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Jaguar X-Type



  • Unbelievably, while researching online last night for cars,,,a 2004 Jag, Black Raspberry, 16,514 miles showed up on my screen at a local dealership 1 mile away! Priced at $24,000. I did the Edmunds TMV and I believe it came back closer to $30,000. I'm afraid to even drive by,,,I might write a check the second I return from a test drive,,, still not sure that is the best decision for me right now, based on the "no dealership in town" issue. :cry:
  • Do it, do it, do it! It basically has your name on it!
  • Axiom, you're a bad influence! I bought a car last night -- it's not the Jag. I will have a Jag SOME day. I'm glad I discovered the X-type in my search for a new vehicle. I love the style and the price. The dealer in town (or lack of) was the dealer breaker, since this forum was an eye opener to some issues with the car. My plan will be to buy in 2009,which might be the last year they make this model.
    Enjoy the ride,,,,,,and the envious looks! ;) ;)
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Is that LaCrosse wisconsin?

    There are good cheap jags in lax sometimes, but the lack of a dealer would scare me.

  • Yes, LaCrosse Wisconsin. Do you know the city? The AWD sounded like a great fit for this area, however, like you said, no dealer in town makes it a hard car to buy.
    I will have one someday now that I know what the price is on the X-type. Do you have one?
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    My family lives there. I'm in chicago, but i visit all the time. Nice place.

    I don't have a x-type, i have a 3-series. Looked at the x-type, waiting for a type R ;)
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    But i did make it for irishfest. Yes, the smaller BMW. The X-type R would be one with a supercharged engine and stiffer suspension, things like that. Is that cherry red one a stick? ;)
  • It's an automatic, is that a bad thing? Probably for a guy it is. With a cell phone ringing in your pocket, do you really want to bother shifting too? Maybe it has a tiptronic, like most new automatic cars have, you can still shift, but without the clutch. Not sure the Jag has it. I get the supercharged, but what is the scoop about a stiffer suspension?
    How was Irishfest? Good crowd?
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Tiptronic's not it, i like a clutch. I'd like stiffer suspension to i can toss it into corners harder.

    Cell phone: Leave it alone. Drive. :) ( pet peeve ).

    Irishfest was ok. Small. Milwaukee one is loads better.
  • I agree about the cell phone. It's annoying to see every car making a left turn have a phone to their ear.
    Sounds like the red Jag is not for you. It is a good deal for someone out there. :shades:

    I think Irishfest was the first attempt - perhaps next year will be better.

    Are you looking to replace your BMW (which, I must add the owners of these using a cell phone are in the high percentage, you must be a rare BMW driver :D ) Or, is the Jag in addition? The Jag sounds like it would be WONDERFUL in Chicago snow, how is the BMW?
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    You should probably e-mail be before we get chided for off-topic. E-mail's in the profile.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You can talk here if you want, just keep the conversation car-related and come back to the topic on a regular basis. ;)
  • Thanks Pat! I haven't been chided in years! :)
    Dave, your email is marked private. Mine is
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Well, chicago isn't so bad, the streets are plowed pretty often. I put snows on my car because i do drive to wisconsin so often. I do ok in the ice & snow with the snows, as long as i don't floor the car during turns or anything silly like that. ;)

    My personal opinion is that if you want to be safe in snow, you need snow tires no matter if you have FWD, AWD, or RWD. Drivetrain won't help you stop faster or turn more safely.

    There _is_ an audi dealer in LAX. There's a 2001 certified(warrantied) A4 1.8T quattro, light silver, heated seats for $17,900. There's also a lease special on an a4Q 3.2L for $0 dn and 399/mo. If i lived in LAX, i'd probably have an audi, even though it's not my first choice here in chicago.

    Also, ya know, if you had a jag under warranty, if something did go seriously wrong, i think they are under some obligation to fix it. However, driving to madison frequently might be a PITB.

    I'm looking forward to making both oktoberfest and irishfest next year.

  • Yes, Jag warranty would cover it. Minneapolis dealer offered to even flat bed it up there if it was undrivable. However, it would still leave me without a vehicle,etc. Are there any other Jag owners out there that DO NOT live near a dealership,,,how is it working for you? :shades:
  • I live about 20 miles from a Jag dealership and whenever I leave my car for service I get a free loaner. You could find out if your closest dealership offers free loaners.
    Driving an AWD in Chicago in winter is awesome. Even with the original all-season tires on, I can plough through snowy side-streets (which sometimes don't get ploughed for days) with authority. My wife's FWD is not doing so well in similar conditions. Sure it makes no difference in stopping, but slowing down using your engine is more effective in AWD, as in FWD or RWD you run a greater risk of sliding if you apply too low of a gear for engine braking to one axle. Turns are easier in AWD, too, because you have all 4 wheels pulling through the turn instead of just two (or one if you don't have traction control or limited slip differential). A friend of mine who drives a BMW 545 said that the car was doing poorly in winter time on the original tires, but it made a world of difference when he put winter tires on. Another advantage of the AWD is when I pull the car out of a garage after it snowed all night. Sometimes I don't have the time to move the snow from my driveway in the morning, but the X-Type just goes through it with ease. The X-Type AWD is great not only in winter, but also in rain, when FWDs spin wheels on start at the green light and RWDs fishtail, while I get propelled forward as if driving on dry pavement. Now, if only Jaguar could pefect this AWD system to make it run quiet, that would be awesome!
  • Thanks for your thorough reply. I thought you had disappeared.
    My glitch is the dealer is more than 90 miles away. :(
  • Sorry, I was out ridin' my X-Type on slippery roads (just kidding). You are right, 90 miles is a bit too far to have a car serviced. What did you end up buying?
  • I have a 2002 X sport and have had it at the dealers three times - transmission replaced and the drive shaft twice. It now has 53,000 mi and continues to have a 'thump' under the floor on the drivers side! Thank goodness for 100,000 mile warranties. The dealer is now saying they dont know why - any suggestions?
  • There's a 2004 Manual X-Type 2.5 I can buy from dealership with full warranty for 20K. It only has 10,000 miles on it. I've driven it and it's great and it's black inside and out -- just beautiful. Do you think there's something wrong with it? Why would they have a car that's almost 2 years old with only 10K miles on it? I've read the boards and it seems like a few people have had clutch problems, but not many. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

  • zillzzillz Posts: 21
    First of all, I'm still about 3 years out from buying my next car, unless my novels really take off.....Anyway, I do research way ahead of time. I have always loved the styling of Jaguar cars. In 2008 or 2009 I may consider a used X or S. However, I keep hearing the following: The X-type is scheduled to be discontinued around that time. I've heard that the 2.5 is on borrowed time. Is this true? I have read horror stories of drivetrain and transmission problems. I live in Eau Claire, WI so I'm 100 miles from a dealer...but there is a private guy here who can work on any import you put in front of him. A used X-type for less than $20K is the only Jag (or maybe a very used S-type under $20K) that I could ever afford. Do the S-types have any problems like I've heard about the X-Types? Is the 3.0 in the X the same one as in the lower-end S-Type? I'm a Volkswagen guy, really, but love the looks of Jags. For 17-19K there are many VW's I could get, but I was just wondering if that price range would only get you "junk" in the Jaguar realm....................
  • Honestly, you could probably get the price lowered some more, but even at $20K, that's not a bad deal. I have an '04 2.5 Manual and I only have 11K miles. That's because I purchased the car in late December 2004, so I essentially have been driving it for 11months, so I average 1K miles per month. If I had bought the car in September of 2003 when the '04s became available, I would have about 27K miles on the odometer. Check the sticker on the pilar of the car, which is placed towards the bottom and can be viewed when you open the driver's door. The sticker shows the date of manufacturing, which will give you a general idea when the car was placed in service. The clutch is not too big of a problem, it is just stiffer than any other car with manual transmission that I tried. If it takes 2 lbs of pressure to depress the clutch in an Acura or BMW, it would take 10lbs to depress the clutch in the X-Type (just an example). I actually complained about it to the dealer and they "adjusted" the clutch, which believe it or not, is now easier to depress. Also, many have complained that smooth shifts are difficult to accomplish. Do yourself a favor and test drive the car on a highway and listen for whining or droning noises from drivetrain at 50 - 70mph. If you can live with those or don't hear them, you are good to go! Good luck.
  • Thank you for all the information. I test drove it last week and took it out on the highway. I didn't find the clutch too difficult to press, but it did take me a few minutes to get used to it. In general, are you happy with the car? Right now, I'm driving a 1995 Infiniti G20 with 150K miles on it so I'm planning on keeping the jag for a long time.
  • Axiom: I bought a VW Passat. Right car showed up in town. 2004 Black, roof, leather, heated seats,etc. local lease return, talked with the previous owners, everything just fell into place. The VW handles great, I love it! :shades:

    Wish I had the jag, but no dealer around!

    To the Eau Claire guy, I live in Lacrosse, and there is also a 2004 typeX at a dealership here, with low miles prices around 22,000. 20,000 sounds like a deal.
    One thing to think about,,,you mentioned there is a guy that works on Jags in your area. I have that here in Lacrosse too,,,,however if you want the Jag warranty to cover anything,it MUST be done at a Jag Dealership. YOur local guy could do small stuff for you, buy anything really 'under warranty', he wouldn't be able to. I checked with the Minn. dealer and the Milwaukee dealer, and they both gave me that information. That's why I decided against the Jag,,,no dealer in Lacrosse either. Closest is Madison, or the cities. :sick:
  • zillzzillz Posts: 21
    To Janet Lax: Well, I was only considering an X-type 3 years from now, and I would have to go back about 3 or 4 model years to get one below 20K Dollars. In 2009, I figure an '05 will be priced at approximately what an '02 is now. It would be out of factory warranty by then, anyway. Most cars I buy are....But, I see a pattern of drivetrain problems on many Jag boards, and I see what you're talking about. Being 1.5 to 2 hours away from a dealer could pose a potential nightmare. Eau Claire has an excellent VW/Audi dealership and I'll probably stick with VW (or Audi, if all the Doomsday prophets who claim VW will cease to exist within 10 years because of declining sales since 2001 turn out to be right. I think they are dead wrong myself, and that 2006 will see a major turnaround for VW. I know this is a Jag forum, but enjoy your Passat.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Especially if one has their first luxury car, you ought to be more circumspect about service/warranty. Repair costs will be higher on any luxury car, american, european, or japanese. It would truly suck to get a car you love that is a huge pain and expense to keep running. Part of the joy of a car like this is the lack of worry and nice dealer treatment & convienence.

    So for _first_ luxury car, i'd almost suggest you jump of the first el cheapo lease special available to get your feet wet. You've got a warranty the whole time, etc.

    Just some thoughts.
  • Spoken by a BMW owner? That is one of the main reasons I have never had a BMW: the cost of even routine service is outrageous. I have had many tales from friends with this marquee. At least my Jag has all service covered for the first 40K miles and then I will be out of it. Jaguar service is ridiculous as well for brake jobs etc.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    I don't think BMW is more expensive than most other luxury car to maintain, probably less so than some. And, all service is covered for the first 4 years 50K miles. Up until a few months ago, i'd spent $1800 total maintaining the car up to 100K miles. But ball joints, control arms, shocks, and a few other 100K mile health work was $1800 itself. But, perhaps i've been lucky, and i have made an effort to save money on maintainence. I had a saab before which was used and liked to have a few hundred tossed at it every few months. Shoulda leased there.

    Heck, a chevy can make you write big checks now and again. All cars are getting more complex and expensive to maintian.

    Just opining as i did before because i know peoiple who have bought "dream" used luxury cars, then been socked with a $5000 bill a few months later. Best to let your dream remain a good one. ;)

  • Yes, I am generally very happy with the Jaguar. I like the way it is put together and the combination of performance (2.5 with stick is a blast to drive, you can take it to 120 mph in no time and I have smoked the tires on a couple of occassions, you just need to keep the rpm high) and fuel economy is quite acceptable at 19-20mpg in mixed, mostly heavy traffic with frequent stops, including my performance runs to the red line. Not to mention the status of being a Jaguar owner. However, with that said, I still have a horsepower itch that only a Pontiac GTO could scratch (400 horses and 400 lb/ft of torque). I will certainly drive the Jag through Chicago winter as AWD really makes a difference, then I will reconsider in March.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    As much as i like RWD, you might want to keep the jag to drive in the slippery stuff if the alternative is the GTO in the winter. An s4 or s60R might be other anti-itch ointments. ;)

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