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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kapoleikapolei Member Posts: 1
    Relatively new resident of Hawaii so 1st time buying car here...what I have noticed is that there are only 3 Honda dealerships here...buying anywhere else & ship would add more costs than is anyone get a "good deal" in Hawaii (Oahu)...all "Doc Fees" in Hawaii in newspapers look like around $200...which seems higher than on mainland.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350
    I've heard good things about Winward Honda.
  • matthew633matthew633 Member Posts: 26
    Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier but I just saw your note. I purchased by CR-V '04 EX Auto at Buena Park Honda in Dec. '03.

    FYI, at the time the salesperson told me it was good I had the paperwork showing the numbers so he could take this to his manager. Of course I know that they know the same numbers. Best regards.
  • jakemarijakemari Member Posts: 1
    I just bought my first car, the CR-V EX Automatic. I have researched this car for two years prior to biting the bullet and making payments again. Very pleasant experience. I am a female and the first dealer I went to (Fremont Honda in California) tried to sell it to me with the options I wanted (cargo cover, roof rack, front splash guards) for $27k. I then went to San Leandro Honda and got the price I wanted. $23,400 out the door, tax/license/options/dealer fees etc. I think I got a pretty decent price tag. I knew the invoice price going in and you can find option prices on the website. Best wishes to everyone else in search of a deal.
  • sanmansanman Member Posts: 5
    What was the name of the dealer you used?Iam shopping dealers in NY & NJ area.What was dealers fees?Doc. Mv. etc, etc.Used the internet,found that the internet people were higher then the dealers they worked for.Found out that NJ dealers fees were very high.Feel free to give me any input on this. Thanks
  • bshelbshel Member Posts: 232
    If you dont mind travelling a little further out of your area, I purchased my 2004 EX MT at Scott Honda in West Chester, PA - west of Phil about 40 min. They seem to be a good dealer - competed against other smaller dealership quotes I had gotten in this area.
  • sanmansanman Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for your reply.What was the dealers doc. fees? MVO fees or any other fees? In New Jersey the dealers fees DOC b/t $91.50-$189.00,MVO B/t$79.00-$120.00. I had one dealers tell me they had a $28.00 computer set up fee.These high doc. fees remind me of the window etching scam,big,big profit for the dealer. You can not tell me that it cost $189.00 to have the paper work done.These high fees (all deal profit) change the price of the vehicle. Thanks
  • kelly5kelly5 Member Posts: 1
    Yesterday I bought a crv ex auto in New Rochelle, NY for 20990 including destination charge. I paid an extra 150 for a red car swop and 1500 for an extended warranty of 7yrs 75000 miles. My financing was at 4.2% for 60 months. I paid 67.5 for doc fee, tires return and registration. Do you think I got a good deal? Thanks.
  • qheqhe Member Posts: 4
    I just got a price $19,300 Out the door for a 2004 Honda CR-V LX 2WD Auto. How do your guys think about this deal? Is it good?
    The invoice is $17556. I appreciate any comments. I am in Kentucky. Does anyone buy a new LX 2WD in KY or indiana recently?
  • qheqhe Member Posts: 4
    I just got a price $19,300 Out the door for a 2004 Honda CR-V LX 2WD Auto. How do your guys think about this deal? Is it good?
    The invoice is $17556. I appreciate any comments. I am in Kentucky. Does anyone buy a new LX 2WD in KY or indiana recently?
  • acarbuyeracarbuyer Member Posts: 6
    You can find dealerships who aren't ripping you off with a lot of junk fees in NJ. I did have one dealer tell me that it was $189 for doc fees and then another $90 or so for the fees paid to MVD. This same dealer was into the window etching, keyed lug nut, etc. Ka Ching Ka Ching. And then they couldn't understand why I didn't want to buy from them.

     Other dealers that I spoke to in Jersey were charging more than $100. Some less.

    The dealer that I did my deal with in NJ (Academy in Old Bridge) charged me something like $98 doc fee. It was a bit more than I wanted to pay ($55 seems more reasonable) but the deal that I negotiated wasn't worth losing for $45 (pennywise, pound foolish). But of course on the buyer's form the dealership had the fee printed on the form, implying that it wasn't negotiable.

    Good luck.
  • bshelbshel Member Posts: 232
    I would find out the dealership manager's name - who ever is the highest person you can find. My first trip to one of the dealer's resulted in unpleasantness and It seemed they did not want to sell me the car, and this was meeting with one of the internet salespersons so we had already had discussions prior to visit. I did walk on that day. But, they still hadn't sold the MT that I wanted, so I persisted. I was able to negotiate a much better deal by alerting the appropriate person to my dissatisfaction at the dealer.

    I'm not sure Honda Corp has much control over the dealer experience in this type of situation.

    Stress your disappointment, and not your anger. I also asked them to be sure that the person who initially came in on the negotiations was not privy to any part of the profit.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350
    You have posted this same story in at least four different forums.

    If the story happened exactly as described, you have every right to be upset. No excuse for being rude in such a manner. As a Honda salesperson, I apologize for that person's behavior. This makes us all look bad.

    Still, there are two sides to every story and I would have liked to listen in on that conversation!
  • yrneh1yrneh1 Member Posts: 25
    Thanks for a helpful reply. I want to visit the dealer just to see what kind of people I'm dealing with. Perhaps some good will come out of it. I run a business myself, and I just can't comprehend why anyone would resort to behavior like that unless they have some personal problems at home. Even's no excuse.
  • shawnflyrdshawnflyrd Member Posts: 2
    Was $22,200 out the door pricing, did you finance through Dick Ide? If so, at whate rate?
  • yrneh1yrneh1 Member Posts: 25
    I wish I recorded the conversation because it was so unexpected. If I had given him any reason such as raising my voice or demanding something unreasonable, I would understand. I was totally calm and reasonable the entire time. I posted them on Honda Accord, Civic, Pilot, and Odyssey price paid forums to somehow influence people's decision to buy from them. It probably doesn't hurt the salesguys or dealers but isn't this forum about letting other people our buying experiences?
  • mirthmirth Member Posts: 1,212
    Well, by blasting every forum with your tale you come off as someone with an axe to grind, and we long-term forum readers take those people with a big grain of salt. The people who yell the loudest on the internet often yell the loudest in the dealership as well. We've even had times when the salesperson came on and posted their side of the story and cast what seemed to be a black-and-white inconsiderate salesperson into doubt.

    I'm not calling you a liar. I'm just saying we don't know you and spamming the forum doesn't make anyone inclined to listen to you.
  • 2yearleaseonly2yearleaseonly Member Posts: 107
    Kelly 5

    I went with a friend to buy her 2004 CRV EX last week at Dick Ide Honda in Rochester New York. She paid 1400 dollars for a Honda Warranty that was 7 year/100,000 miles. Plus if you contact Curry Honda in Massachussets, they will sell you the same warranty after coupons for something like 1050 dollars. If your CRV is going to cost you money, it will likely happen between 90 and a 100K miles.

    Good luck with your new wheels. I cant wait for the 2005's so I can get one.

    2 Year
  • hd28_playerhd28_player Member Posts: 7
    don't get hung up on the NJ doc fees. Of course it's a part of the dealer profit. Your only concern should be out the door price.

    I paid a doc fee of $189 at Planet Honda...but they were $800 cheaper than any other deal I could find.

    I got my lowest price from them by a follow up call with an Internet sales person, then negoiated with her, from their. A few days later, after extensive shopping, we settled on the price on the phone. I drove over, and bought the car...painlessly. No ridiculous attempts to bump me up.

    Good's really a great vehicle.
  • supercooksupercook Member Posts: 1
    $21500 Drive-out: AWD EX with sunvisor, 4 mudguards, paint-protection, which are those included in appearance group.
    BTW 5% tax.
  • cowboy2cowboy2 Member Posts: 11
    Thanks for the info. Working with 3 dealers right now and so far no go. If they don't match it I just wont buy it! Will give Buena Park a call and see what they can do. I may print out this board and take that with me! Thanks from Irvine:)
  • cowboy2cowboy2 Member Posts: 11
    Where do you live? What area and dealer?
  • sanmansanman Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for your reply on Planet Honda. I will send them a Internet request.What model CR-V did you buy? Did you add anything to the vehicle?Being $800 cheaper, what OTD price should I be looking at with them. I would appreciate any comments or other information that you might have. Thanks
  • 14491449 Member Posts: 2
    Looking to buy a 2004 Honda CR-V Ex automatic in northern Pa. What would be an reasonable price (out the door) for it, since the new 2005 CR-v will be coming out soon. Also, does anybody have any information what the 2005 CR-V will have as standard equipment on them. I have read on this forum that (ABS, Airbags, and Stability contol will be offerd as standfard equipment. Can anybody verify this?
  • 2yearleaseonly2yearleaseonly Member Posts: 107
    1449 writes What would be an reasonable price (out the door) for it, since the new 2005 CR-v will be coming out soon.

    I dont know, since Honda hasn't released any pricing let alone much of any else of type of information, what do you think would be a reasonable price?
  • cowboy2cowboy2 Member Posts: 11
    I finally purchased My 2004 CRV EX Auto today. Whew! Car Payments again. Thanks to Matthew? Did a deal with Buena Park Honda OTD 22,595.00. Had roof racks installed (stock)? so I guess those came with the vehicle. Anyway they were great and I have to see them again next weekend. Pulls to the right and a panel underneath drivers seat came down. Hey nothing is perfect! Will keep you posted!
  • matthew633matthew633 Member Posts: 26
    Congratulations, Cowboy2, on your purchase. Sounds like a great deal. Glad to be of help.
  • sanmansanman Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for your reply about Academy in Old Bridge.They did not have the color CR-V that I wanted. But again, thanks for your reply.
  • bubba.werkbubba.werk Member Posts: 11
    This price is drive out in Dallas. Price is $18,096 tax 1173.82 Lic 180.55 = $19450.37 and it looks like there is some cushion in the tax number. Going to find out what that is all about. Getting more pressure from my wife than the salesman. LOL!!!
  • bshelbshel Member Posts: 232
    bubba, LX RTAWD?
  • bubba.werkbubba.werk Member Posts: 11
    Sorry that was 04' LX 2WD with Tint, Front flaps, and cargo tray. I have talked with several in my area which is Richardson. I have talked with Mckinney, Frisco, and Lewisville. Not one of these people could beat that. I only deal with Fleet dept when I buy my cars. If you want me to break it down even more The price was $17556 plus dest which is $490 and it sounds weird but my numbers are not matching up. I am going to pick up the car today so I will be able to give you the exact numbers.
  • siennafanxlesiennafanxle Member Posts: 3
    This may be helpful to other buyers.
    Yesterday I bought 2004 CR-V LX 2 WD with following options.

    1)Door edge guards
    2)Front Flash guard
    3)Running Boards.
    4)Cargo Cover
    5)Silencer system (ALarm)
    6) Tint

    Extended warrant 7 years/100,000 miles (paid: only $1000)

    Total drive out including all above...$21,300

    I think this is the best what I got.
    This may be helpful for new buyers !!!
  • ykimykim Member Posts: 1
  • bubba.werkbubba.werk Member Posts: 11
    YEP! I did it! I paid $19,450.37 but with a little hassle. They tried to tell me that the cost went up $400 bucks. I said why is that because I was quoted 19,450.37 and they said because they are hot. I said and that is why I am here. I have bought 3 other's from the same dealership and 2 from the same guy. I said that would be sad to lose a deal to a loyal customer over $400 bucks. They agreed and sold it to me at that price quoted. Long story yes I know. Ok here is the beef price OTD $19,450.37 with Tint, Front flaps, Pin stripe, and cargo tray. They even threw in the chrome hub caps which look better than steel color on top of Mojave Mist. This should keep the wife quiet for a minute.
  • kwhkwh Member Posts: 68
    When I bought my wife a 04 CR-V for Christmas last year one of the things the saleman kept babbling about was lifetime free oil changes. This is such a minor expense that I paid little attention to it as we were grinding over the final price. I think the dealership was unhappy with the deal even though I figured they were making around $700 with their fees & the holdback. They lowballed me so bad when we got to part II (my trade-in) that I had to take the Civic I bought from them to Carmax (who offereed me $1200 more) They could have easily made 1500-2000 in a week or two because the Civic was in perfect shape (Carmax sold it 4 days after they put it out on the lot)

    Anyway back to the oil change. When I went in and asked for the free oil change the dealer would not do it unless I got a bunch of other crap such as checking a belt looking at the boots, etc., just absolute crap and wanted to charge $34.00. I said I didn't need any of that I could check it myself and the car is less than a year old so I think the belts are ok. They will not do the oil change for free unless you pay them to look under the hood for a minute or two - total scam - when the salesman tells you "free oil changes for life" tell them you are not interested and that it makes you less likely to buy if they mention it again.
  • sanmansanman Member Posts: 5
    What was the the name of the dealer that you used ? Thanks
  • bradleyb65bradleyb65 Member Posts: 6
    Hi all,

    I'm working with 3 dealers and currently have an offer on the table of 22,700 OTD (including 6% sales tax).

    Good deal? or should I beat them up a bit more...

    Figure now is the time to strike since business in the area has been bad due to string of hurricanes....

  • airbornepaulairbornepaul Member Posts: 2
    OK, I'm looking at buying a new '04 CRV here in Fayetteville, NC. I want the EX, manual trans, with Sport pkg for $20K. Dealer is telling may that there is NO WAY to get under 22,733. What are the opinions out there? Feasable or not? Thanks!
  • airbornepaulairbornepaul Member Posts: 2
    Hey Bradley. Looks like we're getting about the same price quotes. I hoping to get at least another 1000 off. I think that they want to get rid of the '04s to make room for the '05s. I say beat them up some more. Let me know if you get your guys lower. Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 194,146
    Backing out the 6% tax, that is $100 over invoice... a pretty good deal.


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  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 194,146
    What is the Sport package? Does the dealer's price include tax?

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  • getmeinahondagetmeinahonda Member Posts: 9
    Academy Honda, Route 9 North Old Bridge, NJ
  • ceh2ceh2 Member Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 2004 Cr-V LX 4WD automatic from Vandergriff Honda, Arlington, Texas. I had all my numbers about invoices, holdbacks, ads, etc. before I made the deal. I knew what a fair deal was. I don't know the exact numbers MSRP 20690 + tinted glass $190; $ 275 digishield; $ 995 environmental protection package for a total of $22,175. The salesperson quoted me a great price of 19153 on the CR-V. I new that was a good deal. I had calculated around 19,600 (excluding profit). I know that digishield and EPP are way overpriced. Several minutes later he came to me and said that he made a mistake and forget to add the options. I don't know if he did that on purpose and really made a mistake. We agreed on $20,400. I asked what digishield and EPP were and he briefy described them. I really don't remember what these extras really are. Every car on the lot had these added options. My question to the forum is what is this stuff and how do I know that they are installed on the car. Post script: Never buy a car when your tired
  • fl101fl101 Member Posts: 13
    I got mine couple hunderds below invoice last month (including all dealer fee). Good luck.
  • bostonbuddybostonbuddy Member Posts: 11
    Hi all, I'm in MA. I was offered a Red CRV-EX for 21300 (it seems this is what everyone is saying) with 5% Sales Tax and fees it comes to 22575.00. Should I wait? Some dealers say that they're going, but a number of other dealers say they have them, what gives?
  • varmintvarmint Member Posts: 6,326
    If you have a specific color or transmission in mind, you might be better off buying now. However, if you are flexible about that sort of thing, you can probably get a better deal by waiting a few weeks. CR-V's don't sit on the lots long, though. The last of the 2004 models have most likely been built and are being shipped as we speak.

    FYI. Keep in mind that buying just before the 2005 upgrades will save you a good deal up front and cost you a great deal if you decide to sell (or total it in an accident). So I hope you plan to keep it for a while.

    also near beantown
  • sharifsmsharifsm Member Posts: 10
    which has a better lease on a 2004 , 0 down 48 months
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,132
    Hi sharifsm -
    You'll get a better answer if your question is more complete. Providing information like your city/state, and the trim level you're looking at will help you get good feedback.

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