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    Found a 99 Maxima SE, AT 30K miles for $15K. Should I buy this one or waiting for new Altima. It's said 2002 Altima will as big as Maxima. while 2003 maxima will grow up to full size. Any idea?
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    I am seriously considering purchasing a '95 GLE or SE. I know the car is fun to drive and I certainly like to styling. My question is, are there any problems with this vehicle that I should be aware of? I need a reliable, relatively inexpensive car to maintain. I'll want to keep the car well into the high 100,000 mileage range. Any input about this car is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    I noticed that Crutchfield now has a Nissan compatible CD Changer. It comes with the cable and the price was around $299.

    I use Purolater's PureOne filter (PL14620) without any complaints. I think that most Max owners will endorse the use of this filter too.
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    I've never driven the Lexus ES300, but I rode in it a couple of times. It just feels like a Toyota Camry V-6 to me, but it looks alot nicer inside and out. I've tested the Camry V-6, not as much of a passing power as the Maxima....
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    Have not gotten around to test driving the SE yet, but I did check out the ES300. It is very quiet and isolated from outside noise, bumps etc. It is fairly quick, although not much of a handler. Would make a great interstate cruiser. Best price they would do was $31800 with the Value package and wood-trimmed steering wheel. I would not say its overpriced - compare that to MB c-240 similarly equipped at around $35000 delivered - but the Lexus is definitely showing its age. Its in its 5th and last year. Wife and I talked it over, and decided to go to the Maxima and have FUN with the $7 grand left over!
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    Tried a tank of regular in my 5 sp Max 2k and thought I'd note the differences I found.

    Cruising speed -- no difference
    Around town driving: I noticed a distinct drop in the low engine speed torque and smoothness. For instance, if I let the speed drop to 15 MPH or so in 3rd gear, and then simply depressed the gas, the engine felt as though it was lugging and it was not making power -- something I don't feel on premium. If i rolled down the windows and listened when I was in a relatively quiet environment, you could momentarily hear knocking before the engine computer quieted it down in this situations. Doing the same thing on premium I heard no knocking and the engine would pull away smoothly.


    People with automatics -- you probably won't notice the difference (often) when using regular as the torque converter slips when the engine might knock, reducing the loading.

    People with a manual transmission -- you may notice a drop in low end torque and require more frequent downshifts or clutch slipping.

    In all cases: the engine sound insulation is good enough that you won't hear any knocking unless you have the windows open and a reflecting surface nearby -- or the engine computer is malfunctioning.

    Given that one test of octane is to place a test engine under load until it knocks, I'd say these findings are good.

    Personally I'll stay with premium to keep that electric motor like torque and smoothness at low speeds.
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    Thanks everyone, and for the filter to cross reference, Joe!

    I'll use the PL14620, and not the PL14612 like the parts store's latest book shows for the 2001.
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    I'm not quite sure which Lexus you're talking about. The ES300, and IS300 come to mind. Personally, the fit and finish in all Lexus cars are superior to most, including the Maxima. Ride, isolation, and smoothness are better in the ES300, and the IS300 is probably close to the Maxima. The Maxima is also quicker, gets better mileage, and handles better than the ES300, and close to the IS300's numbers. Everyone has different tastes so, it's really a personal choice. There can really be no wrong decision. Hell...if I had the money, I'd be driving the GS430

    Mdames....You should have no known trouble with the 95 maximas. Mine had well over 100k when I sold ran perfectly.

    Ny9.....Yes. Any powered sub can be easily added to the Maxima. I myself have a Kenwood powered sub in the trunk that makes a big difference yourself a favor and get one that's at least a 10" sub with an amp output about 100 watts.

    As for the CD changer, YES...ever Maxima SE is pre-wired for it, as are the GLE's....I'm not sure about the GXE's but...I'd venture to guess yes.
    Courtesy Nissan has a web site for Nissan parts that is awsome, and very reasonably priced. You'll even find the Nissan/clarion OE 6 CD changer for roughly the same price that warren mentioned. They also offer some of the parts from the SE AE for your SE (chrome sill plates, engine cover, ground effects etc) I do have all the part numbers for the sill plates if anyone's interested. And...they're only about $12 each plus shipping, and they take all major credit cards!

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    My wife wants the Camry LE V6. I want the GXE or GLE. Price is $84 dollars diff. The Camry is nice and I feel it will be dependable. I have had 3 Toyotas since '78 Celica '82 Supra and still have my '90 4Runner (still like new with 124K mi). Anyone got a lot of miles on a Maxima? I bought her a '86 300ZX in 91 and with only 39K mi I put 4 grand in repairs over 2 years. I know the resale will be slightly higher on Camry and Accord ... but Iam not buying to resale...I want dependable performance! and 150K mi trouble free. Am I dreaming?
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Again...both are great, reliable cars. I've personally seen many Nissans with well over 200k on their odometers, including Maximas. You won't find a better V6 than the Maximas VQ (Ward Auto World's "Best V6" 6 years running). The Camry will certainly get you from point A to point B for many trouble free miles. The Maxima, on the other hand, will do the same with a bit more flair, and a lot better performance.
    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, either one would be a good choice. My advice to you would be to drive both (Camry will be a smoother, somewhat quieter ride....certainly when compared to the sport oriented SE model), and find which one suits you better.
    If you want performance, non driving-appliance looks, and superior handling, I'm sure you'll enjoy the Maxima. Good luck

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    Many of us have or had Maxima's with many miles on them. I currently have a '91 SE with 135K miles and hate to get rid of it. Kinda have to. Moving to Germany. There have been quite a few people with many more miles than I have; one with over 230K. That's high in my book. Good luck with your choice in cars. Driving both and finding the personality of the cars will give you, and your wife, your answer. Hope you agree!

    Joe: I will only purchase US specs cars in Germany. The conversion cost of European spec cars is prohibitive. They most likely will be purchased through the Overseas military sales dealer. We also have the opportunity to purchase from Germany dealers with US specs. The exchange rate is fair now so the price of MB, BMW, and a few others should be quite a bit less there than here, and tax free until we get back to the states. I just hope we are able to have Nissan and Acura on our list of manufacturers to choose from. All the prime choices will make the purchase very interesting. Thanks for the advice.
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    I really feel sorry for all you people who invested so much money in a new Maxima. Though it's well known that the Max is a well constructed vehicle with a very reliable and powerful V6 engine, it's too bad that the overall general public consensus about its exterior design is considered unattractive, especially the way the rear was designed.
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    You keep feeling sorry, we'll keep on enjoying our Maximas.
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    According to RPM9's profile, he drives a 2000 Grand Am - MUHUHAHAHAHAHA! I, in turn, feel sorry for him and his car's goofy overdone side cladding (ribbed for her pleasure), flimsy light-gray interior switchgear, and fit and finish that would embarrass an assembly-line grunt at Kia. I for one have no buyer's remorse because he feels compelled to come in the Max forum and tug my tail.
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    Alright, I got the fuzzy simulated ash tray out without doing any damage tp the car. Now I am faced with trying to remove the cradle in which the simulated ash tray sat. I don't think I can simply pull on the cradle without doing some harm ( to either me or the car).

    The metallic ring appears to be coming from a small plate located behind and along the left wall of the cradle. How do I remove the cradle so that I can get at the noise source.

    Also, somewhere I heard that there was a TSB on noises and rattles. Where can I download that TSB?
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    NTB99056A, NTB99056 pertain to interior system rattles but.....why not just let the dealer worry about it....before you break something. You're under warranty.

    RPM....The Maxima is not a kids wouldn't understand Enjoy your GM with "solid-form" design. Gosh...I crack myself up sometimes.

  • bryannbryann Member Posts: 54
    i was wondering if you could give me a little heads up on the rattle from the fan at low speeds. i got the TSB from you and the dealer ordered the cover for the rattle. my question is how do i get to the area where the cover needs to fit? thanks for the help.
  • lofquistlofquist Member Posts: 281
    Does this TSB (or another one) apply to the Pathfinder too? Mine just started - low speed only with an annoying little ticking.
  • la_maxla_max Member Posts: 9

    1) Where can I find a list online of all TSB's (problems, recalls, etc.) for the 2001 Maxima?

    2) Do you see any problem with replacing the stock lightbulbs with PIAA's (i.e. brighter bulbs)?

    3) What would you say are a few easy products to add to a 2001 Maxima to improve performance and/or looks?

  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    The entire glovebox has to be removed, same as if you were to replace the carbon air filters (if you have them) You're dealerr will take care of this for you so you don't have to go through all the trouble.

    Lof...No....every TSB is one model specific. Let me know what year Path you have, and where the noise is coming from...maybe I can help or get any TSB that may pertain to it.

    La_max....ALLDATA.COM has a lot of the TSB's. problem is....they don't explain them very well in detail. Your dealer, if asked, will suply you with all the TSB's you need.
    No....I don't see any problem with changing over to PIAAs', so long as you keep the stock wattage. I myself use the PIAA H3's in my fog lights (55 watt). Most are a higher wattage, and can possibly overheat or melt the wiring harness. Maybe someone else here has done the change-over and can comment more through experience.
    There are a few cheap mods you can do to add a TINY bit of power. One would be Stillens high-flow intake which replaces the entire airbox with a K&N cone filter, and adds (stillen claims) 6HP. Also...even easier, I just read in "IMPORT TUNER" where they dynoed a simple drop-in replacement K&N filter, and added 4HP, and 2 FT LBS of TQ. You can also add a cat-back exhaust (about $300 to $400) from Stillen, or HKS. Want a LOT more ?...Add Stillens Supercharger (about $3600) for a dynoed 290HP to the wheels. I had the S/C on my 97 and loved the power but, was awfully loud for everyday use.

    As for looks, as I mentioned before, you can add some of the items available on the 20th AE like door sills, ground effects etc.

  • edwardsa1edwardsa1 Member Posts: 34
    What are the part numbers for the SE doorsills? That would be a nice touch on my 2001 SE - I have been jealous of a friend's chromed sills on his 328i.
  • lofquistlofquist Member Posts: 281
    It's a 2001 Path. Fan noise is a consistant, low-volume ticking only on low speed. Can hear it most clearly by the defroster vents. Sounds about the same as what people have been taking about here on Maximas. Was not there when new (Sept). Thanks. Reply directly if you don't want to clutter this Max board.
    [email protected]
  • bryannbryann Member Posts: 54
    thanks for the help. will take a look at it today.
  • lsflsf Member Posts: 98
    Since I have been following this board, several people have asked about replacing bulbs. One went so far as to suggest the headlights weren't bright enough. My experience is that the Max headlights are quite bright (both in regular and in high beam mode). This has been confirmed to me by the feedback I get from oncoming drivers who flash at me (expecting me to return to low beam, when I'm already there). This happens at least once a week. ...and my low beams are properly oriented.

    my $0.02.
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    I was at my Nissan dealer two days ago, getting a TSB done to my car (Brakes). I was talking to the dealer about reliability of these cars, and he showed me a 96 GLE with 309,000 miles on it. The reason it was at the shop was the guy who owned it was having some transmission problems. I could not belive what the odometer read. Nissan must be doing something right to make a car last that long. Most of the miles where highway miles. Just thought I would share.
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    I'm new to this message board so any info would be appreciated. I am trying to find out if anybody makes a CAT Back exhaust system and headers for the 2000 Maxima.
  • ny972213ny972213 Member Posts: 7

    One more question....Would you happen to know where the wiring for the cd changer is, they must be concealed in the trunk??
  • gymshoegymshoe Member Posts: 80
    Hi all -'s been a while since I've visited here.
    I'm getting ready to take my car in for it's 15k maintenance and I've noticed a strange creaking noise coming from somewhere in the rear half of the car. It only happens when i go over bumps...any bumps, and you can hear it best when it's quiet outside. Sorta sounds like how wooden floors sound like when you step on them and they creak. What the hell is it? Structural integrity?
    I did have some clips on my trunk replaced and they said they had to remove the whole rear bumper for it...but i never noticed it right after i got the car back (which would be in january). I only recently...whithin last couple weeks, noticed it.

    Any ideas?
  • norbert444norbert444 Member Posts: 195
    gymshoe - me too!!
    I have posted a similar story months ago. I had been rearended and the back bumper cover was replaced. It was soon thereafter that the creaking noise was noticed. I compared it to flexing leaf springs with no lubrication.

    No one posted a reply at that time. Now, months later, the creaking noises are still there when the body is strained, such as going around a mountain curve at slow speed, or going over uneven bumps. And the noise is coming from the area of rear axle, or rear bumper...
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Edward....the part numbers are 768b3-4y900
    Just go to and get the phone number to call. They don't yet list them on their parts site but they can order them and mail them to you.

    lsf....Right you are. I find that if I'm driving on a Monday, and put the high beams on, I can see straight into wednesday. BUT, I did replace the bulbs with the same wattage PIAA's just today (did the same for the wifes Quest) and my god what a difference...better be for $69 a pair ! Much more light output using the same wattage as stock, and VERY blue at all...looks very much like HID lights. has a few cat-back systems for the new Maxima. Nobody makes a street legal header yet, that I'm aware of. If there were, Stillen would have it.

    Ny9....Now you're rackin' my I know it's in the trunk, wire loomed up on the side behind the grey trunk liner. I believe it's on the left side (looking at the trunk) up by the rear deck.

    Gym...First be sure that what you're hearing isn't a "traveling noise", meaning it may sound like the sound is from the rear when it may be somewhere else. The reason I say this is because the TSB for the right front strut claims to cure such a noise. Next time you're at the dealer, have them check that strut. I've replaced the one on my car as well but, I never heard any noise from it. I've not heard on any complaints about a rear end noise (YET), that's why I hesitated to try and answer when Norbert mentioned it a while ago. I will keep my ears open about any such noise though..thanks.

    Hope to have helped.

  • mrscottmrscott Member Posts: 4
    Hey all. Has anybody had warranty work done at Kings Nissan in Brooklyn NY? If so did you have a good experience. My transmission is slipping and I have some rattles. I was thinking about taking it there.

  • colicincolicin Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 GLE - bought in november 2000. no problems. great car.
    Does anyone know anything about the cabin microfilter? Does it really do anything useful? I was considering getting one but the couple of saleman I mentioned it to told me not to bother. According to the installation instructions on the courtesy-nissan website they recommend replacement every 7500 miles, which would make it a bothersome appliance in any case.
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Replacement of the microfilters is every 30k. I have them in my car (the Maxima uses 2 of them) and in our Quest. They, more than anything else really, cut way down on dust in the car, as well as certain odors. If you have allergies, asthma etc, they're a great idea. Other than what I've mentioned, you'll notice no real difference. To install them yourself, it's quite easy. You have to remove the glovebox (they come with full instructions), remove a small slide panel, and insert the 2 filters.

  • ebmaxseebmaxse Member Posts: 5
    Joe Nissan,
    What do you think of the strut tower bars that are available aftermarket? Front & Rear. Why did Nissan not install these on the Y2K Maxima. I've noticed the upcoming Sentra SE-R's will have a front strut tower bar, as does the coming new Acura 3.2TL Type S.
  • mhammy84mhammy84 Member Posts: 167
    I need your opinion/help once again buddy:

    My 1997 I30, when cold (weather here is 30's and below, STILL!), and I start driving my car, there's a whole bunch of creaks and cracks, coming mostly from the dash area. I noticed that the wood trim on the center console, when pushed in, cracks. I also noticed that my passenger door's door handle/lock assembly seems to be separating from the rest of the door. If I push on the center of that door (from the inside obviously), it squeaks. It seems like the door panel halves are loose, and coming apart. The wood trim around the window switch is loose also...rotates very easily and squeaks against the vinyl arm-rest (trim is not firmly seated). I read somewhere that someone suggested using a "Dry Grease" made of graphite to solve these creaks and cracks by lubricating the surfaces. Is this true? Where can I find this stuff...went to local K-Mart and they didnt have it. Should I check auto-stores? Plastic airvents for windshield defroster, when pushed, also make cracking noises...AND, the A-pillar tweaters make popping noises. All these noises occur when hitting bumps, and when the car is cold. After driving the car around for an hour and the interior is a nice 70 degrees, the noises go away. How can I rid the noises from the doors, from the center console trim, A-pillar tweater covers, and defroster vents? Dealer already installed foam under defroster vents, and it didnt really rid the noise I was hearing when I told them about it. I hate bringing up these things to the dealer every time I visit, I know they're sick of hearing me complain...and I dont really mind trying to solve the problem myself. Please help!
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    Hi Gang, I am now the proud papa of a sparkling new 2001 Se. I am a long time Camry V6 owner and am now trying my hand at nissan. I loved the Solara but the kids need the doors. My price ? Who cares, no matter who asks it will always be a good deal for me. Anyway, I saw a post a few months back by joe nissan about trunk lights but I can not locate it. My Se does not seen to have a light in the trunk, is it suppose to come standard? Thanks for the imput and its great to be a Max owner.

    Black Max
  • lsflsf Member Posts: 98
    Mhammy, As you probably know, hot and cold temperatures impact different meterials in different ways. Not only does the temperasture change the condition of the material you can see, but it also changes the apoxy and the sub material. Most of these materials contract in the cold, creating small spaces that might not have been there before. Therefore, when you push on a panel, or the car frame twists or shakes, there is bound to be some chaffing and squeaking. If I were you, I'd let it go. You risk making matters worse by taking everything apart. Be happy that your ride is quiet enough to notices the squeaks! I too noticed A pillar squeaks with the first sub 20F day. I haven't noticed anything in a while and it's still cold here in Boston (11degrees this morning).
  • la_maxla_max Member Posts: 9
    Does anyone know where I can find a complete list of part numbers for all the lightbulbs on a 2K1 Maxima SE? (i.e. Headlights, fog lights, turn signals, markers, dome lights, brake lights, trunk lights). Thanks!
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Hi again all,

    Mhammy...lsf hit the nail right on the head ! There's really no way, especially in the cold, to rid the car of every squeak. If there are some noises that really bother you...yes...a dry silicone spray can be used SPARINGLY where two parts rub together. Since you've told me that the noises subside when the interior warms up a bit, it's obviously the cold contracting these parts and you may have to simply wait for the car to warm up.....sorry I can't give you a more favorable cure.

    Ebmaxse...Although I've not had any experience with either the FSTB or the RSTB, I have heard good things about both, from a few people who put them on their cars. Remember the Maxima is more of a sport/family sedan than the new SE-R so...Nissan probably figured it would help out with the SE'R's more "sports car" flavor.

    BlackMaxSE....All Maximas have a trunk light. It's located up under the rear deck, and comes on when the trunk is opened. Oh, and congrats on your new toy !! Enjoy it !

    La Max....All the bulb "types" are shown in your owners manual. They don't give actual oart numbers so, you'll have to call your dealer is that's what you need. The important one to remember is the headlights (which, come to think of it, may not be shown in the manual) which on the 2000/2001 are H4 bulbs.
    Just as an FYI...When changing the headlight bulbs on these new H4's, first you carefully wiggle off the connector from the bulb, pry off the round rubber boot next (completely removing it), then you can get to the 2 metal wire clamps (much like most H3 foglight setups). Squeeze these 2 wires toward the bulb to release them, and the bulb will pop right out.......just reverse this prosss to put them back in. I know nobody asked but....again, we get a LOT of calls asking how to change them because everyone is so used to the old 9004's which use a simpler twist-off ring fastener.

  • rparadoxrparadox Member Posts: 1
    Anyone contemplating replacing their OEM 17's should consider the Michelin Pilot XGT Z4 series. I just did this, after scrubbing off the OEM tires in 32k, and am really pleased by the increase in handling (both wet and dry). They are a bit stiffer (read: harsher ride) but the increase in handling is worth it.

    For those of you contemplating a MAX purchase - I don't REALLY mean "HARSH". I'm not talking Viper-harsh here. But if you want a really cushy ride don't buy an SE with 17" wheels.

    33k miles without a problem (2000 SE auto).
  • mhammy84mhammy84 Member Posts: 167
    Thanks for the responses. I too was thinking of just letting it go (thats why the noises are still there!). I havent tried to do anything by myself yet. Went to an auto store today and asked for dry grease, the guy said to try using candle wax or insulator wax instead, and polish the rubbing surfaces with it. But I dont know about taking everything apart. Problem is, I have been letting the noises go for a LONG while now, and they STILL bother me (they dont seem to go away). Other problem is that its ALWAYS cold here, and for a long time (only three good months of summer heat). Maybe i will just leave the a-pillar stuff alone, but tell the dealer about the separating door...that doesnt seem right anyway.
  • bryannbryann Member Posts: 54
    what kind of plugs have people used in their maximas? i have a 98 Se and am looking to replace with Bosch. i just called the dealer and said they were bad to use. that is the first time i have heard bad remarks regarding the bosch plugs. any info would help. i know factory ones are NGK.
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Bosch is a good plug but....NGK's are probably a little better (believe it of not), especially the platinum ones used in Maximas.
    I'm on an SCCA race team also, and thats what all the racers use. if you have a 98 Maxima, you shouldn't have to change your plugs yet...unless you have over 100k, which is how long the platinum NGK's last....besides, at over $15 each, it pays to leave them in as long as possible.

  • minimusminimus Member Posts: 9
    Here is a sad story for ya. 9 days after we bought a beautiful 2001 GLE, our car was wrecked to the tune of $9,000. Damage to the front left. Anyway we should be able to get it back next week. I had the work done with the Dealer's body shop which offers a 3 year warranty on their work.

    Any suggestions about ensuring that the work is up-to-par? Can I hold back the $500 deductible? Anything I should be saying to the body shop, NMAC (it's leased), or my insurance company? Other suggestions? Thanks!
  • ebmaxseebmaxse Member Posts: 5
    Referencing post #1341,...
    What type of bulb is in the fog lights on the Y2K Maxima? H3?
  • slopedirkslopedirk Member Posts: 46
    I drove both the GS 300 and IS 300 Lexus before the Max, and the max was close as anything to the performance level. The Lexus's were both quieter and smoother, but the max was of course cheaper by about 1/3 (on IS), gets better fuel milage, bigger interior, that sort of thing. But the Lexus did have a bitchin' stereo that RULED for a stock setup. I've never liked a stock radio before. The max's radio / speakers (mine is bose) is better than most but still not in same class.

    If you want the Lexus and can afford it, go for it. They are good cars. The max was a good value when we got end of year price on my loaded SE 2000 - about 23+TTL.

    Joenissan - you have a lot patience and free time! Thanks about the lights, some of your advice I'll use eventually I'm sure.

  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Yes....the fogs are H3's.

    Slope...LOL...With 3 kids, and working, it is kind of amazing I do find the time but, this week, with all the snow, I've had much more than usual.

  • gymshoegymshoe Member Posts: 80
    I'm pretty sure it's not a traveling noise.
    for example...I back into my garage. In front of the driveway is the sidewalk and of those curved curbs.
    As I'm backing up, I'm also at one point, one rear wheel is on the curb/sidewalk and the other is on the street.
    So...i'm backing up and i'll hear crreeeakk...creeaaaak.... and then won't hear anything as the front wheels go up the curb.
    I'll probably test this and come up with a definite way to reproduce this problem...since the dealer won't bother fixing my problems unless they hear/see it for themselves.

    if you said the front struts were making noise...could the rear struts be making noises?
    not sure if i'm asking the right questions....not a car part guru.....
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Oh...I'm I understand what you mean ! What you're hearing is normal. It's probably the center control bushing just off-center of the rear beam axel. In the 95 thru 99 models, this unit was on the front side of the axel. On the 2000+ models, it was moved rear of the axel for better control. When subjected to twist-flex, it will sometimes give a non-metalic "body-flex" crunch sound. It seems to just be the nature of the beast but, I would have the rear end looked over at your next service, just to be certain.

  • speedracer3speedracer3 Member Posts: 650
    Lexus vs. Max

    Remember, you can get a Maxima with a stick...until the IS gets it's 6 speed the Maxima still has the upper hand
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