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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bmwx1bmwx1 Posts: 4
    My friend bought a 05 Acura MDX (Touring PKG with NAVI) MSRP $42,475.

    $499.99 a month for 36 months
    12K miles
    0.15 for additional mileage
    Upfront costs of $2624.99 which includes the following:
    3% VA Tax($1225.50)
    DMV fees of $55.50
    first months payment of $499.99
    Acquisition fee of $595
    DOC fee of $249

    Based on my calculation he got an "ok" deal.
    what do you guys think?
  • I'm in Cincy as well and just got the same price quoted to me. That's basically invoice minus the $1500 dealer incentive. I think that's about as good as I'm going to do.

    My quote was from Columbia Acura by the way. Very easy to deal with and professional. Good luck!
  • Hi, I received a quote of $35,300 in the Bay area for a 2005 MDX Touring w/o NAVI w/o DVD. This is before accessories and fees. Has anyone done better?

    1) how much does title and registration usually go for?
    2) do people know why the accessories i'm being quoted for are more than the acura website? Odd.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 122,989
    Most deals I've seen out of CA, have registration and fees of around $300-$350.. That doesn't include sales tax, of course..

    And their accessories are priced higher, so they can make more money... :P

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • I got this quote from our local dealer for 2005 Acura MDX with Touring and Navigation System:

    Final price: $37,400
    OTD price: $40,000 (incl TTL)

    PLEASE let me know so that I can plan to close the deal soon. Also, he mentioned there is a APR deal also going on.. it is 4.9% for 48-60 months...

    PLEASE respond soon...

  • esteveesteve Posts: 10
    "1) how much does title and registration usually go for?"
    This DMV site shows how much registration and tax should be:

    I'm working on a Socal-based deal re an 05 MDX Touring but won't disclose until everything's finalized...never know if the dealer's just trying to get me down and find out the price is $1000 over their 'quote'!!!
  • 2005 Black on Black
    36 Month Lease
    12k Miles/Year

    paying $485/month including tax
    $1345 down (including security deposit)

    Residual: $22,856.70
    Money Factor: 0.00188
    Cap Cost: $34,962.90
    MSRP: $37,470.00

    What do you think of this lease?

    Thanx for your advice...are we getting a good deal or getting ripped off?
  • I got this quote from our local dealer for 2005 Acura MDX with Touring and Navigation System:

    Final price: $37,400
    OTD price: $40,000 (incl TTL)

    PLEASE let me know so that I can plan to close the deal soon. Also, he mentioned there is a APR deal also going on.. it is 4.9% for 48-60 months...

    PLEASE respond soon...

  • luv_mdxluv_mdx Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2005 MDX Touring w/ Navigation in the Bay Area at Autowest Stevens Creek for $2000 below invoice. They have a promotion that they just kicked off and its supposed to atleast this weekend. Good luck!
  • Wow. That's great. I will check them out for sure. Do you mind giving a breakout of total price?

    Touring with NAVI: $36,360
    Accesories: ????
    Destination: $570???
    Tax: $2900???
    DMV Fees $298
    Documentation Fee: $45
    Ca Tire Fee. $8.75

    Total: ????

    Thanks a lot!!!
  • In my opinion this is not a good deal. Competitive cap costs right now are in the neighborhood of $5,000 less than MSRP -- in fact, I'm in the market for an MDX Touring (no NAVI, no entertainment) and the cap costs I have been quoted are less than $500 more than yours.

    In addition, unless you live in a state with 9% sales tax you are not getting the deal quoted above. The payment for the deal above should be $445 before tax.

    A competitive lease on this vehicle should be in the range of $375 - $385 per month before tax.

    Good luck -- and keep shopping around.
  • Hey esteve-
    Hopefully your deal is going well. Just to give you some more info if you need it. I paid a $45 doc fee, $28 dmv electronic filing fee, $282 license fee and a $8.75 tire fee. All of these fees were considered "standard". Also since I live in san diego, I got the san diego tax rate of 7.75% instead of the higher LA tax rate of 8.25-8.50%. Good luck on your deal. Let me know how it goes.
  • luv_mdxluv_mdx Posts: 3
    Sure, here is the breakdown:

    Touring with Nav (including Destination charge): 36829
    Accessories: Didn't get any since their prices for accessories were more expensive than another Acura dealer, so I thought I will add them on later if needed.
    Doc Fees: $45
    Tax: 3042.11
    License Fees: 303
    CA Tire Fees: 8.75
    Total: 40227.86

    This price is valid on any color they have in stock except Aspen White Pearl.
  • tsovichtsovich Posts: 3

    The final price of $37,400 sounds like a pretty good deal. It is about $1400 under invoice. Some others on this thread have posted prices below $37000 for an MDX Touring w/ Navigation, but there seem to be some regional variations. Where are you located? Can you share the name of your dealer?
  • Today we got Acura MDX with Touring, Navington, DVD for $38,500. The total cost OTD for $41,179. We got this deal from Vandergriff Acura here in Dallas,TX area. I would like to know from all of you if this deal was good. The deal is around 1500 under invoice.
  • How was Stevens Creek Acura to work with? I am considering the same deal with the same dealer. Thanks.
  • deal sounds good. was this deal under the special acura lease program? i've been told that you can't combine the manufacturer-to-dealer $1500 incentive w/ the acura special lease program. who was the dealer?
  • Can you please tell me which dealer and city? I am in VA and in the market for the same specs lease. Thanks!
  • luv_mdxluv_mdx Posts: 3
    The person I worked with in the Internet Sales Dept was great, no issues at all.
  • genyagenya Posts: 7
    Has anyone purchased basic MDX Touring in NYC/Tri-State recently? I'm getting quotes just around invoice, not even close to $34K discussed on this board.

  • mb123mb123 Posts: 3
    I currently own an Acura and my lease is up in September. I am looking at the MDX at Sussman. The price that they quoted me for the MDX w/Touring is 40,000 including taxes with a 42 month lease at 480 per month no money down. This sounds high to me. Has anyone gotten a better price in the Philadelphia area?
  • glockfanglockfan Posts: 30
    I am in the market for an MDX Touring with NAV & RES. I live near Atlanta, GA. Can someone please provide a dealer anywhere close to Atlanta that is willing to provide a decent price?? I have seen numerous postings for prices in the $38600 range incl dest and docs fees..I cannot find an Atlanta dealer that will come close to the $38k price range.. Thanks
  • yxuyxu Posts: 3
    I have a couple dealers in PA quoted $1700 under invoice.
  • genyagenya Posts: 7
    I would really appreciate if you could post dealership names. (or email k o s o y AT homail) Thanks!
  • abbycatabbycat Posts: 6
    This forum has been very helpful....although our prices here in Atlanta are not quite as good as other regions! I finally purchased from Acura Carland in Duluth=
    MDX Touring no NAV/no DVD - 35,800.

    Included: sunroof wind guard, wheel locks, all season mats, trunk tray, full tank of gas

    The entire staff there was a pleasure to deal with-purely professional. I negotiated on the phone and all was ready when I arrived at the dealership. I love this car-it's a beautiful ride, all except the mpg calculation on the on-screen display!
  • esteveesteve Posts: 10
    So after a week's worth of obtaining quotes and having dealers scan their dwindling inventory, I finally got an MDX from Power Acura in Torrance. They pricematched Santa Monica Acura of a base model, with roof rack installed, for $32k before TTR. [Power was willing to PM SM Acura's TOURING, no nav or res, price of $33.7k but no one had our color]. I figured with the roof rack installed [dealer has it at around $300 for parts/labor], I got in for $2000 below invoice so I'm happy :) OTD was $34,674 factoring in a 7.25% sales tax. Only caveat is they didn't have time to install the roof rack so it was on the "Work Order" form...the nice part is that I didn't have to REMIND them that was included in the original quote but I do have to go back later on to get it installed.

    Car notes:
    +MDX rides like a sedan, not a truck: a BIG plus for my wife and I as we used to own a 2000 Pathfinder [truck-based] and that sucker seemed to want to tip over at every turn. +With split open and horrendous rush hour traffic in about 45 miles of driving, the trip computer avg'd 22.1 MPG.
    +XM Radio...I now see why people rave about it: lots of selection and most are ad-free but personally, I won't be subscribing after the trial ends.
    +Excellent power delivery - so easy to pass [well, a bit biased as our prior cars were/are 4-cylinder Hondas save for the Pathfinder]
    +Comfy seats
    +Disappointed with the separate key and remote fob: current Accord's keyfob is integrated but very minor complaint
    +Steering wheel controls are unlit
    +Moonroof controls are where they SHOULD be: at the top! [Honda owners: rejoice]
    +Back to the radio, XM sound quality, to me, is halfway tween AM and FM. I ended up listening to my iPod via the FM transmitter...too bad there's no direct aux input.
    +Auto on/off lights, side mirror heaters, LED illumination: never had em so I'm living the dream right now. Speaking of LED illumination, if it's at full brightness, it almost got distracting: I wanted to stare at the gauges instead of at the roads.

    Socal dealer notes:
    POWER ACURA: Salesguy I dealt with was good - always e/v-mailed me back [sometimes a few times a day] and no games or last minute add-ons were played at the dealership. F&I guy offered me the usual stuff but after declining, he quickly moved on. No need to bring in a printout of SM Acura's prices for proof. Oh, he took down my credit card number for a $500 deposit after he located my MDX from another dealer for but ended up never charging the card :)
    KEYES ACURA: Willing to PM. Upfront about inventory [didn't have the color combo/model we wanted] but they don't do dealer trades. Guy was professional and always contacted me back if I had questions. Keyes was one day late than Power getting back to me: if Power couldn't get it, I was willing to go here as an MDX, w/ our specs, was inbound w/i a few days. Would've been a LOT closer but oh well.
    SANTA MONICA ACURA: Best initial pricing BUT when it came time to do the deal, they ignored my emails about faxing me the sales contract and also said it'd take between "a few hours to a week" to get my MDX: I had to go in the office to start of the process. They ignored me so I did the same.
    ACURA 101 WEST: Guy gave me a higher pricing but was only willing to PM if I brought in the written quote to his office. Didn't give me specifics about having it in stock as well.
    CERRITOS ACURA: She was also higher but ultimately, the dealer wouldn't PM.
    VALENCIA ACURA: I'm still waiting for any sign of life...never responded back to the intial request.

    How I did it: started off with using Edmunds dealer locator thingy and for Acura dealers not listed, I emailed them directly from their own websites found on Power Acura accepts up to $5k on a credit card ["free" points!] and you can finance the rest though I cut a check for the balance: they run a credit check on you and basically state if the check doesn't go through, it'll convert to an auto loan: made sure the F&I guy checkmarked the box that stated, "NO INTEREST OWED IN PAID IN FULL".

    If you have any questions, ask away!
  • Glad to hear that everything went well. Sounds like your experience was just as good as mine. Hope you enjoy your new ride!!!
  • mb123mb123 Posts: 3
    Can you please let me know which dealers in the PA area were willing to go to 1700 below invoice. Was this on a purchase or a lease and which model did you get?
  • stevem7stevem7 Posts: 26
    I just received a internet quote of $1700 below invoice on any MDX in stock from Davis Acura (Richboro, PA). I went to their web site and requested a quick quote at about noon today. I had a response by 3:00
  • stevem7stevem7 Posts: 26
    Anyone know of any special finance rates on MDX? Can get 5.0% for 60months through Capital One/Costco. Was wondering if anyone thinks Acura will run something special for Labor Day weekend that would be able to be combined with the $1500 dealer incentive.

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