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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • JBO12JBO12 Posts: 8
    leaser310 - that's the lowest offer i've seen in the ny/nj/ct tri-state area at the $46,241 msrp level ($38k) and i've been looking for a few weeks now to lease a similar car - which dealer is this through? my suggestion is to walk through a lease worksheet you have all prepared and filled out with your assumptions and calculations and confirm them one at a time. there are lease worksheets available online and i built my own if you want to take this discussion offline (you should be able to see my email).
  • Manhattan Lexus gave me that price ($38000). They bettered the price of Ray Catena's in Freehold, NJ by $500.

  • Where did you purchase your RX? Dealer name? We are at OTD $40,800 and holding. I am not sure we can get them lower.
  • I am shopping in Miami for a lease on an RX350 FWD. I want a 36 mo. lease, 10,000 miles, just inception costs ($850). The best deal I've gotten is $430/mo. including taxes. I believe that the MSRP for the car is $40,836. Can anyone tell me if I should be able to do better? Thanks in advance.
  • I'm looking at the MSRP and Invoice pricing listed on Edmunds / Costco vs the Lexus website and the Lexus website MSRP is lower than the listed prices. Did they lower it recently? It's hard for me to judge the real invoice price of the 09 RX350 without correct info.
  • Interesting, different MSRP from different websites? If Lexus website is lower, than Edmunds should update or vice versa.
  • Hi Leaser310 the price you got ia AWD or FWD? Many thanks.
  • Hi, Kimurat. That price is for an AWD. BTW, just closed a lease deal with them -- 2736 out the door(including first month's payment) 15K for $460/month.

    I know that's a good price, but I would not recommend the dealership. Caught them lying on money factor (I had already checked online and with another Lexus dealership) and when I told them, they tried to convince me I was wrong. I had to call another dealership on the speaker phone for them to lower the money factor.

    It took 3 1/2 hours to get out of there with a deal, and I ended up adding back $500 on the 38000 purchase price. I'm never buying the car out of lease, at least not with this kind of treatment. At first I thought it was only my salesman, but I caught the delivery manager lying about when I could pick up the car I wanted because he was trying to sell me a car he already had prepped.

    They're agressive about beating another dealer's price, I'll give them that. But they're dishonest(are ANY of these dealerships honest???), and I wouldn't get a car from them again.

    Good luck.

  • I purchased a '09 RX with the same package as mentioned for $40K (incl Tax Title) in Houston.. I am not sure if I got a good deal...
  • Where did you buy a car in Houston? and how much did pay for the car incl tax TTL ?
  • I paid drive out price: $40000.
  • What package did you get? and what dealer did you buy from?
  • Thanks leaser310! enjoy the ride!
  • I got an offer for $39,909 out the door for an RX350 with premium plus pkg and navi system. I'm trying to get another dealer to beat that price. This is the first offer that the dealer gave me. Shouldn't I be able to negotiate a better price?
  • I got the NV + Premium plus + TO + WL + C1.. What did you get ?
  • Which city/state did you get this offer, I think it is a great one.
  • That is a great price. I thought mine couldnt get beat. I got 40,223 OTD in Mission Viejo.

    Where did you get the offer??

    Also try to get the 0.9% financing.
  • 4joy4joy,

    We actually didnt purchse yet. It is on the boat and will be here in two weeks.

    We got the price from Mission Viejo, CA.

    There was another posting that someone got it lower to 39,909. I replied to where they got that price.
  • I got the offer at Rockville, MD but now Lindsay at Alexandria, VA is now trying to match it since it's right across the street from my house. I"m still holding out though because the Chantilly, VA dealer is saying they have an agreement with Costco(i'm a costco member) and I'll be "wowed" by their offer. I'm going to see them tomorrow to see if they can beat that offer.
  • adw6adw6 Posts: 2
    I currently have a 2004 IS300 and am looking at an RX350. I test drove one this weekend and was surprised that it didn't have smart key access available. I'm curious as to why multiple Toyota lines (i.e. Highlander, Camry, Prius, etc) have this feature and most Lexus models do not. Does anyone know if the 2010 Lexus' will have smart key access? Seems odd that you would lose features moving up from Toyota to Lexus.
  • Rx 350 FWD Premium Plus w/ Nav $36,700 + TTL.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing the final selling price? I am also here in the Bay Area. Will you please let me know which dealer you received the quote from and also, did you use the internet pricing to negotiate with? thank you.
  • We recently leased a 2009 RX350. Here is a great way to reduce your monthly payment. I know Lexus accepts it along with some other companies.

    Give the dealer a Refundable security deposit. We were able to reduce our monthly payment by $50 per month by giving the dealer a refundable security deposit equal to nine monthly payments that I will have refunded to me at the end of the the lease.
  • Refundable deposit idea.
    Great to know. Saving is $600 per year and for 3 years equals to $1800. That is excellent investment. Does it work for all Lexus's lease?
  • hi i'm from queens, ny. i'm looking for a rx350 awd with navi and premium plus package. dealer told me the invoice is 41347 and minus the 2500 they got the lowest he can give me is 38847... any thoughts?

    does anyone thinks that lexus won't give anymore incentives after the dec. to remember promotion? if miss this time probably need to wait till the 2010 comes out right?
  • We just purchased a 2009 RX350, FWD, NAV that includes the Premium Pkg. We were OTD at $40,000 which means we paid 36,565.09 for the vehicle. We put $10,000 down (put $5,000 on charge card for flyer miles...of course will pay it off before any interest) and financed at .9%....three years financing for $413.88...we are happy with our purchase. We purchased from DCH Lexus of Oxnard, CA...the internet department and I can say the whole experience was very positive. I highly recommend them.
  • I’m looking to buy 09 RX350 AWD with PPP, NAV and heated seats in NY/NJ area. What would be the best OTD price at this time? I plan to pickup the car within a week.

  • Just bought my 09 RX360 AWD with Navi/Premium Plus and heated seats last night OTD for $39,300. I got it in Chantilly, VA.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    What is the price before tax, title & license?
    Do you know the MSRP for your car?

    Tax rate is different in each state.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    According to the pictures, the RX350 2010 will have the Smart
    Key Access.
    I believe only the Lexus SUV models don't have this feature.
    Other models already have it in 2007.
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