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Hummer H3



  • psywzrdpsywzrd Posts: 35

    You might want to James Hummer Outlet in NJ - I believe somebody here mentioned that they are accepting GMID. I would think there might be a dealer closer to you that is accepting it as well but if not, give them a try.
  • horns1976horns1976 Posts: 56
    Jun, as you probably already know, GMID is not ending. You are fine with that.

    I get the impression that you live in the San Antonio area. Perhaps one of the DFW dealers might be willing to meet you half way if he/she has the vehicle you want??? At the very least, I would think that the salesperson would be willing to pick you up at the airport if you flew to D/FW. A salesman offered to do that for us recently but we were driving to Dallas in the trade-in vehicle. What about the Houston dealers?? Will they accept the GMID certificate??

    Obviously, you are not happy with the way the San Antonio dealer has treated you. :( So, your only choice is to look elsewhere. Good luck. :)
  • garykygaryky Posts: 9
    Just purchased and picked up a new H3, Yellow with black leather, sunroof, Lux Package, Off Road Package. Purchased from a local dealer in Louisville, KY. I was the first one they sold an H3 to that used the GMID. I talked them into it over a 2-3 week period.

    MSRP 37,639.00
    GMID 34,348.89

    Savings of $3,290.11 whoo hoooooo

    Gary of Louisville, KY
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    With the GMS...are the dealers allowed (or not allowed) to charge for anything except TT/L? Also,(same question with the GMID certificate I received?
    The reason I ask....I had previously purchased a Ford vehicle with the use of X-Plan pricing (which seems to be about the same deal as the GMID certificate) and the dealer was not allowed to put any "extra charges" with the sale except for TT/L.
  • ildoildo Posts: 13
    you are right, I can use GMID after Aug 1st.

    but the dealer in DFW area didn't give me a very good price. maybe I just wanted more?
    the MSRP is $37,383.70.
    and after GMID is around 35K

    if I do smartbuy, leasing, then it will be:
    24 mo @ about $730
    36 mo @ about $660

    how about that price?
    is it normal? or too high? :(

  • ildoildo Posts: 13
    you purchased it? or leasing?
    and how about your monthly payment? :)

  • Jun -

    What DFW dealer did you deal with? Is that price the final price (i.e., includes TTL)? Is the vehicle from dealer stock or an order?
  • ildoildo Posts: 13

    it's classic hummer, and the price is a estimate price include everything,

    and I don't think they will have the vehicle I was asking for, have to wait couple of weeks.

  • Jun -

    So, it sounds like the final price was the original price less the GMID discount plus TTL. I have a GMID discount and am waiting to use it in the Dallas area. The prices I've seen mentioned on this board and others is a discount around $3,000-$3,300.

    I can't seem to find the one I want. All that's left on the lots are ones that I don't want. I'll probably wait for the blue ones. Why don't more of the H3's have the light cashmere interior? In Texas, I just can't bring myself to get a black interior.
  • aaigo...I'm with you. Black interior in Texas is too freaking hot. However, if I was buying, I would want black exterior with no chrome. All black, black grill, black everything except the interior. I think that would be sweet.

    jun..I think $35K is too much with GMID discount. Of course, if/when they get the vehicle you want, the GMID price will be on the invoice so there will be no question whether it's legit or not.
  • garykygaryky Posts: 9
    I purchased it. I put $1,300 down and financed $35K for 5 yrs at 4.5% interest thru my credit union. Payment $653.70 per month.

    I plan on paying it off early but making an extra payment or 2 towards principal each year.

  • GM announced today along with the end of employee discount:

    Buick and Hummer vehicles will get a four-year, 50,000-mile warranty previously reserved for GM's luxury Cadillac and Saab brands.
  • ildoildo Posts: 13
    I never think about hot.
    maybe you guys are right. :(
    but I think I can take it! ;)
    just can't imagine that a black one with black interior, looks not right for me :(

    and yes, all in black will be a good idea, also will bring the price down for few thousands dollars.
  • ildoildo Posts: 13

    could you tell us your car's configuration?

  • I was just talking to someone who told me that the H3 has a "4.56 rear end" gear ratio as standard equipment. I checked the H3 website and could not find the rear end gear ratio. I saw something about 4.03:1 if you have the off-road package. Anyone know what the standard rear end is??? Thanks.
  • garykygaryky Posts: 9
    sure not a problem: Amount paid after GMID was $34,348.89. Below is MSRP #'s

    2006 H3
    EXTERIOR: Yellow * NO CHARGE *


    LUXURY PACKAGE $3,125.00

    Automatic Transmission w/ Stabilitrak $1,695.00

    Off-Road Suspension Pkg. $925.00

    Trailering Equipment $270.00

    Wrap-Around Brush Guard $600.00

    Sliding Glass Sunroof $800.00

    XM Radio $325.00

    Roof Rack Cross Bow (black) $399.00

    TOTAL OPTIONS $8,139.00

    TOTAL MODEL & OPTIONS $37,074.00


    Total $37,639.00

  • cmr239cmr239 Posts: 12
    The 4.03:1 ratio refers to the tranfer case ratio, not the axle ratio. Standard tranfer case ratio is 2.72 - super low 4.03 is with off-road only. I have read on different sites that the two available axle ratios are either 4.10 or 4.56. Can not confirm this. In fact, I received the about 50 page H3 catalog from a Hummer dealer and nowhere in those 50 pages does it state the axle ratio. Seems odd to me that the Hummer site nor catalog talks about axle ratios.
  • cmr...I also have the H3 catalog. I checked every page in the thing. Like you, I could not find any reference to axle ratios in the catalog or on the website. Seems odd to me as well.

    My understanding as well is that the rear axle ratio is 4.56. Hadn't heard about the 4.10. Either one doesn't really do it for me. They should offer a 3.42 or similar rear end.
  • h2h2h2h2h2h2 Posts: 4
    WOW, some of these lease payments seem very high to me, compared to the lease prices offered by my local hummer dealers on H2's, is it just because they are so new?

    Here's my lease on my 2004 H2.

    Sticker: $50,3xx.
    Term: 24 Months
    Miles: 15,000 year
    Due at signing: $3,7xx
    Payment: $498.xx

    They were also offering LUX Edition H2 for:

    Sticker: $56,xxx
    Term: 48 Months
    Miles: 12,000
    Due at signing: $900 (first month and security deposit)
    Payment $450 month

    Im just starting to look into the H3's as my lease will be up in the spring, and I figured I could get a $32,xxx sticker priced H3 for $300-$325 range with $3500-$4000 down. Am I crazy too think this?
  • arvindarvind Posts: 1
    Hello ppl .... I am planning to buy a H3 sometime next month ..... wanted to know a couple of things .... which is better .. the automatic one or the geared one? and also what is the max speed that it can do .. thnx

  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Max speed is governed by the tires that are on it and programed into the computer. Most likely about 100 or less depending on gear ratio
  • ayrowayrow Posts: 99
    What's the top speed????

    Are you kidding? Who cares!
    It's an SUV for goodness sakes. Top speed should be one of your last concerns since a vehicle of this type really has no business going any faster than 80mph (which I'm sure it will safely manage).

    As far as which transmission to choose, (they are both "geared", by the way) that is more a matter of preference more than which is "better." ......kinda like asking, "Which color is better, black or white?"

    Don't take this the wrong way, but you've got to be a teenager or close to it to be asking questions like these...

  • Just bought mine yesterday. Green with the tan leather. Got the luxury package, side rails, auto tranny, and tire cover. Paid about 37k for it......leased for 3 yrs 15k miles.....925 for license fees and first mth pmnt, then 567 a month. I got GMS pricing because my father works for GM, so that helped a little bit......only had to finance about 31k of the sticker price. Things I'm going to be getting in the near future are:

    Navigation (all I wanted and they didn't have one at the dealer)
    Satellite Radio (installing that real soon)
    Bigger tires (have the 32" and they don't fill out the wheel wells like I want them too)
    Super Chip (def needs more hp)........but once I get the other 3 things taken care of I'll start on the enging

    First things first, does anyone know what some nice big tires would be for this bad boy? I want to get some that'll fit on the wheels that are on it. Let me know if anyone has checked that out yet. Also, does anyone have a chip put in their H3 yet? Fill me in on that as well. Finally, it's nice to be a part of the Hummer family. Can't wait to take this thing offroading. :)
  • GMS price was 37K???? Why so high?? What was the sticker price???
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    GMS price was 37K???? Why so high?? What was the sticker price???

    I wonder if he mispoke as he did say he only had to finance 31K which again is a misquote as above that he said he leased it. I think the Hummer has effected his thinking :P
  • humvhumv Posts: 13
    hey guys i think i'm taking a car off the lot tommorrow, i need to know for the people that leased it if they had to pay a security deposit and/or an accusition fee? Please get back to me asap, thanks alot.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Try a Search This Discussion in Lease Questions - Ask Here.

    Steve, Host
  • Thanks everyone I am glad I found this forum. I am sure this has been asked like 100 times but where can I get a GMID? It seems like all the posts about it are older. Really appreciate everyone's input.

  • cz3cqgcz3cqg Posts: 25
    For a GMID send birthdate and last 4 digits of your ssn to
  • I picked up my new Black Adventure Package on Saturday. Sewell in Dallas treats you right.

    One thing I have not seen posted is how much water the large tires throw off outside the wheelwells. The car gets dirty in a hurry.
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