in the seat. Dealer is giving us a hard time about fixing it. We've tried running engine with heater on full for 4 Hrs as the bulletin advises and have nothing on the seat but to no avail. Anyone have any ideas? Seems like a factory defect which they don't want to admit to.
  • blumsdenblumsden Member Posts: 15
    I agree with anselmo1's post #116.

    isellhondas, I think it is great to have you here to offer a different perspective. But, IMO, not all these issues are minor, and not all are isolated. A rusty bolt here, some paint chips there, a little wind noise from the mirror or moonroof, etc may all be small problems. But they are not problems that should repeatedly surface in a $25K car with "Honda-like" reliability. To tell us "IT'S NO BIG DEAL" does not make them feel better, nor does it make the problem go away.

    I had a 99 EX, 5-spd accord coupe, which I sold last fall. In the first year:
    -replaced a faulty passenger seat heater
    -replaced the brake fluid reservoir cover (bad sensor)
    -fixed a problem with the driver window (sounded like sand was gritting against the glass when lowering the window)
    -had to have the driver door panel adjusted due to a noise near the pop-up door lock
    -removed and re-tightened the left side of the dash due to a rattle

    I also had a problem with the ignition, which could only be remedied by replacing the switch.
    Since they could not match the security code in the keys, I would have had to carry two keys around, so I didn't have this done. (No, physically carrying 2 keys is not a big deal, but knowing which was for the ignition is, and I didn't want to wrap one in masking tape!)

    My dealer was quite willing to try to fix all these problems, but even so, my first Honda experience was not a great one. Based on my PERSONAL experience, I would have to say that Honda quality is not at the same level as it once was.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    It's unfortunate that you had that many problems.

    My 99 EX V6 Coupe has been pretty much flawless.

    Although none of the problems you listed amount to much, they are, nevertheless an annoyance to deal with.

    I still contend though that a 14 MM nut on a rubber exhaust hanger is NO BIG DEAL and will hurt nothing.

    I guess I have to wonder what you replaced your Honda with. Hopefully you won't have any problems.
  • bruinhornbruinhorn Member Posts: 11
    isellhondas...regarding the Toyota smudging problem, even though I agree with you, I still feel that there is something wrong here. Why is Toyota being singled out with smudging problems if all cars have the same issues with maintenance regarding oil changes. I don't, for one minute believe that only Toyota owners are not properly maintaining their cars, as has been suggested by many on the Toyota board defending Toyota. Yet most of the post regarding smudging are from Toyota owners which has been acknowledged (in a round about way) by Toyota in their manuals. I would guess most Toyota owners have owned other makes of vehicle also and they would treat all their other vehicles in the same neglected fashion as their Toyotas. However, I do not see many owner of on-Toyota makes complaining about their smudging problem and the cost associated to fix them.

    Overall, I am very happy with my '99 Carry EL V6 although I've had to replace an EAR valve around 35k miles under warranty. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope I don't have the smudging problems because I follow the maintenance manuals for oil change intervals (75k) and I don't do it at the dealers. I don't buy the theory that following the Toyota maintenance schedule and using non-Toyota products for oil change is the cause for sludging. I follow the same procedure for all my other cars and if my Camry starts to have sludging problems then I would expect all my other car to have it also. I believe this Toyota sludging problem is very similar to the Ford/Firestone fiasco.

    Even though I am a Honda fan long before I bought my Camry, I have to say that the Camry is a much smoother and quieter car than the Accords. The jerky or hard shifting transmission and the excessive wind noise would really be more than ample ammunition for me to bash Honda if I was a Toyota fanatic. But as you can tell I am a Honda believer and stand by them unless they prove me wrong.

    dc_sports...sorry if I offended you. My perception, in viewing the Toyota and Honda problem boards were that the same folks that were emphatically demeaning Honda quality did not say anything negative about Toyota quality although there were many quality problems associated with Toyota products. Again strictly my preception and did not mean to offend anyone.
  • bruinhornbruinhorn Member Posts: 11
    about the typo's.
    Meant to type "sludging" not "smudging".
  • billiam70billiam70 Member Posts: 54
    Has anyone notice a rippling in their windshield? I have a 2001 EX Coupe and some spots in the windshield ripple so much that it distorts what I'm looking at. I know this can happen towards the ends of the windshield as it curves to fit the car, but mine is doing this all the way through. Sometimes it really hurts my eyes to look through that part of the window. I wanted to see if anyone else has this problem before I have the dealer look at it.
  • dc18dc18 Member Posts: 6
    I have a 2000 LX Accord. I too have distortion in the windshield on the passenger side.
  • anselmo1anselmo1 Member Posts: 163
    Many of the people here have repeated the same problems with their respective Accords. It seems that Honda does have a supplier problem in a few select areas. Now you can add the optically distorted windshield to the list.

    It would be nice if Honda had the opportunity to read this board about what customers are saying about the Accord. I wish I would have bought my Accord at isellhondas dealership. It seems that their service department there only has isolated problems or none at all. Gee, I guess all the service technicians there are doing oil changes and routine maintenance on all the cars there!
  • lugwrenchlugwrench Member Posts: 213
    I wonder what plans Honda has for the new 7th generation Accord? Please don't tell me they are going to use McPhearson struts on the new Accord!
    From "wishbone suspensions" to McPhearson struts would save Honda a lot of money. They did it on the 2001 Civic so let's hope they don't do it on the new Accord!
  • adg44adg44 Member Posts: 385
    But I wasn't really keeping up with this forum once I sold my Accord Coupe. POS! They are slipping for sure. I also think it has to do with where it was manufactured. My car got moisture in the headlights, major paint problems (pores in clear, waterspots, streaks, swirls), rattles like no other, front brakes, my drivers seat would move, the door panels rattles, two speakers were blown, the "H" fell out of the engine compartment, there werehuge gaps between the quarter panel and the bumper, the weather stripping around the windshield was falling off, and I could go on for a long time. Some people might not consider these major problems, but on a brand new car it shoudln't happen. I got my 2001 VW GTI VR6 and ever since I first sat in that car, the quality of VWs over Honda's was very easy to tell. Honda uses cheap plastics and they need to get their act together. I had the car for 5.5 months, 6900 miles, and that was the first and last Honda that I will ever own.

    - Anthony
  • pklaspklas Member Posts: 20
    Do you realize the VW Jetta is assembled in Mexico? If I had a choice, I rather have my car built in the U.S. over Mexico (Corona is very cheap over there)

    Go over to the VW forum and see what kind of problems are experienced by new Jetta owners.

    VW is definitely the wrong car manufacturer to compare with the Accord. Toyota, Mazda, and Nissan I would understand.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    You are on ignore, remember?
  • bim1bim1 Member Posts: 5
    Hi all,

    Since I own a 1996 Accord EX with 5 speed, I was following this topic with interest. What caught my eyes is the balance shaft seal problem. My Accord has 80,000 miles and it is due for timing belt/water pump replacement. Once the cover is off, I would like to apply this fix too. Does 1996 have the problem?

    The problems I have had with my Accord? The infamous exhaust buzz problem at 1,800 RPM. Honda fixed it free of charge at 40,000 miles after a few days of negotiation. Brakes warping after about 30,000 miles. But then again, I had same brake warping problem with Toyota and domestic as well. Other than these, the car has been very solid. Will I buy another Accord? Probably not. It is an excellent transportation tool. But not much fun driving it. I want some fun now. It is a very solid dependable tool. A very good one. But I do not fall in love with tools. Who knows? If the fun causes too many troubles, then I might come back to Honda.

  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Member Posts: 1,284
    When I had my '94 in for the timing belt/water pump routine, the dealer did the balance shaft seal retainer without my asking, and of course at no charge. No doubt since there's a recall out on this, your dealer will do it, as well.
  • anselmo1anselmo1 Member Posts: 163
    This forum was created to discuss Honda Accord quality control issues. It is not a forum where you tend to dispute anything that is posted and contend that your opinion is correct. People would like to compare similar problems and find out how they are fixed. We don't need a Honda salesman telling us that there is nothing wrong with our Accords. Especially you! You made me laugh out loud regarding the fuel sending unit post where you contend that your service department only had a couple of repairs of that nature. Come on, give me a break and quit insulting our intelligence. Read an interesting post in the Accord Problems Part II postings where one person stated "That All Salesman Lie" when it comes to selling a car. Sure this is a broad statement but it is something to think about regarding your posts. Your opinions are welcome but your condasending nature isn't.
  • dc_sports_ruledc_sports_rule Member Posts: 134
    Why is it that Honda only offers a 3yr/36K powertrain warranty on the Accord? Toyota's is 5yr/60K on the powertrain. Is Honda telling us something what to expect after 3 years?

    I am tired of reading isellhondas posts also. Personally, I feel he is a gadfly regarding these various boards. Noticed he is chiming in with comments all over the place.

    I think everyone should take his posts with a grain of salt. He loves attacking comments but never offers anything of the positive nature.

    Just Ignore him and maybe he will go away.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    I'm happy to share my thoughts and opinions. when the Honda bashers get out of control I feel the need to comment.

    As far as positive comments, I think you are the one with all of the negative input.

    As far as the warranty gos, that's a marketing decision. Hopefully you will agree that a longer warranty does not automatically mean a better product.

    Personally, I wish Honda would match Toyota's warranty even if it meant raising the prices a bit. It tends to make people feel better.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    I think that if you knew me you would find me to be a pretty straightforward type of guy.

    And, I have to admit that sarcasm doesn't bide very well with me.

    I don't mind an open discussion or friendly debate.

    I'm surprised that you don't just come right out and call me what I know you think I am...A Liar.

    I read these forums with great interest. I like to know what my customers are reading. I do NOT come here to promote myself or promote sales.

    When I hear of problems that I've never heard mentioned in our store, I'm surprised and will say so.

    Now, rattles in 2001 Civic dashboards, screwed up radio codes, yep! you bet!

    But, fuel tank sending unit problems? That's a new one on me. since I was surprised at the number of comments here, I asked one of our Service Advisors. Like I said, he said that he had been aware of "just a few"...his words, but was surprised that it was any kind of an issue.

    Now, I didn't comment on the distorted windshield posts, but...again, this is the first place I've heard this. a horrible, widespread problem? perhaps, but a new one on me.

    But, anselmo, I know you don't believe any of this.

    Hopefully someday, someone will be able to produce a perfect car!
  • anselmo1anselmo1 Member Posts: 163
    That was the most sincere post I have read from you. I will have to compliment you on your straight forward approach. Please remember this is not a Honda bashers forum but a place where customers can exchange ideas, problems and corrective measures regarding their Accords.

    The fuel sending units have been a problem for seven years. It has to be supplier related. The "wind Whistle" which I have never commented on has also been around for the same number of years. The balancer shaft seal problem on the Accords has been corrected with a simple $5.00 clip. Up until early 2001, this was a very serious problem which could have caused permanent engine damage.

    I suggest you read more of these posts and you will see what the customers are experiencing. Like I have said numerous times, this is a place where problems, ideas and corrective measures are discussed.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    Hell, I learn a lot sometimes.

    What annoys me is when a problem is magnified beyond reality. For example, the "ongoing" V-6 transmission problems were isolated and solved a long time ago. The problem is not ongoing.

    I also realize that this forum is a meeting spot for those who actually HAVE the problems.

    Most owners, like myself would probably read these posts and say...huh? what? I've never had a problem.

    On one hand, yes, I probably get a bit defensive when the product I sell is being dissed. On the other hand, misery does like company and I have to wonder, as an example, how many Accord owners went outside to inspect their windshields to see if they were distorted.

    I'll admit it...I took a close look at mine as I drove to work this morning. guessed it, it wasn't distorted at least that I could tell.

  • andre1969andre1969 Member Posts: 25,057
    Hyundai and Kia offer 10 year/100,000 mile warranties on their cars. Does that make them better than Toyotas, with their 5/60 or Honda, with their 3/36?
  • dc_sports_ruledc_sports_rule Member Posts: 134
    Hyundai and Kai had real reliability problems and their sales exemplified that fact. They figured give them 10years/100,000 power train warranty and maybe they would increase their sales in the US/Canada. Hyundai actually has improved their cars dramatically to the point that even Consumer Reports has reported favorable reviews of their product line in 2001.

    Kai is just desperate for sales to make their dealership network happy.
  • dash400mdash400m Member Posts: 55
    What exactly is the exhaust buzz problem? My brother's '96 Accord has this problem, but he's been unable to resolve it through his local Honda dealer. The noise sounds similar to an out-of-resonant organ! Sorry, the "B" pipe doesn't sound as good as Booker "T" & the M.G.'s!

    Thanks in advance for any specifics.
  • anselmo1anselmo1 Member Posts: 163
    There is a special gasket kit that they fit between the B pipe and cat/converter. Honda service has a technical service bulletin on the subject. Just ask for the "Buzz Kit" and that will eliminate the "raking sound" at 1800 rpms. It would have been covered under the 3/Yr-36K mile warranty by Honda. Your 1996 is out of warranty so it will run you around $75.00 plus installation. You might be able to buy the kit a lot cheaper from one of the Honda parts dealers on the internet such as Manchester Honda.

    The kit will cure the problem.
  • dash400mdash400m Member Posts: 55
    Thanks much -- I really appreciate the reference. Maybe my brother will kindly remind the Honda folks in his area that there is a TSB out on this issue! I must have missed the TSB, because I checked out a couple of months ago for any references. Then again, Honda had requested earlier that not post in notices [?].

    Thanks again...
  • eclipsegt01eclipsegt01 Member Posts: 1
    As of a few years ago, the paint quality has gone down on all cars produced in the US. Thanks to the EPA. They outlawed all of the stabilizers used in paints. The new stabilizers, just like the new R-134, is not nearly as good and causes paints to chip and flake easily. This is not only Honda's problem.
  • dash400mdash400m Member Posts: 55
    Thanks much -- I really appreciate the reference. Maybe my brother will kindly remind the Honda folks in his area that there is a TSB out on this issue! I must have missed the TSB, because I checked out a couple of months ago for any references. Then again, Honda had requested earlier that not post in notices [?].

    Thanks again...
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    To give you an idea, my impression of an "ongoing problem" with a car would be something like say an 8%-10% failure rate of a particular part in any given year of car. That would indicate an enormous defect from the supplier or manufacturer in my opinion, and a warranty nightmare for the automaker. But still, that means that 9 of 10 owners will not experience the problem.
  • fritz1224fritz1224 Member Posts: 398
    I don't have the windshield distortion mentioned here, but I do have what appears to be water spots on it which won't come off no matter how much rubbing I do. It's like they're in the glass, not on the surface. I know the windshield is laminated to keep it from shattering, so I'm thinking it has something to do with that.
    I finally found a product that actually gets the windows and windshields clean without streaking. Windex just didn't cut it, streaks and smudges like crazy.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    Well, to me "ongoing" means exactly that.

    If the 96-97 models had a problem that was solved by 1998, the problem is no longer ongoing.

    And I would agree. If 10% of the production is affected the problem is, indeed, a major one.
  • eeeleeel Member Posts: 57
    a guy at work went on and on about his honda and how bad us cars are - after awhile i told him he was a little off base - when i told him i drove an 88 intrepid he really went off on us cars - said he'd prove to everyone in the office just how bad us cars are - so he went to the nhtsa site to show us the complaints on the 98 accord, taurus and intrepid. accord had 4 times as many complaints as the intrepid (the greatest percentage of serious problems were the hondas - trannys, fuel problems, axle/steering loss of control problems).

    suffice to say i had quite a laugh - went to lunch in his 98 accord - ac needs work - his tranny is going up, rotors too. makes you wonder.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    I didn't think they made Intrepids until 1993?

    BTW we bought an Intrepid, brand new in 1995. Don't EVEN get me started...
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