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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • This was my first quote from Hayward, though it was the 3rd time I'd asked for one. The final quotes were approximately -


    17777 - Hayward,

    18070 - Piercey

    20350 ('Out the door', roughly ~18350 + floormats extra) Stevens Creek

    ~19000 - Capitol

    19728 - Fremont

    20578 - Putnam


    Quite a big spread and I think you have to cast a wide net. One thing I noted when I went to pick up the car was how few people were in the dealership. I have a feeling (at least for the CA bay area), that the end of this month should have some dealers anxious to sell some cars..!
  • cg11cg11 Posts: 4
    A dealership in North Carolina if offering a 2005 Camry Auto, Power windows and locks for $16,988. To view the car, go to ebay and type in 4512639707. Tell me what you think! ASAP
  • We had two dealers in the bay area w/ this price over the weekend (Fremont, Sunnyvale) so you may be able to find one local to you. But ~17k is the best I've come across for the LE "2532" model. Watch the fees. 0.02.
  • Hi Folks,

    Has anyone encountered a 2005 Camry Standard with Automatic Transmission, Side Airbags and/or VSC?
  • peterpanpeterpan Posts: 120
    You can order ANY CAR/OPTIONS you want through your local dealer. Go to WWW.BUYATOYOTA.COM and request a quote.


    Should be able to order one $1000 below invoice.
  • hi,


    I am interested in buying a Toyota camry LE 05 4 speed automatic. I just need standard equipment.


    My question is:


    1) is the Anti-brake, anti-alarm and airbag the standard equipment of LE 05?

    2) currently, I got a quote at 18200$(after 1000 rebate). how is this deal in Houston area?


    I appreciate if you could share with me your experience.


    Best Regards,


  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    VSC is not an option on the Camry Standard.


  • 05' Camry LE (4CYL/Automatic)

    VIP, Mats.

    $17895 after $1k Cash back.
    (Before T&L)


    Should I take it or leave it??


    Thank you guys a bunch!!
  • gklatvgklatv Posts: 35
    ABS, front airbags and keyless lock/unlock with panic button are all standard on '05 LE. Alarm (VIP-?) could be added for $300-400 by the dealer.

    Are there any options added to "your" 2005 LE 4cyl. Camry? If not, you probably could do a few hundreds better, although I am not in TX.
  • Thanks for your information.


    I just asked a standard equipment. (That is, maybe no other options for camry LE 05).


    I quote through internet and have exchanged emails with the dealers many times. However, currently, it seems that no dealers would like to lower their price.


    What should I do? How can I make them lower the price more?


    Best Regards,
  • gklatvgklatv Posts: 35
    You can't MAKE them lower the price. Try a couple of online sources (carsdirect, edmunds, etc.), and if their numbers are any better, make the printouts.


    If you need/want the new car right now, just buy it at the quoted price – it’s not a bad price. My take is – few hundred $$ should not, probably, break the almost $20K deal. When you ready to buy, just pay a visit to the dealer. Tell them you’re ready to buy TODAY and show them your papers. Preferably, have your financing lined up prior to that. Let them believe that you are serious about buying right there on the spot, and they might “give” you the deal. However, you may want to leave and go to the next dealership, if they are not willing to work with you. Be aware of additional fees, like TDA (advertising), dealer preps, documentation. Good luck!
  • Thank you for your information.


    I would like to know, for camry LE 05,


    1) is the front airbag a standard equipment?


    2) is the side airbag a standard equipment? if not, how much will it cost if I want to add one?


    Best Regards,


  • gklatvgklatv Posts: 35
    OK, b0s6067. You're starting to repeat yourself - asking same questions again. Please, go to and find all the information there.
  • Here is the deal I got a month ago with a Camry LE (4cyl, auto) after $1000 rebate: out-of-door price $19250 cash. Only two options added: 5-piece carpet mat and tilted window. I got the car from Sterling McCall in Housotn.


    I feel that I can a couple of hundred better if I spend more time to work on a few other dealers.


    My few suggestions: 1. alway working on the out-of-door price; 2. using internet and phone (cellphone is the best) as much as possible; 3. the end of year should be the best to get a good deal.
  • Just checked Carsdirect and I'm getting $19,004 after rebate.


    I think I'll bite on it... unless there are other opinions out there.


  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    That looks like a good price to me. It's almost $1,000 less than CarsDirect. I never though of going to Ebay for new car, a used car maybe, but not new. Thanks for the tip!
  • If your replying to me, I'm not going through e-bay. I think there is another person up above that is trying to find one (4CYL LE) in Houston (I think).


    I just went into the 1st dealership and just flat out asked them to lowball me and they did. I took that price around to 4 other dealers and the best the other dealers would do was match it. One dealer dropped $75.00 but they were too far out of town to justify the purchase.


    If you were responding to the other person's post, I apologize.


    In my case, I think flat out pounding the pavement and making a few phone calls got me the best price I could get.


  • I just went to Darcars Toyota in Maryland and got a 2005 Camry LE V6 for $21250 OTD.


    In case this information helps anyone, here's the breakdown:


    2005 Camry LE V6 - invoice 19916

    JBL Package - invoice 218

    Side/Curtain airbags package - invoice 559

    Cargo Net - invoice 34

    Mats - invoice 114

    Destination - 515

    Total Invoice Cost = 21356


    Dealer quoted me at $19923 which is 1433 below invoice.


    To get to the total cost (21250), it was:


    19923 for car including 750 rebate

    100 processing fee (lame)

    188 tags (20 more if we had financed)

    5% tax


    Darcars is kind of a shady dealership in that we spent 3 hours filling out extraneous paperwork (that I haven't seen at other dealerships) despite having told them to have everything ready, and a lot of hassling about trying to sign up for extended warranty plans. Overall it was the best price we found though, so we went for it.


    Good luck!
  • Purchased 2005 Camry SE V6 in November '04.


    Paid $22,200 in Southern California. No dealer willing to go lower than that price.


    No rebate, but received 2.9% financing. Overall impression: Great car and fun to drive.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Awesome. The 225hp SE V6, now with the really sharp 17 inch alloys, is far and away my favorite-and the best- Camry. Which options did you get? $22,200 seems really low. How did you manage that? Can you provide more detail?


    Happy Holidays to all!!


  • kosekose Posts: 4
    05 camry LE Auto with side airbags&floor mats for 18,435 (after 500 rebate) and OTD of 20,265, what do you guys think? Thanks a lot.
  • Consider the following...:


    I got a 2005 STD Toyota Camry 5 speed manual for OTD $16,600 (a difference of around $4,000) w/o floor mats and with temporary spare tire. Their website is "".


    Good luck and happy car shopping...
  • john_fjohn_f Posts: 30
    I also recently purchased a '05 Camry SE V6. I agree that it is an awsome car; power; quality; sophistication!! I paid a lot more (~$25.3 w/o rebate but 0% for 36 mos). I got the preferred premium package (leather; stereo, sunsshade)..., VSC, side curtain airbags, heated seats, adjustable pedals, special rearview mirror, and floor/trunk mats.


    I also have a '04 Accord EX V6; its also a nice car but I give the nod to the Camry!
  • kosekose Posts: 4
    Thanks for your info, wow, that is really a price, how did you get that?
  • d_kd_k Posts: 5
    Can YOU recommend any GOOD website where I can purchase a car directly?
  • Actually, we were considering a base model Honda Accord and wanted to compare it with the base Camry to see if it was a good deal. The Camry was an "advertised" car...they were using it to lure people in so they could sell them an LE or other better equipped Camry...To our surprise, the STD Camry was exceptionally "loaded" for a base model and we love driving standard. The only thing that it doesn't have that we wanted was a cassette player...but we'll live with it...We bought an '05 Odyssey that has one.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Hondaconvert and John_f, you folks should both post over in the Accord v. Camry forum!


    Hondaconvert- the Camry Std. is much better equipped than the Accord DX, which most people dont realize doesnt even come with a rear stabilizer bar (much to the detriment of the Accord's handling, which becomes worse than the Camry's especially in emergency lane change manuvers where the Accord will easily swing its tail), but the Camry Std. doesnt have the Accords standard side curtains, and is priced a bit higher than the Accord DX (but not once you add A/C, which I think most people do.)


    How do you like the Camry's 5 speed manual?


    john_f- Thats still an excellent price for your loaded Camry, which is exactly as I'd want one. Which color combination did you choose, how do you like the VSC?



  • ktnrktnr Posts: 255
    John Farre -


    You're the only person I've heard of who owns both the current Camry and Accord. You said that you prefer the Camry but you didn't say why.


    Like Alpha01, I too am certain that many people here would like to hear your comparison of the two cars on the Camry vs. Accord forum.


    What's hot, what's not and why?
  • So far, I have no complaints about the 5 speed but I have only put 65 miles on the vehicle...still brand-spanking new. The nice thing is that my vehicle is imported from Japan as they don't assemble manual transmission vehicles here in the US.
  • john_fjohn_f Posts: 30
    Alpha: thanks; I believe the price represents good value(compared to more glamorous Infinity G35 or Acura TL sedans for example).


    We got white with dark grey leather interior; a very nice combination.


    Regarding vehicle stability control, I like having it in case we ever need it.


    BTW, I posted a more detailed comparison to the Accord on the Accord vs Camry board. Cheers!
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