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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Paying $26517 for le w/cloth and le pkg. #2...Price is out the door...incl.6% slstax transfer of plates all dealer fees AND almost forgot......floor mats..........west cost fl.
  • Just received an e-mail from the a dealer in Maryland:

    "All remaining 2004 in-stock Sienna Vans will be sold AT INVOICE! This is a
    limited time offer, and will absolutely end at 9pm on Thursday the 30th of
    September! We still have 30 to choose from, and they won't last at these
    giveaway prices! This is a special internet offer, so you must contact our
    internet department only for this price.
    Antwerpen Toyota
  • The difference is the TDA, a fee charged to the dealership by toyota to cover advertising and marketing. I think you can find the figure on
  • What dealer in Maryland? I'm dealing with a couple down there and this would be good leverage as they have me $500 above at best.
  • Message indicated Antwerpen Toyota in Clarksville, MD . I visited the website and there is no mention of the invoice price sale.
  • kisrtie could you please delet my e-mail address i don't know how to do it..Thank You
      I'm sorry i did it....

  • tjrrtjrr Posts: 23
    I called the dealership, and they did confirm the sale, and quoted me a price over the telephone. I do not know what doc fees etc they might charge. Because I am in Georgia, it is not a viable option for me.
  • Antwerpen Toyota in Clarksville, MD
  • I got the e-mail from their internet sale manager. I could not post his name here.
  • Any one have the dealers name from davi's california? could you please post it....

    I'm in south california,,they asking to much for the sienna AWD with HO package....I reed the toyota of davis calironia have a good price...
    I'm crazy I will be flying any where in the US to get it if the price is right.

    Thank You
  • Just purchased a
    04 XLE limited + HF package (#5)
    ,rear spoiler at $34300 + tax

    Does this sound a good deal ?
  • No is no good price, why you don't got 2005?
     just because people paying what they ask , that is the reason all the car going up.

    Now you have your toyota sienna enjoy,,but the price is no right
  • Hello all,
    I was quoted $29,000 plus tax, title, tags for a 2005 XLE with option package #3 and floor mats. TMV is 30,454. I offered the dealer $28,750 but he wouldn't take it (just playing their games). I will go back tomorrow to find out what the mileage is on the van (it's from another dealer) and will agree to the $29,000 if he still doesn't come down. Is this a good price? I feel it is a fair price for both myself and the dealer. I would appreciate any insight into this. Thanks.

    Jet Noise
  • give him $28,500 if have some milles tell him no..get the 2005 for $ 30,000 one year better....don't give more ,,,they can stay with the van and see what they going to do with it..

    I'm looking 2005 AWD with HO package,,,so far they want $ 1500 over invoice, I will pay less ,,then Toyota will undrstand they can no think the every one is rich.
    I was looking the new Honda they want $39,000.00 plus $ 5000 over the msrp...I will never own Honda. Any one know wherei can get the siena for around $38,500?
  • Dear Soyyo1,

    I have been given quotes by several different Texas Toyota dealers in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio areas for $l500 over invoice for my preferred 2005 XLE Ltd Sienna--they know I am looking for EXL Ltd. probably with DVD and maybe NAV, too. This $1500 over invoice seems to be the best price I've seen so far--but it is early in the game.
    What part of the country are you in? I don't think I need AWD in my part of Texas, so I want XLE Ltd, probably w/ HO package. If you find less than $1500 over invoice on 2005 (and without any worthless port added stuff like they always try to do in Gulf States), I would be very much obliged if you'd tell me.
    And, how do you plan to pay less than that $1500 ivoice mark up? Just wait them out? Thanks for any ideas.
  • Mr.QD
    I'm in south California, I got one for $500 over invoice in davis california,,but the color blue is ugly. The reason i like awd is because i travel to Boston, in xmas time, I have a 4 runner but to small kids,,,so will be much better with the van,,,,I have had the nissan Quest ,best looking van but so much problem the they give me my morney back,,so I will pay cash for my van....Here south they asking $2000 for the awd $ 1200 if you don't want the awd,,,They say awd is to disficult to get. So they charge more,..

    Don't pay $1500 I think is alot.....

    Good luck to you.

    Oh a pay $300 over the invoice for my 4runner in Boston,,,but they don't have the van yet,,so I way and see what is going on with the sienna
  • Thanks a lot. By the way, I like your forum name.
    Are you saying that $1200 over invoice is a price for which I should aim on the XLE Ltd. w/ HO as an option?
    Thanks again!
  • Soyyo,
    thanks for the reply.
    Could you give me a price that you think reasonable.
    Since I haven't yet picked up the car,
    just paid a deposit to hold the car,
    I still have the chance to negotiate
    when I pick up the car.

  • soyyo1soyyo1 Posts: 18
    Sorry but after you give deposit the car is your.

    I did it today I have the sienna awd with ho package, for $40,053.75 after taxes in $130.00
    paper work....includes little xtras gadges the i have then right for me before i give a penni.
    I know I need to go to Boston to get it but in california they ask $42,300.00 plus tax the ship one,,in no little gadge...So you guy they need to sale and we need to buy but we can be ok if we don't get it..they need to make a living so don't give up.

    and always shop to the end of the month,,remember is when they need to make more money

    'good luck to all..Thank You very much edmunds,,,I don't think I will get all without looking first here

    Soyyo= is me
  • Thanks so much to all the buyers who shared their experience. With the help of the information I got from this forum, I was able to order a 2005 LE8 with FE, BW, CF with $26319, which is $500 over the dealer invoice, plus $99 documentation fee and some registration fee to be paid at pickup. I was told the car will be available in about 3 weeks. The dealer is Parkway toyota in Englewood Cliffs, NJ.
  • jhxyzjhxyz Posts: 9

    Any idea on pricing for a LE 2004 with Pkg7 in Long Island New York area?

    Thanks in advance!

  • hpanhpan Posts: 61
    Where can I find the dealer holdback info?
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    Type in "holdback" in the key word search box on Edmund's TIPS & ADVICE tap. Toyota is 2% of MSRP.
  • don't know the situation in LI area. In New Jersey I was about to negotiate a 2004 LE8 with BW $200 above invoice but ordered a 2005 LE8 with $500 above invoice since the saving for 2004 is less than $500. All this happened yesterday, which is the last day of the month and appeared to have helped me a bit.
  • jhxyzjhxyz Posts: 9
    You got a great deal!
    What was your break down?
    These are the invoice prices I found from
    LE8- $22390 + BW $2364 + CF$140 + Destination$540
    = $25434 + $500Dealer markup = $25934

    How did you get $26319? Did I miss any thing?

    Thanks in advance!

  • hpanhpan Posts: 61
    The MSRP difference between XLE FWD 7-seat HU and Limited FWD HO is $1,295. What extras does the Limited have? I know the Limited has HID, laser cruise & parking sensors.

    Does the XLE has parking sensors? Is is worth the extra money to buy the Limited?
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Just a word of caution folks. The packages are not the same as they were in 2004. BW is not #7 BY is not BY. You'll see what I mean when the brochures and the website is updated.
                         ; )
  • dealer's invoice includes some other fees such as ad fee and therefore is always higher than Edmunds. Edmunds says it doesn't track these fees. I have no other independent source of the dealer invoice but it appear to be consistent among different dearlers.
  • dexdex Posts: 42
    Hi all,
    I need some help ... I was getting ready to buy the 05 Odyssey but the Pax tire system is scaring me away. It's too hard to find a tire shop to repair a damaged tire with this system.

    I live in Atlanta, GA and now want to get either the 04 or 05 XLE LTD. Please could someone give me an idea what a good price is for both and then I can decide which one to get. Also, if possible, please let me know the name of the dealer. Am I too late for the 04s ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • dexdex Posts: 42
    Sorry ... in my previous post, I just realised that when I asked for what is a good price for a 04 and 05 XLE LTD in Atlanta I neglected to mention that it's for a FWD Sienna.
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