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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Engine Problems



  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    They did take responsibility for the problem. They gave everybody 100K on the problem and since most people only drive 12K or less you are talking about 8 years which is the life of a vehicle so to speak. Yes the person who drives ungodly miles a year could get screwed so to speak but just think of those out there that also got their engine repaired that may not even have had that certain problem but the bottom line is you still dropped the ball by not going to the dealer in a reasonable amount of time. I have found GM steps up to the plate on problems like these a lot better than most any other auto company. Look how long Ford put off fixing the cruise control problem. I also hang out on some of the Toyota forums as I have a friend that thinks they are the best out there even though he has had many GM vehicles in the past and never had a problem with any of them. You should see how they whine over there and all Toyota tells them is thats the way it was designed or it runs as it is supposed to or how the people on their big truck had to raise so much h e - - in order to get Toyota to buy back their trucks because the frames were rusting making them dangerous or how the government forced them to fix the problem of them hesitating when stepping on the gas and a couple of people were killed. The little truck people have the same rust problem and they don't want to do anything about it. Honda is the same, they came out a couple years ago with a Accord hybrid and no one would buy it as it was a piece of cra- so they discontinued it. I could go on and on but like I said above the bottom line is you waited to long and now you gotta pay. You could take it to someone else instead of Chevy and get it fixed a whole lot cheaper as this fix isn't rocket science and don't need fancy computer stuff to fix it.
  • "jweebo", GM sent the letter to all "original owners" back in August of 2007. That is when I received mine. As I previously mentioned, somebody has already posted a copy of it in one of the Canyon/Colorado discussions here on this site. I believe it was about a year ago, so if you look back, you should be able to find it.
  • With respect to GM's "additional warranty" on the Canyon/Colorado cylinder head, I too, am in a position to "get screwed" because I have the opposite problem....I don't put a lot of miles on my truck, so the 7 years will expire LONG before I ever reach 100,000 miles.

    My truck is primarily a winter vehicle for me, and as such, I wasn't putting a lot of miles on it to begin with. However, I retired last year, and instead of driving it 50 miles a day, back and forth to work, I probably now drive it 50 miles a week.

    My truck was 4 years old last month, and just turned 26,000 miles. It may get another 4-5000 miles before it hits the 7 year mark....What warranty then?????
  • It was "cold" only in that most people have a hard time accepting reality, these days, and want a little "schmoozing" before you hit them between the eyes with the truth....

  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I understand your problem but they have to draw the line somewhere and I believe that is a fair number. Someone always gets screwed and someone always comes out the winner. Considering the amount of people here on these sites there haven't been very many with the problem so your chances of it happening to you are slim. Put $10 a week into the bank for the next 3 years or until you get rid of it and you will either have money to pay for the repair or a nice extra downpayment on your next GM truck.
  • My 2004 colorado crew cab LS has 41,000 miles and has been well serviced.Last week it just died out of the blue in the middle of the street.Message center read,REDUCED POWER than TRACTION FAULT. also engine warning light. Battery is brand new. Truck would not even click when i tried to restart.After 5 mins it starts back up. Keeps happening off and on. Replaced relays,no help.Truck now boggs out if you try to rev it. Any ideas???
  • I own a 06 chevy colorado with about 54,000 miles and for last 6 months, I have had a misfire in the cylinders, I have taken it to dealerships and paid a whole lots of money and they can not figure out the problems. I have had cam sensors, cam actuator, fuel injectors, coils, the entire head replaced and it still continues to misfire. GM is not helping at all to try helping so I was hoping someone may have some advice for me. Everytime I take to dealerships, I pay and the same thing happens a week later, which means I am running on 1 less cylinder everytime this happens, it's getting very costly to keep trial and error.
  • I have had my 06 colorado in dealership over 9 times in 5 moths for misfire issues. I have replaced so far multiple cam sensors, cam actuator, 2 ignition coils, complete head on engine, 2 fuel injectors and some others, and nothing has fixed it. I have been in contact with GM and they have been of no help, wondering if you have any advice for me as I am getting frusterated and its getting costly. And it still is not fixed.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    When I have something fixed and dealer says it is fixed and I bring it back for more repairs due to their lack of skill I explain I have already paid and been told this if fixed and expect NO MORE bills. Talke to the owner of the dealer. you may even want to resort to picketing the dealership as a last resort. Complain you your local paper if they have editorial page. Think out of the box. Remember the last thing the dealership wants is been PR. Even more so now with cars not selling. Lay it out on the line to them explaining what you are going to do IF they can't fix it without more of your money.
  • Check your pollution control module, most have defects also GM has different programing for the Brain.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Check out your state lemon laws. You may have some recourse under the "lemon laws." Also check out a good consumer advocate type of attorney. A threat of a lawsuit will certainly get their attention. Good luck.
  • "Colorado", you state your truck is an '06. Isn't it still under warranty? If not right at this monent, was it under warranty 5 months ago, when the problems started?

    If the problem started months go, and the vehicle was under warranty at that time, then it's still up to the dealer/GM to cover the costs, until that truck is "right".....
  • I bought the truck in January 2006 brand new, so I've owned it for 3 yrs, it is out of warranty now. I looked into Lemon Law and it states that you must have taken truck in over 3 times within 2 yrs of purchase, so I'm kind of "screwed" there. I spoke with GM yesterday and finally with a supervisor there and they said they could do nothing to help, which figures. My truck is still at dealership today, they replaced ANOTHER coil and said it's ready to be picked up however, I just put a coil on 2 weeks ago, so I know it is not a permanent fix. I am now looking at trading it in for either a Toyota or Ford. Have any thoughts as to a Toyota vs. Ford?
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Sorry to hear of your misfortune. Your only recourse may be a lawsuit which will take time and may not result in any gain if GM files for bankruptcy. As for the Ford or Toyota, I assuume you mean the Ranger or Tacoma. The Ranger is an older design and probably is cheaper to buy than a similarly equipped Tacoma. It depends on the type of truck and features that you want. Good luck.
  • mxer2mxer2 Posts: 2
    So I just bought a 04 Colorado 3.5L on 1/17/09 w/ 80,000 miles on it..When I test drove it everything seemed to work fine. I rarely drive the truck cause I have a car that I use for work. 3 weeks into owning it, the truck would do the typical "shake at idle and significant loss of power" and check engine light came on. Took it in and a cyclinder was misfiring. They replaced all spark plugs and worked fine. Now it's been 3 weeks since it was last in and the check engine light came on again. Took it in and was told the o2 sensor is out. I didn't have them replace it because they wanted to charge me 260 dollars and figure I can do it for 50. I just picked the truck up today, drove it to my office and the light is no longer on. It seems that it's the same story just different person. I bought it from the Ford dealership w/ extended warranty and have been taking it to them for the problems w/ some bitching of course. I am wondering if I should be taking it to the GM dealership instead. Just seems that I have a little more pull w/ the Ford guys cause I just bought it from them. Any thoughts. Also, with the lemon law, does the issue have to be the exact same 3 times or can it be of similar and/or related issues?

    Also, does that dealership HAVE to be the one that replaces the parts, or can I do them myself when and if it comes down to the lemon law?
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    You may have the first signs of the infamous cylinder head problem. Check out some of the other messages under this discussion. GM has a 7 year 100,000 mile extended warranty for this problem. (I believe it's 7 years but it could be 5.) I would take the vehicle to a GM dealership and have them examine it. You probably want to do it sooner rather than later because GM is not in very good shape financially. Good luck.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Lemon law issues must be handled by the dealer, as they act as the manufacturer's agent for repairs. Dealership service records meet the documentation requirements of lemon law regulations.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • i just took my 04 colorado in with 61000 miles and the check engine light was not on at the time, they were still able to read the code, and they have replaced the head at no charge, it was only in the shop for 2 days.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Stay with an American company. We need to support our own country not Japan.
  • bboehmerbboehmer Posts: 1
    Thanks to longrunner1 for the details about cleaning the throttle body. My 2005 Colorado (55K miles) developed the same check engine code & a noticable low idle speed. I followed the cleaning advice & the problem is solved! Not hard to clean, but a little awkward to hold the plate out of the way & do a thorough job. Surprising amount of dark-brown deposit in there - I guess from the oil vapors.
  • For anybody having problems with check engines lights and misfires. I just replaced 2 different ignition coils and so far that has fixed the ongoing problems I have been having. Its been running ok with better gas milage for last 2 weeks.
  • just bought acolorado 2.8 engine is very noisy when started after a minute or so it quiets down some any ideas?
  • tvukelictvukelic Posts: 2
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I was hoping to get an answer to a question and maybe some advice. Does anyone know if GM is covering 06 colorados\canyons in canada with this head/valve problem I'm reading about? My wife really likes these trucks and up until I read some of the forum discussions we were actively trying to find an 06 crewcab. They go for around $21,000 can. w/ 35- 60 thousand kilometers on them, whats kind of scary is that there are alot of them on the lots in and around my area, could be because they are just coming off lease since they are 06 or.... maybe there are other reasons? Nobody seems to be aware of the head issues that I have mentioned it too (dealer salestaff). I have been trying to steer her towards an Avalanche or Silverado but shes only 5 ft tall and doesn't seem to feel comfortable in a fullsize pickup,I like the interiors in these a whole lot better but this gas mileage is miserable, we are currently paying $4.09/Gal for gas so this becomes a real deciding factor for us. Any input will be appreciated !
  • briguy7briguy7 Posts: 6
    If I were you , buy a different truck. These trucks are constant problems. Engine head defects, Wiring defects, ABS defects etc. This is ISUZU not GM and frankly it is garbage. Save yourself, get something else!!!!!! Take it from me my crew cab LS is a 2004 with only 42,000 miles on it. I dont trust it and they will leave you broke down on the roadside.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I also agree that you should stay away from these trucks. If you want to buy a used GM crew cab compact truck, you may be able to find a low mileage 2004 S10/Sonoma crew cab. 2004 was the last year for these trucks. These trucks had some problems (e.g.wheel bearings) but GM's 4.3 V6 is a good engine. Good luck.
  • I also have 06 colorado and I have had ongoing engine problems in which nobody could diagnose correctly so over $3000 later they replaced 2 ignition coils and it has been running ok since, but I did have the complete head replaced which was covered under a Recall. But my advice would be to have your wife look at a silverado, I am also 5ft tall and have drove them and they are very comfortable and better with gas mileage, the colorado gas mileage is horrible and taking to GM about the engines is like talking to a wall with no help with them at all and the colorados are well-known for engine problems. In fact, I am in process of hoping to trade my colorado in for a silverado. I hope this helps you. Good Luck.
  • skysteveskysteve Posts: 5
    GM sent me a letter, re the head, it should be under warranty
  • jeffschmjeffschm Posts: 1
    I have a problem with mine as well well it idles rough, it surges wile driving like it is missing, then you start driving at about 55-60mph and it downshifts and the message center says reduce power engine over rev and it goes into limp mode. I called the dealership and ask them about it and they told me there was a service bulliten out why I never got a letter about it and then he asked well how many miles do you have on it. I said 118000 he said that he could not help me. So I am screwed all they would of had to do was send out a letter saying this was a problem my truck has been doing this for a little while and I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with it. I know I have alot of miles but damn if you make something that is defective fix it.
  • tvukelictvukelic Posts: 2
    Hi all, I know what you've all said so far but the wife really likes these trucks. Are you all having any problems with the 07's as well? Minor stuff is o.k. I'm more concerned with the big stuff. Let me know and just so you know, its appreciated!
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