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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • aculwaculw Posts: 4
    Just bought a TL with NAV in central NJ last week. Two weeks ago, I was going to be out of town for a week. I sent out for quotes through on the day before I left. I thought I might get the bids in a week. To my surprise all 3 bids came in 20 minutes.
    Dealer 1: 33395 with destination
    Dealer 2: 33619 with destination
    Dealer 3 32205 w/o destination
    In a couple hours, I got follow-up e-mails regarding the offers. I told the first two dealers that their bids were too high. Both of them asked me to beware of some hidden charges from other low bidders. I decided to think about it after my trip. After my return, I checked the e-mails and I got several follow up e-mails from all 3. After several unsuccessful tries to reach me, the frist dealer drop the offer by $245 to 33150 and second one dropped by $800 to $32819. I then e-mail the second and third dealers about all possible charges. I found out that the seond dealer charges $157 for doc fee and third one charged $298 for doc fee. In terms of total cost ( price + destination + doc fee) the difference between the second one and the third one is less than $ 50. I end up buying from the one close to me. I have heard that both have good reputations. My recommendations:
    1. I got all my information from the chat room here. Thank you for sharing with me all the knowledge.
    2. Be patient. Send out for quote and take a week of vacation. You may find out that offer is better after the vacation.
    3. I follow the instruction not to discolse the dealer's name. If you leave you zip code as 08807, township of Birdigewater, NJ. You'll see the first 3 dealers and you can get the same quotes from them. :)
  • I agree with the above poster. I'm not in New Jersey, but I basically got the exact same deal - 06 TL w/ Nav for 32,250 + TTL and this included a couple of very minor options. I got my deal through a "hook-up" from someone in the industry so I didn't have to go through the BS negotiations.

    Secondly, my connection said he would have done even better for me, had I chosen a color combination which was not so much in demand... ie - he had two of the units I was interested in, but if I wanted a different combination, he'd either throw in a couple of more options or lower the price by $200 ie - it's all supply and demand.... thus, if you can be flexible in colors/options, you may get the exact or best price you want.

    The only reason I bought an 06, is because the best deal I could find on a used 05 w/ very low (less than 10K) mileage was for $30K++ so I figured - WTF!!!

    I should get it on Saturday and I'm very excited - Happy TL-X-Mas to me! :P
  • (similar to the last post) I looked at a certified used '04 tonight and am a little taken back by the pricing, especially since the TMV here comes back above the asking price.

    The Silver/Black '04 Automatic I drove was a non-NAV model and had 32k miles on it. Used sticker was $30,400, mirror tag "SALE" price was $29,500. MSRP on an exact same '06 at the same dealer is $33,900. Seems to me $4400 is not much of a discount ( for a two year old car driven 16k per year. I realize I haven't started negotiating, but even the used sales guys I was with confided I could probably get $1000 off a new '06, and given how long I've seen 04 and later TL's sit on their lot (i.e. not long), my guess I couldn't get much off the 04.

    Put another way, I'd love to drive one of these for $188/mo. That said, is it just me or does new seem like a better deal (or better yet is used the worse deal)?
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    The invoice on the car you bought is $32,820, so you got the car virtually for the invoice price. I imagine there's some holdback on the car, but they didn't make much on your transaction.
  • hco and I think alike. We should think of the actual price as everything before taxes: the "price" the dealer offers + any dealer fees (doc fees, processing fees, whatever they choose to call them). Most people who state their prices on these forums are not giving their actual price - they're not including dealer fees.

    When shopping, it's best to just negotiate on the basis of out-the-door (or "drive away") price. This accounts for all the variables - different dealer fees and different city sales tax rates.

    But like hco said, this out-the-door price is not helpful to people on this forum that live in other states, under wildly different tax regimes. The actual price is most helpful to everyone else.
  • The fees for my car (bought in texas, licensed in louisiana) were: license 70.80, inspection 21.75, title 54, doc fee 50. As mentioned, I got them to take off the DIT (dealers inventory tax 83) as it was a TX thing and I was from LA and maybe cuz I asked nicely :blush:

    The license and title were based on where I live, not where I purchased. So... what I paid will not necessarily be what you will pay. Be glad about the sales tax on that regard (9% in Louisiana - YEEEOUCH!! :sick: ). I will also have to redo the inspection sticker at some point too :(
  • I just bought a (new) 2005 TL 6 speed w/out nav on Dec 10. Price quoted was $29,900 plus doc fee $89, plus title and tax of course. I did not need to negotiate. This is approximately 4 percent over the dealer's real cost, 5 percent is considered 'fair' profit I am told. Dealer invoice is about 30,180 on this car.

    I noticed posts from Chicagoland of quotes thousands higher. Consider driving up there to Acura of Brookfield. They have several 05s left dont know how many have the more popular automatic tranny and/or nav but the 06 is unchanged from the 05, they want to move em out, why pay more? This was the most painless dealer experience I have had. Prayer had something to do with it.

    I cannot comment on their financing, which I arranged myself. I will be happy to refer you to my sales guy if you drop me a line.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Note my post number 5262. You might as well get a brand new one for that price.
  • I have to agree with you about the A-Spec, its really expensive. I wanted the A-Spec for its handling parts (shocks, wheels) not the aero cosmetics , but geez I bet buying only your own 18" wheels would be more bang for the buck, and keep the car in that high value range. I have not really wrung mine out yet but dont find the handling to be lacking anything. Furthermore, if the ride were any stiffer I would call it harsh.

    If you have 40,000 to spend consider a BMW 330 series.
  • Well, I signed the papers last Saturday to my new 2006 TL :) My first new car...yay!

    It's white/parchment color combo with wheel locks, splash guards, body side moldings, and deck lid spoiler for $33,500 + TTL.

    They needed to install the side moldings and spoiler so I couldn't drive it home just yet. I'm picking it up this weekend!

    Thanks to everyone on this forum who has provided their words of wisdom.
  • After many E-mails the lowest price I have been able to get is from Mack Churchhill in Fort Worth Price $32,843 plus TTL. Its a 2006 TL with Navigation.

    So what do you say yes or no? Or try for even lower?
  • Thats better than all the deals I been getting. Will I be able to nego the dealers to this price as well in Dallas.
  • Did the include 2005 NSX in this deal?
  • Greetings everyone! Just wanted to share my experience, especially since actual numbers from the San Diego area seem to be few and far between on this forum. I've been researching the TL and watching this forum for quite some time, as well as watching the inventories of the local dealers. We wanted an '06 auto w/nav in Anthracite/Parchment combo. One of the local SD dealers got one in stock, so on Sunday night I submitted an offer to the Internet manager for $33,375. He got back to me on Monday with a counter-offer of $34,127, including the $560 "Protection Package" which turned out to be splashguards, wheel locks, and the trunk mat (which seems to be about what everyone else here is getting). Seemed a little high, so I asked him to throw in a decklid spoiler and an iPod adapter for the same price. He said no problem on the spoiler but no-can-do on the adapter due to the fact that they're not yet in stock and they're not sure what the price will be. So, I still agreed to the price and got it at the following breakdown:

    -Selling Price $34,127 (including spoiler, trunk tray, splash guards, and wheel locks)
    -Document fee $45 (didn't want to get into a pi$$ing match for $45)
    -mandatory CA tire fee $8.75

    -Total (minus TTL, which varies widely): $34,180.25

    It should be noted that I had no trade, did not need financing, and really wanted that rare color/option combo. I didn't submit requests to any other dealers, as no one else had that combo in stock. Also, I felt really good about the Internet Manager and dealership. When I finally walked into the showroom, it was like meeting with old friends and there were absolutely no surprises. So, initial impression with Cush Acura has been extremely positive, I felt like I got a fair deal, and I highly recommend using the Internet option. Thanks to everyone for all of their posts; I hope this helps someone else.
  • starman,
    I don't see why you wouldn't be able to leverage a similar deal in Dallas area like what you see on these forums. Since I really didn't have to negotiate, others are probably better to guide you on how to get your asking price, however what I read is - simply deal w/ the internet sales manager and leverage the fact it's December and they want to move inventory for year end sales. Do a lot of pre-negotiation w/ the internet sales manager and have patience.

    The new financing package - released yesterday afternoon - gives you additional incentive to buy from a dealer and is obviously an incentive to move inventory at the dealerships.

    Finally - take everyone's advice on here - as you're negotiating - have some flexibility and be sure to confirm any dealer pricing "processing fee's" "other charges" so you know exactly what you're going to pay.

    Good luck and let us know how you make out.
  • "After many E-mails the lowest price I have been able to get is from Mack Churchhill in Fort Worth Price $32,843 plus TTL. Its a 2006 TL with Navigation."

    A quote is only a quote and no more. What matters is the OTD price you paid (past tense).
  • Picking up my new TL on Monday. (Blue/Quartz) I talked with 2 dealers in the Detroit Metro area where I live (there are 4) after getting a quote from Open Road Acura in NJ to see if they could match it (to save me a plane ticket and 11 hour drive).

    One dealership (Suburban Acura)would not entertain matching the offer and actually told me it was below invoice. I replied with a detailed breakdown of the invoice vs. the accessories and cost. He applauded my effort but still wouldn't do the deal or want to talk any farther. Not rude, but obviously not used to dealing with internet pricing (even though he was the internet manager).

    Acura of Troy did deal and was very courteous and prompt. The salesmen gave us a thorough test drive and explained the features. The number we agreed on was $34,000 which includes the rear wing spoiler, moonroof visor, all-season floor mats, and protection package (wheel locks, trunk tray, splash guards). The extras were documentary fee $75, 6% sales tax, title and license plate transfer fees for a total of $36,142.50

    Basically, I paid invoice for the car and MSRP for the accessories. I thought that was pretty fair as they had to install them and they need some profit

    Anyway, I got a subsequent lower bid from the NJ dealer (competing against their sister dealership) dropping it another $150 but that wasn't worth the trip.
  • 32843 is a great deal for TL/nav.

    Like jb_turner alludes to, however, what is the "real" price?

    That is, make sure you know what other "fees" and padding there is in the deal.
    Take it without further fussing if there's no "catch". :D
  • I recently purchased a 2006 Acura TL with Navigation, spoiler, mud guards, wheel locks and a rubber trunk tray for $32,800. Do you all think it's a fair or good deal? I really didn't shop around for the best deal...went to a dealer, got a price and then went to another 3rd party dealer and received another price that was $2,000 below the original dealer's price.
  • This msg is for any canadian Acura TL owners. I just purchased a 2005 tl 2days ago and asked my car dealer if the ipod adapter was available for the 05's. Sadly to say they said that canadian tl owners purchasing an 05 or an 06 wouldnt beable to have this feature and that it would only apply to the U.S

    I was a little disappoineted because i went to buy an ipod 3 weeks ago.

    anyways they said you can puechase other crap acc. for it, but that was the problem there CRAP!!!

    Im dying to pick up my car, which will be sometime next week. The best part of my deal was i got the navi for free!!!
  • Who is this 3rd party dealer?
  • That sounds like a good deal to me. What area are you in?
  • I have been looking at TL's for 6-8 months now in the SF Bay Area. What I have been told is that they have kept down production of MT versions thus the dealers feel they can ask for more due to scarcity, particularly if you want a particular color.
  • onaconac Posts: 4

    What is the lowest you have been able to get a dealer to go so far? I just today asked for a quote and was emailed $35,500 plus fees and accessories. That is completely crazy. Going to reply to them tomorrow.
  • Dozer3 - You could have gotten a better deal had you shopped around a bit.

    I picked up my 2006 TL w/Navi 0n Nov 12. The color is Alabaster Silver with Ebony interior. I negotiated the entire deal through emails with the Internet Manager from Norm Reeves Acura, Temecula. My sale price was $33,375 (including splash guards, body side moldings, trunk tray, and wheel locks; a $418 value). Added CA Sales tax of 7.75% (2590.05) and dmv and lic fees of 333.75 brings the out the door price to $36,010.05. I even got him to throw in a free detail and 3 free oil changes. This guy was truly the best car salesman I have ever worked with. He constantly made sure that I was happy and there was absolutely no pressure tactics once I got into the dealership. This was truly a first-class car buying experience. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the guys in Carlsbad, who are still operating like used car salesmen.
  • A few questions regarding internet TL buying:

    1) Is it best to start at the website where you configure a vehicle and request a quote or is it best to start with an e-mail to the dealer's internet manager? If the latter, where can you find a dealer's internet manager's e-mail address?

    2) What is a reasonable number of dealers to contact?

    3) Do the internet managers typically start with their "best offer" or does it start an e-mail back and forth similar to real-life negotiating at the dealer?

    4) Any other important tips/advice?

  • most are around $34,555 including destination which on these cars is $615. I did a calculation on a spreadsheet and these dealers are making around 9% profit at $34,555. I would like to keep what I pay around to around 5-6% but that may be difficult with this particular car. $35,500 is way too high.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701

    1.) You can start at the acura website and by doing so, you automatically have access to the internet managers' email address.

    2.) Cast your net out as far as you are willing to travel within reason of course to find the best value for your money.

    3.) Depends on the dealer. Some areeducated, know the market and know what their competitors are selling vehicles for so they will automatically give you their rock bottom price.
    Others want to try and make as much money as possible.
    Get quotes and start bouncing the quotes between the dealers and see who is willing to deal and who isnt.

    4.) Inquire about extra fees. Some dealers might provide you with the lowest price but might have a huge "doc" fee or miscellaneous fee.
    Get a detailed breakdown of what you will be paying from the dealer in WRITING.
    Try to negotiate some extras like a spoiler, protection package, oil changes, car washes, whatever you want to make the deal sweeter.
    Buy at the end of the month.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, I am sure some of our comrades on this board have other words of advice...Hope this helps. ;)
  • Just worked out a deal in Atlanta for a 2006 TL (blue on slate) with nav. - base $33,400, tax at 5% $1,670, doc. fees $399, GA title $21, for an out-the-door of $35,490. Includes rear wing spoiler, wheel locks, splash guards and trunk tray. Both dealerships I canvassed were excellent - no pressure, very professional, even a good sense of humor! The final price was a far cry from the original $37,375 out-the-door quote, but getting there was painless since I don't have a gotta-have-it-by-Friday issue.
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