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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • This didn't work on my 2005 ES, any other ideas? Thanks
  • I guess I should have read the owners manual first. The trick is to turn the ignition to ACC or Lock postion then while depressing the reset button turn the key to the "on" position...
  • After some prompting, I easily moved the "electronics" from the old key housing to the new key housing. I'm now a totally satisfied customer and recommend Frank's Locksmith to those with broken Lexus keys.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    The Lexus ES is not being discontinued. In fact, an all-new redesigned ES 350 will be in dealers around April. Also, it has not been dropped in other countries - the car (known elsewhere as the Windom) was never sold in places like Europe. It was only offered in Japan and a few other countries and as far as I know the redesigned version will appear in those places as well (the Windom name may be dropped now that Lexus is a global brand).

    That said, the ES is the only Lexus car that shares its platform with a Toyota vehicle (the Camry), so in that regard it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the lineup.

    While Lexus is mostly a RWD company, Toyota for the most part will stay FWD as that is their bread-and-butter - cars like the Camry, Avalon and Corolla. Those vehicles will not be switched to RWD.
  • ajagajag Posts: 4
    Expect the most wonderful riding car. Just got the black diamond and it is fabulous. Loving every minute behind the wheel. 28 mpg hwy. Just a joy to drive.
  • ajagajag Posts: 4
    Who cares. The ES is just a wonderful car and it is a pleasure to be cruising in it. Enjoy life and buy the car. Loving the interior and the delight of a comfortable ride.
  • My 2005 ES 330 with 7600 miles is starting to fall apart! We use the sunshade in our ES quite a bit because our 8-year-old son rides in the back, and it makes the back seat more comfortable for him. For the past few months I have noticed a white nylon "cord" sticking out of the top of the sun shade on the passenger side. When the shade went up and down, the cord scraped against the rear window defroster glued to the inside of the rear window. Then I noticed on the driver side of the shade it was sagging, and no longer taut when it was up. So I assumed the cord probably anchors the shade material to the frame. Anyway, I took it in to Lexus for servicing, and they determined it has to be replaced (under warranty). So now I am "waiting for parts"!! The service writer said he had "never seen this problem before", but I am skeptical every time I hear a comment like that... The sun shade looks kind of flimsy to me.
    Has anyone else had any problems with their sun shade??
  • When we bought our 2005 ES330 in April, 2005, one of the attractions was the "Free Loaner" program. Well, it turns out the loaner car is not quite "free". Apparently since June of 2004, our local Lexus dealer charges for gas for the loaners. Their quote is, "The loaner is free, but the gas is not". I am not going to complain about a few bucks for gas, but I wonder if this policy is common among Lexus dealers, and if so, then why does Lexus continue to advertise "free loaners" when they are not free.
    So my question is, when you take your Lexus in for service, and you get a "free loaner", do you have to pay for gas or any other fees???
    Thanks for letting me vent....
  • I don't bring my 2001 ES to the dealer anymore. But when I did, the loaner was provided for free, no charge for gas. The gas tank was always about a quarter or less filled. So when I returned the car, I always put a gallon or two as a courtesy because I didn't want to return it with the empty warning light on. (Come to think of it, the last dealer trip was about two years ago. So it may have changed since. Must have something to do with increased price of gas during the last couple of years.)
  • I have the same rattle in the sunroof....have had it to the dealer and they claimed to have fixed it...but its back again...have other rattles they can't fix also the pass side door has a annoying rattle which they have tried to fix twice...and new this week is a horrible rattle from the instrument cluster. Add this to the master cylinder failing at 1030 miles, the hesitation problem and paint that chips and flakes like cheap nail polish and you get an unhappy customer. I fill out customer surveys from Lexus but no one ever contacts me. I expected more....however it is very comfortable and effortless to drive
  • Just bought one (loaner with 4,700 miles) this week. Beautiful interior for sure. Very nice.

    After we bought it, I did the slow down (to near complete stop), gave quick gas, stop, quick gas, etc.

    I felt very slight delay but not enought to call it a hesitation.

    Is this mean,

    1. I didn't test it right or

    2. Our car is okay? Do all 2005 ES330s have the hesitation problem (engine or drive by wire design flaw)?

  • Just bought one (loaner with 4,700 miles) this week. Beautiful interior for sure. Very nice.

    After we bought it, I did the slow down (to near complete stop), gave quick gas, stop, quick gas, etc.

    I felt very slight delay but not enought to call it a hesitation. Is this mean,

    1. I didn't test it right or

    2. Our car is okay? Do all 2005 ES330s have the hesitation problem (engine or drive by wire design flaw)?

  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Due to the seemingly complete randomness of which Toyota or Lexus vehicles do have the hesitation vs those that don't I have come to suspect that it is the result of manufacturing anomalies.

    NipponDenso, Denso US' engine management systems, which most asian manufacturers use including Toyota/Lexus, apparently has adopted a lean burn, lean combustion technique to further enhance fuel economy and lower emissions.

    I have begun to suspect that vehicles slightly nore subject to engine knocking/pinging, even in just one cylinder, in the lean burn mode are the ones most readily exhibiting the engine/throttle hesitation symptom.

    If that is truly the case then almost any engine can begin to exhibit the symptom somewhere in its life cycle.

    That would also fully explain why Toyota/Lexus' recommended solution is to switch to premium fuels and that some owners are now on record saying that solution does seem to help.
  • x021627x021627 Posts: 152
    I have noticed better performance using mid grade fuel.
  • Hi,
    Planning to lease a lexus ES 330 end of feb in NJ. Want
    - Navigation System, Mark Levinson Audio
    - 17" all weather tires
    - Heated & Ventilated Seats, High Intensity Headlights
    - interior/ext color does not matter

    Wanted to put down as little as possible.
    Will return car at the end of lease.
    Any suggestions on what a decent monthly lease payment should be?
    Thanks in advance - Sanjay
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You should also ask in this discussion: Lexus ES 330: Lease Questions.

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  • I have a 2005 ES330 that shows the hesitation problem....I had always used premium Chevron fuel from day one. I switched to regular 87 grade when the station was out of premium and noticed a remarkable decrease in the hesitation. You have any explanation for this? The car is slightly less powerful but the transmission seems to be better able to handle the output of the engine with 87 octane. I switched back to 91 octane for a tankful and after a few days the drastic hestation was back.
  • I'm a pessimist. Okay, got that out of the way. We needed a new wheel. Wife wanted the RX330. Our plan was lay low with less expensive car and get her RX330 in 3 years.

    Shopped around, nothing really stands out below $20K. Saw Civic, Accord, Camry, then pushed up to V6 Camry then got mesmerized by used ES300 which led us to the Lexus dealer.

    Bought a 2005 ES330 loaner car and saved quite a bit of $$$. Very nice (wood interior upgraded) car indeed. Interior, all I can say is every button is in a perfect location. Sorry V6 Camry XLE, ES330 is much nicer.

    Wife happy. Asked her about RX330, she said she's okay with ES330 for the next 5 years (she is so frugal . . ha ha).

    Should I've gotten the RX330? Anyone out there thought about the RX330 and got the ES330 instead? Or am I the only one?

  • Hi,
    planning to lease a 2006 ES330, live in NJ & not very comfortable driving in snow...what kind of tires do you folks recommend (make, model ??)....looking for all-weather tires so I do not have to switch during summer. Thanks - Sanjay
  • madhurianilmadhurianil Louisville,KYPosts: 4
    Hi Folks,
    I was quoted as $33,999 for 2006,ES330 !FULLY LOADED.I'm in South florida.

    "I have an excellent selection of new 2006 ES 330s of various colors and options packages for you to choose from.

    The Navigation/Levinson Package 2006 ES 330 features the perforated leather interior with ventilated and cooled seats, power moonroof, HID headlights, vehicle stability control, wood and leather steering wheel and shift knob, adjustable pedals, power rear sunshade, six- disc CD auto-changer, 17" wheel and tire package, and carpet floor mats.
    The preferred accessories package (trunk mat, wheel locks, and a cargo net) is also included.

    I am offering the new 2006 Navigation/Levinson Package ES 330 to you at a special Internet Price of only
    $33999.00!Of course, this price does not include sales tax, tag, and dealer's fees."
    Please advice,
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I'm glad to see you also posted in our Prices Paid discussion and some folks are helping you out there. Since that's the right place for the conversation, let's ask anyone who wants to respond to follow this link: madhurianil, "Lexus ES 300/ES 330: Prices Paid & Buying Experience" #1079, 10 Oct 2005 7:27 am.

    Good luck - let us know how it goes!
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    I posted the below message on another board but it may be more appropiate on this one as well....

    I just have a quick question for anyone that may have a spare moment to respond....
    I am thinking about buying a 06 ES330 and was wondering what the overall driving experiences people have had with this car....I have read some of the consumer reviews.....and most seem positive.....but my question would be as such...
    Does the car have enough power to let's say merge on the highway?...pass on the highway? (quickly when the need arises).....does it do well while driving in snow country? (i.e. midwest)...and just the overall there any rattles in the interior?....allot of road noise? it the true luxury experience? We don't need a sports car that can go from 0-60 in 4 seconds....and we don't really want a car that is marketed towards the retirement age people (please, no disrespect intended to anyone).....the ES330 is in our price range and seems like it may fit the bill....but by asking current owners we can get a feel of what everyones we know in the end it is our decision....and it is either you like it or you don't....but any input would be much appreciated.....
  • pilot130pilot130 Posts: 319
    We don't own one but had the opportunity to use my brother in law's 06 ES330 for a three week period earlier this month (He was on an extended vacation trip and left it with us). It's an "all dressed" model with every conceivable option.
    Our experience was extremely positive. We found nothing of any concern and the overall driving experience was excellent for both city and highway conditions. the only thing we didn't use was the nav system so we cannot comment there.(didn't really need it)
    It rode well; handled well; was very quiet with no rattles or noticeable wind or road noise; accelleration was more than adequate; and it seemed not to notice the occasional time when there were 4 heavy duty adults aboard.
    It handled fine in the two really big snowfalls we've had so far this year; there seems to be more than adequate passing response on the highway; and we were pleasantly surprised at the very good fuel economy of this vehicle.
    Overall it was a very pleasant automobile to drive in--as good as any we've experienced. There was no doubt this is a luxury vehicle and we wouldn't hesitate to own one.
    One note of caution. Your inquiry will no doubt elicit a few negatives.
    One of those may talk to the hesitation issue which has been kicked around to a degree by some folks.
    There seems to be a concerted effort by a few outspoken individuals to have it declared a widespread epidemic, a serious safety hazard, severe when it occurs, affects many models of Lexus and Toyota, etc--generally a very damning criticism of this automaker.
    We would suggest caution in letting any such condemnations influence a purchase decision. Take one for a long test drive and decide for yourself.
    We didn't notice anything of the sort. In our opinion, the condemnations have been mostly overhyped, and some almost seemed intentional propaganda.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Thanks for telling us about your experience. I am also considering the ES330. I wanted to ask you about the fuel economy which you stated "we were pleasantly surprised at the very good fuel economy". Could you explain further? Thanks
  • pilot130pilot130 Posts: 319
    Happy to respond.
    Mainly highway miles while we had it, and it averaged between 7.5 and 8 Litres per 100 Kilometers on regular 87 octane fuel.(roughly 32/34 miles per Imperial gallon). Speeds were averaging 100 to 110 Kilometers per Hour.(roughly 60/65 MPH). This was a non stop Autoroute--approx. 300 kilometers on Highway 401 between Windsor and Toronto--pretty much flat the whole way.
    In terms of your smaller US gallon, I would guess what we experienced would translate to around 26/28 MPG for you.
    This mileage is about the same as our Avalon, but MUCH better than our Silverado.(5.3 Litre V8-- it gets about 20 MPG for the same route!!).
    We are currently paying about $1.00 per litre (about $4.50 Cdn. per gallon) for gas here in Ontario, so good mileage is bloody important!!
  • morehpmorehp Posts: 30
    My parents have had an 04 ES330 for a year and a half with approx 20,000 miles on it now. I drive the car frequently.

    Our overall experience with the car has been very positive. There have been no significant problems with the car.

    In response to your specific questions, I think that if you are not looking for a sports car you will be very satisfied with the acceleration. It is surprisingly strong around town (will easily smoke the tires on dry pavement with the traction control off) and more than adequate passing/merging on the highway, even with A/C on and a full load. Acceleration does weaken around 90-100 mph, but if that bothers you then you are looking at the wrong car!

    It does pretty well in Midwest snow. I'm not a fan of the Michelin Energy MXV4 tires in snow and ice, so if you get a lot of snow I'd suggest winter tires. For Chicago it's OK on the all seasons. The vehicle skid control is good to have in case you get into trouble.

    The ride is as good as you'll find short of a high end Lexus or Merc. I think you'd have to spend a lot more to improve on this aspect of the car. Road noise is minimal. The dealer fixed a slightly loose passenger seatbelt adjuster... other than that no rattles even over the worst stuff.

    As far as the "true lux" experience, clearly there are compromises at this price point. The ES330 is not as roomy, powerful or solid as any given $60K+ BMW, MB or Lexus. It lacks certain high end features like power/heated/cooled rear seats, keyless ignition etc. and even some not-so-high-end stuff like a telescoping steering wheel. OTOH the interior materials are the equal of almost anything on the market and at no time have we felt deprived for comfort.

    In summary I'd strongly recommend the car... there is no higher quality vehicle for the price. It is particularly appropriate for those who value comfort and refinement over performance and handling.

    Keep in mind a new ES350 will likely be coming out in the spring. Good luck!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    First, if you, by pure happenstance, have not driven a FWD or front torque biased AWD in adverse roadbed conditions then you may be in for a totally new driving experience.

    On a slippery roadbed a FWD vehicle will often exhibit the very same hazards as does a 4WD vehicle. Both will have substantially more roadbed traction relative to RWD for getting going, but once you lose traction with the roadbed what you need most is a vehicle with directional control.

    That's the point wherein you might wish for RWD.

    You may notice that many new 4WD (4runner) and/or AWD (Lexus IS & GS) systems dynamically reallocate engine torque to the rear if the yaw sensor detects that directional control is suddenly of paramount importance.

    And finally, no one has stated that the Toyota/Lexus 5-speed transaxle (FWD) engine/throttle hesitation symptom is widespread. In point of act the inverse may well be closer to the mark.

    It is well known, even from it's initial "public" disclosure via TSB in early 2003, that the experience is totally random, some cars subject to it and some not. But those who have experienced the problem relate it as being a harrowing, potentially hazardous experience.

    Personally I will not be in the market to trade up to a new RX3x0 until this problem has been successfully addressed.
  • hylynerhylyner Posts: 216
    With respect for your extensive knowledge of FWD systems Wwest, this request was for actual driving experiences with the ES330.
    It is my understanding you don't own one or have ever driven one. I certainly don't have any experience with it and I don't feel qualified to say anything about driving experience with the model one way or the other. I do think it's a nice looking automobile though.
    A couple of other observations if I may. The TSB you refer to was issued early in 03. That's almost 3 years ago. I wonder how many times it actually was used--not a great many is my guess, based on the low number of claims we've seen here. As you say, the issue doesn't appear to be widespread. No doubt there have been a number of TSB revisions since 03, and most reports now seem to indicate it's been succesful. Not very many reports of hesitation have appeared recently, and no 06 models that I know of, so perhaps it's no longer even an issue. I think you're probably safe in buying that new RX3x0 by now!! ;)
    The forum about it was closed because it was essentially the same bunch rehashing things over and over again. Edmunds finally killed their forum when some of that clique got offensive toward anyone who appeared as a threat to their way of thinking. It's still there archived for anyone wanting to take a look. I don't believe the experiences hashed about in that forum were indicative of the majority of owner experience by any means.
  • My 2005 ES 330 is a true luxury cruiser !
    I chose this over the TL due to the quiet
    smooth ride quality and would make the same
    decision again. Answers to your questions below

    Does the car have enough power to let's say merge on the highway?
    More than enough
    pass on the highway? (quickly when the need arises).....
    they will disappear in your rear view !
    does it do well while driving in snow country?
    Yes very good snow mobile
    (i.e. midwest)...and just the overall there any rattles in the interior?....allot of road noise? it the true luxury experience?
    Quietest smoothest auto I ever owned
  • hylynerhylyner Posts: 216
    In response to your statement: "no one has stated that the Toyota/Lexus 5-speed transaxle (FWD) engine/throttle hesitation symptom is widespread"...............
    I'm afraid you're wrong there. If you look thru the archived "Engine Hesitation All Makes and Models" forum, there are dozens and dozens of claims to that effect, mostly by the same few posters.
    Here are several examples of what I'm seeing there:......

    Quote: "I agree with your assessment, particularly that all the subject cars have the problem"
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