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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rawa13rawa13 Posts: 2
    Bought XLE-AWD with package 9 (Navigation, DVD) for $34,904 + TTL yesterday.

    A couple of questions:

    (Invoice - $500 - Rebate) is considered the best price one could get. Does "Invoice" include holdback, financial reserve & TDA? I would think so. Right? Otherwise, how could a dealer go below invoice?!

    Secondly, the dealer showed me that the rebate amount is just $1,250 whereas everyone else is talking about $1,500! She even printed out Toyota webpage for me. Or does $1,500 include financing-related rebate?

    I will provide more details about how I went about buying it shortly.

  • Just bought an '07 Sienna LE 8 passenger with package 3 and the carpeted floormats/doorsill protector from IRA toyota in Milford Mass for cash price of $24669 including a 5 year interior/exterior "scotchguard" application warranty (they are selling for $695) plus tax, doc fee ($195), and registration ($65). This price includes the $1500 customer cash. I am in CT and the dealer actually delivered the car to my door (65 miles) and went to the CT DMV to register it for me..(they arent an authorized out of state dealer) MSRP $29524 PLUS $695 = $30219-- Invoice->$26299 (without scotchguard)
    This dealer had every dealer I spoke to in CT stuttering at this deal..Not one would touch it..If you live in a 75 mile radius- they are hungry bc they just opened this megadealer and obviously are looking for unit sales not profitability... Im impressed...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Pretty amazing. I paid $25,247 on the same van back in May, though the rebate was smaller.
  • allezallez Posts: 21
    The rebate varies by region. In Maryland it is $1250.
  • mlabqmlabq Posts: 24
    Similar story with my purchase. The salesman said that every car goes toward their count for the big $500,000 end of the year bonus. Or maybe it was end of the month bonus.
  • iftequariftequar Posts: 12
    I just bought today LE 8 seater w/ package 3, carpet floor mats/door sills protector in N/E Illinois. The price after $2000.00 rebate was $23,919 plus tax title + $58 Doc. fee+ transfer, no other junk fee, paid $ 25,746 OTD., they even pick me up & my family 20 miles away from their dealer ship, that we we did not have to drive in seperate cars, it was a good feeling to return all of us in one new van. I would recommend others to this dealer, no other delaer in the area would come any close. One claiming to give the best price was off by $1100.00
  • The good thing about my deal was that the dealer offered me $4000 for my trade- I turned it down and I threw it on craigslist and sold it for $6800... Dealers obviously work you over in many different ways--$2800 difference! Trade in's are only one of the angles- Many people dont list that angle on these forums which doesnt give the true deal..
  • Am I crazy? I have had two dealerships one in Orlando, Central Florida Toyota and one in Merritt Island, Mike Erdmann Toyota, who have told me they will not negotiate below MSRP through the internet. Is this common practice for Toyota dealerships not to do so? I was able to negotiate the purchase of my Cadillac through the internet.
  • mlabqmlabq Posts: 24
    You and Billdarch are two real data points verifying my statistical model. Cool. You guys got incredibly good deals.

    mlabq, "Toyota Sienna - Prices Paid & Buying Experience" #7517, 15 Jul 2007 11:07 am#7516
  • Interesting- so $23,500 plus $685= $24185 is the statistical floor on this deal? So if I add the invoice cost of the floormats package ($132) plus the invoice difference of an 8 passenger vs 7 pass ($136) plus the supposed cost of the ResistALL package ($300)* equals $24753-- So statistically- I have broken the 100% barrier by paying $24600?

    *($695 msrp-- figures not posted but basically when they pushed me on the resistall I blurted out that I would give them $300 for it-- he stated that this was at their cost and I assume the markup for basically a non service product (more like a warranty) is similar to that-- Ill use $300 as the cost)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sweet deal, but you got $750 more on your rebate than we get in MD, so noone here is gonna match that!
  • mlabqmlabq Posts: 24
    You got an amazing deal, but you didn't break the floor. In my original message, I said 4% of buyers could find the car for $24K before rebate. All your options make that figure $25253. Take off the $1500 rebate and you get $23753. 4% could find a car for $23753 or lower. That means you are right on par with the best of the best deals.

    I mentioned the $23500+destination ($685)number because I didn't think anybody would find it for less than that, but you certainly proved me wrong.
  • iftequariftequar Posts: 12
    Not in N/E Illinois, most of them respond with fairly a close price & follow up with a phone & several follow up emails, they were around 2 to 3K below the MSRP. This has been a lot better than driving to the dealer ship, wasting time haggling with the sales man, treats you as you are not well informed, with a lot lesser knowledge than you.
  • Here is what we finally did. You tell me if it was a good deal.

    David Maus Toyota in Orlando.
    All internet negotiations. They came to the house to deliver the car and sign the paperwork.
    Sienna XLE $31683 out the door with dual headrest DVD.
    $2000 down inclusive of TTL
    $488 per month for 48 months on a lease.
    Residual Value is $14,410.00

    Yes or no to the deal?
  • bdc2020bdc2020 Posts: 58
    Ok, stopped by my first dealer last night.

    They offered me this after some back and forth (which I walked away on as they wouldn't move anymore) -

    LE #3 -
    $25,735 (INCLUDES $2,000 rebate and INCLUDES the $695 SE Advertising Fee)
    + Doc + TTL

    I was asking for $24,400 + Doc + TTL

  • artd33artd33 Posts: 1
    We're about to buy a new toyota Rav4 and want to know what these charges are and what is negotiable:
    Dealer Holdback...$530
    Whsl Financial Reserve... $265
  • gasmizrgasmizr Posts: 40
    I was just told the same things on a Sienna here in NY State
    TDA - 492
    Dealer Holdback - 513
    Fin Reserve - 256

    This was told to me by a friend at the dealer whom I have know for a very long time. They told me these were not negotiable.

    Anyone know anything about these charges?
  • nelpot1nelpot1 Posts: 9
    I was told by a dealer that a new 2007 Sienna LE would be coming from the factory early next week. He assured me it was directly from the factory. Is this possible since from what I've read, the 2008's have been in production since late June.
  • mlabqmlabq Posts: 24
    I'm putting my statistical model into an excel template so that anyone can calculate how good their deal is. I'll post it later tonight.
  • rodgexurodgexu Posts: 1
    Here's the price I got from a dealer through the Internet:
    MSRP = $27,319
    After the instant rebate and attached coupon
    Internet Price = Only $22,785

    Out of door price is $24,226. I am in MA. Is it a good price?
  • bobo5727bobo5727 Posts: 11
    Have you posted the excell spread sheet? I would like to see it.

  • lojefflojeff Posts: 29
    That sounds high. I got an xle with package 6 for 33123 in md.
  • dealerships that are unwilling to negotiate over the phone or by email tend to be bad news.

    1) they are not flexible with offers
    2) they don't care if they sell the car or not
    3) tend to be the slimiest of all dealerships

    look for other dealerships in your area
  • mlabqmlabq Posts: 24
    I guess tonight is a relative term. Soonest I will be able to really work on it is 9pm MST. It will take me a while, so it might be up late, late tonight. I'll post a URL.
  • siennamisiennami Posts: 116
    I think it is possible. I got my Sienna CE last month and according to the little metal plate in the door, it was manufactured last month. ;)
  • siennamisiennami Posts: 116
    They delivered the car to your house? How cool is that? Perhaps they could teach their friends in South Carolina some things.....
  • mlabqmlabq Posts: 24
    This is based on Edmund's TMV and MSRP. The model to calculate percentage uses TMV as the average and MSRP as the 2-sigma level. That means that I suppose that 98% of people pay less than MSRP. There is a sheet for each trim level.

    Sienna Price Comparator
  • af1914af1914 Posts: 5
    Can you tell me where you purchased the car from? Did you purchase with the cash rebate?
  • mhirjimhirji Posts: 1

    I didn't see an "attached" coupon. What coupon is this. WOuld you mind sending it?

  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 622

    Your first statement...

    "The model to calculate percentage uses TMV as the average and MSRP as the 2-sigma level."

    makes no sense whatsoever. "MSRP as the 2-sigma level"??? Come on; that makes no sense.

    Your second statement...

    "That means that I suppose that 98% of people pay less than MSRP."

    may or may not be true.

    You're suggesting, on average, that the MSRP lies more than 2 standard deviations above the TVM. WOW, to say that the MSRP lies more than TWO standard deviations above the TVM is a real stretch and seems very unlikely! The TVM would have to be treated as a sample mean and not a population mean. We don't know the population mean.

    The population standard deviation is also an unknown. A valid statistical sample would have to be taken (good luck finding valid data) and the mean and standard deviation computed. Then, we can use the law of large numbers coupled with the central limit theorem and use the sample mean as a point estimate for the population mean. If the two are indeed equal, then the sample mean is said to be an unbiased estimator of the population mean.

    I'm not sure whether you're claiming that the TVM is the sample mean or the population mean. Because of the tremendous difficulty in getting an unbiased statistical sample, I doubt it's a valid sample mean and am certain it's not the population mean. Because we don't know the population standard deviation, we would need to use the sample standard deviation as an estimate and default to the t-distribution to draw inferences about the population as a whole.

    You're inferring that 2.5% of all actual selling prices equal or exceed the MSRP (CL = 95%). If this, in fact, were true, then one would have sufficient statistical evidence to reject the fact that the TVM is the population mean at both the 5% and 10% levels of significance. This of course, assumes three things (1) that the null hypothesis is the population mean = TVM; (2) the alternative hypothesis is population mean doesn't equal the TVM; and (3) a valid random sample produced a sample mean that equaled or exceeded the MSRP. I don't know how or where you're going to obtain valid data to draw that conclusion.

    It's important to recognize that TVM's aren't always accurate. I'm not sure of edmunds methodology surrounding the computation of TVM's. I'd be surprised if it came from a valid statistical sample. It may very well originate from a non-scientific survey.

    I couldn't find your spreadsheet and so I can't comment.

    Medina, Ohio
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